Shirou Kotamine V13.5


Dec 14, 2011
Trait Points
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"I wish to make the world peaceful.

In order to do that, I will use anything that can be used."

..................................................Name: Kotomine Shirou
..................................................Nickname: Vayne | Logix | Usurper | Amakusa
..................................................Gender: Male
..................................................Age: ??
..................................................Clan: Nara
..................................................Alignment: Lawful Good (?)
..................................................Nindo: Art is a Blast!

Appearance & Personality

Shirou appears to be a tanned-skinned youth with white hair like silver and with dark ageless golden eyes, and unlike most males of his clan, Shirou does not tie his hair back in a ponytail, but rather opting to leave it free. He typically wears the vestments of a priest and a golden cross around his neck. His vestment is a type of a red holy shroud and he adorns a red stole over his cassock. His body is covered in scars and he has a plethora of seals and tattoos spread throughout his body, such as his ink tattoos, body seals, and summoning tattoos.

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Like most members of the Nara clan, Shirou is of superior intellect, however, even amongst the Naras his intelligence is considered unnatural. Highly praised as a prodigy that only appears once every generation, he quickly rose to become the leader of the Nara clan. Rumour has it that he intends to lead the clan into a bloody war that would cleanse the world, sending it to an era of peace. But of course, that is a mere rumour. Shirou is also noted to be quite the master manipulator, being more sly than a margay/conman hybrid, and more charming than a lovesick poet. Although a callous and brutal fighter, Shirou's style is quite tactful. However, he does have a bad tendency to toy with his opponents, even in dangerous situations. Overall, Shirou's personality is quite the contrast to his outwards appearance, where he appears to be peaceful and innocent but is truly an individual that would destroy his adversary with no hesitation in order to fulfill his own ambition. Shirou, upon receiving his Kāma mark is rumored to have changed drastically, wether it was a side effect of the mark or a natural step on Shirou's journey remains to be seen.

Village & Rank Information

Land of Birth: Yakukotan (032)
Warring States Clan: Tsumigakure

Rank: Sage of Primordial Darkness
Health & Chakra: 360 & 2000

Jutsu Information................................................................Specialties

Body Arts.....................................................................................Personal & Apex Summoning Specialist
Ninja Arts.....................................................................................Apex Tracking Specialty
Sword Arts.................................................................................... Sage Mode Mastery
Illusionary Arts.................................................................................... Necromancer
........................................................................................................Single Handseal Specialist*
Fire Release
Wind Release
Earth Release
Water Release
Lightning Release
Osmium Release
Dream Sand Release*
Magnesium Dust Release
Nocturnal Thunder Release

Ink Arts
Sealing Arts
Medical Arts
Forbidden Arts
Nara Clan Techniques

Sage Mode
Red Karma
Olm Summoning
Snake Summoning
Soften Body Modification

Whip Arts
Fatal Impact
Shadow Combat
Nine Arts Dragon
Jaded Fist of Judgement

Mind: 5
Body: 5
Spirit: 5
Agility: 5
Dex: 4 +1
Vit: 3+1

History & Background Information

– The Awakening –

A year later, it was revealed that Vayne had joined Tsumigakure, continuing his duties as one of the initial members that formed the Golden Sabbath. This time around he was more involved, opting not to act from the shadows. Together with the newly formed village, and mainly the Golden Sabbath members, he would join on the conquest to the East, helping his village claim LMS and subverting the pathetic excuse of a mother cult. Following the defeat of the proclaimed goddess, Vayne would spy on [insert village name] during the war between them and Tsumigakure. Vayne played a minor role, as his intel gathered was pointless since the opposing side gave up

Following the encounters with the mother cult, Vayne, alongside with rest of those who combated Tiamat, fell victim to a severe virus by the name of the Red Fever. On his journey to investigate, Vayne would be defeated in battle, and consequently receive a first way ticket to Oisha, an individual that seemed to be offering a cure for the Red Fever debacle. The encounter went as follows;

In the stands, seated at the top of the Corridor, Oisha watched the first round progressing. He had a love for physical combat and the first round had satiated his hunger for it. Though he hadn't personally competed, he enjoyed the bouta that had transpired but it was after this round he began to make his leave; Ninjutsu noted him at times and as such, he stood before the beginning of the second round and waved towards the remaining men, addressing them once.

"It seems the fun dies fast, doesn't it? Praise to you all for an enjoyable battle and it pains me that I cannot stay to watch the rest, but I have business to attend to in the meantime. To the rest of those competing, good luck. To those who have fallen already, well we thank you for your efforts. Ishijo here will watch the rest of the tournament and report to me," he stated, waving towards Ishijo seated to his right. After speaking, he made his way out of the Rose Corridor.

As soon as he was out of view, he dropped the smiles and pleasantries; he disliked faking emotions for any reason but this was necessary. The longer he could push his plans while going undetected, the better. He had wished for a smooth tournament to distract others while he worked and he had gotten it. The Red Fever curse was one he was determined to rid them of and it was truly God the greater good. Whether that good was actually good for everyone else was a different matter.

After a series of stairs, Oisha made it to the bottom most level of the Tower and placed his necklace into a special keyhole, causing it to glow a faint red hue before opening. Stepping inside, two men were suspended in what could be described as a ghastly green gas, unable to break free yet conscious as he walked in. Looking at the white haired man, Oisha tilted his head slightly as he watched the man continue to struggle against his bounds while the other man was upside down meditating, seemingly waiting for a resolution to come. Drawing his blade, Oisha walked to the man who continued to struggle and faced him.

