Stranger things season 3 review


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Aug 13, 2016
spoiler review general jist I recommend the season
The start felt tedious with it dealing with the sappy romance but after about the first 2 episodes we get into the action and drama. One of my favorite parts with the season is how theres various different groups trying to solve their own mystery where they unite at the end.

The plot of the season was interesting the character development tho I felt wasn't very engaging and very corny. Romance was a major theme of this season only decent romance point of the series was when Dustin and his girlfriend randomly break out in song even tho its dumb when the cast is in a dire situation was still amusing. Every other romantic dialogue to me came off flat I found the Steve and Robin romantic dialogue to be the most dirtiest and it to build up to revealing shes gay as cheap and pointless since its hinted she has feelings for him and even if she doesn't it's made even more pointless it would of been more interesting if he found out he likes her confesses and then reveals shes gay atleast the would be comedic or just reveal it in the beginning. Also the cop is said to be dead but after credit scene gives hope hes alive even tho it doesn't make sense why he would be in Russia.

Overall it was an enjoyable season and I recommend it.
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