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Basic Information


Skulduggery Pleasant
Thirteenth King




Tasuke is a tall, lean-built but slender young man. He has short, messy brown hair, which reaches just over his shoulders, and red eyes. His attire varies on what he feels like wearing, but he usually wears a white shirt with an assortment of different kinds of trousers. His arms and hands can be found covered in bandages which he likes to cover his Dark Release marks under - they will still work and when active will glow through the bandages.

As Skulduggery he wore a suit-like attire: a white shirt under a black blazer, with some details on it, and some plain black paints which he sometimes keeps as Tasuke. He has also been seen wearing the white shirt under a long coat with a red scarf wrapped around his neck - he now combines this with his Kazekage look when wearing the hat. As said, he wears whatever he wants and because he lives in Sunagakure, he sticks to light clothing sometimes and even ends up wearing very little as the heat is straining. His bandages are always around his forearms.

A Combat Outfit (As Shown at the Top) is also worn, like how the Third Hokage of Konoha has one himself. Tasuke wears a very dark green short sleeve shirt under a sort of armour, very light and barely noticeable - it protects him from small blades like kunai and shuriken - though swords can still cut through with enough force. Accompanying this attire is a holster on his back that is capable of holding the staff for his weapon, Jungle - this also includes multiple card holsters attached to it for his use of further jutsu. He wore a grey sash around his waist which dropped lower on his right side than his left, on the back of his waist he has a sheathed katana.

Tasuke is a free spirit at heart and tries as hard he can to push the boundaries surrounding him, he knows how to have fun, but he also knows when to be serious and mature. Tasuke is a caring individual and loves his friends and family to the point he will die for them. He can be quite mischievous especially when it comes to playing games, his favourite types of games are card games and his favourite card game is Crib/Poker; he has even known to offer his enemies to play cards instead of fighting, saying he'd forfeit if he lost. Tasuke is also a big flirt when it comes to girls, he will always try to make a move on them even if he's fighting one - most of the time he does it for fun and sometimes it pays off.

If he is pushed, Tasuke's temper can be horrific as shown when he fought Albel again after he returned from being usurped of his Kazekage position and has been known to become 'psychotic' - biting into his opponent's neck just to hurt him. Even after defeating an opponent with this temper, he has crippled them and put them through torturous pain after defeat - he once did it to his own fellow squad member. Once he has been pushed to this temper, it's hard to get him back out of it - sometimes he uses this temper to his advantage. For example his Cursed Mark Level 2 Phase, he will let his temper out himself and whilst in this stage, he becomes even more powerful.

After Sunagakure's Bloodless Revolution Tasuke became slightly darker and serious, everything that happened over time had built up and he became slightly insane - people would think he talked to himself, which he sort of did but someone else always seemed to answer - he also seems to say things that are out of the ordinary; he has a strange perception on reality. He still retained his humour and plethora of taunting smiles, but he kept to himself a bit more - he just had a depressing aura about him. He still cares about people he knows and his friends but that's all it really extends to - he always says to himself that his Position as Kage doesn't suit him. However others don't see it like that, as even though he doesn't have much care for those outside his friends. He's loyal to the cause.

Village Information

Water Archipelago

Clan of Alliance

Rank // Chakra Info


Reaper of the Cards | Wind | Ninjutsu | Barnacles​

水 Suiton | 土 Doton | 火 Katon | 風 Futon | 雷 Raiton
冥 Meiton | 炭 Mueton | 墨 Ink

体 Taijutsu | 剣 Kenjutsu | 忍 Ninjutsu | 幻 Genjutsu
体 K.Taijutsu | 封印 Fūinjutsu | 医療 Iryō Nin | 重み Weights

Kādo no Shinigami | Chishi Shindou | Hikasazanami-Ken
Antatchaburu no hazumi | Tsubaki no Ken-Sennin

貝 Barnacle Contract | 鳥 Griffin Contract

(Fūton Hijitsu : Ken no sandan jū) - Wind Release Secret Technique : Sword Shotgun

(Fūton : Ō ni hyō) - Wind Release : Hail to the King

(Fūton : Ōsama Banzai) - Wind Release : Long live the King!

