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Jan 27, 2012
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Basic Information

Jason Todd
Nickname: Red Hood || The Arkham Knight
Gender: Male
Age: 24

Looks: Following his "resurrection", Jason took on the Joker's old mantle of the Red Hood. His interpretation however involved denim jeans, biker boots, a t-shirt, and a biker's jacket. He wears two masks, the first being a red-domino mask, fixed in place. His gauntlets and boots each contain compartments in which he can store items. His second mask was a metallic red hood, which offered many of the same functions as his mask, thought also added better protection for his face. As time has gone on however, he has been known to create different masks for each occassion. Jason is 6'4.

Personality: Jason has been know for his violent streak, but overall good heart. Despite living life as an outlaw, there are many times where Jason can be found helping innocents or saving the day. However, Jason often has no mercy on criminals, driving him to "fight like he's mad at the world" at various points.

Village Info

Land of Birth: The Land of Fire
WSE Clan: N/A

Rank//Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Jonin
Base Health: 160
Base Chakra: 1,600
Specialty: Satsui No Hado | Lightning (cosmetic) | Wind (cosmetic)| Personal Summoning Specialist| Combat Specialist| Advanced Kenjutsu Specialist | Sage Master (Passive Sage Mode)
Elements:Basic 5, Dream Sand, Alcohol, Gallium, Hot Ice
Your Ninjutsu:Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kinjutsu Advanced Narutobase Taijutsu, Theory of Wind and Waves, Satsui no Hado, Titanomachy, Crackdown, Duel Monsters, Medical Ninjutsu, Perfect Snake Sage Mode, Snakes, Ligers, Advanced Fuuinjutsu, Yang

Background Info

Jason Todd was the son of Willis Todd and Sheila Haywood, although his mother was forced to relinquish his custody when Willis married Catherine Todd. Catherine was a drug addict and died from an overdose, while his father had once worked for Two-Face and was murdered by the criminal. Legally an orphan, Jason lived in his father's apartment in a derelict building in Crime Alley, where he turned to crime out of necessity. Jason became highly skilled in stealing tires from vehicles and during one of his usual thefts, he met Batman as he stole the Batmobile's wheels.
Jason was taken by Batman to a school run by Ma Gunn, hoping to reform the young man. However, Jason soon realized Gunn conducted illegal activities with the youngsters at her “school” and he escaped. When Batman located him, Jason informed him about Gunn's crimes and even assisted Batman in capturing her gang, after which Jason was taken in by Batman as the new Robin at the age of 12.

After six months of training, Jason was ready to go into action as the new Boy Wonder. In his early adventures, Robin assisted Batman against notable criminals like Two-Face, Magpie, Mime, the Crime Doctor, The KGBeast, Deacon Blackfire and the Dumpster Slasher. While working on this last case, Jason became more aggressive and driven against criminals.

Unlike Batman's first protegee Dick Grayson, Jason was impulsive, reckless, and full of rage. After a first meeting with his predecesor, Jason struck a good enough friendship with Nightwing and during a troubled time for the Titans, Jason is recruited by Donna Troy to help on a mission. Jason becomes frustrated by the situation when Donna expects him to figure out plans and save everyone, like Dick would.

Jason's violent methods against crooks eventually caused the death of a criminal. Jason's attitude got him and Batman in troubles, but he showed no sign of slowing down. Instead, Jason became more reckless until he was forbidden from going out as Robin. During those moments, Jason learned the truth about his real mother and doing more investigation, he tracked down the possible persons to the Middle East. Going alone at first, Jason was soon joined by Batman, who was following the trail of the Joker, who had recently escaped from Arkham.

Jason and Bruce managed to foil Joker's plans to deal with terrorists, but they failed to capture the madman. With the crisis averted, Jason and Bruce resumed their quest to find Jason's real mother and eventually, they located her in Ethiopia. Shelia Haywood was working as part of the relief efforts for the refugees and once she was reunited with Jason, she told him the truth about their past. Unfortunately, Sheila had a criminal record which Joker used to blackmail her and use her for his own profits. Shelia tried to keep this from Jason, but he soon spotted Joker in the place and he followed the madman and his mother to a warehouse. After learning Joker's plan, Jason alerted Batman, who set out to stop a truck filled with Joker Venom. Meanwhile, Robin went to save his mother from Joker, but he was lured into a trap by her, who was also crooked and couldn't risk being exposed. In the warehouse, Robin was beaten to a bloody pulp by the Joker, using a crowbar. Joker then tied Sheila to a post and planted a bomb in the warehouse, leaving mother and son to die. Jason recovered and untied his mother, but they were unable to escape and the bomb exploded. Jason was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead. However, after this, a doctor revived him

