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Jan 2, 2013
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Hey y'all, it seems I've had this account most likely around the time NB still existed, but I don't remember why I never posted before today lol... Anyhow, the name is Ral/Ralkage, some may know me from other forums like FV/NF or the one I currently run (One Last Forum), while others may not know who I am at all, and that's fine! I've always loved these types of forums aging like fine wine, and despite the decline in forum activity due to other platforms rising in popularity, and that's also fine, but it won't every kill bulletin boards entirely if I'm being honest 😉 I've also been on other boards that closed down years ago like Bleach Exile, ABoxCafe, etc, but I'm glad this forum is sticking strong nonetheless! Despite me owning and running a relatively active forum myself, I still like to browse in some nostalgia here and there, so expect some chatter from me from time to time :sigar:

And yes, I do believe that our lord and savior tobidara will save this forum, but don't tell @minamoto that, gotta keep him on his toes to convert the non-believers :facts:
no one here sticks together.
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