(Shōkeimoji-Meiton : Kanashiki kyōten) - Heiroglyphic-Dark Release : Sorrowful Scripture

(Shōkeimoji-Fūton : Neko no Shosa) - Heiroglyphic-Wind Release : Cat's Dance

(Kuchiyose : Zonbi) - Summoning : Zombies

Background Information

Tasuke was born in a remote village in the Water Archipalego, he lived with his Little sister and parents. One day there was a fire at his home, he went inside to try and save anyone inside - however spent too long amongst the flames and passed out. However before he passed out Tasuke saw his sister standing above their father - whom she had murdered in cold blood. Tasuke vowed to hunt her down and so his quest continues this way....

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Wind Speciality
Tasuke was taught by Gin Ichimaru (Better). They were good friends even though they were from two different villages, Still Gin trained Tasuke in most of the skills he knows to date, almost being like a personal student. Tasuke can perform Wind with only one hand seal being needed.

Dark Release
Tasuke Originated from the Water Archipelago and has the capability of using the Kekkei Genkei Dark Release element. With this ability there are Dark Tattoos that come with it, Tasuke has one located on each hand and so can used Inhaling Maw through both of them or use techniques like Netherworld Gates which require both marks.

Ink Ninjutsu
Being a Practitioner of Ink Ninjutsu Tasuke now carries a large scroll on his back with comparments especially for Ink Ninjutsu users to be able to quickly draw their techniques to life. He also carries a variety of pre-drawn Ink scrolls and other Ink tools so that he is ready for training in this Art. Tasuke has two Ink Tattoo's for the "Fragile and Empty" technique that are both located on his arms, one for each usage.

(Inkupo/Kuchiyose: Chikai no Sain ) Ink Arts/Summoning: Oath Sign
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A rather unique technique in terms of composition, being rather tame in its effects due to not being an offensive nor defensive technique. Through the manipulation of specialized chakra absorbing ink, this brew of ink is merged with chakra of the user and actual blood - causing it to take a murky crimson coloring. The ink however has special properties, allowing for those who frequently uses summoning a new unique way in order to summon. By kneading chakra into the ink, drawing on a surface( be it on the ground, on a scroll or airborne) the user creates the kanji for the animal they are summoning i.e dog would be written as “犬” which then allows them to summon the animal. This makes the load easier for the user, due to the ink carrying their chakra and blood within the ink,acting as a medium for the appropriate summoning. The ink provides half of the needed chakra, thus the user only needs to pay half the total amount it would normally need to summon the animal.While primarily used for contract summonings, the user may also use this method for techniques such as Summoning Technique: Rashōmon by drawing a kanji associated with the technique i.e gates. This technique must be mentioned in the user’s bio or before battle in order to utilize and is passive in nature, not taking up a move nor time in the the timeframe though must be referenced while performing said techniques. The user may also say incantations, speaking in unique languages or phrases purely for cosmetic purpose

Taijutsu and Kenjutsu
Tasuke has a great proficiency in Taijutsu and has always liked Close Combat. He carries a sword which is strapped horizontally onto the back of his waist with the hilt sticking out on the right side so Tasuke can easily draw them into both hands. Tasuke really enjoys using Kenjutsu and Taijutsu in tandem with one another, he doesn't really prefer using his sword over using his hands and vice-versa. Meaning he has his own sort of fighting style, he definitely loves to get into short range.

Tasuke has training in the sealing arts, like with his ink he has various tattoos on his body. For example "Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation" he has two of, each located on both forearms. Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique is located on his heart and is there in case he has no final choice.

