Ansatsuken Ansatsuken I never trolling in Base, spoken non sense, always following the order and NB rules, behave. Never created/initiated flame wars. Never get banned anymore(Previously mainly in the final year of 2014 and at the beginning of 2015 I received a numbers of banned rule). But not anymore as I always play by the rule and followed the rules. The reason above should be suffice for to me get the 'nice' award.. Thanks NB:)
Donald Trump Donald Trump For being one of the nicest person I have ever met. He would help you without anything in return. :)
Arudora Arudora Cup of Pee. Never Forgot - Yang
Tsuki Tsuki One of my pals from Suna. Always been a nice guy. - Yang
Edward Edward We grew up together in the role play. and when i stopped, he continued and even made sensei and ended up training alot of people.!
Khallil Khallil Khallil.. one of my oldest friends on the base. -yang Don't forget you have me on skype man xD
Flaw Flaw lol
Ciao Ciao Because you're a pretty decent guy.
FemmeFatale FemmeFatale Chill. and Dope artist.
S Sakura Bunny No lie.
Reaper Reaper Cool friend from when I first joined the base. - Yang
Jokule67 Jokule67 Awesome member :sigar: Michael
Izou Xaxa Izou Xaxa for his great ff
DrProof DrProof The Man with the Proof !
Korra. Korra. For being such a good friend over the years ^^
Netsui Netsui very kind and a nice person
Defence Defence Awesome member, stay awesome. :sigar: Michael
Brooks Brooks Awesome member, happy holidays. :sigar: Michael
God Of Destruction God Of Destruction = For being nice.. Nice guy finishes last xD = For his honesty. Also, he is a welcoming member. Nice Nice Name: Nice
Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Awesome member and Naruto supporter.
Sage konohamaru Sage konohamaru Awesome member and Naruto fan. Michael
T take it easy Awesome member and Naruto fan.
Warlocks Warlocks Awesome Naruto fan. Michael
Nick01 Nick01 Loyal Naruto fan, Naruto FTW!. Michael
Natsu Shazneel Natsu Shazneel Awesome member. Michael You're the reason i still use NB
Negative Knight Negative Knight My bff 4 evah! and the great work you did in the Cj submission thread! COME BACK TO US!!
The_Empire The_Empire for being nice person - itachi uchiha fiance
Zawar Zawar being nice person and posting happy bday to everyone-itachi uchiha fiance
Memento Mori Memento Mori Has good GFX Skills !
Acnologia.. Acnologia.. for nice friend- itachi uchiha fiance
Vex Vex for being nice person - itachi uchiha fiance DADADA thanks for being the DO double GFrom Kerrah Not edgy enough
Disquiet Disquiet dearest friend, awesome writer and nice person my yama. from itachi uchiha fiance
T The Amazing Spider Man the hero nb needs but doesn't - wrong one :Sparks:
Vision Vision yes he deserves this
Nimmy Nimmy For my lovely wife!
Kirikoe Kirikoe for being nice person to me during my stay in konoha from itachi uchiha fiance
SIR UZMAKIMADARA SIR UZMAKIMADARA Awesome member :sigar: Michael
S Scooby Doo for writing cool fanfics from itachi uchiha fiance For all the Scooby-Doo fan fictions. From Sammy.
Reborn Reborn The goto guy to discuss anime. Thanks again for Sound! <3
Melodious Melodious A very nice person. So cool and chill :3 - Nef
Everztar Everztar You have kept me entertained and given me an amazing personality to talk to. You are kind, sweet, you name it you got it. -Shaz Hai everzt /wave -Saikyo
Hakairyoku Hakairyoku For being an amazing friend
C Chie For being awesome!
Khallil Khallil Khallil.. one of my oldest friends on the base. -yang Don't forget you have me on skype man xD
Cooh Cooh :)
David1996 David1996 Klopp the flopp
ZandaT ZandaT Cloud ken <3
Kamishiro Kamishiro A very nice and uplifting person, one who understands that Mokuton is indeed life itself. n-n
Ensifer Ensifer Another NB info provider. Vigilant and on time.-Action Hero
Endles Waltz Endles Waltz Good guy Endlesu