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Jan 31, 2019
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If you ever read Cannery Row, by John Steinbeck you would know where I'm getting my inspiration from the small series I plan on starting. One that isn't filled with superpowers like I'm used to, so this'll be hard but more centered around the narrative of people's experiences. Sounds boring? That's the point, my next writing challenge apart from writing on a schedule is being able to write a story with nothing beyond ordinary lives as the layout. No supper powers. Just narrative. This'll be fun.
“You alone?” The girl was staring off into space in the middle of Clover Desert. The night was in it's mid and the temperature had gone well below 60, yet none of that seemed to bother her. She only wore one wooly jacket and black tights. The girl turned to face a man about the age of 21. He had asked her the question yet she felt as if it was another man.

“Yea. Wanna hang here,” she asked. He walked over to her side and looked up in the dark sky like she had.

“Sure, what were you looking at,” he responded. The girl looked back up and smiled. There were a lot of stars out, all the constellations and planets were visible from this location.

“I don't know. I felt like I needed some air so I left my car and walked a long time with no location,” she smacked her forehead, “Curses! I left my phone in the car. So I have no idea how to get back. Ha..haaa.” The guy smiled, he pulled out his phone and showed it to her. The bars at the corner were empty.

“No connection here, either way you would've been lost. I know the way to the road though,” he said. The girl shivered a bit, now feeling the cold.

“Good can you take me there,” she asked. He started walking back and she followed. The desert was quite empty despite the time of night, only faint howls of coyotes could be heard.

“The stars are beautiful here, huh,” he asked. She nodded her head.

“Yea. I'm curious… why did you come out here,” the girl asked him suspiciously. The boy walked a few more feet in silence.

“I… also wanted some alone time, but I knew where I was going. I come here often,” he answered. The girl came to the realization that she had just barged in to his secret place, but she was a bit surprised that a guy who looked like him needed some alone time. He looked like a party college student with an unbuttoned overshirt and blue jeans.

“Oh, I didn't mean to barge into your ‘lone’ zone sorry,” she teased. The guy laughed.

“I mean, I barged into your ‘lone’ time first.”

“Yea.. you did didn't you.” A silence fell over both of them. They walked in silence for a little while, just letting thier existence keep each other company.

“I was thinking about dying out here,” she finally chimed in. The boy continued to walk ahead of her before asking.


“My boyfriend… he broke up with me.” There was a short moment of silence, before the guy stopped.

“So you were gonna let yourself freeze to death… or something,” he confirmed. She stopped as well and looked at the stars.

“He was my only friend ever, and the only guy I trusted with my secrets. I thought… I thought… he really loved me.” Tears streamed out of her eyes, falling down her cheek and dripping off her chin. The boy just looked at her with really unsympathetic eyes. His expression was plain, as if playing poker, empathy never came easy to him.

“So you now believe you're alone, physically and mentally,” he asked. She slowly nodded her head. He walked over to her and put his hand on her shoulder. “Look at me.” She lowered her head and faced his brown eyes. “I may have met have just met you so I'm not gonna jump to conclusions about you or anything. Do you have friends or parents?”


“Ok then. I'll be your new friend, now you have one person in this world that needs you alive, not to mention the hundreds more that will when they meet you. All you have to do, is stay alive.” He took his hand off her shoulder. “What’s your name.”


“I'm Me. The road is just ahead let's get out of this cold.” The sad and unfortunate truth that Mei would later figure out was, Me didn't care at all about her problems. He just said the right thing to get this situation over with. Me was a man who worked only by calculations and this event was nothing but a nuisance to him.