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She was cold, so very cold. How long has she been locked in this metal sphere? Although gas and cold kept her in an artificial semi-coma, she had kept her senses and the notion of time, which was not really a good thing. She became crazy and even claustrophobic. She was reduced to counting, thinking of the best thing she knew.

1 million 4 thousand and 1 pizza's, 1 million 4 thousand and 2 pizza's...

Suddenly, she heard some noise. The sphere was tapped on in regular intervals like someone was knocking at a door before entering. C.C. managed to open an eye but saw only the darkness that surrounded it. Who could interrupt her? This inconvenience has made her lose her count.

Well, I just have to start counting all over.

Suddenly she heard the wheels spinning, the bolts rising, the oozing gas escaping. Slowly but surely, the sphere opened. A ray of light appeared. C.C felt her eyes burning and closed them immediately. She felt the warmth coming to her. Her blood was able to circulate normally again in her veins. It woke her up for good and jumpstarted her brain again.

Memories started pouring in.

Lelouch was dead, at least, that's what she believed, that's what everyone believed. But that was not the case, because she had learned that, a few hours after being killed by Zero, he had woken up. It allowed world leaders to arrest him and bring him to justice. Zero, or rather Suzaku, had reluctantly condemned Lelouch for confinement in perpetuity and, to prevent any attempt at escape, it was decided that he would be frozen in an ice coffin. Hearing this news, her blood started to boil. She went to the prison where he was locked up and tried to free him. Alas, despite her strength and immortality, she was captured and locked up. Her cell being close to Lelouch's, she could talk to him one last time.

"Sorry, I thought I'd get you out of here," she said neutrally.

"Idiot, you always act unreasonably and without any plan. You had already dealt with Mao", said Lelouch reproachfully.

"If I had not done it, he would have said everything about your identity."

"Maybe, but admit that you went to meet him without any plan, otherwise I would not have found you in this state. If I had not come to get you, you'd hang in a suitcase."

"I know , but I could not leave you locked up. I did not want to be far from you. I did not want to be alone anymore. You promised to stay with me, remember?" she asked hesitantly.

Lelouch sighed and leaned his head back against the wall of the prison.

"Yes, I remember, but I would have preferred that you stayed free. Now you are doomed, just like me."

"I don't care Lelouch; even if they condemned me to hell, if it's with you it's worth..."

He suddenly interrupted her:
"There's no pizza in hell, you know."

"I doubt it you idiot!"

Lelouch laughed childishly.

"That is true. Eternity will be sweeter for two.", he said in a sad voice.

She looked down, wiping the tear from her eye with her thumb, curious to know how he managed to survive.

"By the way, how did you survive?"

"Probably because of that," said Lelouch, looking at the palm of his right hand, "the brilliant Code in the center. My dad was able to send me his code just before he died, he managed to foil some of my plans beyond death. As if he had not caused me enough trouble already..."

C.C remained silent. Despite the fact that the plan was a little rough, she was happy to be able to stay with him, even if she did not say it.
Alas, the right to stay together was refused. Lelouch was going to be frozen in the basements of the new British capital, Pendragon, while C.C would be locked up in the ruins of the Congregation, located in the Chinese desert.

"No, please," she cried to the jailers as they took Lelouch on his last trip to Pendragon, "take me with him!"
The guards looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Lelouch intervened.

"C.C. Calm down."

She looked at him. He was calm but his eyes mirrored endless sadness and pain.

"We will not be able to stay together for the moment, I'm sorry, but I swear to you that we'll meet again, in a hundred years, a thousand years, whatever the time will pass. One day or another, we will be together again. Please, be patient and wait for this day."

C.C. calmed herself but was still shaking. Loneliness terrified her to the point th she had already experienced it for almost 600 years, to experience it all over again frightened her even more.

"You swear to me?" she asked with panic in her voice.
"Yes C.C., I swear on my life that we will see each other again. We have the eternity before us."

