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Sheep Game #15 A title hu?

Jan 19, 2019
Oke here is my sheep game! I really wanted to put it out today as I promised. I'm currently not at home so sorry for the ugly layout:t-t:
I sincerely hope you guys have some fun with the questions!

1) let's play who would you marry, kill and only have *** with (Same combo's counts as 3 points, if you have one in common or 2 with someone you get 1)

A. Jiraiya from naruto
B. Elizabeth from the seven deadly sins
C. Akame from akame ga kill

2) Oh no! Madara locked you in an infinite tsukuyomi!! Which one would suit you the best?

A. you live in a perfectly balanced world. But there is no
day or night cycle.
B. you live richly in a materialistic society but are unable to make friends.
C. you are a prophet who knows the key to perfect happiness but every time you help/tell someone you lose 5
minutes of your life.

3) Free point for anyone who has read some of my posts. What a is my favorite anime of all time?

A. Hellsing ultimatum
B. Bleach
C. Naruto
D. Overlord
E. Rurouni Kenshin

4) Who would you rather be assisting in a fight?

A. Itachi from naruto
B. Byakuya Kuchiki from bleach
C. Silver Fang from one punch man

5) what's a popular anime that you actually didn't enjoy?

6) What basic element would you pick as your primary jutsu?

A. Water
B. Earth
C. Air
D. Fire

7) Death match! Who would win?

A. Ebisu from naruto
B. Tetsuzaemon Iba from bleach
C. Mumen Rider from one punch man
D. Ussop from one piece

8) Who would you like to have as a companion/pet

A. Hawk from seven deadly sins
B. Black hayate from Fm alchemist
C. Happy the cat from Fairy tale
D. Nero from black clover

9) What type of team role would you classify yourself in?

A. Support/
B. Attacker
C. Defender
D. strategist/Communication

10) Best OST? (Randomly picked some I couldn't choose)

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Side note if you would pick your element and could add one more element what justsu would you create? i'm curious!
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