North-East Kinai Island (145)


Oct 1, 2010
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North-East Kinai Island

The northeastern part of Kinai is treated as the island’s primary source of fish. The inlands part of the area is more rocky than is common on the island, which results in a sparse population of subsistence farmers and hunters there. The coastland, however, is littered with fishing villages and even some tourists, drawn here by the white sand beaches and the steep cliff formations that spare northeastern Kinai from much of the mist that perpetually covers other parts of the island. The weather here is calmer, as a nearby island naturally protects the area from heavy winds.


Oct 22, 2009
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[Coming from here]

Mission objective:

- Put the Clan’s interests first

Jaeger and Natsu arrived having dealt with the pirates in the south now finding their way to the fishing village, though, word had reached here of the death of the pirates already. News travelled fast. They both arrived at the largest of the fishing villages towards the northern front. It was clear word had spread due to the looks they both got and as they made their way through looking for somewhere to stop, they were approached.

A man clad in armour with a broad sword on his back approached them both, flanked by two guards glad in a similar fashion. They didn't draw their weapons just stopped before them. Jaeger said nothing, nor did he move, he was the law, not his own personal justice and he knew his master would not approve of the death of innocents. The one who seemed to be the leader of the group spoke

"Would you mind coming with us, we'd just like a chat a little more, privately"

Jaeger simply nodded and followed the group, who led them to a large manor house at the top of a hill. There were many armed guards all around. Jaeger simply followed silently until they entered the main hall of the manor. There sat, in a large chair, was a old man. He still wore traditional knight armour like the rest but he was seasoned, scars on his face, but more importantly, his eyes told the tale, he had seen a lot. As Jaeger and Natsu enter the room, the old man stood as the guards moved to the sides of the room. The man spoke:

"Welcome to Kinai. My name is Ithilis, i'm the one in charge around he i'd say. Thank you for coming here without any trouble".

Jaeger said nothing, he simply nodded. He looked around trying to understand why he was here.

"I can understand your scepticism, but you must understand ours. You see, we are aware of the clan of the Sin'dorei down in the south-west of this island. We know of the great city forged. It's hard to miss even. Though what we also know is of the complete destruction of the pirate operation South of here. An entire fleet destroyed with no survivors, all done by one individual. Not only that but the old mining system they used is completely sealed off with no way in. Now the ones who have done it appear here after claiming those lands. What do you want?"

Jaeger listened, looking up at the man and said but a single word.


The air grew stiff in the air. It was clear the guards had taken this as an insult or a thread but the man made a gesture with his hands for them to calm down. After a few moments he spoke again.

"Justice you say. Whose justice?"

Jaeger's eyes met the man's, showing his resolve.

"Justice is not about perception. It's what is right and what is wrong. My master created me for this reason. The pirate's of what you spoke, they wronged the people of these lands, women, children... justice was taken on them to free the lands. The land was put under the protection of the Sin'dorei, when as neighbours, you have failed. That, is justice...."

That did no sit well with the guards. Grunts of anger filled the room but the man in charge was no phased.

"... You're right. We failed them. We sat and protected our own lands, rather then helped others. So, have you come here to exact your 'justice' on us for our failings?"

Jaeger took one step forwards, though as he did several swords were drawn all around. Though he did not stop. He walked up to the man in charge stopping two meters away with Natsu on his shoulder.

"What you speak of is not Justice. You protect those you value without over reaching. You did what you could with what you had available to you. You have done nothing wrong. With the force you currently have here, you wouldn't of stood a chance anyway."

With that it was clear that he'd offended many with his words. The man in charge stood up.

"If you're so sure, why not have a contest, my three best against the two of you, though no killing allowed. Should you prevail, we will talk about the future of out two lands. Should you fail, you'll be incarcerated."

Jaeger nodded and stepped back. A clear sign he was ready for the challenge. With that three man stepped forwards from behind the one in charge, surrounding Jaeger with their swords drawn. Waiting to strike. They all stood ready, lunging at once. The front man with a vertical strike down the centre, the man to his left a horizontal strike to the back of the knees and the guy to the right with a horizontal strike to the upper back. Though it was over before they could land. A pulse surged out of Jaeger hitting all three men knocking them back with ease sending them down to the ground. One tried to get up but could barely move something was effecting his body. The force that had hit him made everything a strain.