"Vayne of the Shadow you understand why you are here?"
For what seemed like an eternity, I was suspended in an undisclosed location. It would seem that my conceded defeat’s consequences were just beginning. The bounds that held me where interesting to say the least.

Soon enough the door would open and a man would enter, the very same one I was dumped at. He approached with his blade, trying to present some sort of threat as he asked a question. I’d clear my throat and spit between Oisha’s legs before replying, looking him in the eyes.

Do not mistake me as any other of the ‘shadow tribe’, there are no others like me in this world. As for why I am here? Well I suppose it is because of the false goddess Tiamat, is it not, dear random cult follower number 7?

Oisha had barely managed to get the question out before the man attempted to spit at him, thr spit landing between his legs as he snarled a reply back. Oisha smirked, how vicious the ignorant must become to amass any worth amongst the Shinobi. There was much the man seemed to be unaware of but there was very little time to cover eons worth of information.

"Heh, that same attitude is what put your people into extinction now, Shadow Walker. The Nara and their susceptibility to the Red Fever... it's a tale as poetic as my own. No, you don't know why you're here. I suppose you feel owed an explanation, or some type of answer to everything that's going on, why I'm not affected and why we are hosting this tournament for you. In due time, Vayne of the Shadow Tribe.

"As for the Great Mother, make no mistake she was as close a goddess you will ever experience. The supreme being, her chakra was foul enough to corrupt this planet and bring about all of this. While I acknowledge her power however, I am not one of her followers or cult members. But you are correct about her; the reason you're here is simple: You have something I need."

Oisha lowered his blade as he spoke, moving to a seat as he waved his free hand, causing the two wispy orbs to follow behind him.

"The only question is whether or not I'm willing to let you live in order to get it. I can always try again with another prospect if need be..." Oisha spoke, looking over to the other floating figure as he spoke.

My people had grown weak and fragile over the ages, losing knowledge of their true potential. But that was their fate and shortcoming. I am not bound by such a fate, but ironically I find myself to be defeated and bound here.

I'd look over to the man chained besides me. His unnatural calmness could have indicated bravery or fear, but all things considered, it did not matter which it was. I'd look back at the seated man.

Well, judging from your story, I doubt that what you need is of any known importance to myself, so you are welcome to take it. As for my life, I guess it depends on what capacity you think I would affect your future plans, and in which direction. But be it as it may, I believe you are running out of time. Those tournament combatants will eventually come knocking seeking answers, and I reckon you woudln't want to be sitting here chatting with me when that happens.

If the man intended to take action, I hoped it would be soon, as I never liked or found any appeal in the villainous monologue type situations.

Oisha had to hold back a laugh as the man mentioned the Fate of his people. The irony was realized by Vayne as well, noting it as Oisha listened to him talk. He offered himself to Oisha, offering whatever he needed. The mention of the tournament competitors made Oisha smile, the reminder of the urgency of the situation was well welcomed.

"You are right, Vayne. We are running out of time, so let's begin shall we?"

As he spoke, he stood once more and drew two small vials from his left pocket. One vial, the smaller of the two, was filled with a shimmering blue liquid while the second was a thick, green smoke. Opening the vial as he approached Vayne, he placed the vial at the top of the sphere Vayne was in and allowed the smoke to enter it, filling the bubble completely.

"That gas slowly robs you of chakra while draining your life energy into a vial. While this takes some time, the pain will be seething nonstop; you will experience pain, you will wish you were dead instead but no, it will not stop there. The more you struggle against it, the more pain you will experience. With your life energy and essence effectively captured, my plans will be one step further. And then...." Oisha paused, watching the green smoke fill the bubble.

"The end is near, Vayne of the Shadow Tribe. My mentor and master Asano would be proud of the progress we made. And as such, as a parting gift, I'll let you know one thing you wish to know, choose wisely."

The man approached and introduced a green substance within the bubble I was trapped in, filling it in it's entirety.

His words rang clear about the capabilities of the smoke, and given my predicament there was little to do to resist it, but would death's embrace be a welcoming one?

There are a great many things I would like to know, but given that I am on death's door, the only thing of value would be to ask what motivates my sender. So, what is it that drives you, no, rather your mentor, to such lengths?

I would clench my teeth as I begin to resist the smoke to the most of my capabilities. If I was about to die, then at the very least my last sensation would be one that I chose.

Oisha watched the man struggle in the gas, listening to him as he inquired about Oisha's mentor. He smirked as he watched him, turning his attention towards the other man in the room as he withdrew yet another vial while walking to the man. He was either feigning unconsciousness or was truly out of it, but Oisha simply repeated the same process he had done for Vayne. Speaking to Vayne once more, Oisha turned to him.

"That's it? Of all you could possibly learn and ask, that's what you choose to inquire about? Sorry to disappoint you but that's not of your concern."

Turning away from him as he walked towards a desk and placed the blue vial down, Oisha then removed a small ornate dagger that had a faint glow to it from its sheath, holding it in a reverse grip as he looked ag the two men. The pro ess was nearing completion and soon, he'd be able to carry out what he needed to do.

