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Khorazaldana Uchiha

Lena | Lord Sorrows | Stitched Horror



Ninja Rank


Land of Birth

New Shinramoto


Lena's personality has also evolved due to her change in hearts and so has changed her into the woman she is now, though of course has retained her original heart and is still pretty laid back, apathetic and calm during most of her interactions; though her sass and sarcasm factor has grown and weaved into her words. She has learned to socialise more and lessen her isolated feelings, but is still quite quiet when left to it. She still has the feature of spiking in different personality traits in response to having the hearts of multiple other personas which chemically change how she responds to things sometimes. She has grown more in control of it now with the creation of a Body Seal called "(Jiongu: Issho) - Earth Grudge Fear: Together" which is placed on her back as multiple sigil representing each of her mask elements; she has managed to separate the personalities of her hearts into the slightly modified bodies of their owners.​


Mind 5
Body 7
Spirit 4 (+1)
Agility 3
Dexterity 3 (+1)
Vitality 0​
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Primary Meiton Specialist
Increased Tracking Specialist
Yang Specialist
Chakra Meiton Fortification
Strong Fist
Apex Fabled Swordsman

貝 Barnacle Contract 猿 Monkey Contract

雷 Raiton 水 Suiton 風 Fūton
冥 Earth Grudge Fear
冥 Meiton 木 Mokuton

炭 Mueton 天 Amatsu Fūton
黒檀 Kokuanton

体 Taijutsu 剣 Kenjutsu
忍 Ninjutsu 幻 Genjutsu
武器 Bukijutsu
体 K.Taijutsu 封印 Adv. Fūinjutsu
禁術 Kinjutsu 医療 Iryō Nin
重み Leg Weights 墨 Ink

陽 Yoton

Reaper of the Cards | Bliss & Ivy
Chained Daemon Fury | Fatal Impact
Chop-Hanging Rippling Fist​

Jiongu Fuuinjutsu : Issho
A Kinjutsu called Earth Grudge Fear has changed the makeup of Lena's biology and allows her to retrieve and utilize the elemental abilities of her victims' heart organ. Each of these hearts forms a mask on her back, but she has modified this and created a body seal which removes the masks to replace them with tattoos. The Issho technique also allows her hearts to keep their owners' likeness and personality when released from her body, but remain under her command. All Issho have Body Modifications & Contract Tattoos exactly like Lena bar her Body Seals; though this means they are infused with "Inner Daemons" just like her, which allow for more creative variances in appearance like Lena's Horn & Pointy Ears that she has from time-to-time.​

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From Left to Right, the Issho are as follows. "Lord Sorrows" is the holder of Lena's Dark Release Heart and has been a conflicting personality to carry, she has affected Lena's mental state in the past as an negative evil person. However their relationship is less strained recently as overtime Ulmerikki Sorrows has grown a fondness of Lena and a protective instinct. The White haired Beauty is Angela Bliss of the Wood Release, she was Lena's former lover but their views clashed into a battle that caused Angela to be killed. Thirdly is Mila of the Water Release, when she met Lena she was stuck in an awful situation which Lena tried to jhelp her out of it, it caused Mila to be mortally wounded. Lena fulfilled her wish for her to become a part of her so that she may live a more adventurous life and see the world. Lastly but not Least is Yae Miko of the Lightning Release, she was a Priest of a Lightning Mountain Temple and has been with Lena since she woke up as the Jiongu creature - she has become a useful advisor over time.​

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Mangekyo Sharingan
It took almost a decade after waking up for Lena to discover that she is an Uchiha, with access to the Sharingan. She further awakened it's power to that of the Mangekyo Sharingan when she slayed Angela Bliss in battle after she kidnapped Lena's adoptive little sister; Alicia. Since then she has been learning more about the Sharingan and her Heritage. With her Mangekyo Lena can access the powerful Space-Time Ability; Amanozako.​

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"Do I make you nervous? Do I make you scared? Do I make you wanna just stop and stare? Weird, bizarre, unusual. Sicker than sick, atypical. A perfect picture of your fucking worst Nightmare."