"I wouldn't bother. It will take a while to ware off. If you raise your sword to me again, i won't be so kind."

Shock and disbelief filled the room. It was clear the three here were the top of their warriors and yet taken down so easily. Now the man clapped.

"I'm impressed. I just had to see it with my own eyes. "

Jaeger looked at the man directly once again

"Now. I've passed your test. I've done what your men asked and i've entertained this long enough. I'm here on behalf of Tsuna because he wants what's best for these lands. I'm sure you want to know why he's not here but he's risking his own life at the dark tower trying to find answers to this illness that has gripped the world. You know of what i speak. That Tiamat has poisoned the world and he seeks to fix it and unite us in these times.

You think this has been easy while you sit here in your manor house? He's forged a protective city for the people of our lands. He's risked his life trying to heal them and he's fought the undead. You know of which i speak. You burn your dead for that very reason, i could smell it on the way here. You know the fear that grips the world and you know you're not strong enough to hold it back. One ocean north is the source of it all and you know that and that scares you. You're just doing what you can to try and survive...."

Jaeger spoke in a factual manor and he could tell it hit home with Ithilis. A bead of sweat dripped down his face as he struggled with the hard truth.

"If you knew all that... why did you come here? To berate us? Mock us? To show us how futile it is?"

His emotions finally taking hold. But Jaeger remained unphased.

"We came, to help. We aren't here to berate, we are here with the truth and an offer. One that suits all."

"And what, do you offer? A chance for us to bow?"

"Bow? No. That would not suit all. We came to seek an agreement. The pirate's south of here are gone, allowing for the land to be developed by all. We have a city, but within, it's hard to gather food. You hold a fishing village which is perfect to trade. We seek for you to join us. We wish to unite these lands in the Water Archipelago. You will govern yourselves as you currently do but we just seek to secure a food supply for the starving people of the lands. With this we will protect you the same. I know Tsuna respects what you have here and the destruction of those pirates meant that you could continue without them destroying your hard work.

Your people are free to come to our lands and go as they please. Tsuna is here to help. Not to rule. He does what needs to be done for the good of the people. What will your answer be?"

The man sat back for a moment listening to all that Jaeger had to say.

"What if we refuse?"

"Then you refuse. We will be on our way and leave you to your own devises. Your fate will be your own. Though, in these uncertain times, i cannot predict what events will come to pass. The Dark Tower is not to be trusted. If you're relying on them for help, remember this; They called people there to kill each other for a cure rather than working with the world to help produce more. What ever is going on there, something worse is yet to come."

The man sat stressed for the longest of times, though Jaeger remained still.

"Yes.... we will join you. Though, i have have one demand."

Jaeger remained silent as he used his mental connection to his creator to see what he said.

"I will do what i can to accommodate your request."

"We will join you, on the condition your fortify our lands to help us protect my people, the same way you have in your lands. What say you?"

"An easy request for myself or Natsu to complete. Agreed."

"Then it is settled. We shall join the Sin'dorei and unite the lands"

( Uchiwaketon: Saisho no Uta - Zeusu no Yuigon ) | Breakdown Release: First Verse - Testament to Zeus
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: B - S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40 - 60
Damage: 80 - 120
Description: This is the basic creation technique of Breakdown Release. The user will combine their Yang with Fire Release to create a Breakdown Release technique. This can be released from the users body, formed out of their chakra in the air or from the ground. If formed out of the air or ground it must be 5m away from an opponent, unless the user himself is within that range. From there the user will create anything he can imagine; ranging from simple waves, pulses, streams, to shapes as incricate as weapons, houses, creatures, etc,. Due to being composed of Yang chakra, it will cost 40 chakra for a B rank then increasing by 10 chakra per rank. When releasing this jutsu the user will chose to apply the Degenerative or Regenerative effects outlined as followed:

  • B Rank: Prevent F ranks, move at 75% speed
  • A Rank: Prevent S ranks & above, move at half speed
  • S Rank: Prevent A ranks and above, move at one third speed.
  • B Rank: Heal up to 40, x1.5 speed, -10 damage, +10 tai
  • A-Rank: Heal up to 60, x2 speed, -20 damage, +15 tai
  • S-Rank: Heal up to 100, x2.5 speed, -30 damage, +20 tai
Note: For B rank and below, the user will use hand gestures to form the jutsu, for A rank the user will need to perform two hand seals, S rank will require three handseals. A rank can be used 4 times per battle, S rank can be used two times per battle with three turns between uses and no Breakdown jutsu S rank and above in the following turn with all effects lasting 3 turns.