"Actually, I'll humor you and tell a bit of what you wish to know," Oisha said, changing his mind. He wasn't really a comic book villain, one to detail his plan before killing them and giving them a chance to escape, but this was an inevitability. Walking back towards Vayne, Oisha pulled a chair and took a seat.

"So, my mentor's motivations. Let's see, where to begin... I guess it started a year ago. My mentor was a wise man who understood the nature of shinobi, samurai, and the likes. Honor was something he instilled in us all, the rest of my allies and I. When the world was threatened, he fought for it's safety from the shadows, never one to care about the fame and glory that comes with it; as long as if was a safer place for his people, he was content without being known or hyped. It was for this reason my sister fell in love with him, this reason he became our leader, the very reason he attempted to fight the Great Mother during her awakening. However, things were not that easy." Leaning back in the seat, Oisha's eyes turned towards the ceiling as he fingered the dagger, moving it around as he continued.

"You see, before he could arrive to fight, he and my sister left our home in Tobusekai to investigate rumors of her army fighting and by time he made it to the Hokubu Ocean, Tiamat had already left and the contamination continued to spread. The water itself was living and threatened to engulf them both if he didn't act fast. He did what he could to prevent himself from becoming one of her slaves but he wasn't fast enough to save my sister... rather than kill her, he sealed her soul in an effigy, returning to our home to find ways to save her.

We learned that the Daimyo of the Great Wind Desert knew the secrets behind curing the Children and arrived to the Rose Corridor to seek permission to study their ways to find a cure for this disease and find ways to save her. However, " Oisha said, gritting his teeth as his brow furrowed deeply, the anger written across his face, "the Daimyo didn't feel as if my sister's life was worth his help, and felt we didn't give him enough respect and tokens of appreciation despite giving all we had. He wanted to weaponize the water and use it to wage war against others and ordered us imprisoned to keep this secret. My mentor's anger peaked and he withdrew his sword, a crime punishable by death. When the dust cleared, my mentor was left dying and the Daimyo fleeing. My mentor asked us to seek peace and continue to find a cure, forgiving the Daimyo for his ways as it was not our way to harbor anger lest we meet our ends like him. Dead for trying to save his wife's life and the lives of many others. Dead because a greedy Daimyo didn't get enough gold and Ryo. Dead for nothing... the rest of his followers and I, well we weren't as humble and forgiving as our mentor. The Daimyo and his family corpses now decorate the very tower they once held dear to them."

Oisha shook his head lightly and stood, looking at the top of the now empty vial as the smoke continued to fill the bubble.

"You ask my mentor's motivations. To save a world and people who don't deserve it. To save his wife from a Fate she didn't deserve. To find a nirvana that he can only dream of. Vayne of the Shadow Tribe, though your death is imminent, understand that this did not have to happen."

Standing, Oisha extends the dagger through the smoke, cutting the arm of Vayne as he was in his weakest state, causing a few drops of blood to travel the small blade. It began to glow a brighter gold color, illuminating the room before the blood seemingly disappeared from the blade, absorbed into it.

"A necessary step, your death will free the world. You should be glad to be a part of history. If Asa-" Before he could finish, an explosion shaked the room, causing him to stumble and catch his balance, the blade falling from his hand.

"What the hell was that?!" Placing his hand on a communicator, he spoke through it. "Sagawaki, what the hell is going on out there?"

After a brief moment, Oisha's face snarled into a growl, causing him to slam his hand on one of the tables angrily, breaking it in half. "DAMMIT! No, we are almost done, we can leave this base. We've done what we needed to here, let's go!" Snatching a folder of information, Oisha begins to hastily leave before turning back to the now unconscious prisoners. Smirking at the realization they would still die within the gas, he turned and disappeared, seemingly teleporting away.

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– The Second Awakening; Birth Of Calamity –

For what seemed like an eternity, the Nara seemed to be knocked out, incapable of forming any thought of his own. It would later be revealed that Vayne's body had been transported back to his village and placed within a secret chamber that had somehow resulted in his 'resurrection' albeit in a morphed state that had a slightly more virtuoso personality in Shirou Kotomine. Little to none is yet to be seen or known of the 'newer' Nara.

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Other Information

Personal & Apex Summoning Specialist: Shioru shares a unique connection with a specific snake; Semiramis, having her accompany him on all of his travels. Alongside the duo is Noteleks who oft provides assistance to Shirou through a defensive exoskeleton.

Shadow Arts: Shirou is one of the Nara clan, and is particularly proficient with its Hidden Arts; the ability to manipulate one's own shadow. His mastery is such that he has multiple techniques and counters stored within his shadow for a rainy day..

Sage Mode &Red Karma: Shirou is a user of the Snake Contract and is able to access its associated Sage Mode, which grants him various augmentations to his physical capabilities, as well as his techniques. Beyond that, Shirou is also a master of Eight Inner Gates, although incapable of using it upon receiving a Red Karma mark.

Tracking Capabilities: Shirou is endowed with increasing tracking capabilities that not only help him when facing other opponents, but also allows him to keep track of his own increased movements when opening gates or utilising other speed buffs.

Tools & Items: Shirou wields a number of tools that serve a variety of purposes in battle, ranging from technology to medicinal items. As a user of Medical Ninjutsu, he carries a set of pills that augment his performance in combat, with some being hidden within false teeth in his mouth. Secured on his body is an Absorption Arm, and tattered on his body are multiple invisible Ink tattoos due to using a unique ink, although multiple summoning tattoos are present for both of his contracts. Shirou also carries a gourd filled with Osmium.

