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Trait Points
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Ultear is a pale-skinned woman with dark purple hair and white eyes (Trait of the Hyuuga Clans visual prowess the Byakugan). The way in which she wears her hair varies from time to time. Ultear has a rather voluptuous figure, and she wears a long revealing dress, sporting a striped pattern. In combat she changes into a tight fitting battle outfit. The battle suit is sleeveless and skin-tight, being divided into 3 sections; the main body of the suit and the legs of the suit from the thigh down are both white with black patterning, with the space between them being a deep brown. The entire suit is trimmed with gold patterns, and Ultear sports a matching white headband. On her arms, Ultear wears long black sleeves, with the section from her elbow down bearing chunky, gray wrist-guards. It has been remarked that Ultear's bares a strong resemblance to her mother, , while inheriting her fathers eyes.


Ultear is a manipulative, ruthless and ambitious woman. She is calm and calculated in almost all situations, and is considered very difficult to antagonise. Ultear views the majority of people with discontentment and disdain, gaining her very few allies. When it comes to however her attitude is altered, Ultear expresses a lot of affection towards Meredy whom she is very close with after practically raising her. However, she does not like it when Meredy calls her "Ur". Ur was her mothers nickname, Meredy knows that Ultear's heart was broken on the day she returned to the Hidden Leaf believes this is the reason for Ultear's hardened personality and cruel outlook on life. Ultear has no problem with sacrificing lives to obtain what she wants, even going as far as to control children as a means to her own ends.

Basic Info



Gender: Female

Age: 25

Clan: Steel/Byakugan

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”I always cursed my own life. The anxiety, anger and hatred I couldn't suppress. However, when I stopped to look at the sky... I realized just how small I am.” ~ Ultear Milkovich Fairy Tail

Village Information

Village of birth

Land of Fire
Village of alliance

Land of Fire

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Chakra Info / Rank

: Genin
Basics: Base 5, Nin, Gen, Tai, Ken
Elements: N/A
Advanced: Steel, Gentle Fist,
Summons: N/A
Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan

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  • You can perform techniques of the skill you chose to specialise in by performing a single ( 1 ) hand seal, that is still double-handed except when specifically stated otherwise in the technique. This can be applied to Advanced and Custom Elements that are composed of basic elemental affinities. (Steel)
  • You can materialise your element or skill you specialise in without needing a source. Likewise, you can sustain creations of the element without limiting yourself, such as creation of S rank Earth Golem and allowing it to exist without sustaining it on your own. This is done by adding 1 hand seal to the necessary total. (Steel)
  • Limited to Ninjutsu Specialities. You can perform techniques of the skill you chose to specialise in without the usage of hand seals, though you must still perform complimentary and logical body movements related to the technique. (Steel)
  • Lifeline: The user starts with a 25% chakra increase, allowing the user to start fights with more chakra.

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Ultear was born to the Hyuuga clan several years ago but to one of the branch families that not many knew of. Ultear was born to her mother Uru or Ur for short, she had never met her father, he had been presumed dead during the third great ninja war only two short months after her birth. Her mother Ur became despondent for a few years after suffering the loss of her husband, there were many days Ultear would find her mother staring through the kitchen window, watching the garden gate, hoping for the return of her beloved.

A Goal
It was Ultear's 10th birthday and Ur had a surprise in store, she had arranged for Ultear to go and stay with her late husbands, sister in Sunagakure, Ultear aspired to be a great ninja as her father once was, every night before bed, her mother would tell her stories of her fathers courage and accomplishments. Ultear was in awe of her father and she set about making it her own goal to be every bit as brave and successful a ninja as he was.

A Family Secret
Ultear had received no formal training in the ways of the ninja by the time of her 10th birthday, her only skills were with ninja tools, self taught to throw (clumsily) and hit most of the basics target within the Hyuuga training area, Ultear had always wanted to train to be a ninja properly. Ur being a descendant of the Yuki clan, had access to Ice release and a natural affinity in both Wind and Water chakra which had been passed down through the Yuki Clan for many a generation. The power of the Ice release Kekkei Genkai was feared in the Land of Water however, which forced the remaining Yuki clan members into hiding.Ur had never formally become a ninja despite her training in her clans arts and had left her village of Yukigakure at a young age to go to Sunagakure. This is where she met Ultear's father, a ninja of the Hyuuga clan from the Hidden Leaf Village.