Jason keeps scrolls and seals needed for every situation on him in a ready supply. Through Dark Times, all of Jason's equipment and items are coated in Dream Sand. Through use of the medical tools scroll, Jason has access to the medical gas mask that he keeps within his Hunter/Killer mask in a spot designed especially for it. He also keeps his soldier pills and other medical pills within his hollowed out false teeth for easy access. He also keeps a pair of chakra blade swords with him.
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Since mastering the arts of Kinjutsu, Jason has become able to summon Broly, a powerful and feared entity from the WSE past as the former Clan Leader of the Nekura Clan. Broly is a powerful Edo with access to Nekura, EIG, NB Tai, Fuinjutsu, Leg Weights, and the Base 9. Broly has been improved and changed to have altered abilities than those he had in his life due to Jason's exquisite Medical and Advanced Fuinjutsu abilities.

Bio Resurrected:
Bio Skin/Appearance/History: Nekura Nightmare
Edo Approval:
( Kuchiyose No Jutsu: Eisei Yougu ) - Summoning Technique: Medical tools
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: 20
Damage: N/A
Description: The medical shinobi bites his thumb and draws his Medical Kanji on the Medical scroll underneath the symbol of the tool he desires to summon.
Note: This can only be used by Medical Shinobi.:

    • メス - scalpel, sterilized
    • ナイフ - knife
    • アルコール - a bottle of 96% ethanol for disinfection
    • 水 - a bottle of sterilized water
    • スポイト - syringe, sterile, for one time use only
    • アドレナリン - adrenaline, to be injected intravasulary, induces faster heartbeat
    • 包帯 - bandage, sterile, 8 meters in length
    • 血液 - a set of everything you need to draw someones blood (Sterile syringe, vacuum system and a test tube.)
    • 温度計 - mercury thermometer, for axillary or rectal use
    • ベッド - a mobile bed to carry patients
    • バグ - bug spray, effective against all bugs, lasts for 2 turns (used in cases when your patient is having a reaction to multiple bug stings, and there are still some bugs around it, so you spray-kill them. Kills bugs up to A rank if they've been created/summoned from a jutsu like the Aburame techniques)
    • テント - a small tent, just enough for two people to lie in
    • 光 - a flashlight
    • ガスマスク - gas mask with a bottle of oxygen that lasts 5 turns (Not 100% effective against all types of poison/gas. The purpose is to protect the user from breathing in toxic substances, keeping the lungs safe. However, if the poison gets absorbed through the pores of the skin it will still affect you).
    • 流体 - a set to start an intravenous fluid addition line, helpful with dehydration amongst many other conditions
    • モルタル - mortar and pestle, chemically clean
    • スプーン - spoon, sterile
    • パテ - putty knife, metal, sterile
    • 研究所 - a small hut. Into the walls of that house, parts of Nexus' eyes DNA have been inserted, so now it mixes Time And Relative Dimensions In Space , creating an effect of being larger on the inside then it is on the outside. Inside is an advanced laboratory with everything needed to create antidotes and medicines.

( Yumeton | Dākutaimuzu) - Dream Sand: Dark Times
Rank: A-S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30/40
Damage: N/A
Description: Dark Times is a dream sand infusion technique that focuses on infusing the Yumeton with different aspects of his aresnal.
A Rank- This infusion allows for the user to infuse his different elemental chakra with Yumeton's (Earth and Water) in ratio's that would layer them with Yumeton crystals. For water techniques, they would appear to glimmer with the white crystals of inert Dream Sand and gain cutting properties, while earth techniques would be encrusted with the inert crystals that gave it the same. This would cause both elements used to raise 1 rank/20 damage in effectiveness(does not change S/Ws). The user must perform 3 handseals when doing this effect and this may be done 4 times per battle, needing a 2 turn cooldown. This counts of a move but may be used simultaneous to another water or earth technique of course. This adds 10 chakra to the cost of a move

