Presents X-MAS

M miso Meh
Pumpkin Ninja Pumpkin Ninja For being pretty cool
Ansatsuken Ansatsuken Present from Sammy. :)
Elmage G Ace Elmage G Ace Thanks for the PhotoManipulation man :) Happy Holidays-Horus
Superlative Superlative Here's your gift, baka.
Roby Roby Boby deserves the world. Ed doesn't have the world... Ed gives Boby a virtual gift instead!
-immortal- -immortal- happy xmas in advance from itachi uchiha fiance
BlacLord™ BlacLord™ <3 ~Mysterious
ANiMUS ANiMUS Great member... - TNC XIII
LustyLover LustyLover #<3 ~Mysterious #I love you. *insert Naota image*
Pumpkin Ninja Pumpkin Ninja For being nice (sometimes) lol ~ Mysterious
Ciao Ciao pika pika
Anduril Anduril happy holidays
Naruto. Naruto. King
Nero Nero Happy holidays.
Zeus Faber Zeus Faber Merry Christmas Dear <3
Zorø Zorø to my friend advance Christmas gift-itachi uchiha fiance
Panthalassa Panthalassa happy Christmas dear friend from itachi uchiha fiance
Izou Xaxa Izou Xaxa he's so nice
Chakra Wizard Chakra Wizard my rival
Nimmy Nimmy Lovely presents for my wife
Glad Of War Glad Of War for posting 1000th visitor message from itachi uchiha fiance
Deliquesce Deliquesce Christmas present to dear friend from itachi uchiha fiance
Toruk-Makto Toruk-Makto My sensei/senpai/friend/brother, not around, want him to know that he is not forgotten nor will be
Omega Omega For always keeping it real.
Shinta Shinta For being the most unbiased and loyal Kage in every village I've been. He is just amazing.
Power Bottom Power Bottom A gift from me to you keeping my spirits high for hosting weekly contests A great member.... - TNC XIII Does a great job managing contests. Endles Waltz. for enjoying pervy FUB Love her Work she's done for me!
Sophie Ezra Sophie Ezra good writer!
ultraChalk ultraChalk Happy Holidays!!! and keep the OPM cheer going-fiend.
Kingu Kingu Happy holidays dude!!!-fiend.
Handsome Jack Handsome Jack Happy Holidays and happy gaming jack!!-fiend
DulleTheUClan DulleTheUClan Happy Holidays dude, keep making that wonderful art :).
K Kobak return gift to dear friend from itachi uchiha fiance
Natsu Shazneel Natsu Shazneel He was my first real friend on NB after my loooong absence and friendship is a real gift. A present from Hinata Chan ! For being down to earth and for working hard at protecting Gotham City.
Ja maya Ja maya For being the Genius Hipster Queen.
UchiGOD UchiGOD For being the first pianist from Iran xD
Agent Phrank Agent Phrank One of the best posters in the TG section.
~Shadowhunter Princess~ ~Shadowhunter Princess~ For old times' sake
X Xarpius For good ol' times
Baldy Baldy Yet to receive a reward. Thought it'd be a nice present (lol get it?)
Rei Rei = Happy Holidays! = Happy Holidays! Here's a gift from me, Santa! = Happy Holidays boss = Happy Christmas ~ Mysterious
I itachi uchiha fiance Present from Sammy ! :)
Gintõki1 Gintõki1 For being cool ~ Mysterious
KuroKaze KuroKaze For being so thoughtful ~ Mysterious
Ensifer Ensifer For being supppppppper kind ~ Mysterious
Solidus Solidus Solidus Solidus Solidus Solidus For being cool ~ Mysterious
Akаsh Akаsh Happy holidays dude hopefully you'll get free time now :).-fiend
shelke shelke He's awesome and smart. Also a great friend
Hammock Hammock For being so friendly even though he once thought I was antisocial *_*
Great Master Minato Great Master Minato For being my first NB friend :)