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Animated GIF - A small animation based on continuous GIF images, giving the impression of movement or action.
Animation - Generating movement by displaying a series of images using frames.
Atmo - The atmosphere in a signature / piece of work.
Artwork - An Artowrk is a slighty different form of a signature. Most of the times it's way bigger, about 800x600.

Background - The background is behind all your effects and focal. Its usually blurry so that the focal gets more attention.
Blending - It's to make the render part/match the background.
Blurring - The term for adding depth to your image. A tool in photoshop.
Burn - A term used when darkening areas of the image. A tool in photoshop.
Brush - A tool in photoshop.

CnC- Comment & Critique. It is the feedback a user gives to an artist, you usually point out the pros and cons.
C4D - Abstract renders created in the program, Cinema 4D. They can be used for effects and lighting in your image.
Composition - Its how well your image is put together.
Crop - Used to remove unneeded areas/parts in an image.
Concept - The main idea behind the image.
Clipping Mask - It's used to blend renders in a signature or create some effects in the background.
Collab - Short for Collaboration, it's when two or more people work together on one piece.

Depth - Adds distance to your image. Things far away should seem far away and things close by needs to be clear.
Dodge - Used to brighten parts of the image. A tool in photoshop.

Emboss - Gives the image a 3D-like effect.
Effect - Resources used in the image to make it more appealing. They are usually bright and vibrant but not always.

Focal Point - The main focus in your image. In most cases, its the render/stock you chose to work with.
Fractals - Similar to C4Ds, not 3D though. They are used for effects and lighting in your image.
Flow - The direction the effects are going towards in an image.
Font - The tex-tart chosen in your image.

GFX - Graphic Effects.
Gradient Map - A tool in photoshop. It can be used to blend in your render to the background.

HQ - High Quality.

Lighting - The shadows in the image are controlled by Lighting. Lighting is created by a light source.
Light Source - The source of the light in an image. The shadows follow the direction of the Light source.
LQ - Low Quality.
Layers - They hold single images that are stacked above each other to form one whole image.

Messy - If there is too much going on in a Signature and you can barely see anything because of too many effects, it's messy.
Monotone - This is when your image consists of one color.

Outcome - An outcome is what you call the end product of a tutorial.
Overcontrasted - As the name says, when the contrast is too high in the signature / piece of work.
Overlightened - When there is too much lighting going on in your signature.
Oversharpened - Oversharpening, it makes your signature looks bad when everything is too sharp.
Opacity - The transparency of a layer.

Photo Manipulation - Manipulating a regular image to make it look like something else.
.PSD - Photoshop file extension.
.PNG - Gives an image high quality. It also allows for transparent backgrounds.

Render - A render is what you call a cut out piece of an image with a transparent background.
Rip - A rip is when a designer claims the work of another person to be his own.

Scanlines - Scanlines are pattern or brushes in Photoshop / Gimp (mostly pattern).
Smudge - The Smudge-Tool is an important part of Photoshop which allows you to smudge images.
Sprites - Sprites are figures or objects out of very old video games.
Stock - Is just a regular image, mostly photos.

Typo - As in Typography, means the creation of a graphic / text. It is understood as a way to express using text, images, lines, surfaces to make an even more creative text in your piece of work.
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