She Could Never Have Imagined
Ultear had left the Hidden Leaf village to make her way to Sunagakure, she was to be escorted by a small convoy of merchants carrying cloth via carriage, the merchants were known well to the Hyuuga clan and didn't mind escorting Ultear to her destination. Only two days into their travels the convoy was attacked. A rouge band of ninja descended on the convoy, Ultear has limited memory of this event, During the attack one of the mules pulling the cloth carts had been cut loose by the offenders and in its frantic charge had knocked Ultear to the ground hitting her head on a nearby stone in the process and knocking her unconscious. Ultear awoke sometime later to discover she had been bound and bundled into the back of a cart. Ultear tried to call out for help, but due to the rag in her mouth and the dryness of her throat, a barely audibly croak escaped her lips, her ankle was injured and she was badly bruised all over by what ever events had unfolded during the attack. attempting to move had proven fruitless. Ultear tried to turn her head to get a better look at her surroundings, but her neck was too stiff. unbeknown to Ultear, seven days had passed since the day of the attack.

An Escape
Ultear had been kidnapped by slavers and was to be sold to a man named Precht Gaebolg. Precht, also known as Hades to his followers was in search of young, gifted individuals to train and join his cause. Unfortunately for Ultear, her eyes had been targeted as she possessed the Byakugan, passed down from her father. This trait would fetch a high price from Hades who had settled his base of operation deep within the Land of Demons. Ultear was inevitably sold to Hades and she spent the next 11 years of her life in his service. During her time with Hades, he lied to Ultear that her arrival in the Land of Demons was premeditated. He claimed that her own mother had arranged the deal with him, the plan was to take her daughter and make it look like a kidnapping so as not to raise suspicion within the Leaf's Hyuuga Clan. Ultear could never believe this, and over many years plotted her escape. While Ultear served under Hades she met a very young girl named Meredy, Meredy had been delivered to Hades at only 9 months old and had no knowledge of the outside world. Ultear and Meredy became very close over the years Ultear would often spend nights with Meredy reciting the stories her mother once told her as a child of her father and his great adventures, Meredy looked to Ultear like a big sister and Ultear promised Meredy that one day they would leave this place and live their lives together in the Hidden Leaf Village. During Ultear and Meredy's time with Hades he had taught them both to use the basic five elements, Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water, Ninjutsu,Genjutsu,Taijutsu and Kenjutsu so as to prove useful to his cause, he could not however train Ultear in the use of her Byakugan, and began seeking to enlist help to do so. It was during this time that Ultear and Meredy slipped under Hades radar. Hades had travelled to somewhere within the Land of Water and was busy negotiating the price of her Byakugan training, knowing that Hades could not stop them, Ultear and Meredy executed their carefully plotted escape.

The Return
Twelve long years Ultear had waited for this moment, to arrive back at home, to see her mother and to be held in her arms, to introduce Meredy to her mother, Ultear was nervous, would her mother even recognise her? Ultear could see the main gate to the village in the distance and paused. She knew that she could not simply walk up to the village gate and stroll through as though she had never left. The village may see her and Meredy as a threat, a ninja with no village, no allegiance. She pondered for a moment before taking off to the river, her mothers house was situated at the far end of the Hyuuga clans land right next to the river. She planned to wait by the river knowing from her childhood that her mother would religiously return to the same spot every morning, whilst there she would float a single cherry blossom on the water in memory of her father and watch as it sailed away on the rivers current. Ultear had almost approached the spot as she looked up towards the hill in front of them and froze. There on the brow of the hill, her mother stood with two boys. Her face soft, her smile carefree,she looked happy. The boys began to fight in the grass, the sound of raised voices but the words inaudible. with one swift wave of her mothers hand both the boys feet were frozen in place, she scolded there hardheadedness and laughed as they struggled to get free. Was that Ice release? Ultear had been taught of the Kekkei Genkai that existed within the world, to think that her mother had lied and hid this from her throughout the first 10 years of her life. Why?

What else had her mother lied about?

Had Hades words been true after all?

Had her mother sold her? Had she been replaced by the two boys that stood before her?

Was her mother happy to be rid of her?

A Vow
Ultear's heart shattered at that very moment, the hope she had clung to for those long 12 years dissolved, replaced with nothing but anger, and despair. Ultear fled the Hidden Leaf with Meredy unable to stand the sight before her any longer. As she ran she vowed to hate her mother for eternity, if she ever saw those boys again she would rid the world of their existence, she would never trust another being for as long as she lived. Ultear hardened her heart from that moment on and set her sights on gaining power, her only aim in life now was to protect Meredy no matter the cost. Ultear would sit atop the world and purge it of its impurities, she would never allow Meredy to suffer the pain that she had felt that day. This was her only purpose, and she would do anything to ensure that it came into fruition


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