Janguru Δ Jungle
Tasuke's Custom weapon which he also carries with him, he sometimes carries his Staff on his back, or uses it to aid for walking. This weapon is used for the Fighting Style Reaper of the Cards as it is accompanied by Decks of Cards which he conceals on his person.
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short/Long
Chakra Cost: (+40 For Each Reverse Summon)
Damage Points: N/A
Jungle comes in two parts to fit the style that it was created for. The first is the Staff, and it simply looks like a Black Metal Pole - however this isn't just a normal staff, when the user holds it they are capable of having it 'activate' which forms a blade made of green looking Chakra on any end of the pole to become what looks like a Scythe. The blade acts like an ordinary blade would do and doesn't have an special boosts except that they can have the blade activate and deactivate at will. The scythe fits the Fighting Style more and in this form is a lot lighter to carry as it is can be coupled with a sword in the other hand - a Katana can also be slotted and locked into one end of the Pole to form a Naginata. Scythe Acts like a Freeform Blade, has no Rank and can be combined with Blade enhancing techniques to make it stronger.

The other part of the Weapon is the actual Cards, in a Holster Deck made up of 52 of them that is kept on the user's person. They're Chakra Enhanced Metal Cards, completely black with sharp edges - used as a substitute for Kunai and Shuriken in Jutsu and for Freeform. Each card has inscriptions on them, drawn using the user's blood that has dried onto the surfaces, their ability is simple and uses the link the user has with each of their cards to be able to use them passively. By using some Chakra and one of your three turns the User will slam their hand down on to the surface of their card, poofing into a cloud of smoke and will basically reverse summon themselves to another one of Jungle's Cards - they will always appear in the same way they went in and always on the flat surface of the card being under their feet even whilst the Card is in Transit.

However. The Ability of Jungle will only be allowed if the Staff is on the user's person as that carries more inscriptions that will glow green when each Reverse Summon is activated, if the user and the Staff are not touching then they can not perform their Ability.

- Decks of Cards can be concealed by clothing, so until they are used or revealed by removing said piece of clothing (Sash, Jacket, Over-shirt) the Weapon does not have to be posted for reference/activation until then.
- The Staff is usually strapped to the User's back, on the Strap running across the user's torso would be the Decks of Cards
- Smoke, Flash, Explosive Cards replace the use of ordinary Tags and Bombs in Freeform and Jutsu. (These Cards are Colour-Coded, Blue, White, Red Respectively)
- Cards can replace Kunai and Shuriken in Freeform and Jutsu
- Can only be used by LonelyAssassin
- Reverse Summon Ability cannot be used twice in the same turn
- Ability has a Two Turn Cooldown, with no S-Ranks in the same turn
- Must be Wielding The Staff To be able to Reverse Summon
- Used in conjunction with Reaper of the Cards
- User can have Multiple Decks of Cards
- Must have Mastered Ninjutsu to be able to Wield
- Reaper of the Cards MUST be the Bio's Specialist Fighting Style.
- Reverse summon can only be used 4 times
Tasuke after teaching himself when trying to survive alone without tools and only some Ninjutsu when he was little, became a proficient Archer and had Crafted his own Bow and arrows. He later was gifted one by his Grandpa a former Shinobi who used Archery as well, The Bow was made of white wood and the arrows matched, with a fletching of Dark Green and a sharp silver tip. Tasuke sometimes doesn't carry his bow with him.

Barnacle Tattoo
Tasuke has the Tattoo of the contract he signed with Barnacles, it is found around the top of his left arm like a shoulder sleeve Tattoo. The tattoo is used instead of the summoning jutsu as an easier and faster way of summoning his little helpers. The tattoo looks like this : . Allowed to him by the Contract, Tasuke carries in his Ninja Pouch and so doesn't require the use of summoning them with Chakra.

Jinx & A2 ( )
Tasuke's Personal Summons, Jinx and A2 are linked to the Barnacle Contract they reside in acorn shells that take the shape of Rings with one on each hand. Jinx is a petit female looking Zombie with long blue hair in a pair of braids that reach passed her booty - she has pink eyes and wears little. Jinx is crazy and gets overexcited about destruction, explosions, fire and weapons.

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A2 is also female in stature but a lot more curvier and defined, she has long white hair and light purple eyes. She wears very tight fitting clothes, including a black Vest and black short shorts - some of her skin is imperfect and patchy with black patterns, but it almost looks like a Tattoo. A2 is quieter and wields a long blade usually, she can also carry heavy weaponry just like Jinx.