With these words she fell to the floor crying.

"Im alone again."

A few days later, they came to pick her up. She did not resist. They grabbed her and pulled her out. Before being sent to China, Zero came to see her, alone, and removed his mask, revealing a boy with green eyes and brown hair.

"Sorry C.C., I tried to liberate you in every thoughtable way, but the judges were intractable. They did not even want to leave you together, as it would have been "too sweet for the monsters they are!" In their own words."

"I can not blame them. I'm a witch and he's a demon, so I guess we can call ourselves that" C.C. said indifferently.

Suzaku was feeling uncomfortable. He had never been close to C.C ... In fact, apart from Lelouch, he knew that no one was really close to her.

"Tell me," she asked, "did Lelouch tell you about Euphemia?"
Suzaku looked at her, then looked away.

"He just told me that he ordered her to kill the Japanese because some plan was jeopardized."
"He did not fully tell the truth." C.C. said
Suzaku looked at her again, with his eyes wide open.

"He actually gave her this order but he did not do it voluntarily."
"What do you mean C.C ?

"It's a little complicated. Let's just say that the control of his Geass escaped him at that moment and that it happened at the worst moment. Why this particular order, I do not know, he did not tell me. But know that he has suffered enormously and that he decided to use his death so that it will not be in vain. It stayed on his heart until the end. Since we will not see each other again, I thought you deserved to know because he has always lied about it."

Suzaku gasped, he did not know what to say. Then suddenly a question burned his lips.

"But why didn't he tell her to forget the order, he had the power, right?" asked Suzaku, whose voice had started to tremble under the emotion.

"It is not that simple Suzaku, If Lelouch had the power to do it, he would have done it. Alas, his Geass gives him the power of absolute obedience, and as his name suggests, nothing and no one can dispute it. He is therefore unable to cancel an order he has given. That's why he used it with caution."

Everything fell into place in his head, he now understood the expression of pain and sadness painted in the eyes of his friend when he had questioned him on this subject at the Kururugi temple.

"Lelouch must have suffered as much as when he had killed Euphie against his will."

Suzaku understood that even though this power might seem terrifying, he had certain weaknesses, and these are partly responsible for the death of his princess. With this revelation, he felt old wounds reopening and tears began to flow down his cheeks.

Suddenly they knocked on the door. Happy with this event which allowed him to forget for a moment what he had just learned, he put on his mask before opening the door.

"Excuse us but it's time." said one of the soldiers.
"All right, you can take him away."
"Farewell, Zero," said C. without looking back.

He watched her getting in the plane and flying away.

"Farewell, I hope you'll take care of Lelouch when you see him again."

A few hours later, they arrived at the ruins of the Congregation. Without more ceremony, they locked her camisole and placed it in the sphere.
She felt her heart pounding. She had lived that dozens of times. The first by the Inquisition, which enclosed her in metal boxes whose interior was adorned with hundreds of spades, then by the Nazis, who used her as a guinea pig to experiment their gas and other weapons, and finally when she served as a subject for British scientists. Slowly, the sphere closed. Usually, dying did not do anything to her, and she had never seen her life pass before her eyes. But at this moment, she saw everything again, her life as a slave, her meeting with the sister who offered her the Geass, her life as a woman covetous by all men. One of the worst moments of her life was certainly the betrayal of her who had taken her only to free herself from her Code. But hasn't she not done the same thing with countless people, including Mao and Lelouch? No, what she wanted above all else was to be loved, but by a true love, not a boundless admiration provoked by a power beyond the human understanding. She thought he had found it with Mao, but it was not what she was looking for, the latter considered her as mother. No, the only one who really made her feel loved was Lelouch. She was convinced when she remembered how he took care of her when she lost her memory, and especially what he said in the C World just before she sealed her Code. Remembering him warmed her heart. If she were to lose all these memories, it would be the one she would choose to keep, no matter how much time passed. Returning to reality, she saw that the light was becoming weaker, there was barely a ray of light.


