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Mar 5, 2020
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Zhongli - "The Listening Surgebinder"

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" They say that life is but a series of journeys; that the destination is not all that matters.

I say every journey has it's final day. Best not to rush. "
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精神Basic Information

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🢖 Alias
The Listener, Vago Mundo, Lord of Contracts, The Nomad
🢖 Gender
🢖 Birth date
September 1st
🢖 Age
🢖 Clan
Surgebinder (Radiant-Knight)
🢖 Alignment
🢖 Nindo
Eye of Insight:
Zhongli Having the Eye of Insight Nindo means listening to your senses and your gut feelings matter more than what you're told. You trust your inner voice and know there's more to the world than just what you see. Having this Nindo means you are able to discern other's Nindo after interacting with them for two turns, preventing Nindos from working for 4 turns.
Note: When interacting with Power of Youth! or What a Drag, the member with the higher rank will succeed. Should there be equal rank, an Official Roll will determine who succeeds.

🢖 Appearance
Zhongli is an odd combination of peculiar and average with respects to his general appearances. He is a reasonably tall man, standing roughly 6'6" with a pale complexion that serves to allow the saturation of his amber eyes to stand out with great illumination. With a head of raven-black hair that fades to amber brown at the tips, he maintains it in a pulled back long ponytail that manages to reach his waist along the back of his posture.

Zhongli typically wears a long dark brown coat with silver shoulder pads, tassels, and a curious diamond symbol along the back of his coat that he hints at holding a curious story, but has yet to share it. He also wears gloves with a silver ring on his right thumb, a formal dark gray dress shirt, black slacks and black leather shoes. Zhongli's clothes are decorated with the identical diamond symbols that can be found on his back likewise on the cuff of his jacket, belt, pants, and the buttons on his waistcoat and outer coat.

🢖 Personality
Zhongli is a calm, reserved, and polite man who knows quite a bit about the history and culture of the known world, often times in considerable detail that reflects as though he were one to experience such events himself, yet is often times considered improbable or impossible entirely. He holds very philosophical ideas towards money and has great respect for the traditions of many villages and nations, even for those that have long since faded. Additionally, Zhongli also highly values contracts, stating that those who break the contract will face the "wrath of the stone" and seemingly dislikes lying, often times opting to dodge a question if it is too sensitive for him to address openly, or directly. Despite having a wealth of information, Zhongli tends to be humble and even seems somewhat insecure about being a, as he puts it, "bourgeois parasite."

One of Zhongli's most defining characteristics is his knack for forgetting about the need for currency, agreeing to spend large sums of it without having any on hand and even taking "discounts" as granted despite being obvious scams. Due to this, Zhongli is terrible at handling money, often times leading into uncomfortable or otherwise incredibly awkward situations for himself and those around him.

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勢力Rank / Village Information

🢖 Land of Birth
The Land of Earth
🢖 WSE Clan
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🢖 Ninja Rank
Jōnin (Health = 160 / Base chakra = 1,600 / Speed = 10 / Tracking = 12 )

🢖 Attributes
..........BODY: 5
.....................SPIRIT: 3
.................................AGILITY: 5
.....................DEXTERITY: 5
..........VITALITY: 0

