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The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points
So these two customs for 6k kumi:

(Ninjutsu: ) - Ninja art: Dragon Soul
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 5
Damage: N/a
Description: This technique is a basic shape manipulation applied when the user uses and elemental technique, it's used in the same timeframe costs 5 additional chakra points to use this with another technique. When the user performs a elemental technique, through shape manipulation, the point of origin of the technique will form a Magic Circle made of that chosen element, almost looking like the formula that appears for a sealing jutsu. This in no way adds any power, or change the jutsu in any way, not does it create any defensive properties, it is pure cosmetic, used by dragon slayers. For example, if the user released a stream of fire from their mouth, the fire will draw an extra 5 chakra from the user and form into a circle that is red in color, not burning the user, nor providing any aditional effects. If the jutsu were to come from the ground, as the jutsu shoots up, it would form on the ground. This acts in the same timeframe but takes up a jutsu slot to form.

(Ichi chi kami hari - One thousand hair needles)

Rank: B
Chakra Cost:20
Damage Points:30
Description: The user expands there hair and then fires thousands of needs out of there hair at there apponent that are as sharp and hard as senbon.
~ Can only be used by Jiraiya

Any questions?
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