Pitch black darkness, she was no longer even able to cry, she layed down and tried to plunge back into her memories to forget where she was, and especially the fact that she was alone ... again. She slid slowly into sleep, thinking of Lelouch...

"I swear on my life that we will see each other again. We have eternity before us to achieve it..." he had promised. At this thought, she managed to relax and fall asleep.

"We'll see if you'll be able to keep your word, demon...", she thought with a faint smile before sinking into a millennial sleep.




As the sphere was slowly opening, a man's voice was heard.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! There's a woman inside this thing, Gaban; quickly, come over here!"

Returning to reality, C.C. slowly opened one eye, vaguely perceiving a silhouette. When her eyesight recovered after a few moments, the silhouette turned out to be a tall man in a strange looking costume, big set of moustaches were standing out on the man's grinning face. He was wearing a strange looking hat with a skull emblem sewn on it.

"Wh...wh...who are you?" C.C managed to articulate, looking at the tall weird looking man right in to his eyes.

"My name is Gol. D. Roger, but lately everyone has been been calling me Gold Roger, you see; I'm a pirate whom has traveled the seas in search of the legendary treasure called One Piece. While the world is certain that I have found the One Piece, we still haven't found the specific treasure, we aren't even certain that it's a treasure anymore but that's a theme for a later time. We've turned this island upside down in the past two months, and the only sign of a treasure or of any civilization at all was this sphere looking chest. Perhaps One Piece was a person all along. Maybe you are the One Piece; young lady?"

"One What?"

C.C. looked at Roger in confusion, slightly annoyed she had no idea what this man was talking about, Roger crouched down to her level to have a closer look at her, awaiting for her response.

"I...I don't have the slightest clue what are you talking about, but please tell me; what year are we in Roger?

"Year?, I think the year is 778." Roger says in wonder.

"In the year 778? I really don't understand, 778 years after what?

"Well the void century ofcourse, you do not know of the void century; for how long have you been locked up in there young lady?"

"Far too long for you to comprehend." C.C. exclaims while crawling out of the sphere, trying to stand up. Since she is tied up in links she immediatly collapses on the ground beneath Roger, he helps her stand on her feet breaking the links in the process with a clutch of his fists.

"Be careful young lady, you could hurt yourself, what is your name?"

"My name is C.C, thank you for getting rid of this links for me."

Roger grins again "No problem C.!"

"It's C.C, C than C."

Roger openly laughs patting her on her shoulder "Ah, I see C.C, but I shall call you C."

C.C. laughs back at him with a satisfied wide smile on her face. "Call me as you wish, I owe you that at least for releasing me from that eternal darkness."

Roger once more asks if she is the One Piece; however before getting any kind of an answer C. fainted. When she woke up,
she immediatly realized she was on a boat, she could feel and hear the waves bouncing of the ship, the cry of seagulls and the "cracking" of wood.

"It seems it was not a dream" she said to her chin"

She barely managed to get out of bed and to stand on her feet, just to immediately be pushed back on to the bed by a big bearded man, C. tried to resist but she was too weak. Remaining indifferent to the big guy's angry eyes, she looked around.

"Where am I?

"We're on board Oro Jackson, the finest and sturdest ship that has ever sailed the seas, amongst many adventures it took us on, it also enabled us to come to that ruined island, and that's where we found you." said the bearded man.

"By the way, my name is Crocus and I am the ship's doctor; and what is your name miss?"

"My name is C.C., or C2, but you can just call me C as your captain does."

"That's a simple name." Crocus said, while sitting down on a chair next to her bed.

"Well young lady, tell me what were you doing under all those ruins, trapped in that sphere looking chest?"

"I was sleeping doc."

"What do you mean, I don't understand?"

"Your captain did not tell you?"

"No, he carried you in my infirmary and asked me to get you back on your feet as soon as posibble, though I am curious, just like any scientist would be in this situation, the technology that was present in that sphere doesn't look like anything our civilization invented!" Crocus said with excitement.