(Fūin/Ōsmuton: Futei Keijō) – Sealing/Osmium Release: Unfinal Shapes
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A (Short)
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Unfinal Shapes is a basic, supplementary application of Osmium combined with Fūin, designed to enhance its utility to mimic the usage of Sand Ninjutsu by Gaara. By having the element itself pre-made, and kept stored in a gourd or container of some kind, it is carried on hand by the user. In order to perform Osmium techniques using this premade reserve of the element, the user only needs to flush the container with the necessary amount of chakra, and they can control the element as they see fit. This is considered an alternative method of using Osmium techniques, and thus they are not considered as passive unless stated in the original technique, and usages of Osmium techniques through Unfinal Shapes count towards usage limits. Should they choose, the user can use that same source of Osmium for another Osmium technique, and it will behave according to its new rank/power and any other properties described in the technique, simply requiring that the user expend the stated amount of chakra. Osmium techniques made from the reserves carried on the user that are neutralised in a clash with other techniques, or by other methods, will be resealed into the gourd, unable to be used for the remainder of the turn of neutralisation, as well as the subsequent turn. Use of Unfinal Shapes requires that it be posted in the user’s bio, or at the start of battle.

Tools & Weapons

(Seruvitora) - Servitora
Type: Tool
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 5 per copy
Damage: N/A
Description: Servitora is a unique ninja tool split into small series of mirrors shaped like regular octahedrons, floating thanks to a ring of the user's chakra. When activated, they create three-dimensional copies of the user. Should a mirror be destroyed, its corresponding copy will disappear, too. As the user's chakra interacts with the mirrors, they reflect the chakra like they would light waves projecting a three-dimensional copy of them, however, these copies are only optical illusions similar to the E-ranked Clone Technique. As such, they cannot harm an opponent but are useful in disorienting them since they will be unable to discern which is the real one or where the next attack will come from. Each clone also possesses the user's chakra signature making it difficult for chakra sensors and even a Sharingan user to determine which is the real one. Since the duplicates are reflections, left and right will be inverted; however, if a copy is reflected, left and right will be inverted again, thus matching the user's image perfectly. Further confusion can be created if the user switches their own left and right with a disguising technique. This tool automatically creates up to 4 of these optical illusion clones at the beginning of every battle unless the user chooses not to activate it.
Regular ninja may carry four of these into battle, only two copies allowed on the field at one time.
Cyborgs may carry up to 8 and are capable of having four copies on the field at one time.

(Iryō-yō Gantoretto ) - Medical Gauntlet
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The medical gauntlet is a gauntlet that is also a computer that was created by Korra for gathering data and storing it. The gauntlet is a standard gauntlet with a touch screen/holo display. The screen always faces up no matter what angle the user has their arm up. The gauntlet also has an opening to fit in 5 test tube the user can use to store poison vials or DNA vials. With the DNA/Poison being stored the user is able to scan and learn about the KG/AE in the DNA as well as antidotes for poisons. In the NW the gauntlet can connect to any NPC computer to send and take files for the user. If other users have a gauntlet they can communicate with each other landmarks away to share important info faster. This is done by incorporating a similar sealing technique like (Fuuinjutsu: Kami Komyunikēshon) Sealing Arts: Scroll Communication technique to allow for the communication. The gauntlet computer that also can alert the user to when their chakra system is disrupted and in a genjutsu. The Gauntlet can release a burst of chakra into the user and break them out of A rank and below genjutsu. It can also alert the user to any damage they have taken and to what extent.
Note: Must be placed in the user's bio or posted at the beginning of the fight
Note: Must be taught by Korra
Note: Only 1 Gauntlet per bio

( Sandāu~ēbu ) - Thunderwave
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( - 5 per turn when used )
Damage: N/A
Description: Thunderwave is a basic chest plate outfitted with a surround sound speaker system, and a microphone. It can be used to play music or make noises more audible than normal similar to a karaoke machine. It is able to produce sound louder than most techniques or the clashing of techniques and can be much louder than the user or opponent can scream. In essence it can act like the (Utsusemi no Jutsu) - Empty Cicada Shell Technique passively at all times being louder and stronger than even that basic technique. It comes pre-loaded with all of the wielder's favorite songs. In battle it can be used to play theme music or it can make the user louder as it has a built in microphone system connected to the speaker system.
The primary use of Thunderwave as mentioned above is the ability to play music with the offshoot of this being the ability to cancel sound waves with sound waves while playing music. This is similar to the Scientific Ninja Tool: Shijima and works like a noise-cancellation speaker. The system can emit a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase also known as antiphase to the original sound. The waves combine to form a new wave, in a process called interference, and effectively cancel each other out. This effect is called destructive interference and is able to nullify sound techniques in equal rank. The sound can encompass a short - long range area around the user being louder the closer to the user the people who can hear it are and due to this it has a dampening system as to not harm the users ears or cause them any undue problems. It can be fine tuned to look different depending on the wielder's appearance or preference.
Note: Sound techniques can only be canceled once per turn three times per battle.

( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self-sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery or apply it to their techniques and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of two hundred chakra.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw up to two hundred chakra from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provide senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use its drain ability. Alternatively, like the name implies the battery can be used to charge a technique with ten extra chakra providing it a twenty damage boost. This is done in the same timeframe as the augmented technique and can only be done twice with a two-turn cool-down.

Drain: If a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally, through this draining ability, the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of the drain ability will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery 160 Sen

Edo Purchased in Shop: Purchasing a basic Yamanaka. Specialties are Single Handseal Specialist (Lightning) | Genjutsu Casting Specialist | Genjutsu Layering Specialist | Sixth Sense (Extra LMS)

Edo Sample obtained here for Arthur Uchiha, abilities besides basics include restricted NB Tai, adv Fuin, Med, Kinjutsu, Mangekyo Sharingan, and Gift of the Hermit.

Body Seals

( Yumeton | Dākutaimuzu) - Dream Sand: Dark Times]( Yumeton | Dākutaimuzu) - Dream Sand: Dark Times
Rank: A-S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30/40
Damage: N/A
Description: Dark Times is a dream sand infusion technique that focuses on infusing the Yumeton with different aspects of his aresnal.

A Rank- This infusion allows for the user to infuse his different elemental chakra with Yumeton's (Earth and Water) in ratio's that would layer them with Yumeton crystals. For water techniques, they would appear to glimmer with the white crystals of inert Dream Sand and gain cutting properties, while earth techniques would be encrusted with the inert crystals that gave it the same. This would cause both elements used to raise 1 rank/20 damage in effectiveness(does not change S/Ws). The user must perform 3 handseals when doing this effect and this may be done 4 times per battle, needing a 2 turn cooldown. This counts of a move but may be used simultaneous to another water or earth technique of course. This adds 10 chakra to the cost of a move

S Rank - This ability may be posted in the user's biography or at the start of battle so that he may start the battle with it prepped, and is a passive ability requiring chakra. The user may infuse his equipment (seals, clothing, weapons, kunai/kunai equivalent, etc) with Yumeton, giving these objects a shimmering look due to the white crystals influence within them. For defensive purposes, this gives anything coated basic C rank protection from physical damage. The user's weapons also gain the effect of being able to basically inject the opponent with a powerful dose of Dream Sand upon penetrating their skin or being inside of him in some way due to this coating(S-rank). The user's seal/kanji based techniques and abilities become enhanced with Yumeton and the usual Kanji material is replaced by a Kanji made of Dream Sand that is charged with more chakra and power than the original, thus allowing the seal to draw from a stronger source of chakra as well as being fortified by the dream sand crystals themselves. This allows sealing tags to be capable of dealing damage equal to it's rank when something makes contact with it . The addition of the Dream Sand kanji as a power source makes it so that techniques that fit this category raise in effectiveness by 1 Rank/20 Damage Points as well as requiring 10 more chakra to activate. This only works on Sealing based techniques up to A rank (Advanced Fuuin users are able to increase S-rank Fuuinjutsu techniques by +10 damage/chakra.) rank and only effects seal/scroll/kanji based techniques and abilities. This variation can be utilized three times per battle with a two-turn cooldown. While a seal under the effect of Dark Times is in play, this technique cannot be activated, the cooldown starting when the Fuuinjutsu it is adorned to becoming void. The effects of Dark Times lasts for as long as the seal it is adorned to does. The user cannot coat a weapon while Dark Times is used on a Fuuinjutsu and vice versa, nor can the S-rank version be used while the A-rank version is in play. No A-rank and above Yumeton techniques can be used in the same turn Dark Times is activated for either version.

(Fuinjutsu: Gyaku rirīsu) Sealing Technique: Release Inverse
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Self
Chakra: N/A (-40 Upon Activation)
Damage: N/A
Description: Reverse Inverse is a very intricate fuinjutsu technique, applied to the users body as a body seal. This technique is used in response to techniques that bind the users, this ranges from anything such as genjutsu or yamanaka techniques all the way to a fuuinjutsu , physical handcuffs or even an earth technique that physically binds the user (This applies to any elemental technique that binds/hinders the user). Upon being the binded, the seal will instantly activate, flooding chakra. If the user is binded by elemental means or physical means, chakra will flood into the technique or weapon breaking it, dispersing it or destroying it as a whole. If the technique is mental, it will flood the users body with chakra, refreshing the users chakra network system. This will break the mental binding.

Note: Technique can only be used once
Note: Must State this in bio, or start of bio.
Note: Cant use any fuinjutsu above S rank in the same or following turn.

(Iryō Fuinjutsu: 1000 Koe) - Medical Sealing Style: 1000 Voices
Rank: S
Type: Supplamentary
Range: Self
Chakra Cost: N/a (-10 per technique used)
Damage points: N/a
Description: 1000 Voices is special sealing tag placed on the body of the users (The back side of their hand) taking the shape of an closed eye. This sealing technique was used in a way to have a back up plan in case of an emergency regarding their chakra, or even mental attacks thats incredibly hard to escape. By studying the seal on tsunades forehead the user found a way to mimick how it activates without actually mimicking what it actually does. This seal works by storing chakra into the seal (the closed eye) on their hand by expelling more chakra, causing an additional +10 Chakra to every technique used by the user. By
doing this they expel more chakra but also store more chakra for times when they really need it. When the time comes the user is able to manually activate the body seal, causing the closed eye to open on the back of their hand. Doing this, it will flood the user with the chakra that was stored, replenishing their chakra while at the same time spiking their capabilities. Once the chakra floods/surges the users body their physical attributes increase in terms of speed increasing their speed by +6, while also activating healing to a small degree, healing small damages such as cuts, burns, blunt damage (does not regrow limbs) healing by +20 a turn (If needed). The good thing about this technique isnt the boost in speed and healing but the simple ability to constantly store chakra in this seal for emergencies. Though the user is only able to activate it as a whole or half the amount, reducing the buffs by half if they only use half the stored chakra.