🢖 Specialties
Apex Handseal Specialist: (Earth)
"You can perform techniques of the skill you chose to specialize in without the usage of handseals, though you must still perform complimentary and logical body movements related to the technique. This applies even if said jutsu does not have specific movements detailed in its description."
Presumably a result of his origins being from the Land of Earth, Zhongli has a natural affinity for the Earth element, allowing him the capacity to perform it's techniques with striking accuracy and efficiency.
Apex Bukijutsu Specialist: (Earth)
"The user’s expertise over bukijutsu has become more proficient, allowing him to enhance his Bukijutsu with his primary affinity passively. This changes the S/W of the attacks to mirror that of his Specialties. This only applies to Single Handseal, Sourceless Materializing, Increased Elemental, and Apex Handseal Specialties. This excludes sword use."
Granted by his aforementioned affiliation and uniquely effective control over the earthen elements, Zhongli has developed a considerable capacity for delivering attacks of incredible force that relate to the Earth, particularly in his ability to adapt the element's affinity into that of his weapon-based attacks, allowing him to deliver surprisingly effective assaults with his Bukijutsu techniques
Sourceless Materializing Specialist: (Earth)
"You can materialize your element or skill you specialize in without needing a source. Likewise, you can sustain creations of the element without limiting yourself, such as creation of S rank Earth Golem and allowing it to exist without sustaining it on your own. This is done by adding 1 handseal to the necessary total."
Chakra Fortification: (Prana)
"The user can add an additional effective 10 Chakra to an element or skill they specialize in, though not at any increased cost or strain to the user. This simply allows their techniques to have 10 more chakra infused into them."
After many years of regular attuning with that of the Throne and simultaneously undergoing personal training with that of the Magus of Flowers himself, Zhongli has established a considerable understanding of Prana and its many utilities. Like an "art" to reflect the will and passions of its creator. Zhongli has learned to hone his Prana with additional energy, granting it a +10 chakra infusion, giving it a heightened functionality that supersedes its natural framework.
Strong Fist:
"The user’s pure Taijutsu attacks have strength to Elemental Ninjutsu. This does not include Nintaijutsu or enhanced Taijutsu via Gates, 7HB, CES or other States. Should the user's Taijutsu destroy a technique completely, the user will not suffer any effects such as burns or cuts from energy based Ninjutsu. "
Apex Tracker Specialist:
"With more heightened senses, the user is capable of gaining a now increased x2.5 tracking. This allows him to physically track faster movement without chakra sensory. "

🢖 Elements

Basic ElementsAdvanced ElementsCustom Elements
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( ✔ )
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Dark Vacuity ( ✔ )
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( ✔ )
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Liquid Caesium ( )
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( ✔ )
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Seraphic Water( )
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( ✔ )
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( ✔ )

🢖 Basic Skills
Ninjutsu ( ✔ )
Genjutsu ( ✔ )
Taijutsu ( ✔ )
Kenjutsu ( ✔ )
Fūinjutsu ( ✔ )
Medical Ninjutsu ( ✔ )
Poison Ninjutsu ( ✔ )
Prana ( ✔ )

🢖 Summoning Contracts
Church Grimm, Cats

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生命Background Information

"The Nomad. "

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Zhongli is a man of a great many mysteries; a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that comes as a great disconnect to his presumed age. With much to share yet little of himself, for now he is a man of uncertainty and undisclosed backgrounds. Aside from his nomadic lifestyle, traversing the land and from continent to continent, many know his face, but few know his name.. Yet this is not to be mistaken as all there is to know of the man. Zhongli is a man of a long life and many experiences, yet not in the way one thinks concerning the premise of immortality. With much to know of his lived life yet few truly knowing the tale, the recounts could potentially be found in journals kept by the man himself.

Year 290 - 295 : First Degarashi Campaign, Change Unto the World
"Thus, nearly all of the inhabitants of the known world have adopted the time of the introduction of ninjutsu as their Year 1 to reflect the fundamental shift of history that occurred as a result of this gift. Though the many different peoples of the world disagree about almost every other thing, about this they do concur. " - The Calendar; Warring States Chronicles

