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Apr 21, 2011
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B a s i c ⬗ I n f o r m a t i o n

Name: Marshall D. Teach

Nickname: Blackbeard

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Clan: Uchiha

⬗ A p p e a r a n c e ⬗

Blackbeard is an extremely tall man. He has a massive build as his body is round with relatively thin limbs, though this doesn't affect his speed and power. He has a big mouth with several broken or missing teeth, a pronounced crooked nose and a very large and hairy chest and torso. Long, thick, woolly black hair falls down the back of his neck, underneath a black bandana. Befitting his epithet, Teach has a long black beard; the middle portion is tied into three braids. He wears dark, flamboyant purple pants, patterned along its length by flower designs. His torso is covered by a long black coat with a red inner lining over a light purple shirt that exposes his torso. The color of his coat is adorned with a plume of orange feathers. His hat, which bears his Jolly Roger, has a similar set of feathers as well. Several rings adorn his fingers.
⬗ P e r s o n a l i t y ⬗

Blackbeard's personality seems to be a strange mix of courage and cowardice, as well as high intellectual capacity and stupidity. While at times his character looks strong and fearsome, in others he will seem weak and ridiculous. He is very deceptive, joining the to find another wielder of the Mangekyo Sharingan and killing a fellow partner despite two decades with the bandits, displaying his immense greed and hunger for power.

Blackbeard has a strong belief in fate and the dreams of men. He has a voracious appetite, carefree attitude, and a competitive and reckless nature to the point of persevering even if there may be grave consequences. Perhaps because of his strong belief in fate, Blackbeard is highly amoral. He believes that there is no inherent "good" nor "evil" in the world, jeeringly mocking anyone who expresses such belief. He is also patient and conniving, having spent decades with Whitebeard and his men just to get his hands on the powers he wanted, before killing and leaving the crew.

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Village of Birth
Land of Fire
V i l l a g e ⬗ I n f o r m a t i o n
Village of Alliance

R a n k // C h a k r a ⬗ I n f o r m a t i o n




Lightning Release
Fire Release
Wind Release
Earth Release
Water Release
Blaze Release
Corium Release
Light Release
Sea Stone Release
Burning Ice Release

Medical Ninjutsu
Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
Steel Ball Run
Warrior Monk's Way
Dance of the Blade Sage
Trick Archery
Vaneck Pilat


Customs ▶ ( X )

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B a c k g r o u n d ⬗ I n f o r m a t i o n

A highly cautious and patient man, Blackbeard spent much of his life in the pursuit of power, but neglecting to build any fame or reputation for himself. As such, much of Blackbeard's past is unknown. One of many children throughout the world orphaned by shinobi conflict, Marshall D. Teach encountered a group of bandits known as the Whitebeard Pirates when he was just a boy. This group of bandits, who regarded their leader as a father figure, adopted Teach into their ranks, and he went on to sail with them for the next two decades. Over this time, Teach fought alongside his crew on many adventures across the shinobi world, and appeared to have formed a deep bond with them. In truth, Teach sought to become the most powerful man in the world.

First tasting power when his Sharingan awoke as a boy, Teach surmised that his best chances of gaining more power would be to join in with the infamous group of rogues. He built his power over the many years he spent with them, even awakening his Mangekyo Sharingan in secret. Upon learning that Thatch, another member of the rogues had awakened the same pair of eyes, Teach attacked and killed his partner and stole Thatch's eyes for himself. He then fled from the group in secret, and made his way across the world. It was from this day onward that Teach adopted the epithet "Blackbeard."

Blackbeard continued his travels, acquiring new powers and alliances along the way through dealings and conflicts with other groups of shinobi. With his newfound power, Teach quickly rose in infamy, and was sought out by his former superior among Whitebeard's men, Portgas D. Ace. Teach managed to defeat Ace after a grueling battle, and handed his former commander over to one of Whitebeard's chief rivals in exchange for arcane and dangerous jutsu. Knowing that Whitebeard would wage war to retrieve Ace, Blackbeard lay in wait before finally attacking his former "Father" at his weakest point. Through an unknown means, Blackbeard was able to use the power of Whitebeard's body to gain access to the chakra of the Sage of Six Paths.

Blackbeard emerged anew, touting not only his already formidable powers, but also unleashing the power he stole from Whitebeard as well. Now possessing the Six Paths power as well as a Rinnegan, Blackbeard advanced onto the world, determined to cement his place as its strongest shinobi.

O t h e r ⬗ I n f o r m a t i o n

Single Handseal Specialist:

Teach can perform techniques of Lightning Release by performing a single ( 1 ) handseal, that is still double-handed except when specifically stated otherwise in the technique.

Increased Element Specialist:

Teach can perform Fire Release techniques with faster seals and halved handseals, if more than 3 seals ( 4 and up ).

