LGeezy vs Drackos


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Sep 10, 2008
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Let's get it. Tools and all in bio.

The Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki stood facing a new challenger, someone obviously trying to prove a point. But, there were always people like this who thought power meant everything. After all, without power you couldn't survive in this horrid world full of horrible people looking for anyway to further their own means. However, Menma knew exactly why he had to rid this world of all of those terrible people in order to bring peace to the world. Through fear, the world would be reborn and Menma would lead those to the promised land. Menma stood with his mask covering his face, as he stared into the eyes of Solomon. He was a good looking guy alright, Menma was sure he had all the kunoichi's panties wetter than water. There wasn't time for much talk though, Menma simply didn't have the time to toy around when his plate was full with plans for World Domination.

He'd would begin the battle by instantly activating his Perfect Toad Sage Mode. As one of the most powerful Sage Mode user, the world had ever seen thanks to the Nine Tails, he was able to instantly convert 40% of his maximum reserves into Senjutsu chakra. Since his Sage Mode was instantaneous with no need for meditation, he was within the same timeframe able to cast a powerful genjutsu upon Hamura as he was already looking at him directly in the face. Solomon would begin to feel his body vibrating intensely and in doing so, he would find that he was unable to focus his chakra for high level techniques while also hampering his ability to complete handseals.

( Kanpekinanin Gama Sennin Modo ) - Perfect Toad Sage Mode
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: N/a
Chakra cost: N/A ( -10 turn to sustain )
Damage Points: Active + 30 damage to all ninjutsu and taijutsu up to S rank
Description: An empowered state of body achieved by blending natural energy with one’s physical and spiritual energy. The mode heightens performance on all levels by adding a new dimension of power to the user’s chakra. The state is a direct result of Senjutsu chakra circulating through the body. To enter this form, a minimum of 10% of the user’s maximum chakra reserve must be moulded into Senjutsu chakra, all subsequent technique employ Senjutsu chakra until the minimum cost (-10/turn) cannot be paid to sustain the mode. The user is resistant to damage, reducing 30 damage from all techniques and can heal (for 10 damage per turn) for the duration of this technique. The user is able to passively sense chakra and his/her perception and reflexes are enhanced by x3. Their strength increases, empowering Taijutsu techniques and Ninjutsu by +30. Additionally, Genjutsu cast by the user are empowered requiring the opponent to use Genjutsu release, of one rank higher than what is normally required. Lastly, the user gains access to toad anatomy, Sage Art: Frog Kata and other physical feats granted by Sage mode.
Note: Usable thrice per battle by Perfect Sages only. Must wait 1 turn before using this technique again. Once per battle, the user is able to instantly activate Sage mode, with 10% of their maximum chakra reserve as Senjutsu Chakra.
Note: Perfect Sages can convert a maximum of 40% of their total chakra reserve.

CP: 2600
SM: 1040

Genjutsu:shindou (Genjutsu: Vibration)
Type: Offensive
Range: All (as long as eye contact can be made)
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: After making eye contact with the opponent, the opponent begins to feel as if they are vibrating intensely, making it hard to complete seals and focus, preventing the opponent from using jutsu that require major focus and precision(s-forbidden rank jutsu). The effects of the jutsu last two turns.
*Can only be used twice

Menma would hold his hand above his head creating a Rasenshuriken which he threw towards Solomon. The powerful Wind Release technique would travel the distance towards Hamura so fast it would leave him almost no time to react as the Shuriken would explode as it neared him erupting into a large vortex that would encompass a wide range and make avoiding the technique nearly impossible.
(Fūton: Rasenshuriken) - Wind Release: Spiraling Shuriken
Type: Offensive
Rank: S
Range: Short (up to Long for Naruto)
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80 + 30 + 10 = 120 (20 to the user, if CQC)
Description: By manipulating the wind-natured chakra of the Wind Release: Rasengan, Naruto was able to create four large points, causing the Rasengan to take on the appearance of a giant fūma shuriken, with the Rasengan in the centre remaining a perfect sphere. The technique gives off a loud screech-like noise during, and after formation. Others ninjas can learn the technique, but cannot throw it as they lack Naruto's skill with the rasengan to succeed nor can they produce as much damage as Naruto who, adding to the damage boost given to him to the aforementioned modes, gains another +10 damage when using it.

HP: 160
CP: 2600
SM: 1040 - 90 = 950