The "Era of Foundations," where roots are forming across the new Ninja World: Nations are born and, like many eras past, wars sparked by the slightest kindling. It is an early and prosperous age of opportunity, where many have the ambition to reap it's treasures, yet few the means to do so. Sai Nobunaga, one of few to claim such means and drive his will through into a mark on the world that would last through the ages. As the twelfth Daijō-daijin, he established a new world order by ushering into being the development and reformation of the newborn Freehold of Hanguri's standing armed forces. I was but a page in the waiting and service of one of the merchant-lords that were apart of the prominent shareholders that dedicated large sums of their capital to the reformation effort of the Hangurian military. I handled quite basic affairs; tending to document translations and scroll-keeping, among few other respectable tasks laid out to a mere child; a boy with plenty of ambition balanced in equal parts hesitance ripe in uncertainty. Though the life of a page was hardly glamorous, it certainly served better a lifestyle than a simple urchin, the very strife of starvation a daily conflict. I would often find myself at the negotiations table, writing each deal spoken as a scribe to then document and archive soon after; often times before the ink had even dried. At a glance, this served little purpose but apart from my daily duties, yet after so much time of this in repetition, one may develop a keen capacity for multitasking; namely the means to listen in on the deals being made, the talks had, rumors spoken, secrets broken.. I would learn to haggle, to breach trust in favor of gain and what such a thing might look like in the face of others meaning to do the same. Perhaps "people watching" is the most accurate phrase I might apply to this instance. Many folk tell a story without speaking a single word, such is our curse as emotional creatures.

After a handful of time dedicated to this post, just as things were beginning to show an air of redundancy, change had fallen upon the winds once more. Sai Nobunaga had issued the declaration of conquest, which was spearheaded by what came to be known as the "Expeditionary Force;" a militarized branch formulated from the growing armed forces that were being developed for the Freehold of Hanguri. Their sights were set to the neighboring Tea Peninsula in what became known as the First Degarashi Campaign. Yet not all was so clear. While a large sum of this force was comprised of the aforementioned forces, their rank-and-file was in need of bolstering. Pages were brought into service as squires, then made into little more than fodder meant to besiege the borders of the Tea Peninsula as sacrificial lambs aimed at absorbing the brunt of the defended resources. I was hardly an exception to this particular fate; tossed into the fray of a bloody yet decisive conquest that had no real relation to myself with little else but a spear in hand. I would be a lamb meant for slaughter; told, like so many others, that we were but the necessary sacrifice for a greater future meant for the growing nation's prosperity. Were these truly the driving means that allowed for men such as Sai Nobunaga to claim their ambitious ends? Such things were hardly unusual. History was strife with tyrannical lords and greedy men; the common folk were but mere collateral. Stepping stones in the form of bodies to ascend to a "greater purpose." What was a life such as this? I had little choice but to survive.. To see the world from a different angle, if it were possible.

Wars are quite tiresome. Not only to the mind, flesh and soul, but indeed even to the economy of a land. As the conquest took it's toll and the Tea Peninsula began to shift into the control of Hanguri, I found myself at many crossroads. Orders to pillage, sack and burn fields that belonged to local daimyōs, meant for the hungry citizens of the nearby villages and cities. "A mourning peasant shall become a vengeful
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." These were the creeds we were taught as the "righteous and ambitious." We were not there to merely conquer, we were there to make history. No obstacle was too great, too innocent to overcome in the pursuit of the greater end. While conflict after conflict seemed to resolve decisively and without delay, carrying the momentum from the first half of the year into the second, I had the misfortune of developing an acute capacity for the ninja arts, thus having me set to a squad that was to overthrow a local daimyō who refused generous buyout sums as well ignored the tells of their hired Shinobi guards that were bought from under them. This man was to face his dying breath in opposition to Hanguri's expansion. I was to be his executioner, and I did not even know--... Such a naïve boy, to have ignored all the signs right in front of me.

My squad had taken to the night as their choice of operation: To infiltrate the walls of the lord's castle and see to his swift death. No other casualties were to be required; the servants would be spared, those that were much like myself only a short while before. Upon arrival, we had slipped through the walls unnoticed. The guards were spread thin; many by and large many having been sent to the borders as a bolstering effort to fend off the invading force. The misfortune of such a fate uncertain to those that still resided in the castle then; what may have become of their comrades, likely left to be forgotten as ash and bone on the fields of their own homeland. Their comrades would live long enough to forget them as well. Deeper we stepped, reaching a central room that sprung our first sign of resistance. The castle's general, whom doubled as the lord's personal guard had anticipated our efforts and with swift and merciless retribution, rained iron and fire upon our very heads. Our squad of four had become two in an instant; life whisked away with such precision that I narrowly avoided a similar fate myself in that moment.

