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    "Oh, there's the latch." ^///^ Marashi Senju

    Hello and welcome to the community!
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    It's a scene from the movie The Greatest Showman when PT Barnum (Hugh Jackman) works to convince Phillip Carlyle (Zac Effron) to support his venture as a financial backer.
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    In Between Realities (RP)

    OOC: My bad, I didn't even think of that.
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    Game of Thrones Season 8 discussion

    If you're going with that logic, then you might as well cast every single member of the Night Watch under that same umbrella. Did they not murder their own lord commander? Did they not betray their own comrades when they fled? Did they not all not also break their own vows in the towns with the...
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    [Discussion] Kingdom Manga

    Are you forgetting Wei? Sure, they've been quiet at this moment; but, they're not lacking tactical prowess either.
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    Boys vs Girls

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    Count to 10,000!! V2

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    2019 Count Up

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    :0 What game are you currently playing?

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    The Chatroom Corner V.4

    Good morning everyone!
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    Game of Thrones Season 8 discussion

    How did Jon get her dragon killed? Her dragon was killed because of Dany's overconfidence. She hadn't fought the white walkers before. It's not Jon's fault he trusted that people would be accepting that the Wildlings were people and deserved to live, not succumb to the white walkers themselves...
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    Game of Thrones Season 8 discussion

    I can't even begin to express my excitement for the airing of the new season. I don't see Jon dying until the very end of the show, if he does at all. He's never been hungry for power or glory and that is what makes him such a shining beacon for the north and Westeros against the coming horde of...