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Tasuke is infused with the , capable of changing his appearance he has had them made a few adaptions to how he looks including pointed ears. Tasuke has a Specialty in Ninjutsu which allows him a Summon as a Companion without the restrictions of a turn limit. Tasuke is Close with the Arbiter, so chose him as a Summoning Companion. A Strong Companion for his travels;

(Kuchiyose : Thel' Vadam, ābita) - Summoning : Thel 'Vadam, the Arbiter
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/A
This is another Barnacle Community comprised of many Thoracica Barnacle to form the shape of a creature, Thel 'Vadam stands an intimidating eight feet and two inches including the calcite armour from the acorn barnacles, and possesses huge fingers, two middle fingers, and two opposing thumbs on the outside for grasping on each hand. He is very strong and can lift a person and throw them across the floor with ease, making his close combat attacks very strong and capable of knocking out a human with a punch across the face or even a headbutt. His jaws are quadruple-hinged, with an upper jaw, a greatly reduced lower jaw which are four mandible-like "lips." These mandibles are generally shown with six teeth each; used for speaking through and even capable of savagely biting the enemy, though this is rare. His legs are digitigrade, with short upper and lower legs, and elongated tarsals which gives him great agility - making his running speed faster (almost double the user's base speed - x2) and jumping distance much farther than the average shinobi. The Arbiter is renowned for his great strength and intelligence, and are praised for his bravery and honour, he is known to be summoned instead of the Summoning Boss - to do his Judgement upon the enemy as his "Arbiter" title confirms.

The Arbiter carries two swords, they act like normal blades with a few exceptions, their hilts are bladeless until activation and remain on each leg seemingly stuck to each side. When Activated it seems like the blades are made of energy, the only difference it has from a normal sword is that when it cuts an enemy it also burns and the fact that ignores any armour the opponent may be wearing (unless armour is made of ninjutsu). The swords have a very unique design, when the hilt is activate two blades are formed on eitherside of it extending hoizontally out of it in the same direction away from the user's arm as like an extension (Click Here for Image Representation). The Swords have a special ability to help Aid the Arbiter's Kenjutsu in real fights, a single sword can be charged so that they're superpowered with chakra, giving them the same properties as an S-Rank Blade made of lightning. It remains active once it is charged and are the power of the sword is independent from the Arbiter, it costs a turn to activate the supercharged blade and can be applied to both (Costs a turn each). One initial summoning, one of these swords can automatically be supercharged, but only one. One of these swords can be given to the user, but only remain active when The Arbiter is on the field, they would disperse when he does. He can use the "Wind Release Secret Technique : Sword Shotgun" - and "Hail to the King" Technique without hand seals - Only these two Wind Techniques.

The Arbiter's Armour is special and different compared to the other Barnacle Summons, though it's not the strongest. The Armour can take 60 points of damage (A-Rank) before he can be hurt on the inside, however if he loses some or all of those 60 hitpoints they will "regenerate" every turn by 20 because of the Thoracica Barnacles that make up his armour using their chakra to restore it again. The Arbiter once his armour has gone is susceptible to any attack even a normal sword through his body could kill him.

- Must Know Barnacle Contract
- Must be Taught by LonelyAssassin
- Using the Wind Techniques costs a turn as usual
- Armor Regeneration costs a Turn to regenerate each turn
- Can only be summoned 1 per battle, thrice per event
- Last four Turns on the Field

Tasuke has a generic pet with him, he uses the Raven to deliver messages but it's still only a Generic Pet. Kuchibashi or Kuchi for short understands Tasuke and he can commanded through voice and hand movements. Tasuke took the injured Raven in when it returned with a message from a unknown source, the message was more of a will and the person who owned the Raven before hand was probably dead.

Cursed Mark
Tasuke gained his Cursed Mark of Earth whilst in his Phase as Skulduggery Pleasant, the actual mark is between his neck and shoulder (like Sasuke's) but on the right side and is in the shape of a skull missing the lower Jaw. When the Cursed Mark spreads it is black and seems as though his face is shattering like glass. In this state Tasuke is usually pretty psychotic because of his horrific temper - though he has been known to use it as an aid in battle.