S Rank - This ability may be posted in the user's biography or at the start of battle so that he may start the battle with it prepped, and is a passive ability requiring chakra. The user may infuse his equipment (seals, clothing, weapons, kunai/kunai equivalent, etc) with Yumeton, giving these objects a shimmering look due to the white crystals influence within them. For defensive purposes, this gives anything coated basic C rank protection from physical damage. The user's weapons also gain the effect of being able to basically inject the opponent with a powerful dose of Dream Sand upon penetrating their skin or being inside of him in some way due to this coating(S-rank). The user's seal/kanji based techniques and abilities become enhanced with Yumeton and the usual Kanji material is replaced by a Kanji made of Dream Sand that is charged with more chakra and power than the original, thus allowing the seal to draw from a stronger source of chakra as well as being fortified by the dream sand crystals themselves. This allows sealing tags to be capable of dealing damage equal to it's rank when something makes contact with it . The addition of the Dream Sand kanji as a power source makes it so that techniques that fit this category raise in effectiveness by 1 Rank/20 Damage Points as well as requiring 10 more chakra to activate. This only works on Sealing based techniques up to A rank (Advanced Fuuin users are able to increase S-rank Fuuinjutsu techniques by +10 damage/chakra.) rank and only effects seal/scroll/kanji based techniques and abilities. This variation can be utilized three times per battle with a two-turn cooldown. While a seal under the effect of Dark Times is in play, this technique cannot be activated, the cooldown starting when the Fuuinjutsu it is adorned to becoming void. The effects of Dark Times lasts for as long as the seal it is adorned to does. The user cannot coat a weapon while Dark Times is used on a Fuuinjutsu and vice versa, nor can the S-rank version be used while the A-rank version is in play. No A-rank and above Yumeton techniques can be used in the same turn Dark Times is activated for either version.

(Fuuin: Bachi no Kindachi) - Sealing Technique: Damocles, The Curse of Kings
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40 (80 chakra for double usage)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will have four seals on their body (must be stated in the biography) with the Kanji for “Curse” that can be passively activated (instant but still counts as a move) whenever the opponent uses a technique. The seal will will release an intangible barrier that expands outwards in all directions. The barrier instantly reaches long-range in every direction and serves to absorb chakra from the given technique in order to weaken it by a quarter . The amount of chakra absorbed is proportional to the power of the technique but one thing that remains the same is that the remaining technique will fall to three-quarters it's original power i.e. a 120 damage technique would fall to 90 damage (Forbidden Rank). The barrier is destroyed soon after coming into contact with the technique if it exceeds a traditional S-Rank in power but not before it leeches a quarter of it’s chakra in order to weaken it by the same degree. The user can instead activate two barriers rather than one to reduce the targeted technique to half it’s original power rather than a quarter. This will count as two of the user’s three moves per turn. This means this technique does not counter other jutsu in itself but rather aids the user in countering more powerful techniques by weakening them. Due to the barrier’s intangibility, it will can work on solid techniques as well as liquids, gases and energy-based techniques. It will also only shatter against non-physical techniques due to their ability to clash with the intangible barrier. The reason this seal needs to be passively activated (still counts as a move) is so the user can use a technique in the same-timeframe to counter the opponent's weakened jutsu. This technique can be used thrice per battle, be it three usages of the single version, three usages of the double version or any variation/combination of the two.

Note: Can only be used three times per battle
Note: No Fuuinjutsu techniques can be used in the user's same and next turn (when single version is used)
Note: No Fuuinjutsu techniques can be used in the user's same and next two turns (when double version is used

Law of Logia - Earth
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-30 on activation)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will have a seal on their body with the Kanji for a specific element and it will lay dormant until the user is physically struck, be it by an attack, weapon or an opponent. Whenever the user is physically interacted with (e.g. punched, stabbed, shot), their body will instantly exhibit all of the properties of the chosen element. This doesn't mean their body merely has the properties of the element but rather when interacted with the targeted part(s) of the body will passively dissipate into storm energy or harden into steel (effect depends on the chosen element). If for example the user is stabbed and they turn into storm energy, the bladed weapon would merely phase through their energy-composed body and leave them unaffected. On the other side of the scale, if the user's body hardens into steel then the attack will simply do them no harm. After the attack or strike has passed through them, their body will automatically revert itself to it's normal appearance. Since this technique usually only applies to specific parts of the body, any unconverted portions of the user's body can still be moved/controlled/used as normal. While in this form, the user can only use the element they transformed into, the element's it's composed of and any combination of the aforementioned element as well as any non-elemental abilities. This technique enables the user to defend against A-Ranks and below of neutral elements (B-Ranks and below for weaknesses, S-Ranks and below for strengths). If the user is struck with an attack that will neutralize their transformation, the two cancel one another out and the user reverts to their original form unharmed. If the user is struck with an attack that overpowers their transformation, the user's body reverts to it's original form and sustains the remaining damage (after the collision of techniques). The only exception to this rule is if the two chosen elements have no sort of interaction with one another (e.g. Fire and Lightning), in which case rank differences will not matter. Regardless of how the user is hit, this can be a full body or partial transformation (depends on the user’s choice). Should they be struck by a physical attack capable of cancelling out their transformation (e.g. a sword streaming nagashi), the sword will remain inside them on reversion and they’ll be impaled by the blade.