My final companion, to whom I cannot recall their name, for we had yet to know one another long enough to form such a basic bond, had ensured not only my survival, but my victory. They quickly hurled themselves at the enemy line, discharging an explosive that they had brought with them and scattering the enemy line in an instant, accosted by their own life. I could not hesitate; such an effort would be meaningless, if it were not already. I could not afford delay. My ears rang; I could feel the very flow of my blood coursing through my veins with each successive thrum of my heartbeat in my chest. This was war.. I lunged to the upper floor, pushing through the doors to the lord's chamber. With spear in hand, I was prepared to put an end to one final life this night, with hopes of a more defining conclusion to the war as a whole soon to follow. Yet before me was no man bent on resistance and the ambient need to defy Hanguri, but instead a small child, perhaps of an age seven or eight. He hid, tucked tightly into the furthest corner of the room. He did not know his fate, still far too young to even know of such concepts. I could not hesitate, but yet I did. In that moment, I found myself at a familiar crossroad: Was innocence truly not worth preservation in the face of the ambition of others? Was it even truly my ambition at work? But instead the ambition of another; a war that I was told to fight, but could not know why. "You will not have him!" a voice cried from behind. I turned my gaze, only in time to witness the flash of blond streaking locks glide past my vision. A woman had taken to the child, tucking him neatly into her arms as she moved frantically around the room, as though trying to avoid my gaze, hoping for any shadow to take them away from me. She pushed through the outside balcony door, stepping near the rails that separated their position nearly four stories high from that of the freefall to the earth below. I raised my spear, aimed for her. "I need the child," I thought, "but perhaps he need not die." He needed only to surrender; a simple gesture made to save the lives of the few present, if not many others as well. I stepped closer, she stepped nearer to the ledge. The tension was palpable; the cold of the night air unforgiving in it's bitter embrace. Before I could close the distance; all it would have taken was a single, quick lung.. I met the woman's gaze. Resolve had taken over her. It was a look I was quite familiar with by now: Acceptance. I made my attempt, stepping forward once more, only to witness as she had allowed her weight to take backward momentum, curling over the ledge and descending in an instant. This was not war. This was wrong...

A flash of light had overtaken my sight in that defining moment, as though the very sun itself moved to curse me for the crime committed then. Perhaps I was not so far off the mark with that particular interpretation.. I found myself standing somewhere.. else. Entirely. It was a new space, unlike anywhere that I had known before. The air was both light and heavy, as though my lungs both craved and rejected it at the same time. I stood now before an imposing individual: One clad in dense armaments, golden-blond hair and cerulean colored eyes. Draped across his back, a vibrant green cloak, ornate with gold markings and trimmings with a white fur tucked around the neck.. He merely stared upon me, a fixed gaze that left me paralyzed as he spoke first and only. "I see. So then you are him; the one I was watching. My name is Galahad; welcome to The Throne. Make yourself at home. We've much to discuss." I was uncertain what had happened at this point. How I had come to be there, or who the man before me was. Perhaps I was baring witness to an afterlife, my death swift and silent to my awareness. But instead, I was told of this "Throne." An ethereal realm separated from the plane to which I was familiar; a place I did not happen upon, but was instead invited. It was here that I was introduced to Prana; an alternate source of energy that differed from chakra, but was capable in equal parts. This energy had been poured into me, slowly yet surely. I have become.. different. Something new, yet old. A gateway between worlds for this newfound energy to flow freely. I would know the means to harness it, but my eyes grow heavy. My soul is shattered from a war that was not mine, yet was fought just as violently and relentlessly as though it were. I needed a disconnection. A new life for a stained one. As though capable of finding my distress like it were hanging from my very sleeves, Galahad informed me of a means to achieve such a thing, albeit somewhat lacking in authenticity. A form of stasis; a disconnect from time's touch to be resumed on a whim. I would sleep, for tens, perhaps hundreds of years, to reemerge to a new world when it is seen fit to do so. I would have this peace, and perhaps find new opportunity in a new life.

