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Mar 5, 2020
Trait Points

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" To glow like the morning sky,
Fly free like
autumn's falling leaf,
We all must know
illness and sorrow.
Elsewise, what kind of painter would I be?
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精神 Basic Information

🢖 Name
Artemisia Gentileschi
🢖 Alias
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Arte, Belle Époque
🢖 Gender
🢖 Birth Date
February 8th
🢖 Age
Sixteen (16)
🢖 Clan
🢖 Appearance
While the Ninja World to date is full of eccentric characteristics that thrive and seemingly multiply with every generation since the first, Arte is of a particularly "average" appearance. With a head of golden-blond hair that she frequently opts to maintain at a medium length, cut right around the nape of her neck while thinned out further along the upper layers to allow for smooth airflow and simple tying. The pigmentation of Arte's radiant sky blue irises stands in confident contrast to the pale complexion of her unmarked skin, reflective against the dimmest of light, equal in it's clarity and shimmering radiance to that of a mountain's fresh spring flow.

Arte's attire can often be chalked up to the basics of a simple green and white dress that she often prefers; clothing that she had made for herself some years ago and has made minor adjustments as needed throughout time to accommodate her growth. With knee-high leather craft boots tucked over some simple, free-fitting spandex leggings that allow for easy and smooth mobility as the need arises.

🢖 Personality
Arte is an incredibly outgoing individual with little in the way of concern for moderation when it comes to her outward expressiveness, often times with what may have originally been intended as good intentioned become mistaken for "speaking out of turn" or seen as brutally honest toward those that she is addressing. Granted she is quite energetic and good-willed, Arte is known for frequently baring reclusive tendencies when set to her work or passion for the arts. She a deep interest for painting, music and poetry, she can often times disappear for days on end or be quite difficult to break from trains of thought that make her seemingly oblivious to her surroundings as she dives indiscriminately into the depths of her creations.
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勢力 Rank / Village Information

🢖 Land of Birth

The Land of Fire

🢖 WSE Clan

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🢖 Ninja Rank

Jōnin (Health = 160 / Base chakra = 1,600 )

🢖 Specialties
Increased Speed Specialist:
"Your base speed is increased by 1 additional level. This makes your movement faster than those of your rank. This increase stacks on with Active speed increases such as Leg Weights or Eight Gates." - Thanks to tireless training and effort, largely in part to the need for considerable speed and precision with regards to her art, Arte has effectively adapted the means to excel in her more agile capabilities, moving at speeds faster than normal.

Advanced Speed Resistance:
"You are able to slow opponents within a specific range, exerting a force that slows targets naturally. This causes a 2 Base Speed level decrease to opponents within mid range of him."

Sourceless Materializing Specialist: (Water)

"You can materialize your element or skill you specialize in without needing a source. Likewise, you can sustain creations of the element without limiting yourself, such as creation of S rank Earth Golem and allowing it to exist without sustaining it on your own. This is done by adding 1 handseal to the necessary total."

"The user is capable of using Ink techniques without having to physically draw them on objects, just in the air." - With the majority of her young life dedicated to the development and ever improving craft of her artistic skill, Arte has managed to expand her "canvas" from the use of strictly scrolls or other such surfaces, to using even the very air around her as a means to manifest her creative nature.

🢖 Elements

Basic ElementsAdvanced ElementsCustom Elements
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( ✔ )
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( A-rank; learning )
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Dark Vacuity ( )
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( ✔ )
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Liquid Caesium ( Learning )
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( ✔ )
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( ✔ )
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( ✔ )

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🢖 Basic Skills

Ninjutsu ( ✔ )​

Genjutsu ( ✔ )​

Taijutsu ( ✔ )​

Kenjutsu ( ✔ )​

Medical Ninjutsu ( A-rank; learning )

Poison Ninjutsu ( ✔ )
Ink Ninjutsu ( Learning )
Fūinjutsu ( Learning )
Mysterious Peacock Method ( Learning )

🢖 Summoning Contracts

Church Grim

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生命 Background Information

"The Canvas without Paint"

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Art has always been a prominent aspect of cultural development all throughout history and across the world. "No great nation has ever risen before it has given birth to an art of it's own." Some live by this prospect, in an effort to create a name for oneself, or perhaps, if nothing else, simply to pursue their passion for creation. Arte was no unique exception to this ideal. As a young child born to a rather well off home, with parents whom loved her and a village that nurtured her just as well, she had taken quickly to the observation of
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creation in various forms: The curiosity of a chef's delicate measurements of cooking, a seamstress steadily weaving pattern from thread, the cleaner scrubbing the floors in meticulous rotations... The purpose that came with every minute detail added or taken away in the slightest shape and form. It excited her, pushing her to form a desire to pursue her own form of creative process that she might hone that very same interest. A casual study slowly developed into the birth of a dedicated passion as Arte worked diligently to harness her creativity; starting first in the form of free-eyed sketches and portraits created through the vision of her own bedroom window. Taking in every fine detail of a single songbird, pecking hungrily at a branch, peeling away in an effort to find it's prey.

