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Apr 7, 2009
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White Kāma
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Kāma is a seal that serves as a compressed backup of an Ōtsutsuki clan member's biological data that they can embed in the body of a compatible vessel. Over time the Kāma will gradually overwrite the vessel's genetic profile until they transform into a perfect Ōtsutsuki. Should the Ōtsutsuki be slain their soul will migrate to one of their vessels, and when the Kāma completes will reincarnate through their body, completely replacing them. In the interim, the vessel can learn to activate the Kāma and utilise a portion of the Ōtsutsuki's power and abilities, and if reincarnation has not yet been achieved, the slain Ōtsutsuki can even manifest and take control over their body. Occasionally an unsuitable vessel will survive the ritual, however, producing a unique variant of the seal called the White Kāma (Shiroki Kāma). Such individuals are unable to serve as a receptacle for the Ōtsutsuki's soul and thus cannot be used for the process of reincarnation, but retain its other traits, gaining tremendous power and even being able to transform into a completely new Ōtsutsuki.
  • Gains access to White Kāma, enhancing their strength, speed, durability and chakra.
  • Capable of S/T travel via Kāma Rift
  • Capable of absorbing high chakra taxing Ninjutsu
  • Access to Nesaku, a special energy source capable of neutralizing Natural Energy. This energy has 20 damage higher than standard ranks and can only be used with White Kāma active.

  • Requires Jōnin Rank
  • Costs 6,000 Kumi
  • Cannot have another Mode, Cyborg, Gelel or Samurai/Ronin
  • Cannot Dual Ability with Otsutsuki Clan

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