Advanced Combat Specialist:

Due to his gaining of Six Paths Chakra, Teach's Ninjutsu and Taijutsu gain a passive +30 damage increase of all ranks.

Yin-Yang Specialist:

Teach is able to specialize in both component elements of Yin-Yang with their benefits under one Extra Specialty slot and becomes able to passively sense chakra and it's nature, as well as identify different chakra signatures.

Teach has heightened spiritual abilities translating into an awareness of all genjutsu and spiritual entities below MS level and passive genjutsu kai up to B-rank. He also has heightened genjutsu prowess, allowing him to render his genjutsu techniques unbreakable by one of the primary methods of release (to be specified during the move). Teach's chakra siphoning abilities becomes stronger allowing him to passively siphon 30 chakra per turn from enemies. [/I][/I]

Despite his body's shape and size, Teach heightened vitality translating to 1000 chakra increase to hisnatural reserves. As well, his physical durability increases significantly, allowing him to reduce up C-rank damage (30 dmg) from physically damaging techniques like any nin, tai, and kenjutsu. As well, he is immune to recoil damage from techniques that cause it like Forbidden, though he still succumbs to the jutsu's other subscribed affects.

Signifying his mastery over Yin-Yang Release, Teach possesses dominion over the Creation, Xebec. Additionally, in search of arcane power, Teach has applied the Phantom Blood Kinjutsu to his body.

Phantom Blood

(Yoton/Kinjutsu: Fantomu Buraddo ) - Yang Release/Forbidden Arts: Phantom Blood
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Seeking a way to enhance the body to its uttermost limits, a group of shinobi known as the Pillar Men created the Kinjutsu known as "Phantom Blood." Sealed into stone masks by its creators, Phantom Blood is a Kinjutsu designed to transform the body; upon being touched by blood and worn on the face, the mask releases several spines that inject a surge of Yang-based energy into the user's body that binds itself to their cells and naturally occurring fluids. This process permanently transforms the user into an entity known as a "Vampire," the Yang-based energy passively granting them physical prowess and agility on par with that of the Second of the Eight Inner Gates. Vampires possess immense longevity, their lifespans continuing indefinitely, and can even remain alive after any injury that would normally be fatal for ordinary humans(in terms of the function of the RP, this aspect of the longevity is largely cosmetic; the user's health points still abide to normal health rules and the user will still lose a match when their health reaches zero). However, they are not truly immortal; a fatal injury to the brain will result in the death of a vampire as normal. This longevity grants those under the influence of Phantom Blood a naturally higher capacity to heal, able to passively recover from damage on par with Hashirama Senju's passive regeneration. Minor wounds, burns, cuts, etc. will all passively heal over a small period of time, closing up wounds and injuries after one turn. While this healing can recover such wounds over the course of one turn, it is not without its limits; a Vampire's passive healing is only able to restore the body so that it can function, but does not restore lost HP(for instance, an arm broken by an A-rank technique will mend itself, but the user will not recover the lost 60 points of their health).

This longevity can also be manifested in enhanced ways, though these require active uses. The user can increase the power of the regeneration to restore up to 75 Health Points. This can be used to mend more severe injuries, such as restoring destroyed organs or reattaching detached limbs. Should the user make physical contact with another living organism, such as a bio or summoning creature, the user can execute this ability with greater ease, compensating for the comparatively lesser use of chakra by stealing some of the opponent's vitality.

Note: Enhanced regeneration requires physical contact with target and can only be utilized two times per battle. Can only be used by Yin-Yang masters
Note: Active regeneration occupies a move slot, consuming 70 chakra. Through direct contact, the chakra drainage drops to 50 chakra. Regular version can be used once every two turns, direct contact once every other turn. Either version can only be used twice per battle
Note: Due to their bodies growing acclimated to Yang energy through the Phantom Blood transformation, Vampires become able to use techniques that would normally clash with the usage of Yang Release techniques without such hindrance, though all other restrictions apply
Note: This technique cannot be used to regenerate from techniques that inflict damage equaling to or exceeding half of the user's total health pool, nor can the user use the actives of this technique should their health fall below 25% of its total pool.


( Mikagami Dorōn ) - Mirror Drone
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 Initial Cost (-10 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: This Scientific Ninja Tool is a disk-shaped drone that can be controlled remotely with chakra to fly and attack. The user can have up to four in his possession, which he can use to fire Jutsu Bullets from, that are strong enough to render a target unconscious and move at comparable speed to Lightning jutsu. These drones are able to be used up to long range, or one landamark adjacent to the user's location.
Note: User can only have 2 max, taking one of his Tools slots. Cyborg bios can have up to 4, counting as 1 slot.
Note: Once deployed, Mirror Drones last up to 10 turns before their chakra runs out, requiring a break of the same amount of time before they can be used. Cyborg bios have double the using time for half the charging time ( only 5 turns to recharge battery).