-Can only be taught by Detective L.
-This seal can only activate twice per battle and lasts one turn
-This technique must be stated in user's biography
-Follows elemental strengths and weaknesses
-User must possess the given element and it cannot be a CE
-Happens passively but counts as one of the user's moves per turn

( Fuuinjutsu: Shukufuku no Macaria ) - Sealing Arts: Macaria's Blessing
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: Equal to jutsu
Description: When an energy wave touches the user, be it the effects of a foreign ninjutsu or a defensive pulsating effect, a dormant seal triggers. The purpose of this seal is simple in it's usage and execution: when the foreign chakra nears the user's body, this seal triggers and a thin, unnoticeable to the human eye, layer of adhesive like chakra is released. The purpose of this is to "catch" the chakra of the aforementioned ninjutsus and bind it in place, preventing it from continuing it's actual effect. By doing this, the user both stops it as well as holds the chakra in place while the adhesive chakra quickly corrupts and eats the chakra within the jutsu, before rebounding it as a pure of raw chakra (travels at the speed of an average Wind jutsu), aiming to blast backwards in the direction it was released. Should the jutsu the user contained with this be of a defensive or supplementary nature, this jutsu will cause no damage to the target, instead it will negate it's usage.
Note: This is able to affect Ninjutsu of S rank and lower.
Note: This seal can be released up to 4 times per battle with a two turn break in usage.

(Fūinjutsu: Maiyā no bando) - Sealing Arts: Mayer's Band

Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: D-S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: (equivalent to the amount of opposing tech)
Damage: N/A
Description: This seal, Mayer's Band, was created by an Uzumaki prior to their village's destruction. The jutsu's purpose revolves around the ability to identify and seal foreign energy produced by the user's enemies. The seal itself is placed onto a wrist band and it is a kanji line shaped like a pentagon with open circles placed at every point of the shape. When foreign energy enters short range of the user, the circles on the wristband emit a bright colorful light signifying to the user that an energy different from the energies known to them has broken their perimeter. The sealing band cannot inform the user about the type of energy being used, but it can and does tell the difference between the various energies it comes across, and thus repeats the same color glows corresponding with that energy when met again. Once the energy is close enough the seal will release a special energy absorbing barrier around the user protecting them for that one attack before sealing the foreign energy into the wristband protecting the user. The jutsu is quite helpful for shinobi who don't have any energy sensing abilities, and its sealing effect only lasts a limited time. After sealing its maximum amount of energy the band will only work as an energy identifier for the user, but it will no longer be able to seal energy.
►Activates 3x per battle
►Has a one turn cool down
►When a S-Rank technique is sealed, no fuuin in the following turn, and then no fuuin above A in the next
►Seal must be placed in biography
►Can only be taught by ZandaT

Fuuinjutsu: Yomigaeri no Mikoyose) - Sealing Arts: Resurrection of Sorcery -Lightning and Wind
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 to the main two affinities of the user)
Damage:N/A (-10 to the main two affinities of the user)
Description: This seal must be either stated in the user's bio or placed on him before battle. This seal is linked to the users two strongest elemental abilities and only seeks to make them weaker in order to increase the power of the users Sealing Arts. When passively activated it will drain the user's two main elemental affinities of 10 points of chakra and damage automatically every time they're used, storing it within itself, and making the users techniques using those affinities weaker until its deactivated. It's true purpose will be triggered whenever the user utilizes the art of Fuuinjutsu, it will convert and release this stored power into any Fuuinjutsu technique whenever it is used, filling the technique with the energy it took from the user's elemental prowess. This results in every Fuuinjutsu technique the user uses gaining +1 Rank (if they’re A-Rank or below). On the other side, the main two elemental affinities of the user will automatically lose 10 damage and chakra each when they are used. Elements which are a combination of both of the weakened elements will also be weakened in the same way. This lasts until deactivated.

