New Londor Ruins (166)


Oct 1, 2010
New Londor Ruins

New Londor is a low-lying area, characterized mainly by dark marshland shrouded in fog. Almost the entirety of New Londor contains the remains of an ancient, now half-sunken city. Buildings of bricks and stone still stand, half-collapsed and rotting, with empty towers, aqueducts and walls crisscrossing the area in byzantine patterns. The remains of the city’s countless original inhabitants can still be found, preserved in the marsh or as bones on dry land.


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Feb 8, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my (our) mission using these storyboard elements:
-Sacrifice someone for the mission (4)
-Experiment with very advanced ninjutsu (5)
-Survive a near-death situation (5)

him to absorb a new ability from the man, sacrificing his life. However during this process he is betrayed by a disgruntled subordinate & must kill him in order to continue the experiment. Nearing the ending of the mission he is caught in a dangerous situation, where he must protect himself or face a gruesome end. _This mission will be the starting point for Hades journey. Having found who he was looking for, he experiments with a new jutsu which will allow

[RP begins here]

Over a month has passed since the falling of the Hangurian Freehold, & the rise of potential replacements continue to grow. Clans spread across the land like wildfire, taking control of pieces of land wherever possible. An attempt to replace the name that once governed & ruled over the nation. All for the sake of power & of course the glory accompanied with it. However, opportunities created through recent events were vast. It was spoke of that since Hanguri had withered, secrets had been leaked by those cowardly enough to use as a source of payment, while others released through unknown sources. Secrets once kept well hidden, now scattered with the wind. Secrets of the freehold, once hidden within the former capital after it's untimely destruction years ago, would reveal documents containing information regarding several incidents in the past including the sudden outbreak of the Red Fever, as well as the loss of several powerful artifacts & the disappearance of notorious figures during the fatal incident. With this information now loose for anyone to find, the repercussions could prove disastrous for clans & certain individuals. Hades would be one of these individuals. Not only his past, but Hades' unique abilities were well documented by a political faction within Hanguri & if they are to ever be revealed, it holds the potential to destroy all he strives toward. Until receiving more information of the whereabouts to this documentation, Hades is left in wait, expecting news from his men regarding other relatable business.

Spread across beneath the abandoned city Hades had created a labyrinth of tunnels keeping him hidden from the rest of the world. Though not an ideal location, it was needed to carry out his rituals without distraction. Echoes of a frail voice could be heard stretching across the hallways. pattering of footsteps growing closer toward Hades' quarters. With no warning the doors would burst open, an exhausted figure with his arms stretched against each door, holding his balance as he attempts to catch his breath.

Master!! Th-They've done it. The information we found was true! We have him waiting in the Main Hall..

Unresponsive Hades simply glares at the man. The darkened room covers a majority of his face, while the remainder revealed by the light peaking past the door behind the man's figure. No declaration, no knocking nothing, he simply bursts the door open without the slightest sign of respect toward his master. Hades fingers begin rhythmically tapping against the desk. His patience quickly diminishes as he slowly picks himself up & walks toward the door. Stopping at the door he towers over the man, his presence alone causing the man to stumble back in fear as he drops to the ground. In that instant the piercing gaze Hades focuses on the man changes, his entire expression seeming faintly heartfelt but still somehow aloof as the man apologies.

Sorry S-sir!

..Well then, shall we go & greet our guest?


With the man leading the way down the corridor, Hades would once again gaze toward him. It would seem he may have gone a tad too far as he notices beads of sweat run down the side of his head. His arms also trembling as the man would clench his fist, an attempt at calming his nerves perhaps. Having reached the main hall Hades is greeted by a group of hooded figures circled around the room, with the center being occupied by a chained prisoner & two men guarding him by each side. On his knees, the prisoner seemed almost lifeless. His head bows down as his body is slouched forward, the chains must be heavy as they drag his arms to the ground. Hades walks over toward him & crouches down as he comes to halt in front of the man.

Did you place the seal on him as instructed?

Yes, he shouldn't be able to do much of anything..

Well I have to say I am more than surprised to see you here. I would never have thought they would be keeping something as unique as you with them, especially with the history between the two of you. So what? you were their prisoner? a guest maybe? ..You see I know it was not by chance that we came across you. The secrets they've managed to lose, that's how we found you. Your name & your abilities are well documented by them, as are mine! & it is for that reason Kaguya, that I need you to tell me where I may be able to find these documents.


*Sighs* Hmph. Well, to be honest that was more of a, how can I say? Ah! a courtesy offered to you, simply asking would of made things easier for me, but I suppose not now. You see I'll find those documents one way or another, or I'll reach my goal before anyone else finds them. Either way you purpose is two fold! If you don't tell anything useful, then what I may find useful is that unique ability of yours. You see that's my thing, what I'm trying hard to keep hidden. I have a special ability, something which allows me to absorb other abilities, & you see with this I plan to acquire a unique set of skills, ones that will help me acquire what it is I am after.