Note: Can essentially use twice
Note: The amount of Chakra stored is adding to the chakra pool
Note: In order to activate the buffs the user needs more than 200 chakra points in the seal
Note: The Seal has a pre amount of 300 chakra into it
Note: Technique last for five turns before it wears off.
Note: Once the technique wears off, the users body will become more fragile, causing every damage applied to the user to have an additional 20 Damage
Note: Cant use Fuinjutsu S rank or above for 2 turns after technique ends

(Fuuinjutsu: Kokan Ni Seizon) - Sealing Arts: Exchange For Survival
Type: Defense
Rank: C-S
Range: N/A (depends on the point of interaction)
Chakra Cost: 15-40 (+10 more when used on the user themselves)
Damage Points: N/A (Equivalent to the jutsu)
Description: This seal is laced on two places of the user, their palms, and their shoulders. The seal is basic in its usage, due to the overabundance threat of chakra absorption, the seal when placed on a variety of the users techniques, or on themselves, will activate in a violent explosion. The activation of the explosion occurs when the user or technique in question begins to have its chakra absorbed. Essentially, the chakra being absorbed will be the "key" for the seal, which will create the violent reaction. The explosion is of size and strength equivalent to the medium that is absorbing the chakra, thus the damage is proponent to the medium jutsu. The multi-rank of the jutsu allows for the seal to destroy other higher ranked jutsus despite whatever rank of the users jutsu it might be attached to, this allows for C-Ranks with the seal be able to negate the absorption of S-Ranks (the seal will automatically draw the needed chakra from the user to acceptably defend against the absorption technique). The seal is written in Kanji form (生) and means survival. Methods of placing this seal on techniques include performing earth based jutsus through the palm of the users hands or always slamming their hands on the ground to release the seal (this includes for all matter-like subjects such as steel, water, etc) for energy, they would have to be created directly from the users palm for the seal to contact it. Lastly, the explosion will be directed outward away from the user to assure no damage placed on him/herself or the technique, but rather just the medium. Though the activation/creation of this seal spends no time, when clashing against other jutsus, the laced jutsu will naturally slow down as it makes its way to the target.

Note: Can only be taught by Joker. S-Rank version can only be used twice, with two turn cool down before re-use and no fuuinjutsu above A-Rank that same turn. A-Rank and below can be used up to three times.

Summonings & Sage Mode

Hebi Kuchiyose: Sentaku-shu | Snake Summoning: Selective Species, Crotalinae: The Pitvipers
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: D-S
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: 10-40 (Depends on rank of summons)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The Crotalinae are a selective species of snake summonings which were bred and assigned only to the greater of the snake contract signers. These species of Snake summonings specifically had evolved over time to have harder, more adaptable scales covering their body and an enhanced pit organ that naturally heightened their abilities to sense. This heightened sensing used through the pit organ seemingly was developed not only for predatory reasons but also for defensive measures against other predators. The sensing was exactly like the basics of any other snake, just taken to a higher level. Meaning they could sense minute vibrations up to a certain distance around them and even had an infrared optic map of the world before them. Typically, most snakes of the Crotalinae subfamily had natural infrared maps overlaid through their optic tectum, but with the Selective species being bred into existence it was heightened to the point of even being able to put this to use in the pitch black and in the darkest of times. The facial pit actually visualizes thermal radiation using the same optical principles as a pinhole camera, wherein the location of a source of thermal radiation/heat is determined by the location of the radiation on the membrane of the heat pit. The resolution on the infrared mapping through the heat pits has a very high resolution, which in turn allows the snakes to sense different levels of heat and cooler areas in extreme detail. Besides the sensing, their scales made for a greater form of defense, allowing them to survive harsher conditions and more damage than an average snake summoning. Not only were the scales on Crotalinae found to be more thicker and tougher than average, but they also held a passive ability to blend in with their environment by changing colors and becoming camouflaged. This coupled with their sensing made them very dangerous predators that were even able to escape other predator's perception if they didn't have some higher form of tracking or sensing.

Note: Must be posted within the bio or in the beginning of a fight.
Note: The Crotalinae Species can be summoned as generic snakes like the ones summoned in techniques such as: Summoning Technique: Giant Snakes, Summoning Technique: Three Headed Snakes, or Just the normal generic summoning technique, though instead of being normal snakes, they'd be of the Crotalinae subfamily. They won't take the place of those techniques, instead the user uses the generic summoning technique to summon Crotalinae, having to post this technique along with it but not costing an extra move.
Note: The sensing of minute vibrations and infrared mapping spans as far as an 100m radius, with larger snakes being able to sense the furthest due to their larger pit organs. Snakes under 40m in length can only sense up to 50m whole anything bigger can sense up to the maximum reach.
Note: The evolved scales allow the Crotalinae Species to take up to 20 more damage than average snake summonings of their rank. This is due to the thickness and tougher nature of the scaling covering the Crotalinae