[Mission complete]
[Claiming LM]


Oct 22, 2009
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Mission Objective:

Solve a problem for a settlement in one of your landmarks
Train a small group

With the village joining the Sin'dorei clan, their influence grew even further but that didn't mean that the times were safe. The fishing villages may not of known it but the pirates that had been destroyed were just underlings, part of a larger operation that spread around the world. The good thing was, no survivors meant the word couldn't spread as fast leaving them time to prepare for what would come. Though the fact that that time would come created problems for the clan. Now it was time to fix that.

Still in the main hall with Ilithis and his men, Jaeger outlined his issues and the plan.

"The immediate threat is gone, but that doesn't mean it wont be back. There were no survivors but you knew about it, meaning others might too. All's this has done is buy us more time in the long run. Time is good.

Moving forwards we will be here to sort this. First of all, Natsu will be the one to fortify all the villages, going around creating several strongholds to help protect you all. Secondly, the men in this room, they will be trained, by me. Any objections?"

There were a few mumblings but not a single objective. It seemed no one wanted to argue with Jaeger after his little display. His plan was simple, to train the elite few, that way they would stand a chance. With that, Natsu ran off to do his side of the mission while Jaeger took the top 5 men with him.


Natsu's first thought was for the civilians within the villages, set back off the fishing ports. If anyone got through to the villages the people wouldn't stand a chance. Natsu heard the speech about pirates but this was only part of the truth. The sea of life did not let the dead stay dead. The people seemed to know, they burnt their dead, but no one wanted to talk about it. So he made his way around surveying the area.

The problem here was, it wasn't just about them getting on the land it's what happened once they got there. It really came down to a full fortification. But at the same time it needed to allow for the village to operate as it had before. This wasn't going to be easy. He had an idea how it was going to be but first he needed to raise the level of the village first. This would be the hard part without disturbing the people too much. So he would do it in steps.

First off, he needed a mass source of carbon to be able to form the fortifications he wanted. So he released his chakra through the entire area, causing carbon to being to rise all around the land coming towards the surface. Though as it began to rise, before it reached the surface he used his control to cause the carbon to accumulate under the surface of the land. This was a long stressful process, taking a lot of effort.

Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Range: short - long
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: N/a
Description: The user will perform 2 handseals releasing there chakra into the surrounding area to cause carbon in the earth and other sources that are not living to rise to the surface, making it so their is a layer of carbon over everything on the battle feild. This can be used by a carbon user as a carbon source for certain jutsu.
Note: Useable twice.
Note: Can only draw carbon from none living things

Rank: A
Type: attack/defence
Range: short - mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: This jutsu allows the user to bend and control carbon (through body movements) that they have already created or taken control off, to bend it into different shapes or forms by controlling the carbon's atomic structure. The user can use this jutsu to bend carbon and control it's movement much like Gaara can with his sand. For example if the user were to throw a carbon kunai they could change it's trajectory in the air.

With this and his control, the landmass began to rise slowly. The there land began to shake with this, as a white/grey layer formed from below lifting it 20m into the air. Natsu had to stop dude to the sheer effort it took to create such a mass in one go while controlling it. But he couldn't stop now.

It was time to shape the carbon in a way that suited the village itself. He had to plan it in a way to keep water flowing through the town so the people had access to it without it being easy for any invaders to attack the town. He decide to create a water system through the entire village. The best way to do that was through a fountain. Through his carbon control, Natsu would draw out the carbon from the mass under the town and cause it to rise up in the centre to form a fountain in the center.

For the next several hours he controlled the carbon to create the aqua mechanics to allow the water to continuously pump through the town creating the perfectly balanced system. The ducts he made were large enough for ships to leave as well as cranes in place to be able to lift the ships up. The perfect defence from pirates.

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Jaeger took the 10 men out into the courtyard of the manor. It was time to teach them a new skill that would help them defend their lands but they needed to understand it first.

"You are skilled with your swords i can't fault that, but you fall short where most do. The power behind your attacks is lacking, through no fault of your own. The will in your eyes burns strong but you need to use the power of your very spirit in your blade. Once you do this you will never fail to cut down those that stand before you. Your blade is only as the strength you put behind it, not just your physical strength."

