Open Fight


Aug 17, 2011
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Prey identified…” the Inuzuka said as she arrived into the lookout, her fluffy white tails trailing behind her. Accompanied by her ninken and personal summon, Shiro remained within the middle, Kurojin being one meter to her left side and Durian to her right being the same meter apart. She was on all fours, now with the scent of her target identified and locked into her memory. Her other Ninken, Aoijin and Akajin were merged with her via the Lesser Oblige.

How do you suppose we strike…
Improvise and adapt, we don’t know the enemy well enough to take a straight forward approach
Sounds like a plan

The Inuzuka and her ninken conversed mentally, as she got down on all fours and prepared for the hunt. Immediately, almost like a bullet – she ran, but not into the opponent but rather her ninken. Kuro, who would be met with a strike to his tail would immediately feel a surge of Yang energy coursing through his body; increasing the potent nature, as white colored wings grew on his back.

He would within the same time frame unleash a roar, which by proxy generated a piercing beam of green chakra. Its width and length was 2x2; enough to drill into the Hayabusa with relative ease. Should the impact make contact of course. Stilling remaining on all fours, Shiro continued to circle around as she wished to stay mid-ranged away from her target with Durian mirroring her movements in the opposite direction. Kuro would use his wings now to lift two meters off the ground and head directly towards Mr. Hats and Clogs.

Holy shit I’m flying!
Yes yes, it’s not the first time…

The siblings mentally conversed once more.

