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Sep 10, 2008
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Detonētā: Igunisu - Detonator: Ignis
Type: Puppet
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (40 to summon)
Damage: N/A
Description: Detonator: Ignis is one of three specially made combat puppets created by Gwen Otsutsuki to act as one of her personal retainers. Ignis appears as a humanoid puppet with a doll-like appearance causing the creation to be referred to as a combat doll rather than a puppet. This particular combat doll stands at 209 cm (6'10") in length and feminine in appearance. Her outfit is similar to that of her counterpart Nirvana, although her hat, collar, and dress are a deep red color. Her eyes are blue in color and have irises, making them more human-like compared to Nirvana’s opaque, pupil-less eyes and seems to have lines running down from both her eyes, in comparison to Nirvana’s one. She has two big golden rings on each side of her instead of one like Nirvana. Ignis’ hands were uniquely crafted with sharp, hooked protrusions on the fingertips and she uses these to a deadly extent when in close quarters. They can be freely ooze in liquid puppeteer's poison to make her even more deadly in close quarters combat. The sharp protrusions add slicing damage to punch based attacks giving non-chakra oriented taijutsu which involve the hands an additional +10 damage. Ignis can also detach her hands as projectiles making them function similarly to Fuma Shuriken. While detached this way Ignis may freely control the movement up to mid-range, but cant use any hand based taijutsu while detached. Gwen's knowledge in mechanical engineering has allowed her to craft a puppet that is highly durable yet maintains it's human-like flexibility. Using the same specially made metal material used to create Chakra Blades, the puppet has enough resistance to withstand B-rank and below elemental techniques. This special metal frame makes her more durable than a standard wooden puppet making her resistant to A-rank and below physical techniques as well. Gwen calls this puppet Detonator because Ignis has many different variations she is capable of using with the offensive variantion of the Puppet Cursing Technique. When using this technique, Ignis can hold the orb in her hands and make it much larger and create larger scale explosions, granting the technique an additional +10 damage. If the technique is used this way, it becomes capable of defending against large-scale techniques. This ability, however, can only be done twice a battle and counts towards the user's total moves during that turn. Ignis can also preform a rapid fire version of this technique once every two turns granting the technique plus +10 damage this way and become capable of defending against equal ranked techniques. Naturally, Gwen has outfitted this puppet with the capabilities to use all standard puppetry techniques, and as a last resort, Gwen has completely filled the inside of Ignis's frame with numerous layers of explosive tags. By using the seal of confrontation, the user can activate the tags inside of Ignis for a large scale explosion equal to S-rank that reaches up to mid-range. This, however, may only be done once per battle resulting in the destruction of Ignis. The user can also be harmed if they are within range of this explosion.
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