He paused for a moment to allow that to settle in before continuing.

"The power i speak of, in this world, is known as chakra. Chakra is basically a form of Energy. It is the combination of two types of energy, Spiritual energy and Physical energy. Chakra allows a human to perform extraordinary actions like - walking on water, manipulate nature types and perform Jutsu or Ninja Arts. It is the major distinguishing factor between an average Human and a Ninja.

I'm not saying you need to learn to become the ultimate shinobi, but that you need to learn to harness chakra to and empower your attacks with it. Everyone has chakra, it's life itself. If you run out, you will die. So it's all about moderation. Imagine controlling it like a work out using a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it will get."

Jaeger took his time explaining, letting the details sink in before he went on. Now how do you control chakra was going to be a little tougher.

"So you start my combining your physical energy with your spiritual energy. You have the physical prowess, now you need to become one with your spiritual powers. The only way you can do this is through meditation. Sit down, it's time to try it..."

With that he waited until the all sat and continued:

"Now focus, feel the energy within you, your very being. Feel your spirit flowing through your body. Much like you'd feel your own heart beat, but this goes deeper. Every feeling you have that you feel in your very core, that is what you need to draw on. Don't force it, embrace it while being calm."

This would begin a long period of meditation as the 10 tried to become one with themselves. Trying to create the balance in themselves. This didn't come easy though, they had spent so long relying on just their physical strength to defend themselves. It wasn't a fast process but it was one that needed to do be done. One by one they began to create the balance, they began to find the balance. They could feel the energy surging through themselves. An hour or so later Jaeger would take the next step.

"Now you can feel the combinations of energy you need to control it, shape it, use it. You are already trained in the art of the sword being an extension of yourself. Now it's time to apply the same with your chakra. Use it as an extension of yourself, extend that power you're feeling into you blade.

You can feel the flow of power, visualise it in your blades, push it out to to empower your blade."

With that they continued to try as Jaeger gave words of advice to help them along the way as they held their blades, feeling the flow. And then he led them out towards the trees, for the the final test.

"Now you can control it, so we will do two tasks at once...."

The ground began to shake as Natsu was going to work...

"I see Natsu is working on the preparations... this will force you to concentrate even more. Now you need to cut the firewood for the season. The task is to do it with your blades. The wood is thick so you will need to enhance your blades. If you focus too much chakra, it will destroy the wood with blunt force. You need precision, focus on the sharpness that is your blade and a clean slice. Normally your blades would cut, but get stuck halfway through, through this enhancement it will help you complete the strike....

Though i must warn you. If you feel tired, stop. If you force this too much, you will die. This is all about control. It can take a day, it can take a week. Do it at your own pace. We are all unique in our skills. After this focus on drawing out your spirit, focus on increasing your physical capabilities, when you improve both, your chakra will increase and with it your abilities..."

And with that they tried until they got to tired, all eventually stopping when it got too late. Jaeger had taught them the basic skills to get stronger, now it was in their hands.

With that Jaeger made his way back to where Natsu was and enjoyed a meal with the leader of the village as everyone admired what they had done. With this, the clan had grown.

[Mission complete]


Jul 11, 2015
Trait Points

Defeat a small group of undead (3)
Boa goes on to help the clan's land get rid of undead zombies who have been bothering the villagers living there as their toll increases.

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As Boa arrives in the northeastern part of Kinai, she arrives at the largest fishing village on the island, carefully following the maps and instructions given by Tsuna. She then takes a deep sigh, knowing she has arrived at the right place. as she enters the village she is greeted by a man. A person who looks like he’s in charge or a senior citizen of the village.
The Man: “you’re new here young lady, who must you be?” The man asked as he was looking and being cautious to see if Boa was an enemy of the village or had evil intentions.
Boa: “Warawa, Boa of the New Dawn, I’m here under the authority of the clan which is protecting this land. We received some complaints and I was sent here to find out and help you all out. Who are you if I may ask?” Boa quickly replied and explained that she means no harm and she was sent to help the village.
Rannamari:”You can call me Rannamari, nice to meet you. Ah, I see I’m one of the fishermen who actually sent the message to your leader, we have been experiencing the consequences of this annoying pandemic which is spreading, have they not found a cure yet? “ Rannamari explained as he sighed of relief knowing that the helped they asked for finally arrived
Boa: “Sadly there’s no cure yet but that’s relieving that I met the right person, can you show me right away the problems that are being faced? I’m on a busy schedule and you guys would need this pesky issue to go away as soon as possible too right?”Boa stated as she needed to finish the mission as quickly as possible and report back to Tsuna right away.
Rannamari, understanding what Boa meant, nods as a gesture to say yes and asks her to follow him to the site of chaos. Boa while being cautious and now ready for what’s ahead in the road, starts to follow Rannamari who is heading into the rocky parts of the island.