Haiburīdo | The High Breed (Reference)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage Points: N/A
Description: After decades of research and selective breeding the High Breed were born, the High Breed, bred to be genetically superior to all other Ninkens immediately displayed talents that completely overshadowed that of lesser breeds from a young age. High Breed's are born with a more robust constitution, resulting in them being larger, stronger and faster than other breeds. They also look far more wolf-like as a result of their wolf-rich bloodline. High Breeds display savage intellect, and are capable of exercising great cunning and problem solving abilities; and as a result of their advanced intellect they have gained the ability of articulation. Other talents include a healing factor, senses twice as strong as a normal Ninken's, and a greater synergy with their Inuzuka counterparts; resulting in fusion and transformation techniques used with a High Breed being a third larger, with time-limited fusion techniques having their duration increased by two turns. However High Breed's have been known to reject their Inuzuka counterparts, entering into a faux relationship for a time, and then turning on their paired Inuzuka the moment they have grown large enough to kill their ill-suited partners. As a result the High Breed were kept secret and many voted for their extermination, but in the end they were merely banished into the woods of Konohagakure, kept alive in case the clan should have need for them in the future. However, should a High Breed fully accept an Inuzuka a most curious phenomenon will occur in which both the High Breed and Inuzuka will become mentally linked, capable of sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences with each other, with such a deeply intimate bond being the absolute apex of a Inuzuka and Ninken bond. A High Breeds ability to 'smell' chakra is also unprecedented, far outstripping that of Ninken such as Akamaru as they are capable of accurately gauging the strength of opponents and techniques among other things. (To be explored further in techniques). Lastly, as a result of the selective breeding and genetic manipulation used to create High Breeds, many High Breeds have experienced genetic mutations, some more simple, such as heterochromia, others more noticeable such as having multiple tails, a paw that's far larger than others, exceptionally long claws and so on. The High Breed also hold a greater affinity to chakra than normal Ninken, ensuring that they excel at walking on water, tree climbing and chakra based Inuzuka techniques, with their actual chakra being dense and bountiful, holding a chakra supply equal to half of their Inuzuka partner and also possessing an affinity towards at least one element. (A high breed cannot use Ninjutsu or elemental Taijutsu (Aside from Inuzuka techniques of course) by default, instead their supposed affinities are there to be explored in future techniques).
- Must either be posted in the users bio (Along with an explanation of how they met a High Breed and a description of their High Breed) or posted at the start of a battle. (In which case their High Breed by default will simply look like a wolf that, for it's age, is up to twice larger than any known Ninken.)
- Kuromaru - the only Ninken who has displayed articulation abilities to date, is a High Breed descendant, and is the result of an experiment to water down the thick blood of High Breeds to create a less talented, yet as a result more tame, and still somewhat remarkable Ninken.
- High Breeds receive a +20 damage boost to their Inuzuka techniques, and are a rank faster than their Inuzuka counterpart.
- High Breeds are capable of healing faster than normal Ninkens, on it's own this means little in battle, aside from the fact that they are capable of recovering from minor scratches over the course of three turns, and that they rarely suffer from fatigue, capable of running for days on end without tiring.
Fenriru No Gimuzuke | Fenrir's Lesser Oblige (Passively Active)
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40 ( -15 per turn )
Damage Points: N/A
Description: This technique was designed to rectify the weaknesses of managing multiple bodies within Battle. Many Inuzuka found that their Ninkens became easy targets for area of effect Ninjutsu techniques, and often experienced problems with defending from widespread attacks without compromising their Ninkens health or position. As such this technique was developed as a fix for these flaws. This technique allows an Inuzuka to enter into a lasting fusion with their Ninken(s). While fused the Ninken will inhabit the user's body and the user will gain the ability to use techniques that require 'Four Legged Beast' transformation as a prerequisite and will also gain the senses of their Ninken. The Ninken(s) will be aware of the world through the user's senses however their mind and chakra systems will remain separate. The Inuzuka, however, will still be capable of tapping into their Ninken's chakra supply and will be capable of using it to bolster their own supply for future techniques. Lastly, fused Ninken can demerge from their host body at any point in time, and can also choose to re-emerge without cost. Merging and de-merging, however, is not instant, instead, it simply functions as a Ninken or Inuzuka walking outside of the host's body - and as such is far inferior to the merging abilities of Souma No Kou. One added benefit is that a host can have appendages such as tails or wolf ears that can prove useful in combat but are largely cosmetic, the main host can also be switched at will - housing the user and other Ninken(s) within a Ninken's body instead.
- Must be posted at either the start of the battle or in the user's bio, and is active at all times. (In the case of the user's bio, the user will be incapable of using more than two techniques on their first post in a battle or event, and will suffer the respective chakra cost too)
- In the case of deactivation (On the user's account or as a result of an enemy technique) this technique can be reactivated again at the cost of the move. Each reactivation will require more chakra than the last, doubling each time.
- This technique serves as the ultimate baseline form for Inuzuka's. After using another transformation the user is capable of reverting back to this form without completely canceling the previous transformation, instead, they retain the physiological benefits of the other transformation (Such as increased sensing and other abilities) and are also capable of re-entering the previously activated transformation without cost as it is still considered active. (Does not distort or ignore turn restrictions)
- For the purpose of this technique, normal Ninkens will each have a supply of 200 chakra that the user is capable of accessing.
( Yoton: Jigoku no Enjin ) - Yang Release: Ring of Hell
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 80 for touch based version/100 for ranged version
Damage: N/A
Description: By channeling copious amounts of Yang energy, the user is able to infuse others with this, temporarily enhancing their physical attributes. This is achieved in two ways, either by direct touch or proximity. The first is more limited to a single person but has greater benefits; those channeled directly into will be able to reduce 35 damage from physical contact and gain physical alterations to their body that the Yang energy 'breathes' into life, such as twice the height or width of their body, additional arms or legs, etc as long as within reason and used solely for physical purposes. Should the user use the alternative release, then he is able to release Yang energy from his body up to Long range away, affecting all allies in the range. This variant allows the user to augment all allies with the same type of changes, ranging from all gaining wings to more. These changes only last a limited time, however; after 3 turns pass, the grown appendages or changes fall and revert back to normal. Depending on the alteration, one of a few benefits might be obtained.
Note: If additional arms, stronger arms or alterations related to the arm are made, then the target will gain an additional +20 to Taijutsu. If the changes target the head, the user is able to grant a 2x tracking. If leg based alterations are made, then the target will gain either +4 levels to his base speed or +20 damage to leg based tai. If changes target the torso, then an universal durability boost of B rank Ninjutsu immunity is obtained and if wings or similar is created, then the user is able to fly at thrice their speed.
Note: The damage and speed boosts are considered Passive and Base Speed increases. The values listed in the techniques are if the touch based variant is used. If the ranged variant is used, then these benefits are reduced by gained on a lesser scale ( +15 to Tai instead of +20, +2 Speed Levels, 1.5x Tracking, or -15 from all physical clashes).
Note: Touch based variant can only affect up to two people per event. Ranged variant creates a wave of Yang energy that affects up to 3 allies and lasts up to 4 turns.
Note: Can only be used three times in total.
Fenriru Hareyakana Hyūhyū Iu | Fenrir's Radiant Howl
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60 + 20 = 80
Description: This technique allows a Ninken to gather a massive amount of chakra within their mouth that is then condensed, and through a roar, howl, or bark the Ninken will release the condensed chakra in the shape of a green beam that reaches up to mid-range and is powerful enough to pierce through its targets. Instead of releasing the stored chakra in the form of a beam, a Ninken can choose to release it as a radial blast that hits anything short range in front of them. Though the blast is unable to pierce targets, it delivers a massive amount of blunt force damage, allowing it to crush solid structures or force anything short range of the Ninken into mid-range. Due to the amount compressed chakra that is used to shape the beam, it's equivalent in strength to elemental techniques of its own rank, while the radial blast can only affect B rank and below techniques.
- Can only be used 3x per Ninken.
- Cannot be used consecutively.
- No Inuzuka techniques above S rank can be used during the same turn

Shiro: 3000 - 40 - 80= 2920
Kurojin: 1500 - 30 = 1470
Aoijin: 1500
Akajin: 1500

Kurojin due to being a High Breed normally has speed one rank above me, but since I's sage his speed peaks at Sage rank now being 33.