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Basic Battle Rules

You must have an approved RP character biography to begin your training and your battle activities. If you do not have an approved biography yet, go here: and create your character according to these rules:
Before starting a battle all the participants must agree on these things:
  • Terrain: You and your partner(s) must decide on a terrain which you will battle on and additionally the weather. This does not mean that the field and weather can't change through the use of a jutsu.
  • Range: Where both of you exactly stand. Short ( 0 to 5 meters ) , medium ( 5 to 15 meters ) or long range from each other ( 15+ meters )?
  • Element & Jutsu Usage: You can choose which and how many elements you want to use in a battle (from the ones you learned), but also whether custom jutsu's/elements are allowed or not.
  • Type of Battle: Choose the type of battle you want. No restrictions, taijutsu battle, ninjutsu only battle, team battle, etc.
  • Bio: Agree on which bio each participant uses.
You cannot just say "I block the attack", you have to describe exactly how you block or dodge it as jutsus can be used in different ways. Neither can you just avoid by saying stuff in the nature of "I move to the left", you need to use a tech of your own to do that if needed and/or Taijutsu if applicable against related attacks.

After deciding the order (who goes first, who goes second), the battle is done in turns with each turn consisting of 2 moves (one Move from each player). Each Move can have 3 techniques.
This does not include passively used jutsu, like Sharingan Activation or Rinnegan Paths activations.

The first aggressive action of the first player triggers the beginning of the fight. However, the timeframe can only move forwards and, as such, the first aggressive action of the first player cannot be prevented. This aggressive action is any action that initiates the battle and that the other player can perceive. Normally, this is a technique but it can also be throwing a Kunai, molding your chakra, running, etc. Note that molding chakra triggers the beginning of the fight but DOES NOT mean that you can stop that from happening; It means that you can start "acting" from that point on. Acting, as in, molding your chakra, taking a stance, etc etc if you are able to detect the opponent molding chakra through sensory type jutsu such as Sharingan and Sensory techniques. This doesn't mean that you can finish a technique before your opponent finishes his, just that the time frame itself starts at this point.

Avoid arguing during a battle. If you have a problem with the usage of a jutsu, your opponent's move or whatnot, first talk to the opponent directly to solve it. If you can't come to an agreement, you contact a sensei. Only after that you go to an RP mod if it's still not solved.

Clones of any kind may only be used three times in battle and there will be a maximum of 4 clones created at a time.

Kai, otherwise known as the Genjutsu release can be used freely, once per turn as long as the user has the rank and the requirements to release the technique. Kai cannot be used on MS and EMS Genjutsu.

All battles held in the Battle Arena or Ninja World count as official fights, regardless of which restrictions that were in place. Meaning if you lose, your bio can be used as a Human Puppet by a Sasori bio, having your heart ripped out by a Kakuzu bio, be used for Edo Tensei etc. Only when it was clearly agreed at the start it was just an unofficial spar, it doesn't count as an official battle.

Disclaimer: Joining our Naruto RP system automatically means that you have read and hereby are bound to respect our general forum rules.
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