Flaw Flaw loll
Punk Hazard Punk Hazard 1.We were meant for each other. Lets be naughty together. 2.Look at mah infraction and post history. Also Moxxi 3. Naughty naughty naughty! 4. You are Pure Evil. U_U 5Riker is pretty rad! from CrimsonReaper
Red Slayer Red Slayer Rival ;)
Gerkak Gerkak Always present facts. Michael
Elio Elio Rihsuuuuus
lndra lndra Awesome member and always present facts. Michael
Never Never Was going to give you a pressie or nice but you already have those two so thought I'd mix it up ;p
Frankenstein Frankenstein A Frankenstein must have. U_U Jean
Selendrile Selendrile For being a pain in the but at all times, your fellow contract mate.
TRE MERCER TRE MERCER to naughty question machine. from itachi uchiha fiance
Wesobi Wesobi for being MIA!
Michael92 Michael92 for taking all the ff awards!!!!!!!!
Erzo Erzo for promising to train but never done that from itachi uchiha fiance
S Scooby Doo for being nauty which cause u long time ban from itachi uchiha fiance
'Kurapika 'Kurapika Naughty Kitty
Hei Hei Prince of Perviness :P -Horus
Osmon Osmon Custom thirsty + Salty = Osmon° Mako. Quite the evil and bad he made me do things I thought would work several times because of him, evil Osmon :( Issue reason: Troller of the trolls The Salty Osmon! xD - Waaiz
Lytes Lytes He's extremely naughty as hell. He'll pester your life for customs on NB and intimidate you with leverage in RL
Ōkami Ōkami For being naughty :sdo:
Goetia Goetia Because tsundere lolis can't possibly be nice
TNC Xlll TNC Xlll stalker
Natsu Shazneel Natsu Shazneel For rustling to many jumbos-Action Hero
Sharingdork Sharingdork For never replying to my training ;_;
Killer Vision Killer Vision For all the good memories
Rorasa Rorasa For being...dark
Kāsha Kāsha For being a naughty gurl - Detective L
SoulKiller SoulKiller My Programming Bro :bdpf: !Happy Holidays mate !From Dan !
Babadook Babadook Coz your "research" skills surpass Kisuke.
Commander Axe Commander Axe He's been very naughty, very very naughty but funny nonetheless
Aizen Aizen #Loving pizza than me xd #ed thinks you're pretty cool
Roby Roby For old times' sake (~K)
Vex Vex Being too edgy
Azu Azu Yerr always me tickling >_>.
KuroKaze KuroKaze you were nsughty sometimes U_U Lol ~ Mysterious
Jin Jin For your mood swings bae xD
Yuse Yuse
scorezor scorezor Sorcerer !
Snape Uchiha Snape Uchiha For Soloing NDS Threads ! ;)
Vega Vega For being an awesome theorist !
Lord of Kaos Lord of Kaos = For liking all the thongs! Thanks for carrying the RP NB on your back...and stop smoking weed! (Alcohol MAY be better...) = Never replied to that Taijutsu dojo xD - Detective L = Grinchy? = He hasn = Chrissy!! With love- Santa Klaus = For not lifting my ban off the RP chat. I hope you burn in hell - The one you hate the most.
-PK- -PK- Pervert Kira ! :devil:
God Of Destruction God Of Destruction God of Peace. :Sparks:
Reraru Reraru I recommend Naruko Uzumaki,she got amazing personality<3 she wants a one You've asked for it u.u
Fictional_Understanding Fictional_Understanding Because he wanted it- Sach
Strawberry Strawberry This ninja on some other level of perv on Skype always asking for booty and shits @@
Akuma Akuma Always being naughty with his jokes and posts.
Gααrα Gααrα nautiness overloaded in his poems. from itachi uchiha fiance
Insidious Smile Insidious Smile Bad Joker... stop fighting batman! Happy Holidays! ^^ -Santa Klaus
Kryptiic Kryptiic For being annoying -Love Santa <3 lol
21 Savage 21 Savage =To me, he is naughty enough =Annoying Sassy Mouth = Micheal -Lytes