At that moment C. turned her back to Crocus, pulled up the blanket and nervously said that she feels like she's being interrogated, and that she is too tired to answer his questions now; Crocus sighed and left the infirmary. As soon as he was out, C. jumped out of bed.

"If he thinks that I"ll stay put and do nothing, he he..."

she thought to herself with a smirk on her face.

"I have a whole ship to explore."

Up on the deck, Shanks and the ever grumpy Buggy were sweeping and cleaning, the skies were crystal clear and it was sunny; though the wind was very strong today, so strong that Oro Jackson was sailing at full speed. Shanks paused from cleaning for a moment to take a deep breath, admiring the wonderful day. Suddenly he saw a stranger girl running on the deck, she jumped up and started to climb the rope ladder that leads to the lookout - the crow's nest.

Almost reaching the top, she heard kids yelling at her to come down, looking down she saw Shanks and Buggy waving at her in panic, she reached the crow's nest only to involuntarily be pushed back by the guy at the lookout who punched her in the moment of surprise. She fell head down right between Shanks and Buggy, breaking her neck very vividly, her head literally turned 180°.


She immediatly stood on her feet, trying to set her neck and head in to place with her hands.


"Weee this boat is so much fun!"

She started to run towards the rope ladder again, her head was comically and lifelessly wobbling in all directions and again she collapsed on the deck and fainted.

She woke up in the infirmary bed again with Crocus and the two children by her bedside, all of them flabbergasted by the fact she actually didn't die from a fatal injury. Crocus confirmed that her neck was broken in 3 places and that he thought only her willpower kept her heart beating, he was not aware of the fact that her bones and spinal cord healed within a few seconds. After she opened her eyes, Crocus, Shanks and Buggy almost fainted in disbelief.

"B....b...b...b..but how did she ressurect?" Buggy shouted nervously.

"Give it up kiddo, that would take to long to explain," said C., looking at him with a look that said a lot about the esteem she had for this red-nosed kid.

"What are you staring at!???" Buggy said, still freaking out and screaming.

"You have a funny nose, you must be the jester of the crew?"

"I'm going to kill her!!" Buggy shouted, before Crocus grabbed him by his head.

"Boy! We do not scream in the infirmary!"

"And if you told us who you are?" Shanks calmly asked, looking at her with his calm expression while giving her a friendly smile. C. looked at him for a minute, judging his character.

"This kid looks a lot smarter than the clown."

"My name is C.C., but you can call me C I guess."

"That's all you have to say after all this?" said the boy in a straw hat.

"I prefer to keep the rest for me, kid."

With these words she jumped to her feet. Crocus began to lecture her but she dodged him and ran out of the infirmary. Ignoring the doctor, she grabbed the first sailor on the deck asking him where is the captain.

"In his office, this is the door," said the sailor, pointing to the door at the top of the stern. C.C went in there, with Crocus and two noisy kids on her back back, entering without knocking. Roger was napping on his desk. C. took the half-empty bottle of sake from his hand and poured it's content over Roger's head, whom then awoke and jumped in panic while shouting.

"What's going on? ARE WE ATTACKED!?"

"Yes sir!" said C.C. with a dead serious voice.

"The enemies bombarded us with barrels of sake and rum. Most of them have exploded on the deck, so we'll have to run..." before she finished her sentence, Roger ran towards the door.

"Weeee! I'm not missing that!"

He threw himself head first on the deck and crashed miserably, thus tasting the flavor of the floor.

"Aye, aye, ayeee; hahahah, Who made this damn joke?!

"The big bad wolf did ofcourse. But he ran away" said C. in a mocking tone, pointing to the sky.

"That's very funny, I see you don't lack a sense of humour young lady. Did you quickly recover from your fall?" Roger got up, wiping his mouth.

"Ofcourse, I'm solid. Other than that, I'd like to ask you where are you taking me?"