Year 408 – 409 ; The Senju-Uchiha Divide, Bloodied History Again
"Amidst all the vying for supremacy, two clans emerged as the strongest: the , famed for their balanced skill in all the shinobi arts, and the , famed for their infamous yet iconic ." - Aged Feud, Warring States Chronicles

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I awoke into The Throne, my state of stasis difficult to shrug off as my body felt as if it were breaking away from the castings of brick and motor shaped around it. Yet little had changed. Nothing, in fact.. My hair still smelled of the flowered scents I had smudged it with at the morning of the day I went into my Sleep. My clothing surprisingly fresh. After a short time, having taken to some minor exercises in the hopes of freeing my joints of whatever tensions had hold of them, I became aware of the air of energy coursing through my veins now. It felt as electricity at the tips of my very fingers. This was not chakra, something I had become accustomed to long ago. No, a new source filled my veins; Prana was apart of me now, and I apart of it. The longer I stayed, the richer my blood seemed to become of it. It was clear to me that the Throne itself was the natural supplier, which allowed for those who were the children of it's blessing to relish in it's presence. Though it was quite intoxicating, I could not stay long. I had to see the world as it had become with my own eyes. To know what became of the city-state I once fought for; the people it claimed to serve, the lands it's vied to command. I would know what new life was now set before me.

In a world once ruled by the dominion of Gods, we as a lesser existence are not unbound as they; chained to our inabilities to resist temptation or avoid mistakes repeated. We may only hope to strive to achieve such modest lives that we may yet be proud to have lived come our final days. Inevitably, some are cut far shorter than others for the pursuit of glory instead of lasting fulfilment. I knew this well
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before I had taken to Sleep. The "new life" I had awoken to was.. not so different from the last. It's surface had changed; the world I would be surrounded by brimming with innovation and creative endeavors; industries have risen and fallen since I had slept. Nearly two-hundred years.. It seemed impossible, but so it was. Yet greed and ulterior motives were still rampant among the ambitious of the world. The foundations of nations once built have been made; the stage has been set as acts move into play across the great continents with many casted for roles they did not choose, nor knew they were playing. A once shallow crack in the stone has only become a sundering canyon that would tear mountains apart given the chance. We are all such emotional creatures.. Feuds shall never truly die, yet the common folk shall forever suffer. As I stepped upon the streets of the Freehold of Hanguri once more, I could not help but notice the air of discontent among the many whom walked it as well. It was a familiar tension, commonly bred on the winds of war. The continent had yet to be truly unified, and Hanguri was very much a vessel of modest bounties and rich culture; a perfect target for those of lesser fortune. Shinobi had become crucial pieces on the board in this ever shifting play, having knowingly fought in several skirmishes prior, and now they clash near the northern border of Hanguri on behalf of opposing daimyōs, all eager to see the dominion of Hanguri pulled from it's peak and to the mud. In order to do so, they decided to use the renowned Shinobi clans of the Senju and Uchiha; two very skilled lineages, both of whom was an avid rival to the other. Bloodshed was not uncommon in this world, yet these two clans might possibly have known loss to one another like no other since the Age of Gods. Despite these clan's renown, their efforts to effective invade the northern borders of Hanguri were met with decisive opposition from the Freehold's military reserve. The brunt of the clashes had come to a rather clear end, but the main conquest effort was not their only objective. Once the main force had been routed and the military dispersed back to the central guard, few were left behind to fend off the remanence of the two Shinobi forces as they began to raid the bordering villages and farmland. In this age of shifting heights, I had no desire for dominion myself, yet I could not simply watch the common folk suffer. I had abandoned my vows and loyalties to the Hangurian hierarchy long ago. Now I served anew; my spear now meant only to keep the balance for those who wish for fulfilling lives, rather than suffer glory.

