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Jul 1, 2014
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Hey! This is my custom shop. While my arsenal isn't particularly large, I do have some stuff of note to my name and have a lot of potential CJs chambered and ready for the next few cycles. I try to keep things reasonably priced. That said, here are my offerings right now.


Giant Crab Summoning Contract - 500 Kumi for a signature. 750 if you want to learn Gerantetsu as well.
Summoning Animal: Giant Crabs
Scroll Owner:AnbuKirito
Other Users who have signed contract: N/A
Summoning Boss if existing:N/A
Other Summoning Animals tied to contract:N/A
Description and Background:

Basic Background:
All giant crabs in the NW come from the Broken Coast, north of Mount Myoboku. They have 6 legs, and two arms with large pincers attached. The exact size of a giant crab varies, but is on average the size of a human being, in terms of height, being on average 2 meters tall, and 4 meters wide. All crabs have a base affinity for the water element and can use water techniques up to their rank. The average lifespan of a giant crab is 300 years, as they are very resistant to physical wear due to their shell and crustacean body type. This also makes them perfect for defensive purposes in battle.

Abilities and Restrictions:
-All crabs can use water techniques up to their rank unless stated elsewhere on the summon
-All crabs are large enough to be ridden on by a human of average size, whilst some can be ridden by even more.
-The pincers of most crabs can crush rocks, some are capable of doing even more damage.
-Crabs can be summoned out of a water source, however this reduces the time they remain on the field by a turn.
-All crabs posses a hard shell, able to block any normal ninja tool or basic weapon, however, weapons with special properties may be able to break through it.
-Most crabs are quite slow and lumbering, being somewhat unagile

Approval Link:

Gerantetsu (Crab)
Kuchiyose: Gerantetsu | Summoning: Gerantetsu
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Gerantetsu is a large crab, about 5 X 7 meters, with multiple unique abilities. He is also 130 years old, being young for his species. He can use water techniques up to the user's rank like most other crabs, and can also spit an acidic foam equal to B rank which can burn through earthen substances. This however does not apply to solid structures made of a material stronger than standard earth, and can only burn through up to C-Rank of those types of things (Steel structures, CE's harder than earth release, ETC.). Gerantetsu also has a very hard shell in comparison to other crabs, being able to take blows up to A in rank. He will however disperse after taking S-Ranked damage. Gerantetsu is also known for his speed, being able to move as fast as the average size crab, even though he is about twice as large as one.
-Gerantetsu will disperse after four turns
-Gerantetsu can only be summoned once
-Spitting Acidic Foam costs a move
-Must have signed the Giant Crab contract

Custom Weapon and CW Jutsu:

Elucidator - 750 Kumi (comes with Vorpal Strike)
Chakra:40 for moonlight empowerment
The Elucidator is a night-black sword which can be wielded using one or two hands. It is double edged, is a standard 67 centimeters in length, and weighs 4.5 pounds. The handle and hilt of the sword are also black, with the cross guard taking the form of a single sided gear-like object. In theory, the blade appears to be a somewhat odd looking, but relatively simple, sword. The sword is actually quite the opposite. It actually has multiple unique abilities, each different from the last.

The Sword:
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Abilities of the Elucidator:

Immortal Object:
The Elucidator's metal is a powerful chakra steel. It can take up to S-Rank damage before being destroyed. Or rather, dispersed. The sword actually acts somewhat like a summon, returning to a sheathe on the user after being destroyed. However, even if it is not broken, the sword cannot be drawn until the next battle if it is dispersed. The sword itself can cut through techniques of hardness equal to that of B-Rank or lower. If the material is harder than Doton, and the sword can only cut through C-Rank of it.

Flawless Cut:
The Elucidator's edges are sharp enough to cut a human being and draw blood if they so much as tap the blade. This makes the sword especially unaffected by air resistance, as it is able to flawlessly cut through the air surrounding the blade during a strike. This means its cuts are extremely quick, almost 1.5x that of a standard katana being used by a warrior of similar power to the wielder of the blade.

Moonlight Empowerment:
This is the Elucidator's most powerful ability. By surging their chakra into the blade, the user will cause the sword to brightly glow in a sky blue shade. This is a sign that the blade is charging power. When using this, the blade will gain access to it's special technique (to be posted), and will have their kenjutsu with the sword empowered, dealing larger cutting and impact damage when being used, as well as gaining strike speed, becoming even faster than it usually is. This effect lasts a single turn, and costs a move to activate.
-Must be taught by AnbuKirito
-Moonlight Empowerment costs a move to use, and can only be used 2 times a match.

Kenjutsu: Vorpal Strike|Sword Technique: Vorpal Sutoraiku
Type: Offensive

When the opponent attacks with a weapon of their own, the user execute a quick parry to it, then will duck and begin a clockwise spin while slashing diagonally downwards to the right with the blade. As the spin ends with the user on the floor, they will then push upwards off of the ground and deliver a similar spinning strike, this time while moving upwards and delivering it in a directly horizontal fashion. They will then follow up with a two handed thrust, following with another reverse one handed spin attack. The user will then freeze, after following through, having delivering the final strike. Due to the speed at which the moves are performed and at which the blade moves, four sky blue crescent blades will appear to blast out from the target, signifying the combo's completion. These blades are actually just compressed air currents, each representing one of the slashes performed, and do no harm by themselves. The combo can also be started without the parry, simply by initiating the attack the way one normally would. The attack's true strength is it's mind-boggling speed, as it uses the momentum gained by the constant spinning of the user coupled with the increased attack speed of the Elucidator to deal quick, yet deadly cuts.
-Can only be taught by AnbuKirito
-User must be a user of the Elucidator
-Can only be used once
-Due to the nature of the Elucidator, the attack is neutral against any elementally-enhanced kenjutsu.
-The Elucidator's Moonlight Empowerment ability must be active to use.
The Attack Looks Like This:
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Water Techniques:

(Sution: Shimetta Te) | Water Release: Damp Hands - 500 Kumi
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: B
Chakra: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: Damp Hands is a technique that was designed to be a split-second measure for protecting against fast moving, weaker chakra-based attacks. By focusing Suiton chakra into one's hands, the user surrounds their hands with a thick, viscous, water-like "bubble" outline. Upon contact with a Suiton, Katon, Raiton, or Fuuton jutsu (or at a time of the user's choice), the bubble will immediately release itself as a quickly expanding, semi-sphere of Water, neutralizing the opposing technique. Furthermore, the bubble can be converted into a water source for a C or D ranked Suiton technique.
-This Jutsu can be used a maximum of 4 times.
-This Jutsu has no effect on Doton, Taijutsu, basic Ninjutsu, or Kenjutsu techniques.
-Upon the creation of the sphere, the jutsu fades until another usage.
-You may only use leg-based taijutsu, basic ninjutsu, and Suiton techniques while active, and can only use techniques that require four handseals or less.
-Maximum three turns active per usage.

(Suiton: Fukushū no Hana) Water Release: Vengeful Flower - 750 Kumi
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user will launch a very small and thin blast of mist towards the opponent, the mist will go near unnoticeable towards the opponent, the mist while travelling towards the opponent will draw together. Only becoming visible to the human eye at short range, where it will the form a spear piercing through the opponents body. The user can use this while in a mist technique or alone. It can usually be seen if the opponent has sensory or some form of dojutsu.
Note: Can only be used four times.

That's all for now! Please post here or VM me if you're interested in anything.
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