Notable Rulings to Remember

The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
Throughout the years within the RP, there have been rulings made in fights that have been adhered to ever since. This thread has been made to bring all those rulings and fixes to one place to avoid confusion in the future.

You can only apply 2 boosts to a technique at a time. The highest 2 boosts are applied alone. This can be a combination of Active boosts and Passive boosts, but only the highest two will apply to a technique, be it a damage boost, rank increase or multiplier.

The only exceptions to this will be jutsu or characters that specifically state allowing for them to bypass the rules, such as Sakura for example.

To calculate speed, you use the formula below:
  • ["Default Rank speed" + "Specialties"] x ["Multiplication number"] = ["Speed"] + ["Other speed increasing"] = ["Final speed level"]
  • You cannot stack speed boosts and multipliers upon each other. Only one Speed Specialty can be applied to any biography. If you activate 2 speed boosting abilities, you'll only gain the boost pertaining to the highest boosting ability. This is valid for both canon and custom abilities.

Two jutsu at the same time:
You are unable to perform two jutsu at the same time. There are a few exceptions to this:
  • You can use two jutsu at the same time if one requires no chakra, like basic taijutsu for example.
  • You can perform more than one jutsu at the same time if the jutsu are passive. These mean they happen in the same timeframe as other techniques not taking up a jutsu slot allowing them to happen at the same time
  • A jutsu specifically states it can be used in the same time frame.

Shinra tensei:
Shinra Tensei is absolute. It cannot be stopped or over powered or countered. There is two ways to deal with it:
  • Reduce the damage take through jutsu such as sage mode or passive damage reduction such as the Raikage.
  • Avoid it: Be it through trying to escape the range of the jutsu or using space/time ninjutsu to avoid it such as Obito's phasing migration
Any jutsu will be pushed back and any jutsu broken until it reaches the range stated.

For any edits, post below and it will be updated and addition rulings added.

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