Body Seals

(Fuuin: Bachi no Kindachi) - Sealing Technique: Damocles, The Curse of Kings
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40 (80 chakra for double usage)
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will have four seals on their body (must be stated in the biography) with the Kanji for “Curse” that can be passively activated (instant but still counts as a move) whenever the opponent uses a technique. The seal will will release an intangible barrier that expands outwards in all directions. The barrier instantly reaches long-range in every direction and serves to absorb chakra from the given technique in order to weaken it by a quarter . The amount of chakra absorbed is proportional to the power of the technique but one thing that remains the same is that the remaining technique will fall to three-quarters it's original power i.e. a 120 damage technique would fall to 90 damage (Forbidden Rank). The barrier is destroyed soon after coming into contact with the technique if it exceeds a traditional S-Rank in power but not before it leeches a quarter of it’s chakra in order to weaken it by the same degree. The user can instead activate two barriers rather than one to reduce the targeted technique to half it’s original power rather than a quarter. This will count as two of the user’s three moves per turn. This means this technique does not counter other jutsu in itself but rather aids the user in countering more powerful techniques by weakening them. Due to the barrier’s intangibility, it will can work on solid techniques as well as liquids, gases and energy-based techniques. It will also only shatter against non-physical techniques due to their ability to clash with the intangible barrier. The reason this seal needs to be passively activated (still counts as a move) is so the user can use a technique in the same-timeframe to counter the opponent's weakened jutsu. This technique can be used thrice per battle, be it three usages of the single version, three usages of the double version or any variation/combination of the two.

Note: Can only be used three times per battle
Note: No Fuuinjutsu techniques can be used in the user's same and next turn (when single version is used)
Note: No Fuuinjutsu techniques can be used in the user's same and next two turns (when double version is used)

(Fuuinjutsu: Boukun no Ryoudo) – Sealing Technique: Tyrant’s Dominion
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: N/A (+1 Range to Technique Applied to)
Chakra Cost: N/A (+20 to the Technique Used Prior to This)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The user will have a seal on their body that can be activated whenever they use a technique that sends chakra through or into the ground. Upon activation, the seal will pump extra chakra into the technique and thereby extend it’s range by one degree (e.g. short-range techniques will be able to reach mid-range and mid-range techniques will be able to reach long-range). The chakra used for this technique will be added to the cost of the jutsu that preceded this. This technique counts as a move but occurs in the same timeframe as the technique it's applied to.

Note: Can only be used three times per battle
Note: Must have a one turn cool down the least between each usage
Note: Seal must be place within user's bio
Note: Can only be taught by Venom

(Fuuin: Hakari no Doragon) — Sealing Technique: Scales of the Dragon
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: N/A (-40 on Activation)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The user has a seal on their body with the Kanji for "Impervious" that automatically activates upon the user being struck with a Taijutsu attack. A barrier instantly forms over the user (before the user can be harmed) and mitigates the damage dealt by the strike and any subsequent strikes encompassed in the technique or freeform combo. Whether a Taijutsu technique deals one single hit or a multitude of them, each activation of this seal will defend one single Taijutsu attack/combo, be it freeform or a technique. The effect of the barrier is to reduce rather than eliminate the damage the user takes from being struck physically by the opponent so it will only halve the damage of any Taijutsu technique no matter how powerful (e.g. S-Ranks will fall to 40 damage, D-Ranks will fall to 10 damage). Due to this seal only reducing damage rather protecting the user completely, it acts as a failsafe more than anything else in case the user is caught unawares by someone much faster than them. The user’s body will sustain the remaining damage after the barrier halves it’s power.

Note: Can only be used twice per battle
Note: User still takes half the damage
Note: Only applies to Taijutsu techniques
Note: No S-Rank or above Fūin in that turn or next

(Fūinjutsu: Maiyā no bando) - Sealing Arts: Mayer s Band
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: D-S
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: (equivalent to the amount of opposing tech)
Damage: N/A
Description: This seal, Mayer's Band, was created by an Uzumaki prior to their village's destruction. The jutsu's purpose revolves around the ability to identify and seal foreign energy produced by the user's enemies. The seal itself is placed onto a wrist band and it is a kanji line shaped like a pentagon with open circles placed at every point of the shape. When foreign energy enters short range of the user, the circles on the wristband emit a bright colorful light signifying to the user that an energy different from the energies known to them has broken their perimeter. The sealing band cannot inform the user about the type of energy being used, but it can and does tell the difference between the various energies it comes across, and thus repeats the same color glows corresponding with that energy when met again. Once the energy is close enough the seal will release a special energy absorbing barrier around the user protecting them for that one attack before sealing the foreign energy into the wristband protecting the user. The jutsu is quite helpful for shinobi who don't have any energy sensing abilities, and its sealing effect only lasts a limited time. After sealing its maximum amount of energy the band will only work as an energy identifier for the user, but it will no longer be able to seal energy.
►Activates 3x per battle
►Has a one turn cool down
►When a S-Rank technique is sealed, no fuuin in the following turn, and then no fuuin above A in the next
►Seal must be placed in biography
►Can only be taught by ZandaT

