⟪⟪ The Pompous Order of Bombastic Heraldry ⟫⟫


Apr 6, 2009
Trait Points
Now you might wonder what the hell this title means and why's it's in this section

Well I've always had a thing for logo's, emblems, icons and the like. Originally heraldry was born on the battlefield as a practical means to identify certain noblemen literally by means of what image was on their shield. However, throughout the ages these images became more and more complicated, extravagant and covered pretty much everything their bearer possessed.

Now in our modern society heraldry doesn't really serve any meaningful purpose anymore other than being a part of 'tradition'. But the reason why heraldic designs were born in the first place is still very well actual: to distinguish and identify oneself. Many companies, persons, groups, events etc. have created their own logo as a means to visually present themselves and unlike classical heraldry, which is tied by a set of strict rules, they have a lot of freedom to express themselves.

This type of modern heraldry intrigues me and I think there's one specific type that embodies the heraldic spirit more than any other: sports team logo's. Many existing logo's actually have their roots in official heraldic shields, but underwent their own distinct development following the years and thus created their own history. It's even possible to identify certain characteristics per competition/country. Currently there's also an existing trend to update/change them because they're too old-fashioned and incompatible with contemporary needs. Sports is business and teams want to portray themselves as a 'brand'. For that stylized logo's are an absolute necessity (easier to put it on merchandise and digital media etc.).

So I'm planning to occasionally make a post in this thread about some new info I find relating to a sports logo and everyone is free to make additions. I'm mostly familiar with football ones, but you're allowed to discuss logo's from any sport.

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