起源 Origins - Year 804 - 811
Lena knows nothing before waking up before the year 804. A small recount of the time after waking can be found to the right. After the year 811, Lena went on various adventures and missions in the Warring States Era which are listed below. Lena is still trying to find out what happened to her before waking up as a Threaded Monster, so far she has learned a lot about her background as an Uchiha and yet she is still struggling to find out exactly what she is looking for...​

扇動 Instigation - Year 811 //
報復 Retaliation - Year 811 //
忘れた Forgotten - Year 812 //
  • Lost in the Desert
帰省 Homecoming - Year 813 //
遠路 Journey - 815+ //....
Lena has been pretty inactive elsewhere but New Shinramoto in the Motoi Drylands. She has been helping it develop and stay stable even with all the craziness happening in the World. However, recently she has gone missing and her family have become worried for her whereabouts - with no sign of her ever since the rifts were torn open, the people of New Shinramoto seemed to just have to move on. Though, maybe it was time for her return? With the presence of Gods and other Monsters, she can make her debut in this narrative once more...
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Younger Lena (Year 804)​

記憶 Remembrance - Year 804 // "There is no Origin, not from what I remember. I would say that I was tied up but I wasn't, waking up was painful - it didn't feel like waking up, I needed air immediately my lungs begged for it and I fed my hunger for oxygen so much so that it hurt my throat to ingest so much at a time." Lena woke up in a Dark Stone and Black Steel Room she had no idea how she had got in to, she didn't remember anything from before. Just her name and a few small blurry details. She was hung up by her arms, they hurt continuously being stretched. "I Looked up at my left arm and saw that from the wrist my hand was unnaturally snapped back and some black thick threads were what kept me tied up to each corner of the ceiling. It was horrifying, seeing stitches around my forearm, bicep, my breast, my stomach - my whole body felt. Disgusting. This feeling wouldn't be the last however, the man... no - the Thing in uniform keeping me captive emerged from the Shadows smirking at me. It was hard to speak, so I refrained from it a lot though of course I'd be questioning my situation - with anger and frustration. Though this thing just kept being so Vague and..." Lena's assailant never revealed anything about himself, just kept her in the dark and tortured her mind as much as possible - he had changed her appearance numerous times by cutting her hair, giving her piercings and she couldn't do anything about it. He was a sick, psycho. Upon waking her first memory of this Man was being brutally violated by him, consistently and for a long time she was at his mercy. But Lena was reborn from ashes, building up a lot of chakra secretly after waking up for a long time - she could feel the threads that she had somehow been put together with, they were apart of her and she'd make sure that her body would not betray her like this again.

"I tore free of course, when he... uh... took me again. I finally took control of my restraints and forced them into every hole his body had. I made news ones, brutally kept going and going until his body exploded from the inside out, until there was nothing left to impale. I do not believe he is the one that created me, just a Guard as there were many here at this Prison of Blood."

出国 Exodus - Year 804 // Lena escaped the room as she gained more control of her threaded body, as she walked through the hall she noticed medical and experimental rooms pass her by, but no one inside of them. She drags herself up a flight of steps that brought her to a doorway she couldn't open. Until she blew it open with her threads, she emerged from what she figured was the basement of this establishment and all that happened was more of these guards in uniforms got in her way - her body controlled her threads like it was second nature and batted away any resistance, leaving a trail of bodies. Lena soon realised she was traversing her way through a prison coming to a Block of Cells, she was free to roam outside unhindered, hounded by prisoners, some cheered as she flung around a couple more guards. Lena was still kind of out of it so just left the Prisoners to their cells.

What she didn't know was that at this time news had reached the Prison on Jiro Island about the Razing of Chungsu. By now most Guards were leaving and this allowed Lena to leave, with most of everywhere just left unguarded and open except the cells. Lena tried to board one of the ships set to sail away from the Blood Prison however as she tore through resistance she was finally halted in her tracks by a Firing squad from the top deck. She took a bullet to the head, causing her eyes to roll back and stumble back falling overboard unconscious.

