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Basic Information

Name: Quan Chi
Nickname: The Sorcerer | The Fallen Necromancer
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Clan: Dark/Jugo Clan

""You will join me after your death""

Quan Chi appears as a very tall, well built man with red eyes. Among his distinct features is his completely white skin. He is also completely bald, devoid of any hair on his head or face. There also appears to be a chakra on his forehead and red eyes. He has also tattooed inscriptions onto his body. While he changed his armor frequently, he is currently equipped with a light weight metal and leather armor.


Quan Chi combines both cunning and brute force in his never-ending plots to overtake the Ninja World. He is an opportunist and will ally himself with anyone who can help him further his own goals. He is notable in particular for his ruthlessness and pragmatism. His manipulative and deceptive nature has earned him many enemies. Much to his dismay he can trade his intelligence for unquenchable bloodlust when transformed

Village of Birth
Land of Water​
Village of Alliance/WSE Clan
Village Information

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Rank & Chakra Information

Ninja Rank
Academy Student
Chakra: 600+300
Health: 35

Genjutsu Casting Specialist
Raiton Single Handseal Specialist
Genjutsu Layering Specialist

火 Fire Release ➟ C-Rank
雷 Lightning Release ➟ C-Rank
冥 Dark Release ➟ Training

幻 Genjutsu ➟ C-Rank
Sage Transformation ➟ Training

関 Customs ➟ [ ]

Background Information
Chapter 1
Quan Chi was born an abandoned orphan in the Land of the Water and would live the rest of his life on his own with no recollection of his genesis and parents, one of whom passed on their ability to absorb natural energy from their surrounding. . As a child he was ostracized for his snow white skin and weird markings on the palm of his hand. With the Land of the Water being a harsh environment, he had to learn to fend for himself of risk death. This would take the place of any formal ninja training as no ninja would train him. At the age of ten he would encounter rouge ninja far more powerful than himself. At first sight, they thought of Quan Chi as a human abomination and sought kill him. The wild served as a great trainer and allowed Quan Chi to fend for himself better than expected, but not enough to eliminate the group of rouges. To his rescue came a beautiful and powerful young Hidden Mist kunoichi. With the utmost ease she slaughtered the rouges and tainted the snow with their blood. The Kunoichi, named Rain, justified her actions with her hatred for those to prey on the weak, much to Quan Chi's dismay. However they would soon become friends and she would train Quan Chi even further. Soon came the chuunin exams. Quan Chi could not participate as he was not a formal Mist Ninja. Rain however was and was sure she would gain promotion due to her prodigious skill as a ninja. At the time the Hidden Mist conducted their genin exams through a free for all survival battle. Every participant's objective was to kill and be the last ninja standing. What looked like a dream turned out to be a nightmare. While Rain was a skilled ninja there was a far more powerful ninja by the name of Zabuza. He single handedly slaughtered his fellow class which consisted of 100+ fellow shinobi. This included Rain. Rain was able to survive long enough to be the last ninja fighting Zabuza though but failed. Once killed, Quan Chi was overwhelmed with grief. His unique powers started to bloom. As his anger rose, he started to leak Dark Release chakra and natural energy throughout his body. Not knowing how to handle the situation, the proctors called for an immediate mass evacuation of the stadium. Quan Chi was now alone with the dead bodies of what would be potential ninjas. He gathered Rain's corpse and transported her to his quarters in a cave outside the Hidden Mist village. Through the use of some ninjutsu he was able to preserve Rains body. Quan Chi refused to accept the fact that his only friend was dead and gone. Soon he would start to research means as to bring back the dead. After all kinds of kinjutsu and fuuinjutsu he learned of the great Tobirama's Edo Tensei jutsu. It was said to be kept along with Konoha's other kinjutsu. This meant one thing. Quan Chi was going to gain that jutsu at all cost. He gathered what he could along with Rain's body and made way to Konoha. Once again taking quarters in an isolated cave, he dropped off Rains body and made way for the Hokage's Mansion. He was easily able to obtain the scroll containing Konoha's kinjutsu. The scroll stated he would need a live human sacrifice. However he knew trial runs would need to be ran before he attempted a perfected execution of the jutsu on Rain.