I took to the roads, marking my destination as the outskirts near the northern border where the scattered invading clansmen were known to be launching independent raids upon the land in an effort to rectify their losses from the prior conflict. The Hangurian army had all but abandoned the border in favor of shoring up loose ends in other directions, leaving only small squadrons of common soldiers to face the Shinobi raiders. They had little hope to succeed in defending their footholds, least of all successfully drive the Shinobi out entirely. As I approached the border, smoke was clear from a generous distance; unmistakable of it's causation. I quickly rushed to the reaching edges of the region until my feet fell upon hot ash and stained soil. The air was rank with the stench of iron.. The Uchiha Shinobi there had no qualms in slaughtering the common folk that stood between them and their plundered riches. I wished to pass harsh and strict judgement upon them, yet.. I could not. This sight was all too familiar. In fact I had once been as the Uchiha are now; an invader, searching for nothing but monetary values in an age of conquest. I could not be guilty of the same crime I dared to judge them for, and yet I would still be the defense these people needed all the same.

The Uchiha took little time to notice my presence; their Sharingan was formidable indeed and difficult to trick. I had no weapon but my own power, at least for the time being. I stood before a man and his prey, the Uchiha standing with pointed blade fixed against the throat of his victim, eyes long since drained of life. The Uchiha had charged me next; careless and unrefined in their assault. They likely mistook me for a common villager like the rest of their victims, a misconception that had greatly weighed the odds in my favor. These men had grown accustomed to fighting farmers and common soldiers, while I was fresh from a Sleep that left my last waking moments at the turning point of a war, much like the one they played at now. My body was stiff, yet it still remembered combat well. I had an advantage, but one that would quickly dissolve if I did not take full advantage and have immediate results. In one felling motion, I had conjured my familiar earthen chakra and expelled it in copious quantities, molding the very landscape in an instant into a collection of stone spikes, pillars and rigid ramparts that had taken a once flatland village center and changed it into that of a graveyard of sundered Earth. Perhaps I did not fully remember everything about my days at war.. I had forgotten the means of control and discipline in harnessing ones chakra. A mistake I could not make again, lest I retract my prior desires to protect the common folk, rather than do them harm. A final scream had been heard from a nearby building, catching my attention which carried me swiftly passed one of the fallen, taking up their spear before dashing through it's doors without hesitation. I felt my heart stop. A scene before me that stirred unpleasant familiar memories. A woman and child, tucked neatly in a corner; a man, imposing before them and drenched in the blood of many before them.. His attention was broken from the pair at my abrupt arrival. I had to take the chance. He quickly darted for the woman, he likely desired a hostage; some form of bargaining chip for his own safety. Rearing my spear behind me, I swiftly hurled it with violent force at the raider. The spearhead had found it's mark, skewering cleanly through the left side of the man's ribcage from behind, running him through and pinning him to the wall, left for his life to flee in one painless instant; a mercy he no doubt refused many others...

The village was saved, or at least the few survivors left were, but had anything truly changed? Was their survival any better off now, alone, broken and divided as a people than the momentary suffering yet eternal relief they may have found at the end of this story, were I to have remained uninvolved? It's difficult to say, yet I could see now that this was not the "new life" had had sought. I was still not ready for this world as it was, and thus I returned to The Throne, comforted by it's already familiar embrace as I slept again, hoping to awaken once more to something that did not require my spear to be stained red once more.

