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Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
( Shichi Tenkohō ) - Seven Heavenly Breaths
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Seven Heavenly Breaths are a set of breathing exercises that gradually applies pressure to the lungs of the user, causing them to expand over several times their original size and therefore increase the amount of air they can hold. By being able to hold more air, the user becomes able to take in more oxygen to invigorate the body an increase the body's performance levels and energy expenditures way past that of their normal limits at the cost of their own physical health. Similarly to the Eight Inner Gates, this technique as the name suggests consists of several stages, or activations. Each activation is a fast process and can be done in mere moments up to the desired breath, but unlike the EIG, the user is unable to skip breath activation and must activate the 1st Breath and then continue.
  • (Daiichi Kassei) The First Activation: The user initiates the First Activation, or 1st Breath, increasing the lungs' vital capacity, allowing them to take in much more air than the usual and subsequently more oxygen to help energize the body's cells. Upon activation the user's eyes immediately go completely white and a powerful yellow aura envelopes them. The user gains a 1.5x speed boost and +10 to Taijutsu.
  • (Daini Kassei) The Second Activation: The user initiates the Second Activation, or 2nd Breath, stretching their own lungs even further, thereby increasing the air intake. This intake brings with it even more oxygen and the user's muscles and body grows slightly bigger. The user retains the speed from the first activation and gains a +20 damage boost to all Taijutsu techniques. User also suffers -10 damage.
  • (Daisan Kassei) The Third Activation: The user initiates the Third Activation, or 3rd Breath, causing their lungs to grow even bigger as the user's muscles and body increase in size and their skin goes bright red. This activation is similar in appearance to that of the 3rd Gate of the EIG and adds +25 damage to all Taijutsu techniques as well as the user moving 2x faster than their base speed. User suffers -15 damage.
  • (Daishi Kassei) The Fourth Activation: The user initiates the Fourth Activation, or 4th Breath, causing their lungs and muscle mass to double in size. The user is given a +30 damage boost to Taijutsu techniques as well as being able to move 3x faster than their base speed.
  • (Daigo Kassei) The Fifth Activation: The user initiates the Fifth Activation, or 5th Breath. The yellow aura grows more violent as it causes surrounding debris to sort of levitate around the user from the energy emanating from the body. The user achieves a +40 to Taijutsu techniques, x3 speed and suffers -30 damage.
  • (Dairoku Kassei) The Sixth Activation: The user initiates the Sixth Activation, or 6th Breath, causing their lungs and muscles to become stretched to the absolute limits, causing them to appear as a fiery towering figure. In addition to this, the user is given a x3.5 speed increase as well as a +50 to Taijutsu techniques. User suffers -35 damage. Should this breath timeout, the user will be unable to use Taijutsu or jutsu the user above S rank for 2 turns.
  • (Daishichi Kassei) The Seventh Activation: The final activation, the 7th Breath, is the end result of the Seven Heavenly Breaths and, therefore, the most dangerous and taxing. Upon activation, the user tears the fibers of their lungs and major muscle areas as their body is pushed past its limits. Upon observation, the user would have become a titantic size, standing at near triple their original size, scaled proportionately. Their eyes will remain a luminous white while their skin turns coal black and their veins become pronounced as yellow and red. After this activation ends, the user is left unable to use any Taijutsu or physical based attacks for 4 turns and is unable to use any chakra related fields above A rank for three turns. In this state, the user gains x4 speed and an increase in strength up to +60 to Taijutsu techniques. User also suffers -50.
Note: Seven Heavenly Breaths can only be used two times per battle and up to fourth activation and below the second time. After the first use, the user cannot use for at least 4 turns.
Note: Should the user let each activation time out naturally, he will feel the side effects of each. Each of the first 3 Activation lasts at max at 5 turns, the subsequent 3 lasts 4 turns and the last Breath lasts 3 turns.

( Muon no Ken ) - Silent Fist
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20 ( -5 per turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: Users of the Seven Heavenly Breaths are able to make use of a unique ability to battle and move completely silently in addition to being unpredictable. This effect only works on opponents within short range of the user as that's as far as the chakra cloak can reach. This cloak is invisible to the naked but can be perceived with Dōjutsu or Sensory. While active, the user's physical attacks and motions become virtually unpredictable as there is no sound accompanying them. By channeling air away from their bodies they are met with less friction ergo less drag during movement. Due to this, the user will be nearly unpredictable in his movements, increasing this threefold. This does not mean the attacks move at this speed, however.
Note: Can only be used by Seven Heavenly Breath users and each use lasts up to 4 turns and be used 3 times max.
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