As he is done speaking Hades takes a step back. However, as he does the prisoner launches directly toward him, barely restrained by the chains as he is forced to a halt inches in front of Hades. The Kaguya begins thrashing about as Hades men attempt to restrain him, pulling him away from Hades as he struggles to break free. Without any warning the Kaguya releases spikes from all across his body, with no effort they pierce through all surrounding men, easily slaughtering them as they hang lifeless from his bones. With nothing holding him back the Kaguya manages to once again launch forward, however this time his protruding bones manage to pierce into Hades, miraculously avoiding any vital organs. In response Hades releases an unfocused current of Lightning while pushing off against the Kaguya. The Lightning electrocutes the Kaguya, severely shocking the man into a further weakened state. The man was almost at his end, already battered & bruised even before his capture he had little energy left in him. His body lacking, chakra depleting he is left with only one option, though even he knows it won't end well for him either. With one final push, the Kaguya slams both hands against the ground as the room now filled with silence, though only briefly as followed the earth would begin violently trembling, the surface breaking apart as countless spears of bone rip through the earth & rise up through the cave. The entire room filled, barely any space to move & Hades was in the midst of it although quick to act, He simply channels chakra around him while manipulating a vortex to form tightly around his body, it would continue to take on the shape of a Dragon, made entirely of Lightning. It's body would easily fend of the bone as it spun around Hades, shredding anything coming into contact with it. At the end of it barely anything was clear to see, the bones having taken up most the space. Now sure it was clear for him to come out Hades manipulates his Dragon to race across the room, in efforts to remove the forest of bones that filled it up. It thrashes about the room, easily devouring the bone as it passes through them like a knife to butter. However, the result of the Kaguya's attack does more than simply fill the room & as the forest clears & the smoke thins, a bright light shines done from above, revealing a gaping hole through the ceiling as the open sky is clearly seen. Hades, injured from the brief encounter, gazes over as the man lays there no better than dead, Hades looks over toward his servant, waiting for an explanation.

( Karamatsu no Mai ) - Dance of the Larch
Type: Offensive
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20
Damage: 40
Description: Karamatsu no Mai is the third of the five Kaguya dance forms. The user creates a mass of razor-sharp bone spikes all over their body. The user can grow these bones at an extremely rapid rate so they can stab an opponent even as the bones are growing. Since the bones are harder than steel, they can be used defensively to block or trap an opponent's strikes. This technique is a great surprise attack and it makes the user basically untouchable at close range. When an opponent is close to the user, they spin very fast, rapidly slashing the foe in multiple areas of their body.

(Raiton: Chidori Nagashi) - Lightning Release: One Thousand Birds Current
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: A
Range: Short (Mid if channeled through a medium)
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A (+10 if used to boost weapon damage)
Description: This jutsu allows the user to generate non-focused electricity from their body. It can be used as an omnidirectional attack or be channeled through weapons, the ground or other conductive mediums. Because the electricity isn't focused, it doesn't kill on contact, instead it has great numbing and paralyzing effects. To channel Nagashi through a medium, the user needs to focus the technique into one of his hands which will then be put in contact with the medium and can only choose to either do a widespread attack throughout his whole body or to channel it into something; he cannot achieve both usages at the same time. Despite not having much destructive or damaging properties, Nagashi can be used to destroy low rank earthen and wooden structures and even negate chakra on the ground to stop high ranked earth and wood techniques. It has also been noted that Lightning Specialists that have mastered Lightning to the highest degree can resist total paralyzation, although they still feel the pain and numbing effects.
Note: Paralyzation lasts 1 turn if sucessful but is ineffective against bios who have a primary Lightning Specialty

( Sawarabi no Mai ) - Dance of the Young Ferns
Type: Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 45
Damage Points: 80
Description: Sawarabi no Mai is the fifth and last of the five Kaguya dance forms. The user causes a giant forest of tall
sharp bone spikes to burst up from the ground covering the entire field. While active, the user can merge themselves into the bone trees at will to attack their target from whichever spike they want.

(Raiton: Rairyu no Tatsumaki) - Lightning Release: Thunder Dragon Tornado
Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user forms a whirling vortex of electricity around themselves. The vortex will take on the form of a dragon’s head and will grow to then shoot forward and cover the area in front of them. Even if the attack doesn't directly connect with his foe, the lightning can jump from the vortex to hit a nearby target.

S-sir! I swear to you, the seal was placed. He must have removed it somehow!

*Pause* Well it matters little now, prepare for the ritual!!