Year 461 – 469 ; The Grand Library of Chungsu, & "The Listener of Chungsu"
"The Golden Age of the Freehold lasted approximately from the first cultural festival in 446 to the beginning of the Time of Troubles in 659. It marked the apex of Hanguri dominance in nearly all fields, including innovation, the arts, military doctrine and international politics."
- The Golden Age, Warring States Chronicles

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What had it been but a mere sixty years since I had taken to my Sleep and have awoken once more amid a new era? By typical standards of human history, a century was most often the span of time at least between historical curves. Where new ages would spawn, empires would rise and fall and the world would be dusted by brushes of white; a clean canvas for new strokes of lesser men to make their mark upon the land. Yet once again, the Throne thought it prudent to wake me during a time I had no intent of my own to walk the Earth. I still could not understand how the Throne made such decisions.. It was like that of an omnipotent being; capable of conscious choice based on calculated forethought, yet was never a presence one could speak to, only bask in. Was I meant to worship it, or perhaps learn from it? Was I born of it, or was I chosen by it? These were all questions that I had spoken into the void time and time again when I walked amid the cold embrace of the Throne, yet answers ever evaded me. Even the expected echo of my thoughts would be consumed by the vast, seemingly endless expanse of the Throne's domain. Clearly, I was meant for only one purpose: Sleep, wake, listen: Repeat.

.. Surely though, I had purpose to fumble about the ages as I did. I often found myself pondering the point of it all. I knew no one, I connected with nothing. I was merely a wanderer.. a nomad and stranger to every era I had fallen into. Yet what else was I to do but squander my existence in a long Sleep I would never wake from had I the choice? No. There had to be more. No matter how small, I must find it.

A work in progress...

Year 470 - 473 ; A Pilgrimage Undertaken, The Gardens of Avalon
"Originally Avalon was simply a headquarters for the first Radiant Knights, nothing more than a mere base. But overtime the base grew into a fortress and castle, which then saw to a sprawling city to be founded under its protection." - Anonymous Recounts, Tales of Avalon

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A work in progress...

Year 671 – Qunari Insurrectionists, Fate Worse than Death
"Members of the Qunari are rarely seen outside of their lands with few mercenary exceptions. They are a robust and sacred people, difficult to converse with." - Anonymous Recounts, Field-torn Ledgers

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A work in progress...

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一個Miscellaneous Information

🢖 Scientific Tools & WeAPONS
❖ (Kachū Haisha) - Vortex Vanquisher ❖

Type: Weapon
Rank: S-rank
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (-50 for "Nagareboshi Kiritsu")
Damage: N/A
Description: "This sharp polearm can seemingly pierce through anything. When swung, one can almost see the rift it tears in the air. "

The Vortex Vanquisher is a polearm crafted by and for Zhongli. It is roughly 2 meters in length from the shaft's end-to-end that extends by an additional half meter at it's head where a ornate blade is fixed. The blade of the spearhead is quite unique, it's shine like that of white-hot steel that never cools, yet it is not hot to the touch. The shaft of the spear is capable of retracting into itself until all that is left is the half-meter length of the spearhead, allowing for convenient and easy transportation of the weapon as needed. The polearm was fashioned out of a dense chunk of metal that was located directly next to the Ryūmyaku, or Dragon Vein, that had been harvested from the depths of the Earth's crust, imbuing it with trace amounts of the chakra that flows through those Veins. While in contact with the spear, the user's chakra connects with the trace amounts of the chakra that remain from the Ryūmyaku, giving it unique abilities that can be activated at the user's whim.

Tsuchi Shukensha: "Earth Sovereign" takes effect at the moment in which the user capitalizes on the inherent connection that the Vortex Vanquisher has with the Dragon Veins, stimulating the Ryūmyaku's chakra. Afterward, the spear's head will begin to illuminate in a bright light orange saturation. Zhongli will then, at his discretion, have the ability to pierce the head of the spear into the ground. In doing so, the aforementioned chakra infused into the spear will utilize the connection it has with that of the leylines still present within the earth. As a result, Zhongli is capable of harnessing the depths of the leylines, utilizing the natural chakra flowing throughout their channels to manipulate the landscape with the Vortex Vanquisher as the catalyst, scaling in rank from D-S, from minor alterations such as flattening the terrain or creating small pillars or walls of earth up to medium-range away from the user (D-B Rank), to drastic proportions such as the creation of an imposing mountain of rigid stone that can be made to a maximum of 30 meters in any direction and take effect as far as long range in distance from the user (A/S-Rank). The capabilities are quite expansive and is left up to the limitations of the wielder's own imagination. The dimensional size of each structure scales relative to rank, with D-C being restricted of up to 5x10m, B-A up to 10x15m, and S-rank up to 25x25m. Doubly, the Ryūmyaku chakra infused within the spear is capable of acting as a direct catalyst for earth material projection and creation, functioning similarly to how the user is capable of producing earth-based material from their own body through the use of earth chakra, such as mud. This effect can appear at the user's discretion, most commonly taking form when the user strikes with the spear, allowing for things such as moderately sized stone spears or mudslides to be formed in tandem to the direction of the spear's attack. These sorts of material creations all cost a move each time to use and will always form as B-rank and are accompanied with all the S/Ws corresponding to the basic earth element.