(Pitto No Kenjin) - Sage of Pits
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (-10 more to SM per turn cost)
Damage: N/A
Description: One of the more naturally talented Snake Sage Mode users, Shady, had found a way to develope his sage mode to more fit the snakes he used. Specifically, he found a way to adapt his own bodily functions to be like that of the Crotalinae Species, or Pitvipers; A Species of snake that he himself discovered. Whenever the user enter sage mode, whether it is Perfect or Imperfect form, he would sacrifice more chakra in order to gain more unique snake features belonging to Pitvipers. This would pertain to their scales, senses and their passive abilities mentioned for basic Pitvipers. This includes their naturally advanced sensing through their pit organs. And the natural ability to camouflage their scales. Due to the minor change to the anatomy, the user would have access to these passives when entering sage mode.
Note: A passive ability that is activated along with Snake Sage Mode but must be placed in the bio and posted upon use (but not taking up a move slot)
Note: Must have learned Pitvipers Sub-species of Snakes

(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Semiramis ) - Summoning Technique: Semiramis
Type: Summoning
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Semiramis is the leader of a secret Assassin Squadron founded by Shadow within the ranks of the snakes of Ryuchi Cave. Being part of the assassins, Semiramis excels in the art of deceit, camouflage, & assassination of course. Semiramis is a fairly small snake, being of 3 meters length, regal black colour, and of a enthusiastic but arrogant personality that often likes to indulge in luxury. Semiramis' speed is equivalent to a Jonin Rank Ninja, with her vitality being at eighty health points, and her skillset being that of all standard snake's, such as basic sensory and access to all standard snake ninjutsu, with Semiramis having access to A rank and below normal ninjutsu, and lasting four turns on the field. Semiramis' distinguishing qualities are the following;

Assassin of Red: Like all snakes, Semiramis can sense and pinpoint her target through snake senses, but her unique ability is that when locked on a prey, she naturally enters her assassination state, becoming hidden to her target in regards to her bodily functions, allowing her to have an edge against those that track her via such functions, while also exuding an intent that reduces opponent's base speed by two levels. In this state Semiramis is still perceivable through the basic senses, although as she is an assassin, her movement's do not produce sounds, but her 'intent' itself is felt by the opponent's, alerting them that they are being targeted, with Semiramis position being revealed if she enters within 6 meters of her opponent. This ability is passive, with Semiramis sensory only extending to a single LM and her only being capable of targeting up to three opponent's at a single go.

The Queen's Feast: Semiramis' venom is quite distinct, as she is capable of administering it through a bite, or launching it at a range with the additional implementation of basic shape manipulation or simply a wide scaled spray. This is an A ranked ability, with the wide scaled spray reaching mid range distance, with a spread of 10 meters both vertically and horizontally, while the shape manipulated application can reach up to long range distance, with this application never being bigger than her own size. Those that fall prey to her venom would experience a forced rapid secretion of their serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine levels, rendering those afflicted experience feelings of pleasure, and emotional warmth. This pleasure and emotional warmth allures them to a sense of self love that prevents the use of forbidden ranked techniques and actions that cause self harm. Notably, Semiramis' venom itself is of S rank level but causes no standard physical damage by itself, but rather causes damage based on it's method of administration, where a bite is treated as an S rank attack, while her ranged release is treated as an A rank as previously mentioned.

Servant of the Holy Grail War: Semiramis' final ability is her passive ability to transform into a Bow, allowing the user to fire off her venom in arrow forms, at A rank levels, with the user having the option of utilisng her as a normal bow to fire off different arrows. Twice per battle Semiramis can coat a fired arrow with her venom, naturally costing a move, but can occur in the same t/f of another arrow technique

(Olm Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Noteleks ) - Olm Summoning Technique: Noteleks
Type: Supplementary/Defence
Rank: B
Range: Short (Summoned on self)
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The user summons an Olm whose exoskeleton is padded enough to appear visible on the outside of their body. The exoskeleton has a slimy yet thick consistency, and is equal in size to the size of the user, covering them from head to toe, leaving mouth, nose and eyes just uncovered. The summoned Olm has many uses, allowing physical attacks of up to B-rank to slide off the user (depending on size, as something bigger than the user himself cannot just slide off), with the thickness of the layer of skin aiding in the user in close quarter combat, lessening damage, and making the users own attack heavier in a sense (no added damage but if used against equally ranked opponent, the user of this would have the upper hand). Apart from this basic addition, this jutsus main use comes from its ability to allow the user to fuse with one of his summonings. Upon having used this, the user can summon an Olm at any point after, which he then chooses to fuse directly within him as its summoned, allowing the summoned beings to become one in an instant, giving the user a surge of foreign chakra which can be used to release genjutsu. Of course it cannot be used to release paralysis based jutsus if the user needs to move in order to summon the Olm to begin with. Moreover, the fusion allows the user access to the summoned Olms' abilities, which in most cases is basic elemental jutsus, and also allows the user to contact and communicate with them.

Like all other Olms, the summoned Olm is blind, but however has the sense of smell equal to that of an Inuzuka and hearing capabilities equal to someone who has the D-ranked sound jutsu (Inner Sonar Skill) activated.

