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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
Current RP Manager: Lord of Kaos
  • Biographies - Head: Sasori
    • Bio Checking - Sasori, Imperfect
    • Bio & Ability Organization Lord of Kaos
    • Battle Checking/Rank Review - All Moderators
      Sensei: All Sensei​
  • Sensei Management - Head: Detective L
    • Sensei Organization/Admission - Detective L, Imperfect
    • Sensei Training - Detective L, Imperfect
      Sensei: All Sensei​
  • Custom Skills - Head: Daemon
    • Custom Techs - Senior checker: Daemon
      • Custom Jutsu Checking - All Moderators
      • Custom MS Submission - Lord of Kaos
      • Custom Tools - Daemon, Lord of Kaos
      • CFS/CFSJ Checking - Imperfect, Daemon
      • Medical Custom Jutsu Checking - Lord of Kaos, Howard
    • Custom Elements - Senior checker: Howlett
      • CE Checking - Howlett, Drackos
      • CE Jutsu Checking - Howlett, Drackos
    • Custom Clans - Senior checker: Lord of Kaos
      • Official Sage Testing - Lord of Kaos, Drackos
      • CC Checking - Lord of Kaos
      • CC Jutsu Checking - Howlett, Drackos,
  • Jutsu & Bio Maintenance - Head: Lord of Kaos
    • Creating/Changing Canon Techs - Lord of Kaos, Drackos
    • Checking Canon Techs & Changes - Lord of Kaos, Drackos
    • Jutsulist Maintenance - Lord of Kaos
    • Creating/Changing Bio Rules - Lord of Kaos, Drackos
    • Checking Bio Rules & Changes - Lord of Kaos
  • Ninja world - Head: Drackos
    • Village Systems - Drackos
    • Clan Affairs - Drackos, Howard
    • Ninja World Events - Lord of Kaos, Drackos, Howard
  • Staff RP Stuff - Staff Customs - All Moderators; Bios - Bio Checkers
  • Moderation - Head: Lord of Kaos
    • Reports and Moderation - All Moderators
    • Staff Related Complaints & Issues - Lord of Kaos ( Other Mods and Bio Rules ), Daemon ( Customs ), Drackos ( Ninja World ), Detective L ( Sensei ), Sasori ( Biographies )

Some may vaguely recall this from the RP Updates thread a while back when I posted it to inform the community of who should be approached for what reasons in regards to the various parts of the RP. Now updated again to reflect the current staff, it serves as a guide to who to contact in regards to an issue or question you may have.

As you can see, Sensei have been added to this chart. It may appear a bit confusing at first look so I'll explain more about how they function within this. The normal Hierarchy is RP Foreman ==> RP Moderator ==> Sensei ==> RPers. Sensei, of course, report to the Head of Sensei, which is Detective L.

Several Moderators have been moved off the list as you may see. Others have had their roles shift accordingly and as always, if you have any issue with any Moderator, my PM Box is open. If you have any issue with any Sensei, direct complaints or concerns to Detective L.

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