"Well...with us, you're part of the crew now C."

"Ah, and what do we do, captain?"

"Well we explore and find treasures ofcourse, that's what pirates do!"

"I must say that you are very different from the pirates and rebels I know, captain. But it does not matter. I don't have time to look for treasure, I have to find someone."

"Oh? Who do you have to find? I thought you were locked up for a long time."

"The one I'm looking for is locked up somewhere, in a similar manner I was"

"Where is he locked up?"

"In Pendragon."

Roger now tilted his head to the side in astonishment, not having the slightest idea what was she talking about.

"Pendragon? I circled the world a dozen times and I haven't heard of such a place, is it an island?"

"It is the capital of the Britannia Empire, are you stupid or what?"

Roger looked at Crocus and a blond-haired man who had just arrived.

"Sorry, C., but there is no Britannia empire, and I do not know of a town nor an island called Pendragon," Roger replied.

"What? That's immposible. Can you show me a map of the world?"

"Sure, follow me."

Roger stepped back into his office and pulled out a huge paper scroll from his desk, than unfolded it on the table.

"This is the map of the world."

It was at this moment that C.C. realized that she had slept much more than a few millennia, or she was on another planet: the map was completely different from the one she knew. The great continents such as Asia, America, Europe, Africa had completely disappeared. Only a thin strip of land remained, separating the planet in two. The rest of it was all ocean, with a constellation of islands everywhere.

"My god, how long have I slept? Where could you be Lelouch?"

After this shock, C. sat on one of Roger's chairs. The latter sat in his place after carefully tidying his office.

"Now then young lady; if you could tell me a little more about you and the one you're looking for?"

C.C. looked at him suspiciously, although she was struggling. If this man had not found her, she would still be languishing in her prison of eternal nothing.

"You gave me your name Roger and I gave you mine. If you want to know me more, tell me more about you and I'll see what can I tell you about me."

Roger did not seem to mind, seeing the smile he gave her.

"He he, that means that I have a chance to know you. All the better."

He leaned on his chair and crossed his arms, looking at the ceiling

"Hmm. So where should I start..."

He told her everything; all of his life to the smallest detail, from the beginning of his career as a pirate following his meeting with Rayleigh, to his departure for Grand Line and that he is suffering from an incurable disease. He told her at length about Roger Pirate's epic adventures on the Grand Line and the New World, and ended by telling her that it was when he was hoping he finally found the One Piece that he had found her.

"But what is this One Piece?" asked C., intrigued by Roger's story.

"Well, according to the information hidden on Raftel, it would be a weapon able to bring down the absolute evil."

C.C. didn't really understand the usefulness of such a weapon.

"And this absolute evil is?

"According to all of the clues we found on our adventures, that absolute evil is still hidden, waiting for the right moment to emerge."

"But why do pirates seek a weapon against an absolute evil that is not even in action? laughs C.

"Hey now young lady; we did not even know it was a weapon, we thought more along the line of a mountain of gold and diamonds."

"Ahh, more cliché" sighed C.C.

"Well, I told you what you wanted to know. Now tell me about yourself." Roger mumbled, a little annoyed.

C. took a deep breath.

"First of all, I am an immortal."

At this point, Roger eyes got so wide they looked like saucers.

"Excuse me but I think I heard you wrong, can you repeat?" he asked, focusing on what she was going to say.

"I am an immortal."

At this point he was sure had heard her perfectly.

"An immortal? Does that mean you can not die?"

"That's exactly what it means Roger," said C., looking up at the sky.

"A mortal would be dead after the fall I made earlier. And yet I am here. Of course, I lose consciousness more or less according to my injuries but I just can not die. This is physically impossible for me."

Roger appeared stunned. He seen a lot of impposible things on his journey's, but never something like this. An hypothesis came to his mind.

"Perhaps you ate a devil's fruit?"

"A devil's fruit?" she asked, frowning. "What is that?"