-Can only be used or activated once per battle
-Can't be used on bios without two elemental specialties
-Can’t be used on S-Rank and above Fuuin
-Can’t be used on Multiple Infinite Embraces

(Fuuinjutsu: Meiji no mokushiroku) Sealing Arts: Revelation Of The Mage - Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Lightning Sealing Method, Fire Release: Exploding Dragon Strike, Fire Release Summoning Technique: Fire Tiger Explosion - In Sealing Tag Form
Description: Fuuinjutsu usually comes in 3 variations, Barriers, Sealing Tags, and Scrolls. The important thing to note with scrolls, and sealing tags, is that they are almost exactly the same, save for the fact that the scroll has a longer sealing inscription on it. They both are inscribed with kanji that release the effect of the kanji when they are fully revealed. As such, the creator of this technique realized that scrolls were difficult to utilize once the user had some sort of body armor on him, due to the fact that the armor may slow him or leave him without access to his scroll holder. With this in mind, the creator found a way to seal the inscription of any scroll based technique onto his body, armor, or weapon so that he would save an immense amount of time between actually retrieving the scroll and using it. In this way, the scrolls now function as if it were a sealing tag inscribed onto the user's body, armor, or weapons. They require no extra preperation or seals to use, and can be used directly from whatever point they are sealed on. The user must actually have these scroll based jutsu on his person to utilize them before this. Even when using this technique, all restrictions of the scroll based technique used must be followed.
-This technique is always active but must be posted in the users bio or before the fight
-Any sealed scrolls must be posted before the fight or within the user's bio
-The scroll techniques used must be posted as normal in the fight, taking both a move and timeframe slot, the only difference in usage being that they come from the sealing point.
-The user can only utilize 4 scroll techniques in this manner
-Scrolls must be stated either in the user's bio or before the fight. After a fight the Scrolls may be replenished however

Scientific Tools:
( Kote ) - Forearm (Chō Biburāto Raitontō) - Super Vibrating Lightning Release Sword, Hadoken| Surge Fist, (Nigenteki Ken Youshiki) Two-Blade Style
Type: Tool
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: As its name suggests, this tool is worn on the forearm. After choosing one Ninjutsu to seal within the scroll, the user seals it within the seal after using it or having another person utilize it. The user initiates one of their techniques before sealing them into a scroll. The scroll is then shrunken to pill-size and is put inside the Kote. Afterwards, they can release the scroll and use the sealed technique. To use some elemental technique, the user apparently needs to form the corresponding seal first. Because using the Kote doesn't require chakra, the user can gain an advantage in battle by releasing normally chakra-taxing techniques while saving their chakra or continuing to use techniques when low on chakra, thereby keeping the user rested and less-likely to endure exhaustion; it can even be used by a non-ninja person.
Note: Genin to S-Jounin Ninja can seal up to Forbidden ranked Ninjutsu techniques, which must be noted within the bio. S-class and Sannin can seal up to S ranks and Kage and up ninja can only seal A ranks and below within a Kote.
Note: Only up to 3 Kotes can be owned, counting as a Tool slot.
Note: Only Ninjutsu, Elemental Ninjutsu, and non Fuuinjutsu based Advanced Ninjutsu fields can be sealed.

(Jūyōna pisutoru)
Vital Pistols
Damage: 80
Description:These pistols are engineered to be completely symbiotic with the user by using the user's technological knowledge, to the point where they are strengthen by the vitality of the user. These weapons are deeply connected to the user through the power of advanced biomechanical and genetic sciences. The user may fire freeform chakra bullets that move as fast as the average lightning jutsu. These bullets only do the damage of a normal kunai however, and these freeform bullets act to replace the use of the user's Kunai completely. The User may also release an S rank (80 Damage) Barrage of chakra bullets that cover a 6 meter span in width and height. This costs a move and can only used once per turn, 4 times per battle.

Vital Pistols can merge to form a single scoped rifle as well. This rifle can scope in up to 2 landmarks away (Long Range in battle). The user may shoot and fire a chakra bullet (S Rank/80 Damage) at the cost of a move up to 4 times a battle. By expending an additional moveslot when firing the rifle, the user can apply a seal onto the bullet via its Compensator ability that creates a barrier with the ability to prevent the detection of the bullets chakra by sensors and dojutsu users by disrupting its chakra signature and deflecting chakra away. This can be used twice with a 2 turn cooldown in between each shot. The user may use a supplementary ability/technique alongside the firing of the rifle.