Note: Can only be used 3 times, once activated, the layer of Skin lasts until destroyed or three turns have passed, whichever comes first. However, the slime dries out after 3 turns, not allowing the user protection from B-rank and below physical attacks, meaning the layer of skin left can only deflect basic weapons but nothing more for the remaining turns.

Note: When fused with summoned beings, this jutsu would last as long as the being with the most turns left on field, before the skin sheds, leaving the user as he was before this was summoned. This means if this technique is on its fourth turn, and a summoning which lasts 3 turns is summoned and fused with, then the technique will remain for those three turns. However, this can also be a disadvantage, since if a summoning is fused with early on, and lasts shorter than the five turns this jutsu allows, the user is forced to release this jutsu once that summoning has ran out of turns.
Note: Cannot last more than 8 turns per usage. | Two-turn cooldown.

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Void Infused Artifact

(Mukō: Hikari no Shukufuku) – Void: Blessing of Light
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A Void Infused Artifact found after defeating the Twin Fates and derived from the Hymn of Weaving. Activated passively at the cost of two Void Infusions, this Artifact increases the potency of the user’s next Medical Ninjutsu technique by 100%.

(Mukō: Komando no Seigyo) – Void: Command and Control
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: S
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Activated passively and consumes a single Void Infusion. Command and Control affords the user the ability to wrest control of a single Edo Tensei for three turns. The effects are unblockable unless specifically noted to ignore Command and Control. Command and Control can only target Edo Tensei, not any skills that are derived from it. Can be used three times per battle.

(Mukō: Shisha Mukonisuru) – Void: Nullify the Dead
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Activated passively and consumed two Void Infusions; allows the user to nullify the effects of Edo Tensei, returning the souls of those trapped within an Edo Tensei to the Underworld. The effects of Nullify the Dead are absolute, unable to be blocked or circumvented by anything unless a skill or ability noted to specifically ignore it. Nullify the Dead can only target Edo Tensei specifically, not skills that are derived from it. Can be used twice per battle. Souls that are returned to the Underworld in the Ninja World are lost permanently.

(Baddo romansu) Bad Romance
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A Void Infused Artifact that is activated at the cost of a move and consumes three Void Infusions. Upon activation the user Summons Chucky and his Bride within Short Range. The dolls have access to basic Puppetry and Fuinjutsu, the latter of which have their Chakra boosted by 10 passively. Additionally the dolls come equipped with the semi automatic pistols mentioned in ( Asashin Heiki ) - Assassin's Arsenal. Lasts for four turns, usable once per battle/arc

Applied for the Arthur Uchiha Edo
(Kinjutsu: Kontorōru no Omamori) - Forbidden Technique: Talisman of Control
Type: Artifact Talisman
Rank: C/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (-10 per turn per Edo Tensei)
Damage: N/A
Description: A forbidden Talisman developed and used by a Kinjutsu user. It is considered the basic method of enhancing the user’s control over their Edo Tensei, mitigating the risk caused by an Edo Tensei’s Breakout chance. The Talisman of Control reduces Breakout chance by 30%. Edo Tensei augmented by the Talisman of Control have their personalities essentially wiped out, reducing them to nothing more than a basic automaton and killing machine. They are capable of only the most basic forms of communication to their user, such as simple sentences and non-complex thoughts. They lack emotions and are, in a sense, the perfect remorseless murder weapon. The Talisman of Control reverses some drawbacks of an Edo Tensei’s physical weaknesses. All technique damage they cause is increased by 10 Points and Chakra present in their techniques is increased by 5. Their base Speed is increased by 2 levels. They are able to access techniques one rank lower than their rank allows, rather than two. These do not count as boosts, allowing the Edo Tensei to access boosting combinations applied to it as normal. Necromancer specialists are able to access the A-Rank application of the Talisman of Control, modifying Breakout chance from a per turn event into every other turn.
Note: The Talisman of Control is available for all Kinjutsu users, specialist or not.
Note: Must be mentioned specifically in the user’s biography for the Edo Tensei it is installed in.

Applied for the Arthur Uchiha Edo
(Kinjutsu: Zōkyō no Omamori) - Forbidden Technique: Talisman of Augmentation
Type: Artifact Talisman
Rank: C/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (-10 per turn per Edo Tensei)
Damage: N/A (+20 damage to applied Specialty)
Description: A forbidden Talisman developed and used by a Kinjutsu user. It is considered the basic method of enhancing their Edo Tensei’s strength and reversing the drawbacks of a basic Edo Tensei constrained by its vessel. The Talisman of Augmentation reduces Breakout chance by 10%. The Talisman of Augmentation reverses all drawbacks associated with their Edo Tensei’s strength, enabling them to access the base state of their biography. In addition, the user is able to apply a +20 damage increase to the biography’s specializations as they see fit. Necromancer specialists are able to access the A-Rank application of the Talisman of Augmentation. The advanced version of this Talisman serves to increase the biography’s base attributes considerably. They move at 2 base speed levels higher than normal, all damage is increased by 10 Points, and Chakra present in all techniques is increased by 10. Edo Tensei affected by the Talisman of Augmentation do not have their personalities suppressed and are able to communicate as normal.
Note: The Talisman of Augmentation is available for all Kinjutsu users, specialist or not.
Note: Specialized damage bonus must be stated in the biography.
Note: Must be mentioned specifically in the user’s biography for the Edo Tensei it is installed in.

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