"You truly do not know? These are magical fruits that can be found on the Grand Line. They offer immense amount of power to those who eat them, but they are cursed by the ocean and become unable to swim."

"Which is a little dangerous for sailors, right?" C.C. concludes.

"Indeed, but it's a price to pay, and many deem the risk worthy; because devil's fruits are extremely rare. Now back to you, you claim that you have not ate a devil's fruit of any kind yet you are immortal, are you human"

C.C. sighs with sadness in her eyes.

"I was ... a really long time ago. I have lived more years than your current world has years."

At this point the pirate king started to look at her with admiration.

"Wow, it must be great not to be able to die."

"Not really," said C., with a sad smirk.

"Why do you say that young lady?"

"Because I witness all those who are dear to my heart die one after the other, without me being able to do anything. Eternal life is a torture I don't want, even to my worst enemy."

Roger looked down at his hands, finding his wrinkled palms suddenly fascinating. C.C. noticed this and continued.

"Don't worry Roger, it doesn't matter. I, too thought at first that immortality was a blessing but I quickly realized that I was wrong."

"What are you saying C? You mean you were not born that way?"

"Indeed, I was born human, then I became immortal. I prefer to keep quiet about how I became."

"I understand," said Roger, conciliatingly.

"Now C, are you telling me how you managed to find yourself locked in that sphere?"

C.C. spoke to him of everything, ignoring the Geass and the Code. At the end of his story, Roger got up to drink a cup of sake and offered one to C. who accepted his gesture with good grace, after her 2 hour monologue, Roger jumped in excitement, and started to walk left and right, up and down trough his office.

"What a story! To think that you were 600 years old at the time. Wow! Who knows how old are you now! said Roger, sitting back in his chair.

"That's the whole story captain, and you understand I hope; that I have to find my companion as soon as possible.

C. C. noticed that she called Lelouch "her companion". It was weird. If her memory did not play tricks on her, neither of them had declared themselves so far. But it did not matter: from their world, only them remained. When she thought about it, they had been together for so long. Since she was born, she watched over him. Even when he was sent to Japan with his little sister, she followed him. Although she lost sight of him when he was captured, when she saw him again after he released her, she realized that their fate was bound, and continued to protect him against all odds. But she had to admit that making him go crazy was funny.

At this thought, C.C could not help but chuckle a little. She was silent, noting that Roger was watching her curiously.

"Sorry, I was thinking of something else," said C., giving him a small smile.

"Something funny from what I could see?"

The girl shrugged and Roger realized he was not getting any more of the story.

"Thank you for telling me your fascinating story" said the captain

"You're welcome Roger"

She stood up.

"WelI, I think I'm going back to bed, all this talk has really exhausted me."

"Wait, C! Before leaving, I would like you to ask to agree to stay in my crew?" said Roger as she was already heading for the door.

"I already told you so, right? I have to find Lelouch, we made a promise to eachother and I'm not joking with promises." said C.C. while turning around.

"What can you do alone C? You don't know this world at all, whether by geography or politics. Stay with us. Your chances of finding your lover will be much higher." proposed the pirate.

C.C. had to think for a moment before giving her answer. At the same time, the idea of ​​being alone did not really please her, that fact considerably helped her to decide.

"All right, Gold Roger, I'm staying with you and your crew...for the time being."

"Yaahooo, great! A new member: we must celebrate!" Roger shouted, jumping around like a child from excitement.

Roger noticed that C.C. got a little upset by his childish cheering, he approached her and placed his hand on her shoulder, emanating his immense haki trough his palm in the process

"You'll see C, we're going to have a lot of fun together, and we're going to find Lelouch."

With these words Roger hurried out to announce the news of a new nakama to the crew

"Well, at least it will be interesting with these free spirits.Don't worry Lelouch, wherever you are, I'm coming to save you."

She thought to herself, looking up in the sky again before entering the room.


End of 1st chapter.
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