This gun bears a seal that makes it so that any effects applied to the gun via sealing script are also applied to bullets fired from it so long as they cost a move. Placing a seal upon the gun will cause the bullet that comes out it to carry the same effects of the seal. This would be split across the bullets, meaning an A rank seal will its strength split up to 4 times. This ability is active and may be used simultaneously with another technique as this ability is supplementary. Up to 2 seals can be applied at one time with their effects applied to alternating bullets. Compensator can be used up to 3 times with a break of 2 turns in between use.

(Kyōshin-ki) Resonator
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Chakra: N/A (described in description)
Damage: N/A
Description: Resonator is a machine that takes the shape of a red bat on the user's costume. Through the breakthrough of advanced technology, the user was able to examine the nature of the world, specifically Natural Energy. By doing so, they discovered the secrets of Natural energy use and manipulation. The results of these discoveries led to the Resonator, which is able to absorb Natural energy already present in the environment and combine it with the user's chakra which Resonator also uses to power itself. Through this it may rapidly reproduce and control it outwards for supplementary uses
of the user. It uses it's Artificial Intelligence to choose the best options for the user based on what its learned from his fighting style and abilities. The abilities of Resonator are explained below.

Dampen - Much like a heavily moisture filled environment will do things such as dampen paper, this ability fills the environment up to Short range with and aggressive sort of natural energy that seeks to saturate and break the bonds of various things on the field. Naturally, natural energy does a bit more than dampen paper when it saturates objects. This also applies to all enemy Seals S Rank and Lower that stem from them as a result as the NE would also weaken those materials by one rank. This costs 50 chakra to activate, and the effect lasts 2 turns. This activation takes up a move slot. This may be used twice per battle.

Coat - The initial activation will cost a moveslot. By producing so much Natural Energy, the user and his Ninja Tools and Weapons become naturally coated in it. This is of course as long as all of these objects remain in short range of the Resonator. By doubling the chakra cost to 10 per turn, the user is able to "charge" their Weapons and Scientific Ninja Tools with Natural Energy, making it so that them and their abilities/attacks using them are now 1 Rank/20 DMG more effective. This effect can only be used once and lasts 3 turns.

( Kemuri Senkōdama ) - Smoke-Flash Bombs
Type: Tool
Rank: N/A
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Similar in use to the smoke and flash bombs respectively, this tech dazes the senses by emitting a powerful sound and light. It was powerful enough to block even enhanced senses of sight and hearing, leaving those with vision and sound based sensing useless. It's major downside, however, is that due to affecting a wide area, allies could also be caught in the blast radius if not warned beforehand. Due to the mass amount of chakra released from the explosion, chakra based sensing dilate also left useless. These are also able to negate B rank and below technological sensing devices as well.
Note: User can have up to 3 max while Cyborgs have up to 6.

( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: A cyborg attachment to the user's body, the user has a robotic limb that allows for him to create spheres of energy that are capable of absorbing chakra up to S rank level. These spheres are capable of dealing brute force on impact as well, growing to large heights, up to 4 meters in radius. Starting at roughly rasengan size, these spheres grow proportionally to the size of the technique absorbed. Normal Ninja are able to make use of one of these devices via specialized gloves that allow them to absorb 1 Ninjutsu per turn up to S rank while Cyborgs have these attachments and are able to absorb up to Forbidden powered attacks and 1 from each arm per turn.
Note: Can be used a max of 3 times for Ninja and 6 for Cyborgs

Hantākirā - Hunter/Killer
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (-10 per ability per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: Hunter/Killer is a variant of the basic Mandalorian Armor, working in the exact same regard as the old armor, upgraded and outfitted with several new abilities for the higher ranks of Jason Todd. The helmet of the suit is built in with a place holder to interface with the canon medical gas mask. This suit is synthetically linked to the user's body and chakra system through its technology and is capable of mirroring the user's ability to harness Sage Mode for its benefit. For this reason it is able to safely produce and project all techniques as if it was the user's very own skin, and only takes damage when the user does. It has been built with multiple abilities to aid Jason in battle. The suit is skintight but thick and strong. When doing this it is able to use its medical gas mask attachment for the user to breathe. The looks of the suit are within the spoiler.

Predator: Hunter/Killer activates a powerful cloaking device infused within the suit that is capable of being charged to a different level through absorbing the user's sage chakra to increase it's ability. Under normal means, with the user out of sage mode, the device projects Natural Energy in a makeup similar to the "Hiding with Camoflauge Technique" . The effect of this is that the user is cloaked in such a way that he appears to blend in with the Natural Energy that naturally circulates the area, only being able to be sensed by those capable of perceiving Natural Energy. This effect lasts 3 turns and may be used twice per battle with a cooldown of 3 turns in between uses.