His Cursed Mark Later upgraded to that of Level 2 after his Phase as Skulduggery Pleasant. When in this form he is at his most angered, though he doesn't show it as his expression is calm or he has a psychotic smile on his face. His skin becomes a much darker colour and his red eyes don't change, his hair becomes a much, much longer and darker brown with hint of red almost like a maroon colour. Tasuke grows pair of demon like wings which allow him to fly and also his Tattoos from his Dark release heritage leak a small Dark chakra which surround his arms up to the elbow, strengthening Tasuke's punches by being able to cause small amounts internal damage when landing a hit (still can be countered with freeform).

Reaper of the Cards
A Fighting Style he learned under Black Star, a good friend, despite their differences. Black Star put the progression of this fighting style under Tasuke's care as he left his life as a shinobi to live a peaceful life elsewhere. Tasuke is known for using this fighting style and because he is a specialist in it he can use it's full potential, the style allowing him to passively control the Cards of the Joker and also the Cards accompanied by his weapon Jungle.

Ninja Tools of the Berserker
Tasuke carries a variety of Ninja Tools being a Shinobi he has pouches with explosive tags, flash bombs, smoke bombs. He carries Shuriken, Kunai and Senbon too. Tasuke can use his Cards from the Reaper of the Cards fighting style to replace throwing tools like Shuriken and Kunai, also thanks to his Weapon Jungle he has Explosive, Flash and Smoke Cards which are Colour Coded. (Red = Explosive. Blue = Smoke. White = Flash).

Though there is one other thing Tasuke carries, a secret sort of weapon, a strange mixture of mushrooms that most definitely isn't some packed lunch. This is a one time use, he keeps it tied to his waist separate from his Ninja Pouch

Ninja Technology

(Supuratto Bakudan) Splat Bomb

Background Music


♫ :
♪ :

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Battles | Personal Bingo & Intel Book


Shinobi Name : Crowley
Username : Rikerslade
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Victory - Attacker Destroyed
Stats Witnessed :
Prone to Suicidal Tendencies.

Shinobi Name : Clary Yuki -
Username : The Mockingjay
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Draw
Stats Witnessed :
N/A. You Failure.

Shinobi Name : Elise Lutus
Username : Albel.
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Victory - Elise Knocked Out
Stats Witnessed :
Dark Release User
Memory Wiped
13 Years of Age

Shinobi Name : Danzo Shimura -
Username : Typhon
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Draw
Stats Witnessed :
Wood Release
Wind Affinity
Old Man, Don't judge him by his looks

Shinobi Name : Lexi Blades
Username : The Mockingjay
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Victory - Won Game
Stats Witnessed :
User Discretion

Shinobi Name : Edward Elric
Username : Excalibur
Battle Location:
Battle Outcome: Victory - Enemy Deceased
Stats Witnessed:
- One Arm Made of Metal, Normal Weaponry have no real effect against it.
- Short for his Age
- Not much else was shown

Shinobi Name : Toki Fujiwara
Username : Hori
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome: Victory - Traitor Mutilated
Stats Witnessed :
-Mandalore - equipped with armor

Shinobi Name : Hashirama
Username : Azrael (Flash07)
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Victory - Enemy Injured
Stats Witnessed :
- Greater Strength in Taijutsu

Shinobi Name : Regent
Username : Reborn
Battle Location :
Battle Outcome : Defeat - Judged Accordingly
Stats Witnessed :
- Used Specific fighting Style
- Very Skilled Taijutsu User
- Experienced Shinobi
Note : Hunt for Rematch.

Shinobi Name : Artoria Pendragon
Username : Nathan.
Battle Location : Chuunin Exam
Battle Outcome : Victory - Judges Ruled in Favour
Stats Witnessed :
Beautiful Swordswoman
Sound Release User
Marry Her
Strange Secret Ability - Unknown to me. Find out more?

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