[Theory] one piece manga chapter 992 review..


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Nov 3, 2011
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first let me start with this big mom and perospero Manga panel :

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yeahhh...sure ..i mean maybe she's got a nice plan..but if i were in perospero's place i wouldn't trust her...


that's why!!!!!! :

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i mean just look at perosperso's reaction :

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i can't even tell if it's agreement...or cringe or fear...he just sounds like he's forced to agree with big mom..

anyway a anime version will tell us better :)..

now let's go to Marco :

what he means when he said this ??? :

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DEMONZ??????????...who are those demons?????...

did he mean kaido and his allies????.... or did he mean teh celestial dragonz????....

i think they meant kaido and his allies..

My Theory :

after Marco showed up...big mom learned about his true motives wich is help teh straw hats take down kaido...

this made big mom revise her alliance plan with Kaido..

now you know teh say that says : " Teh Enemy of my enemy is my friend.."?????

big moma now is in a moral dilemma :

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if big mom allies with kaido there will come teh day when kaido and her fight and end up killing each others...

- this will serve both marines and other yonkos and pirates purposes...

-but if big mom teams up with Marco and manage to defeat Kaido, she will find taking down straw hats is easier then taking down Kaido ...

that's teh only way that allows her to be teh first one who finds teh one piece treasure after Gold d roger...

however there is only one drawback to this alliance plan.... like i said befor :

it's if teh Weddingooo ckakeeeeee psycho-hunger starts taking over her...

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now keep in mind that Kaido isn't dumb of course...he must have accuonted for teh possibility of big mom's betrayal...sure he has something up his sleeves..

still Kaido's biggest mistake imo will be slaughtring orochi...by doing this he just created more enemies instead of gaining allies...

i think orochi isn't dead and he will try to take down kaido tooo...