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As they both continue to the path laid out into rocky parts by the fisherman villagers to make trades with the hunters and other few people who live in the inland parts of the island, hear a scream coming from ahead of their path. Rannamari scared gives Boa the directions to where the attacks have been occurring, and turns back as he heads down to the village. Boa determined and even more, cautious activates her Byakugan to see if there are any threats coming up, To her surprise she sees that there's an attack going on as a number of people are under attack. Boa then rushes straight ahead as fast as humanely possible for her.
(Dōjutsu: Byakugan) Eye Technique: The All Seeing White Eye
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15 (+5 per turn to keep active)
Damage: N/A
Description: The kekkei genkai intrinsic to both the Hyūga and Ōtsutsuki clans—descendants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Those who possess this dōjutsu have it manifested as eyes with featureless white irides and no visible pupils. And when activated, the pupils become more distinct and the veins near their temples bulge. To activate the dōjutsu, Hyuga but not Ōtsutsuki clan members are initially obliged to use a rather long and specific sequence of handseals: Horse → Tiger → Boar → Hare → Rat → Dog → Horse → Dog → Hare → Rat → Boar → Snake. But once activated, the dōjutsu user is endowed with a range of skills.

To start, an activated Byakugan gives the user a near 360º diameter field of vision bar one blind spot at the back of the neck, above the first thoracic vertebra. Its vision can penetrate through any solid objects or obstructions, and likewise remains unaffected by blinding interferences. But that being said, certain barriers and the like may distort its perception. In addition, it is able to follow high-speed movements, which enables those with this dōjutsu to analyze their foes' actions and better react to them. The Byakugan is also able to see chakra to a higher degree than the Sharingan and ergo, identify where a person's chakra signature originates from. Beyond that, it can discern certain types of clones from the real person. And its ability to see chakra is in fact so acute that those who possess this dōjutsu are even able to see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu that comprise it. The Hyūga clan has gone so far as to develop their unique Gentle Fist style in order to capitalize on this particular ability.

Note: Hyuga clan bios of at least Sannin rank become able to passively activate their dōjutsu upon one month having passed since Gentle Fist training concluded. Ōtsutsuki bios never need to expend a move in order to activate it.
Note: While traversing the NW, bios with activated Byakugan are able to see up to two 2 adjacent landmarks away while those of sage rank can see as far as three away, but this doesn't extend beyond an ocean landmark.

She then enters the scene as a small group of fisherman are being dealt with damage and some injured fighting the undead. She then asks everyone there to go back to the village as she's going to handle this. They not knowing who Boa is frightened and leaves as they don't have enough strength to argue or question her back. Boa then stands in between the small group of undead zombies and the fisherman going back, Determined she then releases a torrent of serpents out of her mouth which causes a wave to rise and rush towards the small group of undead zombies which bites and crushes them.

Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user will release a torrent of serpents out their mouth. This wave will rise and rush towards the target and covering them while biting them and crushing them.
Note: Must be able to summon snakes
Leaving behind only a few selective of them. Boa then does a handseal to create a large dragon of earth and stone to erupt from the ground and directs it towards the remaining undead zombies which destroy them with devastating force.
Type: Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long (made within Short, but reaches up to Long)
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: The user after performing the required hand seals Horse → Dog → Bird → Ox → Snake will create a large dragon of earth erupt from the ground and direct it towards the enemy with devastating force. This technique much resembles the Water Release: Water Dragon technique.
After her technique's over boa then takes her katana from her hip and starts towards going to every undead zombie to rile them up and to make sure they are all dead. She then deactivates her Byakugan and heads back to the village to inform villagers and Rannamari about what happened as well as take a rest to ensure that she's in good condition to deal with another matter should it arise.Since she's still not sure if there are more and she needs to find out what's happening here and report back to Tsuna.

This marks the end of the Boa's mission
Chakra : 1000-15-40-30=915