When the user is in Sage Mode, the users Sage chakra supercharges the Predator ability. Now the chakra projected by the device adds a secondary flow of chakra, similar to that found in "(Muon Satsujin Jutsu) - Silent Homicide Technique" making it so that in addition to the previous effects, all sound will be removed from the user's physical actions including from use of weapons and ninja tools in short range of himself. The cost for this is that the chakra cost for maintaining Sage Mode doubles to 20 Chakra per turn due to the extra drain on the technique. This lasts for up to 4 turns each use.

SuperHuman: Hunter/Killer injects Jason with a cocktail of chemicals that increase his physical prowess allows him to use his physical abilities (such as running, jumping, sliding, etc) to avoid techniques up to 10 meters height and width. He may do this once per turn for the next 3 turns, but may only accompany this ability or use his chakra for another Tai/Ken Related technique or use a Weapon/Ninja Tool directly after using this ability granted by SuperHuman. He may reactivate Superhuman once every 2 turns, up to twice per battle. Using this ability takes up a moveslot.

AutoDoc: AutoDoc provides the user with a system known only to him that utilizes its own version of the passive "Diagnosis" medical skill. Due to this, the user is provided with a constant update of his chakra levels, health, and body in general, all on the level of the actual skill. This ability is passive

Mystic Touch: Hunter/Killer seems to simply be painted black, it is actually simply covered in various kanji that are so merged that they appear as black paint. By paying a moveslot and the chakra cost for the seal, the user may call forth the kanji and combine them so that they match the sealing script that any contact based sealing tag/scroll/Kanji based seal has onto any point on his limbs. He may also cause the kanji to appear upon any weapon he is holding by having the Kanji move up to the weapon. . This ability makes it so that the user has a much easier method of applying sealing tags and scripts to his targets, making it so that he may form these tags simultaneously with any Tai/Ken Related technique or Weapon/Ninja Tool usage. These seals (or the by products they produce in cases such of seals which release a substance that contacts its target) must still make contact with its target as normal to achieve their effect and the user must post the seal that is being formed.

Note: Must post Hantākirā - Hunter/Killer and Mandalorian Armor : Armor Activation | Rorian'āmā: Āmāakutibēshon in the user's bio and at the beginning of a fight

Mandalorian Armor : Armor Activation | Rorian'āmā: Āmāakutibēshon
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary/Weapon
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage Points: N/A
Description: All Mandalorians have a basic armor, the armor they are given when they are first inducted into the clan. A members armor is special: It's designed for them by the leader of the clan. The Mandalorian armor is beyond the technology the rest of the world possesses. Even though all armors look different the abilities they posses are the same. As the member grows stronger he gains access to more of the technological advances, having his armor "upgraded". The armor has 2 sets of abilities: passive and active (that take up a move slot and do damage). The armor, being specifically made for the individual is perfectly in sync with his/her chakra system, it flows throughout them and their armor. This was the technological breakthrough the enabled the armor to function as a second skin for the ninja. Not only does it allow complete control over the armor through chakra pulses and chakra control but it also allows the user to release techniques that would otherwise be released from his skin or his mouth, etc from the armor, something that negates any limitation to the users ninjutsu usage, specially elemental.

Passive Abilities:
-Basic Protection: The Mandalorian armor is made of strong materials and infused with chakra, granting it resistance against weaker attacks. Free form Ninja tools and explosive tags, bladed weapons and attacks that do no damage (N/A) as well as simple taijutsu attacks (C rank) have no effect on the armor. The protection allows the user to remain undamaged for the most part when facing said attacks but cannot negate momentum or kinetic forces.
-Gas Mask: The Mandalorian's helmet protects them from harmful gases, toxins or airborne pathogens. The helmet contains a breathing apparatus that filters harmful external agents in the air, allowing a degree of protection against said agents by purifying the air. In the case of enemy techniques, this protection works up to C-Rank techniques.
-Communication: The helmet contains a communication device linked to all other Mandalorians which uses chakra to transmit messages through great distances. It can even project images that the users sees.
Body Armor
-Heat/Cold and Electrical Protection: The Mandalorian armor, being infused with chakra and made from strong resistant materials protects the user from taking damage from high and low temperatures and electrical damage up to D-Rank. The armor cannot be short circuited but will face normal damage from anything above that rank, with temperature based attacks behaving normally (melting the armor if hot enough or freezing it if cold enough), same as it would with the users body, and lightning based attacks cutting through it.