Tensions were swelling within her home however, as Arte's Mother began to protest against her incessant pursuits into the arts. Her mother seemed unwilling to perceive it as anything else but a feeble curiosity that would never carve her a path stable enough to walk in her future, insisting that she take on more practical pursuits, or hone her "ladylike" skills to find herself more "appropriate to marry." Yet while her Mother grew impatient with her artistic nature, Arte's Father was more inclined to see it nurtured and properly explored to her own heart's content. This disagreement would hardly show signs of relenting, yet never had it directly involved Arte, aside from her inevitably overhearing many of the arguments in passing by.

One fateful day, Arte was left alone in the company of her Mother as an unanticipated storm crashed through her life. Her Father had taken ill, suffering not long before passing just as suddenly as he had become bed ridden. This misfortune left little in the way for Arte's Mother to take the reins in the effort to steer the child's life in whatever direction she saw fit; she was to hone more appropriate skills, and this "art" was only showing itself a distraction to her... Despite Arte's protests and unwillingness to give up her love and passion for her creations, her Mother had collected each and every one of her drawings and sketches, setting them ablaze in the courtyard of their estate as a means to force a detachment from her desires. Yet this would surely prove to have the opposite effect. As Arte wept at the sight of her childhood devotion reduced to ash and embers, she merely glared upon her Mother as she stood, bellowing and declaring with her broken heart that she would become the artist she dared to be before prompting storming to the streets, leaving her home behind her in a brash yet determined decision.

"The painter without a canvas"
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After having left her home, Arte wandered the streets from town to village; small harbor to bustling marketplace. Her newfound goal and need in life was to find a master of the arts, one who could help her hone her skills and find more depth in her purpose for making great strides and sacrifices to achieve such an ambition. Arte had finally found her place standing outside the gates of a Village Hidden in Sin, where she took it upon herself to settle in and prepare herself for the effort of finding the master she was so desperately in search for.

-To be continued-

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一個 Miscellaneous Information

🢖 Scientific Tools
(Kansō) Requip

Type: Tool
Rank: D
Range: Self
Chakra: -5 chakra per transformation
Damage: N/A
Description: Requip is a unique brand of ninja technology namely used for those always on the move. Coming in the form of apparel; the user has the innate ability to have clothing that morphs and changes form in order to suit their needs. Within the fabric of the clothing – there exists specialized ninja technology that controls the strings and thus with the use of chakra can command it to take any form she desires. This can range from shifting from casual wear to combat ready clothing on the fly. It mimics any clothing the user may also have somewhere at home and even the coloration changes as well. This combines two aspects: the Henge no Jutsu and the morphing capabilities of the microfibers but the transformation is permanent until changed again. Transforming the clothing is passive and doesn’t take a move slot however needs – 5 per use to do so. While transforming a bright light is also emitted to prevent others from seeing the transformation until it fully forms if needed.

*Courtesy of Mirai

(Saku Sanshain) Blooming Sunshine

Type: Tool
Rank: D - S Rank
Range: Short (Explosion & Absorption), Short - Long (Travel Range)
Chakra Cost: 10 - 40
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: Blooming Sunshine is a special designed ninja tool that utilized the “Absorption Arm” as a basis for its production – though many are surprised by this due to weapon being in the form of an umbrella or parasol. The overall design of the tool is highly durable in nature, allowing it to physically tank one S rank before being rendered useless, two A ranks but remains undamaged by B ranks and below while also doubling as a physical weapon that can be used in free form close combat. It also has a sword hidden within it’s structure which uses the handle as a hilt and the other base piece as a sheathe.

Moving onto the chakra related powers, the ferrule of the umbrella has the ability to release a barrier of chakra similar to that of it’s predecessor where it intakes the chakra into the weapon itself but what makes it differ from the two is that the sphere doesn’t expand in size, but rather returns into the weapon swiftly. Once the chakra is absorbed into the weapon, it acts as a “charge” to the weapons second chakra related ability. The absorption is done via specific fuinjutsu formula located on the top that then releases the barrier.

After the absorption of the chakra the user is able to return the attack at the enemy as a chakra blast, moving at the speed of a Lightning Technique but dealing damage based on the rank of the jutsu absorbed. Although it moves in a linear path, the explosion radius is five meters; meaning simply dodging the path of the blast wouldn’t always be enough to avoid it completely.

This of course isn’t the lonesome way to “charge” the tool, as the user may willingly infuse his/her own chakra into the umbrella itself in order to fuel it, dealing damage based on the amount of chakra is placed into it. The absorbing of an enemy technique counts as a move each, but absorbing and releasing it back can be done within the same time frame and counting as one move if used like this but the user can simply absorb the chakra and store it without sending it back.

Charging the weapon with chakra from the user is done passively but sending it as a blast counts as a move, with the chakra amount ranging from 10 (D) to 40 (S), thus the user must spend chakra based on the rank in order to fire the blast. The user however can only retain a certain amount of chakra inside of the umbrella with its max being 200. While the umbrella’s firing/absorbing (each one separately) mechanism can be done once every two turns, while S ranks can only be done twice per battle causing it go on cool down for three turns instead. A rank can be done thrice while B rank and below can be used collectively 6 times a battle. The design of the umbrella is cosmetic, allowing for various coloration and patterns to suit a person's need.

*Courtesy of Mirai

🢖 Artifacts

🢖 Photo References
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🢖 Theme Song & Background Music
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🢖 Battles Won/Lost
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