"Never thought I'd say I've survived being shot in the head, didn't expect to wake up, but seemed I had no choice but to. Funny even when I was out cold, I could feel the bullet in my head the entire time."

歴代史 Chronicles - 804 to 811 //Lena washed up at a fishing Village in the Land of Fire, the area known as Shinramoto. Found by a skilled Fisherman and his crew, he took her home to his wife and looked after the tortured Shinobi until she regained consciousness. Lena was thankful, someone she could finally be thankful and kind to, it was almost as if nice people didn't exist and were a miracle to her at this point. Of course because of her scarring she was terrified and defensive at first, but slowly began to open up to the couple. Juliana and Zeri, they were respected in this fishing village as Zeri was a very skilled Fisherman and because of the recent fall of Chungsu had to work even hard to keep the Village stable. Juliana an ex-military soldier had luckily been sent back home on maternal leave after becoming pregnant with child. Missing the fall of the capital, though she lost most of her brothers and sisters in arms she was probably saved from a very final fate.

Lena would, once becoming more stable and comfortable start to help out around the Village and Zeri. Going fishing and using her Threads ability to catch large numbers of fish, she became an asset on the sea even when there was dangerous waters. She refined her skills as a Shinobi for a few years just trying to keep the Village economy stable. It was tough but Lena made a name for herself, but she didn't care for fame just the welfare of this new family and little Alicia was Lena's little Angel, if there was anything that could keep her happy - it was this little talented kid.

"She is the hope that was created in my darkness, even though she isn't my blood, she is my family. My little Sister, my best friend. I love her and will do anything to keep this place intact no matter the tragedy at Chungsu."

Lena started to take on more Jobs, becoming a hard worker around Shinramoto, going to the other Fishing Villages and Seaport Towns to take on jobs. This allowed her to refine her skills, especially when she took Bounties - clearing out as much criminal activity as she could, earning money and giving it away to the townsfolk. She became a local Hero to the people, though she didn't want the praise and just to be treated as any other villager. Lena knew how to survive and knew how to fight, her jobs started taking her away from Shinramoto but she never went too far away.... It was these 7 years that defined this new life of hers.​


(Samehada) - Shark Skin
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The weapon made famous by Hoshigaki Kisame, Samehada is a large sentient sword of comparable size to the Kubikiribōchō. It is described as "the most terrifying of all the Seven Swordsmen's blades" and even earned the title of "Greatsword', further adding to its fearsome reputation. Though mostly wrapped in bandages, Samehada's construction is atypical in that its actual blade is comprised from a series of downward facing sharp scales running along the entirety of its length until its hilt, at the base of which is a small skull. Samehada grows larger in proportion to the amount of chakra it absorbs, causing its scales to become so long that they ultimately resemble shark fins and its mouth, located at the tip of the blade, to become even more pronounced. As the blade is made up of scales, it inflicts injuries through shredding or shaving what it comes into contact with, rather than just cutting the object in question. This flaying effect is similar to a shark's skin, hence the sword's name. While it ordinarily remains rigid, its hilt is able to stretch and bend to great extent, allowing the weapon to be used like a flail within a short range radius. Being capable of conscious thought, Samehada chooses its own user, an exclusive process that has often resulted in it being thought of as notoriously picky, which is clearly shown in the fact that it only goes after the ones with delicious chakra. If someone it disapproves of attempts to wield it, spikes protrude from the handle in order to force them to release their grasp, at which point Samehada will make efforts to return to its chosen owner. Samehada is able to literally slice through an opponent's techniques, in spite of whether the chakra has been transformed or not, and even prevent them from being performed by absorbing all of the necessary chakra. However, it seems to be unable to automatically absorb ambient chakra. Samehada has also the ability to transfer the chakra it has absorbed to the wielder, so it can be used to either regenerate injuries or replenish their chakra reserves. Kisame goes one step further with this fusion by completely merging with Samehada.
Note: While incredibly strong and resilient, the sword is not indestructible and can be damaged, specially by high amounts of heat (S-Rank) directly applied to it.
Note: Dispite being a conscious, sentient being, the sword doesn't have complex enough senses to be put under genjutsu.
Note: Can only be used by Kisame, Fuguki, Killer Bee, Mangetsu Hozuki and Shizuma Hoshigake.

