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    Drop them gamer tags (PS4)

    Ughhhhhhhh my username is badvibesforevro so add me
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    Drop them gamer tags (PS4)

    I typed in your username and like 19 different inSilico names showed up
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    Post The Lyrics Of The Song You're Listening Right Now

    Suicidal thoughts by Jake Hill and Josh A [Chorus: Jake Hill] I'm not suicidal, I don't wanna fucking die I just wanna be able to close my eyes and feel alright But every day I feel like dying Every day I feel like dying (dying...) [Verse 1: Josh A] Why do I even try? Why do I even write...
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    Drop them gamer tags (PS4)

    Alright there gamers, if you want to hang out on some borderlands 3 or some gta 5 drop your tags below, or even if you don't have those games drop your gamer tag so I can add you. Need more people to game with or hang
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    best villain???

    Stain, he basically gave Deku the confidence he needs to believe he is a legit hero. Plus other villians could be seen avoiding Deku because of Stain's acknowledgment.
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    :0 What game are you currently playing?

    Shadow of Mordor, is a pretty fun game besides getting shamed by this one orc twice. He literally blocks all my attacks and invulnerable to executions. I dunno how you beat him. Annoys the hell outta me
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    Hello fellow humans~

    Thank chu~
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    [Discussion] weird how many of Naruto previous characters didn't show up in boroto manga..

    I think since Naruto had such a vast universe of characters it would be mind numbingly impossible to include all the old characters that were shown on top of new ones being created.
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    Bakugo in the future?

    I hate to say this but in my eyes it's kinda like how Goku and Vegeta are or how Naruto and Sasuke are. It's like a never ending contest in who can get more powerful than the other but sadly it's Naruto who just is always ahead of Sasuke or in DBZ, Goku is always ahead of Vegeta. I think in MHA...
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    Hello fellow humans~

    Eh, too much work. They have a stupid system apparently where you gotta have 25 posts to even get a profile picture so honestly in my books this place is better
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    Hello fellow humans~

    lol yeah but for some reason I legit have no idea why they banned me. All I did was come back to see how things are going on and boom, it said I was banned under suspicion or something idk. Pretty stupid if you ask me.
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    Hello fellow humans~

    I like yours too!~ the Uchiha clan is my favorite one.