(Fuuinjutsu: Goto) - Sealing Arts: Burglary
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: N/A (+20)
Description: The user will release an jutsu from their body or from away their body, while lacing the jutsu with a unique seal. The seal has a property of absorbing characteristics of an opponents jutsu when clashing against the users jutsu. This will weaken the opponent's jutsu by 20 CP and the 20 CP will be transferred to the users technique. However, this doesn't just simply improve in power, rather it steals byproducts that relate to the element and combines it with the users technique. E.g. if the seal absorbs properties of fire, specifically it will absorb either its heat, ash, or gas (this is for the user to decide) and whatever is chosen will coincide in aiding the users jutsu, so this can include heating up an earth or water jutsu, inflaming a fire jutsu to larger size, or make a lightning jutsu violently explode. This works logically with just about any elemental jutsu element, KG and CE included. Lastly, to reiterate, even when the users technique is up by 20 damage, this doesn't mean they will not still clash with the opponents technique, but the clash will be weakened (from the opponent's perspective) and this also follows elemental strength and weakness. In a lot of cases, this can also enhance the size of the jutsu, especially when two of the same elements clash. The process of attaching the seal is performing jutsus from the body through a seal (either on the tongue, or limbs) or slamming their hands on the ground and channeling seal simultaneously with the jutsu. Does not work with techniques that come out of thin air.

Note: Can only be taught by Joker. This does not work with water (unless absorbing the water jutsu of the opponent) mainly so it doesn't clash with Noni's Davy's Devilish Devouring technique. Can only work with S-Rank jutsus and can only absorb S-Rank and below jutsus. Can only be used three times. Can not be used in consecutive turns. Cannot be stacked with infusions.

Additionally, Blackbeard's body is affixed with the Transcription Seal. Should Teach be killed/have his health reduced to zero, the transcription will forcibly activate Izanagi, reviving him back to his state prior to the fatal injury.


( Doujutsu: Tensha Fūin ) - Eye Technique: Transcription Seal
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 70 ( + chakra of jutsu )
Damage: N/A ( Jutsu dependent )
Description: Transcription Seal is a technique that has the ability to seal a technique of the user's Mangekyō Sharingan within a designated host. Upon being sealed, the technique is typically, involuntarily activated whenever the host when a condition is met; which is predetermined by the user at the moment of sealing. While often being used involuntarily, a skilled user is able to activate it a will when placed upon himself. There are several methods to perform this technique, the most common being channeling chakra to one's fingers and then placing his fingers upon the target's forehead, transferring it to him.
Note: The user is only able to seal Amaterasu based attacks, Tsukiyomi, and other Sharingan attacks barring Susano'o within another eye. He is able to trigger Izanagi within his own eye, however with specific triggers to activate it.
Note: Only one technique can be sealed at any time, and must be stated either in the user's bio or before battle.
Note: Can only be used twice per event.
Note: If Mangekyo Sharingan is needed to activate said sealed techniques, then the Mangekyo will be auto activated when used, taking place of an activation. This counts towards the user's usage count even if the Transcription Seal was created by someone else.

( Doujutsu: Izanagi ) – Eye Technique: Izanagi
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: 100
Damage points: N/A ( loss of a Sharingan eye )
Description: Izanagi is a Genjutsu that is intended to be cast upon oneself and not the enemy though it actually seems to imbue reality with the users will and alter it according to his own needs. When activated the user removes the boundaries between reality and illusion and bends it to achieve the best outcome to his situation. In a certain degree this allows the user to control their own state of existence as well as that of those around him. However, this is only maintained for the briefest of moments. When activated it is capable of turning an injury or even death into an illusion allowing the user to escape harm, but not without a grave cost. The use of this technique results in the loss of a Sharingan eye. The technique essentially allows the user to alter reality and negate any event that might have happened in the last moments of battle (negates anything that has happened to either the user or the enemy in the last 2 turns), the only exception being his own chakra levels.
Note: This version can only be used by Uchiha Bios with access to MS/EMS
Note: Can only be used twice per battle, once per eye, rendering the used eye blind for the rest of the match, even if the user has EMS
Note: Those around the user as well as the user are well aware of the altered reality though they cannot do anything to change it

Foulest of all, Teach possesses the unholy domain over the soul of Genji Shimada, binding it via the Edo Tensei.

Artifacts: N/A

P i c t u r e // T h e m e ⬗ S o n g
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