Summoning Contract

(Fujitsuboātsu : Gajettofujitsubo) - Barnacle Arts : Gadget Barnacle
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: N/A (+15 for summoning)
Damage Points: (+30 Spider-cle)(+30 Corrupt-cle)
The user will perform one handseal and summon what seems to be a generic Acorn Barnacle about they size of a coin in their hand, this isn't a summon and just a barnacle art that the user can use. The user can throw this Acorn Barnacle onto a target and it will permanently bind to it as long as it is solid (Person, Summon, Rock etc), the Gadget Barnacle has a number of effects and can only use one.

This Barnacle is used to bring up sources that may be needed depending on the user and their abilities. For example if the user is a water user then the source-cle will be thrown and it will release a puddle of water that will splash on the ground (can also be used as a C-rank water defence). Also creates an Ink Source if needed, (Puddle of Ink) or a source for Dark Release; The shell is gripped in the palm of the user's hand and the chakra is absorbed straight into the user capable of utilising one Dark Technique with it. Creates a Flame from the opening of the shell if that is a required source (Makeshift Lighter), can be used as a Mist Bomb which creates a small veil big enough to hide a couple of persons.

Six tendrils will act as legs from the Shell and be able to move around, capable of carrying an item like a Shuriken or Kunai, Scroll or a Message (For RP use in the Ninja World) in a couple of their tendrils whilst the other four are used to move around. The Spider however is also a Bomb, is basically an explosive device that can be exploded at any time, before sticking to a target or after it. It creates a C-Rank explosion with a radius of 2 meters, the explosion isn't enough to kill and only blow the opponent away and cause minor burns. It can either be a Flame Explosion, Wind, or Lightning. The spider-cle moves at the same as their user's base speed.

The Acorn Barnacle actually becomes a powerful transformation, taking the shape of a weapon of the user's choosing. They can withstand up to C-Rank Elements before breaking, the barnacle can transform into a pair of weapons splitting the rank into D-Rank each.

The Acorn Barnacle will be thrown at the ground where it will attach to it permanently with it's natural ability too, through this natural ability they have gained a knowledge and sort of affinity to earth of sorts. So the Earth is taken control by the barnacle and they will manipulate it into a 2 foot earth golem, it is capable of communication with the user and attacking with it's mouth and fists - like the Bomb-cle this acts like a C-Rank earth technique.

- These don't have to be summoned, they can already be on the user if stated in the bio.
- Body of the Thoracica and Legs of the Thoracica can be used through a Gadget Barnacle
- Barnacle Community Summons like "Oregon", "Barbaracle" can use Gadget Barnacles from their body.
- To use Varieties like Ink and Dark of the Source-cle then you have to be a user in that form of Ninjutsu
- Using One Gadget Barnacle costs a turn
- Must have signed the Barnacle Contract
- Can only use two different types of Gadget per turn
- Cannot use the same type more than once a turn