Note: This effect remains active for 3 turns upon activation, and requires 10 chakra/turn to maintain, before going on cooldown for 3 turns before being usable again.

Nagareboshi Kiritsu: "Meteoric Order" is a devastating ability that requires a number of steps to accomplish. Firstly, Zhongli shall channel 50 chakra, transferring it through the spear which will begin to cause it to radiate a vibrant red-orange hue before abruptly hurling it skyward with enough force to reach nearly 50 meters in the air. In doing so, the Vortex Vanquisher, through it's inherent structure of being made of Ryūmyaku will begin to mold and manipulate the chakra transferred into it, molding it with intense vigor before a massive eruption of mud and stone will begin to pour from all directions of the spear, warping and molding over itself in rapid succession, creating a destructive, bellowing meteorite of Earth varying in geometric protrusions all forming a singular structure. This meteor will then, with the spear still serving as it's core in the center, begin dropping from it's full height, descending earthward. As the meteor descends, it will begin to superheat from the air in front of the meteor compressing rapidly from it's long-descending form and thus superheating the stone carving through it. The meteor will continue to descend, dropping the full length from it's point of conjuring until making impact with a designated point by the user up to long-range, causing devastating damage to the terrain and everything encompassing the impact zone up to medium range in radius, dealing Forbidden-rank 90 damage to anything caught in it's destructive path. Despite the complexity of this technique, it can be executed in rather quick succession and does not require focus from the user to maintain after the spear has been thrown. Once the meteor has finished it's descent (either by contact with it's target location or being countered), the spear will submerge itself into the earth, following the Leylines within the earth before seeking out Zhongli's position, surfacing beside him to be reequipped respectively. If the spear is obstructed by any means (i.e. someone trying to hold onto it or entrap it), the spear will merely dissolve into a mud-like substance with only lingering traces of the Leyline's chakra before being reconstructed beside Zhongli as intended.

Note: This ability may only be used once per fight/encounter and counts toward one of the user's 3 moves.
* It may not be activated if Zhongli is currently using "Earth Sovereign."
* upon use, all other abilities of Vortex Vanquisher may not be activated for 3 turns afterward.

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  • Vortex Vanquisher can only be used by Zhongli
  • Must be an Earth-based specialist

(Kansō) Requip

Type: Tool
Rank: D
Range: Self
Chakra: -5 chakra per transformation
Damage: N/A
Description: Requip is a unique brand of ninja technology namely used for those always on the move. Coming in the form of apparel; the user has the innate ability to have clothing that morphs and changes form in order to suit their needs. Within the fabric of the clothing – there exists specialized ninja technology that controls the strings and thus with the use of chakra can command it to take any form she desires. This can range from shifting from casual wear to combat ready clothing on the fly. It mimics any clothing the user may also have somewhere at home and even the coloration changes as well. This combines two aspects: the Henge no Jutsu and the morphing capabilities of the microfibers but the transformation is permanent until changed again. Transforming the clothing is passive and doesn’t take a move slot however needs – 5 per use to do so. While transforming a bright light is also emitted to prevent others from seeing the transformation until it fully forms if needed.
*Courtesy of Mirai

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