The man runs over to Hades cloak in hand, placing it over his master's shoulders & after scurries off. Hades begins to channel his chakra throughout his body while performing several handseals. A harmonious chant echoes across the room as the ring of figures begin taking part in the ritual, those who managed to fight off the onslaught. A large mass of blue fluid begins to exude from Hades' body, spreading out it quickly devours the Kaguya. This was still an experimental process for Hades, as the Kaguya was the first of his victims he was slightly unsure of the results. With the absorption mid way, The servant looks across the room. He begins to mumble to himself as his eyes lock onto Hades, & with a single deep breathe he charges forward, screaming at the top of his lungs as he draws his sword. Briefly after, a handful of the circled figures also leap forward, mimicking the servant's actions as they all target Hades. Fully aware of his surrounding situation, he channels chakra into the fluid & creates several tentacle like extensions to shoot out & strike the individuals. In an attempt to fight back the hooded figures lose their lives in the process while the servant survives as the extension wraps around his neck, slowly tightening. Hades glances over toward the man, & in that moment it all becomes apparent to him.

The lack of respect, the man only showed fear. Fear, an emotion easily coinciding with Hate.
The corridor, it was not the previous incident that caused his body to sweat & tremble, but the anticipation of this very moment.
The seal, he had planned it all along! no need for him to get his hands dirty when the Kaguya could take on the trouble.​

(Kinjutsu: Kimera no Jutsu) - Forbidden Technique: Chimera Technique
Rank: Forbidden
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra cost: 200
Damage points: N/A
Description: The Chimera Technique is a kinjutsu that was developed by Hiruko, a missing-nin of Konohagakure, in order to compensate for his lack of natural special abilities. It was originally meant to combine separate living bodies of organisms into one combined organism bearing the original characteristics of the organisms, and therefore create a synthetic body. After seeing Kakashi bearing the Sharingan, Hiruko uses the technique to integrate the bodies of others with his own, allowing him to obtain any kekkei genkai they possess, and absorb their chakra. When assimilating victims, he first does the Ox > Horse > Hare handseals enabling his body to exude a large mass of deep blue, viscous fluid that covers a large area. While assimilating victims, he can use the fluid to attack enemies with gelatinous, reforming (and rebounding) extensions (B-Rank). The gelatinous mass absorbs the life force of the sacrifices and uses its chakra as a fuel to "metabolize" the genetic material of the targeted body and merge it with the users body. Once the bodies have been completely absorbed, the mass receeds into the users body and the user is left with mastery over the absorbed KG.
Note: Can only be used by Hiruko.
Note: Can only be used once per battle.

Huh, it would seem with the nation turning into turmoil, savagery becomes an necessity. You feel killing me was really the best option? for what reason? what was th urge for such stupidity?

The questions rhetorical, Hades anger only grows after each question, tightening the grasp around the servant's neck until done speaking to which he releases the man. He drops to the ground, almost lifeless as he attempts to catch his breathe. Hades simply huffs & sighs as he continues the ritual, now with no distractions he fully absorbs the body & it's inherent abilities, it is a short process but a draining one too, he screams out in pain as the fluid begins to consume him entirely, only growing in size as it begins to violently shake around. The scream slowly drowns out until nothing is heard, & with that the fluid stops all movement, stiffening into a hardened structure. Shortly after a faint sound can be heard from within the fluid, alongside small cracks that spread across it as beams of light shoot out then followed by an explosion that erupts out from the fluid. As the smoke clears Hades can be seen standing in the center, scanning his body as he feels his new found ability surge through it. With the ritual over, Hades drops to the floor, even though his body enhanced, it was not renewed & the ritual leaves him extremely fatigued.
The few subordinates left rush over to Hades' side, two lift him up while the third picks up his cloak, dusting it off as they walk toward his quarters to put him to rest. But just as they walk off the servant spits out blood, coughing harshly as he attempts to talk.

My.. freedom. K-killing you would grant me my freedom! *forming a single handseal* & even now! I intend to carry on what I started!!

A final Hail Mary attempt by the man, having placed explosive tags across not just the entire hall, but himself, his followers & even across the cloak held by Hade's subordinate. And with the single handseal they all light up brightly, ready to explode. The men frantic, leap up as they attempt to escape, leaving Hades behind, however only he seems to grasp the reality of the situation, for them. Hades had studied the notes of the Kaguya closely, preparing himself to be able to truly harness the power of the Kaguya clan's ability. As the explosion sets off Hades channels chakra across his entire body, causing a rush of bones to spread out from all around his body, creating a tipi like shield to protect him from the blast. Though severely weakened, he managed to gather enough strength to perform such an act. The explosion spread across the entire hall, destroying everything in it's path as it created a large crater within the ground. Thanks to Kaguya's bloodline the defense stood without even a scratch. The entire surrounding area now jagged rocks & rubble everywhere, while from it all Hades rises standing above it all with a proud, smug look across his face. He sat himself down as he thought to himself of what the man spoke of, laughing to himself as he hid himself back within his impenetrable defense so he could finally have the long deserved rest he was waiting for.

[RP ends here]