(Fujitsuboātsu : Uchinaru Akuma) - Barnacle Arts : Inner Demons
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: N/A
Damage Points: N/A
This technique is only accessible by those who have signed the Barnacle Contract and it utilises Barnacle Larvae that will live within the body, under the skin of the signer. These Larvae can do various things that modify and change the user's body but not to a significant degree, it is a way of adding things to create a variety of options and weapons it also allows for unique cosmetic looks that break certain human like boundaries but not to a huge degree. The Larvae can grow various tools from the user's body into their hand or can have it so the shell simply protrudes from their skin, for example they can grow a couple of calcite shell shuriken/shuriken into the palm of their hand or have Horns grow from their forehead as a new way to melee; or even grow claws from between their knuckles to assist with their punches. Tools created this way will be made out of Calcite Shell laced with Tendrils, meaning they can be the source of follow up Legs/Body of the Thoracica Jutsu however act as normal tools before these jutsu are used. The creation of normal tools like this is passive and counts as freeform, acting as a new way to use an arsenal of ninja tool. Because these Larvae are one with the user they change their skin so that is similar to Barnacle Flesh which allows them to reseal broken skin when tools are made from the user's body, it also allows the larvae to use "Legs of the Thoracica" from the user's very body, however creating extra hands does not allow the user to make hand seals with them. This in no way can be used to heal the user from incoming damage, it can be used to reseal cuts, but the internal damage is still done and is just a way to stop further bleeding, nerves, tendons. organs and everything within the body is still damaged except the skin. Larvae can use Gadget Barnacle from the user's body capable of launching it from a hand for example and even capable of infusing the user with Organs of the Thoracica.

Like with Zombies, the Restrictions of the Barnacle Arts when the Larvae use them apply to them separately as they can act alone with it's own abilities, their number of usages of an Art will not clash with the Users. Because of their limited amount of abilities the use-age of Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica gain a rank, but only when the Larvae use them. Stated in the signer's bio there can be various cosmetic applications already active to change the appearance, like horns or spikes protruding off certain points of the body or elongated nails made from shell even a tail made of Barnacle Tendril flesh or tendrils intertwined within the hair, capped sharp teeth or a longer tongue and even if you so wish - pointy ears. Making modifications to the user's body is unranked (Unless Jutsu are used instead ofcourse) and can be done freeform and is limited to the user's creativity.

- Must have Signed the Barnacle Contract.
- Must be taught by LonelyAssassin
- Must be stated on your bio that you posses these.
- The Larvae can use Barnacle Arts independently from the user.

(Kuchiyose : Zonbi) - Summoning : Zombies
Type: Summoning
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (+30 for both)
Damage Points: N/A
From the very body of The Gravemind (Sprout the Gravemind Summon) it's flesh is in the control of a Rhizecephalia Parasitic type barnacle which manipulates the flesh to it's entirety, this is normally called a Kōzui. In this case these Kōzui are personal to the user and are seemingly trapped inside an ordinary sized Acorn Barnacle shells which are attached to the user's body, armor or some accessory they keep on their body due to the way Barnacles permanently attach to surfaces. The Shells are pretty small so can be attached to places like the underside of the tongue and the summon can seemingly grow out from the mouth or can act as the jewel on a ring that the user wears. The user channels chakra into the Shell on their person and the Kozui will pop out (like they are growing out from it) and have a humanoid shape, they can take the form of a Human if they so wish (As long as they have two legs and two arms and are around the same size as a person they can look as cosmetically wacky as the user's preference), a realistic transformation very similar to the Shadow Mirror Body Change Method with clothes and all. The "Zombie" can be spawned with a weapon each made of Calcite Shell, and can be any weapon the user desires - they're just an ordinary weapon. They can be summoned through ordinary summoning means if the user so wishes.

The Kōzui have a very strong resistance to ordinary weapons and taijutsu, anything powered with chakra would hurt the Rhizecephalia normally and being sliced in half with an ordinary blade would still cause the drawbacks of having no legs for example, however the Kōzui can still move and drag themselves with their hands. Kōzui can still feel pain and can break out of genjutsu through pain, however they cannot really be crippled by it (For example pain so severe it would paralyze them or stun them). Kōzui can perform A-Rank Ordinary Strong-Fist Taijutsu OR A-Rank Kenjutsu that the user knows (must be stated when summoned or in the user's bio which of the two they are allowed) and can use Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica, and even be fused with the Organs of the Thoracica, the Kōzui also Wield Gadget Barnacles. The Restrictions of the Barnacle Arts when the Zombies use them apply to them separately as they are a singular entity with it's own abilities, their number of usages of an Art will not clash with the Users. Moreover, The Zombies can through the mental command of the signer use ONLY the Legs of the Thoracica and Body of the Thoracica from their Shell which they are trapped within until summoned that is on the User's person.