For the next year Quan Chi would abduct Leaf citizens for his experiments. Some would be killed for the purpose of being reincarnated. Others would be killed as a sacrifice. He would not discriminate on age or clan so long it achieved his goal. While running his trials a group of young genin would come across his cave. Quan Chi was able to kill and subdue most of them. Two were lucky enough to escape. They would then go on to tell their escapades of their encounter with the Necromancer that dwelled in the cave. The kids were naive and would continually revisit Quan Chi's cave. At first Quan Chi thought if ignored them, the children would leave him be. But every single day a bigger and bigger crowd of children ninjas would come to the entrance of his cave. They would play games of dares or who would travel the furthest into the cave before retreating. Quan Chi had enough and quickly dispatched of the adolescents. They were to be revived in trial runs. Unbeknownst to Quan Chi, the Leaf's Anbu Root was investigating the vanishings of Leaf Citizens. The root had witnessed it all but were on orders to not intervene and report back to HQ. Quan Chi had come a long way with self teaching himself the Kinjutsu. He had finally mastered it, but he had used most of his chakra that day. The day after would be the day he reunites with Rain... or so he thought. The next morning Quan Chi would awake to a large platoon of Anbu Root members outside the entrance of his cave. He was told not to resist and die with honor. Quan Chi had come too far to stop now and would rather die than give up. However there was no way he could do this alone. Having mastered Edo Tensei, he reincarnated his own squadron of the strongest ninjas he's killed since coming to Konoha. With his invincible undead army he was able to fight pretty evenly with the Anbu. However a special unit of Anbu specializing in fuuinjutsu made their way to battlefield and sealed Quan Chi's undead army. The necromancer was once again cornered and low on chakra. The Anbu were going to finish this. They all shot elemental ninjutsu at Quan Chi. Quan Chi reacted by putting his hands in front of him in what would normally be a futile attempt to defend himself. However his Dark power were once again awake. He seemingly absorbed all of their ninjutsu and shot it back out far more powerful at the Anbu. This wiped out the platoon but more came to replace them. This was Quan Chi's limit. He passed out from chakra exhaustion.

Quan Chi would wake up to find himself surrounded by medical ninja who were doing who knows what to him outside of healing him. A distorted voice, which introduced himself as "The Shadow who would command you", spoke to Quan Chi in a distorted voice. Quan Chi was told that all of his knowledge on Kinjutsu and Fuuinjutsu had been erased from his memory via ninjutsu. All evidence of his experiments was destroyed, including Rain's body. Quan Chi was consumed with anger, but his body was still weak and restrained. The Shadow gave Quan Chi an ultimatum. Serve Konoha from the darkness with his unique abilities or die where he sits. Quan Chi had no choice and accepted the offer. He was now a member of the Anbu Root, a secret organization that didn't exist even under the Hokage's perception. Over the years Quan Chi would perform all kinds of tasks for the root such as creating foreign coups, both foreign and domestic assassinations, escorts, and torture. During his years Quan Chi learned to hate humanity and had not forgotten those who had wronged him in his eyes. His skills of manipulation and espionage would soon garner him many enemies in the ninja underworld. Soon Quan Chi would wish to return to his old ways, but first he must relearn the forbidden kin and fuuinjutsu he was forced to forget. As his role in Root became more prominent he was still not strong enough enough to obtain the kinjutsu knowledge he seeked as it was now more heavily guarded. So now he bides his time, honing his skills so that he may take over the world.


After several training sessions and extensive studying, Quan Chi has become adept in the lightning arts. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Quan has become able to utilize Raiton with but a single hand seal, a showcase to his incredible talent.

Quan Chi has informally taught him genjutsu brought on by his personal experiences which has allowed him to be adept in the art of illusions. This allows him to cast genjutsu with a single seal and layer illusions in quick succession


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Theme Song & Background Music
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Ending Notes

Ending Notes
Ending Notes
Quan Chi
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