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    Handicap Turns: King Enma vs Tenten vs Sasuke

    king enma ismade of adamantine and can transform and is more skilled and experienced at taijutsu and along with hiruzen is obviously a sage mode user.maybe monkey sage mode. and trained with hiruzen under two gods of shinobi that could even beat edo tensei and his adamantine mode mode can even...
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    [VS] Dragon Sage Mode Kabuto VS Madara, Kaguya, Urashiki, Momoshiki, Sage of The Six Paths, Naruto, Sasuke, Juubito

    round 1: who wins in a fight. sasuke as an adult vs dragon sage mode kabuto with edo. round 2: dragon sage mode kabuto with all his edos vs rikudo madara with the ten tails at full power round 3: dragon sage mode kabuto with all his edos vs kaguya round 4: dragon sage mode kabuto with all his...
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    [VS] Sage Kabuto vs Tsuchikages

    sage kabuto wins. jutsu like white rage and inorganic reanimation. sage sensing. sage super strength and speed. and the abilities granted by the sound four and orochimaru and kimimaro make him immortal and he has almost unlimited chakra in that mode. the sound genjutsu alone is enough. plus he...
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    Zabuza vs Konan

    meant konan. :)
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    Sound 4 vs Part 1 Kakashi

    kakashi wins. he has superior speed and ninjutsu and genjutsu and taijutsu abilities. and superior intelligence and more experience. he had mastered a 1000 jutsu and thus easily surpasses the sound four. and is easily the strongest leaf jonin in part 1 naruto. he was like a ninja god.
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    Zabuza vs Konan

    koan wins as shown by when she fought obito and almost killed him. and she is an akatsuki memeber and nagatos right hand woman. she was there during the original akatsukis creation. she is very powerful and has even trained under jiraya. she became ruler of the rain after nagato thus showing her...
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    [VS] Fight House: Jiraiya

    awesome reply i agree with you 1604331258 awesome reply i agree with you :) muu is a genius so i like your point of view your totally correct
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    Share anime/manga art you love

    where is the guide on how to upload pics onto animebase. including how t o use the spoiler tags for big pics
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    Quad Juubi TBB vs Two Big Balls Rasenshuriken vs Indra's Arrow

    the quad bijudama is more destructive so it wins. isnt it just a ten tails bijuudama. why call it a quad ten tails bijudama
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    [VS] Halthy nagato vs sasuke

    Location: valley of the end where sasuke fought naruto Intel: none for sasuke Mindset: bloodlusted In this fight nagato is healthy and can walk and has the six paths of pain to help him
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    [VS] Itachi VS Madara at genjutsu

    who is a greater god of genjutsu from what you have seen? and who do you love the most?
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    [VS] 6G Gai + CE Gaara -VS- CS2 Sauce + KN0 SRA Naruto.

    i love team guy. but what is KN0 SRA Naruto. i think team guy wins High diff
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    [VS] Hashirama Vs edo Madara

    who wins if the go all out? Location: Valley of the end Distance: 100 meters Intel: what they new of each other when they were alive intent: To kill Mindset: In character I Personally like hashirama since he won the first time.
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    [VS] Healthy hashiraama vs healthy nagato

    In an all out brawl. who wins? the rinnegan user or the god of all shinobi? i think Hashirama wins. hes just to powerful with hax jutsu like wood god statue and sage mode and wood clone jutsu and all the jutsu he carts around in that giant scroll of his. Location: forest where hidan fought...