The Rhizecephalia act as travelling companions and last indefinitely on the field upon summoning, when they take B-Rank damage they will disperse from the battlefield back into their shells. They usually come in pairs, but each use of this Technique is a single separate Kozui and so the user can have up to two of these on their bio - each being different.

- Must have Signed Barnacle Summoning Contract
- The Zombies can communicate with the user in their shells, this is mainly cosmetic
- Can only have a Maximum of Two of these on ones bio.
- When Summoned they last for four turns.
- The user can spend 30 extra chakra to summon both Kozui with one usage of this technique.
- Must be stated in the User's Bio to be capable of being used.
- The user can have the Kōzui be taken back inside the acorn shells if in short range

Scientific Ninja Tools

(Shūtā) - Shooter
Type: Vehicle
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: (+40 to Summon)
Damage: N/A
Shooter is a Black Motorcycle, There are two designs available to the user and it can be either a Sportbike or a Cruiser. The Design and Blueprint is coded into a Seal and Tattooed onto the user so that it can be summoned at any time with 40 Chakra. Inherent to all vehicles; in battle it’s speed is that of 3x base Jounin and has 80 HP, there is also a 20% Travel reduction time between landmarks. The rider of Shooter can ride the Motorcycle and have one hand free, capable of wielding a weapon like they are riding upon a horse and can perform melee attacks as such. When performing Melee weapon attacks whilst riding the bike, as long as it’s through the hand / arm movement of the user they gain an active damage boost of 20 due to the high speed of riding the motorcycle whilst also performing a (for example) passing slicing attack with a blade, as long as the weapon is tangible and is being wielding by the user upon striking the target. Taijutsu is excluded. The user can perform hand seals or two handed movements but only when travelling in a linear direction.

Shooter can travel across most terrain, even water. It rides well across bumpy surfaces and can passively go into “float” mode the wheels rotating the side becoming hover engines across deadly and dangerous terrain like Lava and acid without the user being harmed through direct contact. Riding a Motorcycle allows the user to make acrobatic movements, using a move per turn the Vehicle can react on it's own to incoming danger similar to how it automatically reacts to driving upon dangerous terrain emitting sensory nodes from the middle of it's wheels. The Bike reacts by temporarily speeding up, powersliding, tilting their bike low to the side or perform a stoppie/wheelie etc, to avoid attacks - because of its ability to move across most terrains, Shooter can ride upon certain jutsu. Within Reason. For Example if someone was to attack the user with a winding earthen Dragon, they can use this move per turn to dodge out of it’s way as it crashes into the ground and then drive up onto the earthen pillar, riding up across it’s surface towards the opponent. Doesn’t matter if they go upside down the bike will stick to the surface like shinobi walking upon trees. Another viable example is if the user is riding up the foot of a Giant Earth Golem. As long as the technique is solid or liquid and not energy. However, this ability to ride on solid/liquid techniques can only be used up to 5 times per battle, with a two turn cool down in between usages.
Can be summoned 3 times per arc, only one active at a time
Shooter's Auto-Evasive Movement has a two turn cooldown.

(Anesidora) - Anesidora
Type: Technology
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: (Varies)
Damage: N/A
Anesidora is a Camera that comes with two Bangles that are worn on each of the user’s wrists. The Bangles act like “printers” for the user, capable of creating light copies (colour custom to user, cannot be invisible) of solid chakra Tools and Weapons that the user has photographed previously. The user can passively create freeform standard tools and weapons in their hands from the Bangles and they always look like solid chakra “wireframes” of the weapons or tools they’re mimicking; the user can substitute tools in techniques with this version of the weapons. If they’re Kunai, Shuriken, Metal Cards or small thrown tools like that any amount can be created around the user - larger weapons like swords are created in the hand. Even though they’re “wireframe” chakra copies, they act like the standard weapon they’re mimicking. Anesidora can mimic weapons needed for the user's custom fighting styles and create them in their hands or on their person at will without the user needing to carry them around. These tools can have seals placed or already placed on them recorded in the camera, the kanji or pattern take a wireframe look as well.

