Mao Zedong


Jul 23, 2022
Trait Points
Basic Information
Name: Mao Zedong
Nickname: Supreme Leader/Chairman Mao
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Clan: N/A

Looks: Mao is characterized by his rough skin, black eyes, hair and masculine features. His normal attire resembles that of a anbu blackops member. He wears a red trench coat in quinessential communist fashion.

Personality: Although traumatized by a cursed childhood full of hardship, Mao is a harmonic and devoted person. He is very competitive yet cherishes the value of sharing; which would become the main trait and purpose of his life later on. He cares very deeply for his comrades and is fiercely loyal to his homeland and wishes to restore it one day.
Village Info:
Land of Birth: Impoverished famine-ridden land
WSE Clan: N/A

Rank//Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Academy Student
Specialty: N/A
Elements: Fire and Wind
Skills: Ninjutsu

Background Info
History: Mao was born in the village of Shaoshan in a province outside of the Ninja World, the son of a former peasant who had become affluent as a farmer and grain dealer. He grew up in an environment in which education was valued only as training for keeping records and accounts. From the age of eight he attended his native village’s primary school, where he acquired a basic knowledge of the Wujing (Confucian Classics). At 13 he was forced to begin working full-time on his family’s farm. Rebelling against paternal authority (which included an arranged marriage that was forced on him and that he never acknowledged or consummated), Mao left his family to study at a higher primary school in a neighbouring county and then at a secondary school in the provincial capital, Changsha. There he came in contact with new ideas from the Shinobi, as formulated by such political and cultural reformers as Madara Uchiha and the Nationalist revolutionary Danzo Shimura. Scarcely had he begun studying revolutionary ideas when a real took place before his very eyes. It was a shithole which he reluctantly escaped from and made his way on to the Outer Lands, where he would carve out a new path.

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