Active Abilities:
-Enhanced Vision: The Mandalorian armor has a special visor that is powered by chakra, that enables the user to gain an advanced vision that can mimic the motion tracking speed of a 1 Tomoe Sharingan. Beyond the motion tracking abilities, the user gains the ability to see the world through a sort of thermal vision, based on the infrared spectrum. This also allows a limited form of night vision (its use drains 5 chakra points per turn and its activation counts as a move).
-Chakra Sensing: The Mandalorian armor's helmet contains special chakra receptors that allow the user to gain spacial awareness of nearby chakra. This acts as a sort of rudimentary chakra sensing. The user cannot differentiate between different individuals chakra or elements and even assessing chakra levels is very difficult (chakra sensing drains 5 residual chakra points from the user per turn and its activation counts as a move). However, this basic chakra sensing is secondary to the main ability given by the chakra receptors in the helmet which is to monitor the users own chakra flow. The armor can alert the user about any alteration to the chakra flow through visual, auditory or tactile stimulus throughout his body. If the user so wishes, the user can release himself from the genjutsu with a sort of kai but without a hand seal, disrupting the chakra flow by having the armor "jolt" his own chakra flow (30 chakra cost, works on illusions up to A-Rank, usable once every 3 turns, counts as a move).
Body Armor
-Chakra Jet Pack: The Mandalorian armor has a small group of chakra vents throughout the armor. The jet pack uses chakra from the armor's wielder to create controllable jets which can be used to dodge techniques, boosts ones taijutsu or simply achieve flight. The flight is controllable and highly maneuverable though only slightly faster than the users own base speed (drains 20 chakra points per turn, activation counts as a B-Rank move, requires conscious control through mental commands). The addition of taijutsu damage is possible by selectively activating the users peripheral jets in specific points of his movement and according to various situations, capable of adding +10 damage to a taijutsu move and a sudden drastic increase in speed by spending 20 chakra points. To dodge a technique, the user can release a quick directional burst of chakra that can propel him a short distance (Up to 5 meters) in a single direction, achieving a simple linear dash (30 chakra cost, counts as an A-Rank move).
-Vibration Sword: a retractable, short ninjato blade, strapped to the armors back, the sword uses the wielders chakra to create high levels of vibration and use that to increase physical damage. As such, when uses, physical Kenjutsu techniques gain +10 damage. The sword drains 10 chakra points per turn when active.
-Armor Strengthening: As the whole armor contains various chakra motors and enhances, the user can charge the whole armor with chakra to temporarily boost his physical abilities, namely his speed and his physical strength. Being mechanical in nature, the armor can only focus on either speed or strength. This can be done in 2 levels: Level 1 increases speed in 50% or adds +10 damage to all taijutsu. Level 2 doubles the users speed or adds +20 to the users taijutsu. The limitation is the duration and chakra cost. Level 1 drains 10 chakra points per turn, lasting a maximum time of 3 turns, usable thrice. Level 2 is usable only twice, drains 20 chakra per turn, lasting 2 turns.

Personal Summon
(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Ajitēta ) - Summoning Technique: Agitator
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: N/A
Description: Agitator is a small snake that is worn around the user's wrist like a wristband. Agitator has a symbiotic connection with the user it is a descendant of the Snake Sage and constantly absorbs and provides sage chakra through and into the user's body, filling it with natural energy and increasing his vitality and fortifying his body. Due to this, the amount of damage that is resisted naturally by Sage Mode is raised by 10 DMG points. This effect of course only happens as long as the user can maintain Sage Mode.

His second ability is that through using a variation of the chakra transfer technique, the snake can flush the users body with the power of the vitality of natural energy. This effect makes it so that the user's Medical Chakra/Techniques created under the influence of this effect are done so with more strength and vitality. All Med Related Abilities up to S Rank are now +1 Rank/20 Damage more effective during the effects of this ability. The activation of this counts as a move and this effect lasts for 2 turns during which the increased resistance is lost. This move can be activated twice per battle with a 2 turn cooldown between each

The third and final ability is for it to be able to flush the user's chakra with a dose of natural energy that is equivalent to ( Iryo Ninjutsu: Modosu Heikō ) - Medical Technique: Restore Balance in its use. This is due to the powerful chakra being flushed throughout the user's body. This may be used 3 times per battle, costs a moveslot, and has a one-turn cooldown.
Lasts 4 turns, can be summoned once

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