The real usage of this technique however is that this Camera stores the memory of Jutsu as well. The User can look through the Camera lense and can take a picture of a shape manipulated technique, examining the taken Jutsu and it’s structure in a Three-Dimensional shape and what abilities/strength it possesses and will store or print a copy for the user whether it be projected out from the bracelets or from the front of the Camera itself until formed and performs/sustains on it’s own - a Chakra deduction is made from the user's chakrapool which reflects the amount of chakra inputted into the taken technique. The created constructs will also have a Wireframe effect made purely of Chakra that is neutral to everything, the Wireframe construct can do what it’s original could do but instead of an “Earth Entity” firing “Earth spikes” it would be a Wireframe entity with a similar appearance firing “Wireframe Spikes” that can stab targets. If the printed entity can perform elemental jutsu up to a certain rank, this is replaced with Wireframe Constructs from the ground or their own body (Which are down to the user’s imagination) up to that certain rank, relevant chakra for the chosen rank construct much be deducted still (30 for A-Rank, 40 for S-Rank). The Construct lasts until a new Construct is made, sustained by the Camera which stores 150 Chakra Points, deducting -40 per turn that a construct is active. The user can passively give the camera 10 chakra a turn when there isn't a construct active.

Note: The user can have one of their own jutsu chosen to be “stored” in Anesidora. Posted with this technique in the relevant Technology and Artefact section or posted at the beginning of a Fight.
Note: The Copied Jutsu can be from the user or the opponent, they can be summons, entities or creations. Their strength is the same and their abilities are mimicked through Wireframe meshes (Within reason) which are neutral to everything. Unless they have unique abilities which cannot be copied as it's impossible for a Wireframe construct to use Yin parasites for example or to utilise absorption in any way.
Note: The user can take a Picture three times per battle, but only have one Construct on a field active at a time. When a Construct is destroyed it cannot be used again unless taken a Picture of again.

( Iryo Doku ) - Medical Ninja Toxin
Type: Supply
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Medics are capable of utilizing a specific form of poison that is known to just them, created to cause partial paralysis and eventually complete paralysis and unconsciousness in targets directly poisoned. This poison, known as the Med Toxin, has effects that take place a turn after being poisoned but last for 4 stages before a target is completely subdued. The first stage is when the target is poisoned, only taking damage from the secondary source used to force the liquid poison inside their body. The second stage, taking place 1 turn after being poisoned, will cause targets to suffer a reduction of senses and have a 5% tracking and health decrease applied. The third stage, taking place 2 turns after being poisoned, will cause localized paralysis in the limb or limbs that were poisoned, preventing movement in them as the poison begins to spread. This can cause a reduction of speed by 20% if in the legs. The fourth stage, unique due to only triggering with repeated poisoning of a target, causes a complete paralysis in the target, causing them to be rendered unable to battle as both their body’s physical and chakra systems stop working for them.
Note: This poison’s effects take place across 4 turns. Repeated use can cause complete paralysis. Should a target only have limbs targeted, it will require 2 simultaneous inflictions or 4 overall inflictions for complete paralysis to trigger. Should a target have a resistance factor, the poison will take an additional turn before the next stage triggers unless otherwise noted.
Note: Each poisoning lasts 6 turns. Second Stage effects are capable of combining for a max of 20% reduction, triggering stage 4 after at least 4 separate poison statuses or 2 different double poisoning statuses.
Note: Counts as a Supply like all Poisons. Can be applied to the user’s Custom Weapons and weapons on the user’s bio.

( Hyōrōgan ) - Military Pills
Type: Supply
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A ( +300, +250 per additional pill )
Damage: N/A
Description: Military Pills are special pills designed to boost the user’s chakra reserves and stamina, allowing one to temporarily continue fighting as if they weren’t low on chakra or fatigue. These pills are capable of restoring up to 300 chakra at a time. However, these pills are not without issue, causing drawbacks after the pills' effects wear off. It is also possible to overdose on these pills, gaining higher gains at more damaging results to the body.

