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Apr 7, 2009
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Speed Chart
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The speed chart is a simple tool which details, to some extent, the different movement speeds gained or given by some abilities. Of course, this isn't supposed to be something which you RP by, but if an argument involving speed appears during any RP battle, this is something that you can look at and solve the problem. This isn't meant to be used to your advantage during battle, which if you do, will only take the fun out of RP. You're not allowed to take the fun out of RP.

Ninja Rank:
  • Academy Student - lvl 2
  • Genin - lvl 4
  • Chunin - lvl 6
  • Jounin - lvl 8
  • Official Sage - lvl 11
Curse Mark:
  • Heaven lvl1 (lvl2): +2 (+3) lvls
  • Earth lvl1 (lvl2): +4 (+6) lvls
  • Raikages armor: x2 - x6
  • Swift Release techniques: up to +15 lvls
  • Bushido Mode: x3
  • Imperfect Sage Mode: x2
  • Perfect Animal Sage Mode:
    Bat: x3
    Bee: x3
    Clam: x2
    Crow: x3
    Monkey: x4
    Salamander: ×2
    Shark: x3
    Slug: ×2
    Snake: ×4
    Spider: x3
    Toad: ×3
  • Wood Sage Mode: x4
  • Tenseigan Chakra Mode: x4
  • Six Paths Sage Mode: x6
Eight Inner Gates:
  • 8th gate: x8
  • 7th gate: x7
  • 6th gate: x4
  • 5th gate: x3.5
  • 4th gate: x3
  • 3rd gate: x2.5
  • 2nd gate: x2
  • 1st gate: x1.5
JInchuriki Forms:
  • Red Chakra Cloak: x1.5
  • Pseudo Jinchuriki Initial Form: x1.5
  • Pseudo Jinchuriki Final Form: x2.5
  • Incomplete form: x3
  • Complete form: x3.5
  • 9 Tails Chakra Mode: x4
  • Bijuu Mode: x5
  • Six Paths Obito: x5
  • Six Paths Madara: x6

To calculate speed, you use the formula below:
  • ["Default Rank speed" + "Specialties"] x ["Multiplication number"] = ["Speed"] + ["Other speed increasing"] = ["Final speed level"]
  • Someone who is an Apex Speedster Jounin and has Toad SM active has the speed level:
[8+4] x3 = [36]​

  • You cannot stack speed boosts and multipliers upon each other. The only exception to this is Specialties and Speed enhancing techniques. Only one Speed Specialty can be applied to any biography. If you activate 2 speed boosting abilities, you'll only gain the boost pertaining to the highest boosting ability. This is valid for both canon and custom abilities.

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Lord of Kaos

Apr 7, 2009
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Tracking Speeds and Reactions
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Tracking speed and reaction speed is basically the the level of the target's movement speed that your own senses can follow. It is the process that goes from the moment you perceive an action, ( for example, an opponent running ) to the moment you start your counter action ( for example, running another direction than the opponent ). This includes perceiving the attack, evaluating it, running mental simulations of various outcomes and testing various counter actions and finally deciding on the counter action ideal for the situation and starting it. This doesn't, however, include the actual counter action but rather all the process that goes from noticing the action to starting the counter action. Because of this, often people confuse movement speed with reaction speed. Movement speed is the speed at which you are capable of moving your body and its various parts. Reaction speed is the time you take from the moment you see an action to the moment you start your answer to it.

Default Tracking and Reactions:
  • Naked eyes can follow: ["Their current speed level" + 4]
Taijutsu Tracking:
  • Increased Tracking Specialist: x1.5
  • Advanced Tracking Specialist: x2
  • Apex Tracker Specialist: x2.5
Sensing Abilities/Enhanced Senses:
  • Inuzuka enhanced senses: x1.5
  • Sound Enhanced Hearing: x2
  • Chakra Sensing: x2
  • Minato & Tobirama: x3
  • Emotion Sensing x3
  • Toad Senjutsu Sensing: x4
  • Snake Senjutsu Sensing: x4
  • Senju Hashirama Senjutsu Sensing: x4
  • Yin-Yang Chakra Sensing: x4
  • 1 tomoe: x1.5
  • 2 tomoe: x2
  • 3 tomoe: x3
  • MS: x4
  • EMS: x5
Other Doujutsu:
  • Byakugan: x3
  • Tenseigan: x4
  • Tenseigan Chakra Mode: x5
  • Rinnegan:
    Six Paths of Pein: x0.5 per body
    Uzumaki Nagato: x3
    Uchiha Obito: x5
    Uchiha Madara: x6
    Uchiha Sasuke: x6
    Otsutsuki Hagoromo: x7​
    Rinne Sharingan: x8

  • Base tracking speed is always "Current Movement Speed" + 4 levels. This means that if you increase your movement speed, your tracking speed also naturally increases to keep up. Canon tracking boosts stack on each other to increase the overall tracking abilities of a ninja if they are of different nature. For example, if you are an Advanced Tracker and have a 3T Sharingan, you get a tracking boost of [2+3]x; you can track people moving at 5 times your base speed. However, if you have a Obito bio and an Apex Tracker with both a MS and a Rinnegan, your tracking boost will be [2.5+5 =7] you don't add both doujutsu boosts on each other.
  • Examples:
    Someone who is moving with speed level 20, has eyes that can follow the speed of someone who is moving:​
    • [20 + 4] = [24]
  • An Official Sage ranked RPer with an Apex Tracker EMS Madara bio can follow the speed with their eyes:
    • [11+4] x [2.5 + 5] = 112.5

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