When taken, these pills allow the user to ignore the physical side effects of the Health System’s fatigue up to the 60 % threshold ( meaning if the user loses more than 40% of their health, this pill will not ignore those effects ) and heal up to 15 damage per turn. These effects last up to 5 turns and after ending, the user’s Chakra is reduced to the original level before consuming the pill as well as suffering a10% decrease. As mentioned above, the user is capable of overdosing with these pills, taking up to 3 at a time. Each subsequent pill taken allows him to ignore an additional 20% of the Health effects, allowing him to ignore up to the 20% mark, as well as gain an additional 250 chakra per pill and heal an additional 10 health per turn. However, the drawbacks the user experiences are much more severe; lasting only 4 turns with 2 pills and 3 turns with 3 pills, the user chakra returns to its original level with a 25% reduction applied as well as suffering 50 damage per overdosed pill that cannot be reduced or mitigated in any way.
Note: Counts as a Supply
Note: Cannot be held alongside Soldier Pills or Tailed Beast Drug Pills.

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Body Seal

(Jiongu Fuuinjutsu : Issho) - Earth Grudge Fear Sealing Art : Together
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Self
Chakra Cost: N/A (+10 Per Heart)
Damage Points: N/A
A Body Seal developed by the Jiongu Creature; Lena. Initially created to change the look of Lena's form, this seal also aids the user inherently. Each of the user's hearts has a seal placed upon them which has sealed a segment of the victim into their respective heart, their personality and their look. Firstly this changes the user by instead of having the porcelain masks interwoven on her back she will instead have seals tattooed onto her skin representing each elemental heart; the hearts still remain in her Threaded body and she still remain stitched, but there is no longer bulky masks on her back. These seals will move around the skin depending on how she manipulates her Earth Grudge Fear for relevant techniques; example is if a Mask originally required to move to her shoulder, the Tattoo will go there instead.

These seals allow the user to passively (no move slot) to release the hearts in their bodies onto the battlefield without the need to use "Earth Grudge Fear: Dark Threads", spending 10 chakra for each heart they want to separate. Upon being released they do not take the form of the usual weightless entity, it will instead morph into the form of the victim that the heart belonged to (described in the user's biography) meaning they look like humans, but really they aren't being made completely of dark threads within and have stitches threaded over their skin. These entities are referred to as Issho; they can speak, think and have the personality of the victim yet still remain under the complete command of the user. Because they have bodies they can logically use ordinary Strong Fist Taijutsu; use any technique under the element they are bound too with hand seals; and Earth Grudge Fear Techniques from their body.

- Though they are different in personality and life, their DNA is shared with the user - each of the Issho gain their own independent body modification benefits off the user if they have any, this includes things that change the user's skin or body like Soft Body Modification, things embedded into their skin or Summoning Contract Tattoos (this does not include the user's Body Seals unless ones specific to the Issho are made). The Issho only cosmetically gain the appearance of the user's eyes if they have dojutsu, but not it's innate abilities or passives in any way.
- If the user wishes when they release their hearts onto the battlefield, they may have the masks on their face as an actual Mask for cosmetic purposes. The Mask can be removed from the Issho’s face to reveal their look like an ANBU mask. The mask will disperse if separated from the Issho or they return to the user’s body.
- Issho are still like the remote controlled entities that Kakuzu has in the Manga/Anime, just with a custom personality, look and the benefits of this Jutsu.
- This is a Custom Kinjutsu and advanced fuuinjutsu body seal, which must be posted on the user’s biography.

(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.

Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations.
Note: Useable 3 times

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"The World needs Strange Girls, Just like Me."

Updating: Lena
Purchased: Yang Release
Updating Abilities
Updating to Attribute Points
3AP Spend on Apex Fabled Swordsman
Updating Specialties
Credit to @Wert for First Image
Credit to @Azu for Secondary History Image
Other Art Belongs to Me (Four Issho Pictures Excluded).

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