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May 28, 2014
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Land of Waterfalls

The coastal Land of Waterfalls is home to the Claymore Clan after their treaty with a number of clans in Tobusekai to be exiled to this pocket of land to the East. The land is far above sea level, which leads to a few of the rivers in Tobusekai to fall off into the ocean from above. The Claymore Clan has established a small village here where they live in seclusion and harmony, separated from the rest of the warring clans in Tobusekai as best as they can.

Land of Waterfalls is considered a Clan Sanctuary; it cannot be directly claimed and members of the Claymore clan may spawn their biography into the Ninja World here.


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May 1, 2017
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  • Terrorize a large community
  • Be the anti-hero
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Alucard had crossed the great sea on Akemi's back. He had nothing but regrets over what he had just taken part of and wanted to distance himself from it as fast as possible, which lead him to dock at the shores of the land of waterfalls. Upon entering the nearby woods, Alucard found out strange individuals who claimed to be part of the Claymore clan. A clan.. something that Alucard once created and just recently lost. He carried on towards the mainlands and shook off his encounters with the strange individuals. The main town of the land was a typical average city, there were no particular issues but rather just small fry as far as bounties went. He sort of drifted along around the place, look for something to do until he found himself not really caring anymore about anything. He had lost everything that he had built up at this point, all of the things he planned to do were thrown out of the window. He swore an oath to himself never to partner up with anyone again and be a rouge ninja, roaming the world as he saw fit, when the right time came. He didn't want to show this to his company and carried on like a fallen sage. He left the town pure boredom and found resolute out in the wildernes. Here he would set up a small camp and just try to feel free, but he couldn't. Not anymore.

**** this shit. I hope something comes to just end me already.

Having picked up the quite destructive mood over his master, Akemi laid down on the ground next to him while Erentil and Drūndail would keep guard. Dragons doesn't sleep afterall. He stared out in the obsidian sky and just listened to the ambience around him. The space around him was quiet, but the storm inside consumed him. He could not sleep, not for hours until his body slowly started to give in. He got to rest for about 2 hours before one of the dragons could spot a black shadow trespassing their territory. It was dark still but the sun would bloat the skies in merely an hour. Erentil fired a warning shot in the form of a dust release square that simply and effectively erased everything caught inside of it.

(Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu) - Detachment of the Primitive World Technique
Type: Offensive
Rank: C-S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15-40
Damage: 30-80
Description: The user first performs a short sequence of handseals: Rat → Boar → Snake, then creates a basic 3D-shaped construct via Dust Release between the palms of their hands. A small sphere is located at its centre. The structure expands rapidly in size when being propelled towards the designated target and traps them inside its confines. The sphere then seems to explode with a tremendous amount of force, while the exterior walls of the structure effectively restrict the size of the blast radius. This results in the destruction of everything and anyone caught within, as they are pulverised into minute particles of dust. The technique isn't limited to just affecting physical matter; it can also affect chakra-based defenses. But the resulting damage that this technique can produce varies considerably, depending on the initial shape of the created structure..

Cuboid Structure: A form manipulating the Dust Release structure into a very generic three-dimensional cube. While the cube's surface area is rank-dependent, its shape also enables localized destruction and entrapment. Unlike the other shape alternatives, this form is always limited to just short-range when used.

Conical Structure: A form manipulating the Dust Release structure into a simplistic three-dimensional cone. While the cone's base diameter is rank-dependent, its base is always located in front of the user's hands with the pointed end poised at the desired target. It has an intermediary reach, extending up to mid-range.

Cylindrical Structure: A form manipulating the Dust Release structure into a basic three-dimensional cylinder. While the cylinder's diameter is rank-dependent, it is unique amongst shapes in extending up to long-range.

Note: The surface area of the cube form is 1m² at C-rank, 3m² at B-rank, 5m² at A-rank, 15m² at S-rank.
Note: The diameter of the cone and the cylinder is 1m at C-rank, 2m at B-rank, 4m at A-rank, 8m at S-rank.
Note: Only useable by Mū and Ōnoki bios. Clones are unable to use it.

Alucard woke up and noticed that despite the usage of the dust release, his small squad was surrounded by a gang that were aesthetically identical to some of the lads that they had encountered down the beach line. This was no coincidence and it would seem that his name was travelling faster than he was himself. One of the clansmen pushed himself through the line of bodies that all were surrounding Alucard.

**** you doing here? Oh well, i dont care for introductions of people i already know. And you're a dead man.

Alucard was confounded, seeing himself as reborn. Something to kill, something to make an example out of. His days of rules were long gone, his long past satisfaction of cannibalism was making a painful return as a primordial instict as he would cut off the head of the self-entitled with a quick swing of his sword.
(Igudorashiru) - Yggdrasil
Type: Weapon
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Yggdrasil is a savagely looking jagged longsword with a bunch of spots filled with bioluminescent light that shines in the same color as the wielders eyes. The swords grip is formed like a root and the entire sword is made by an unknown crystal that is extremely dense. On the grip of the sword there is also a seal;

調和 - Harmony. This seal is responding to a unique bond called harmony element. When the user is within short range from the seal, a passive stream of chakra is being fueled into the seal and out towards the user of the sword. The sword will transform its crystalline structure to that of the special element the user possesses and take on its traits. A harmony element is essentially any element the user possesses and wants the sword to transform into. This needs to be stated in the bio that has the Yggdrasil sword. The sword will not just resemble the element, but also adapt it's strengths/weaknesses and can be destroyed by such and dealing damage accordingly. As the user powers the sword, the sword also powers the user. In connection with the harmony seal, the sword will shift out chakra towards the user and enhance their harmony element that the sword mimics and give it a passive boost of +10 chakra and +20 damage.

The user can utilize the sword like any other sword and use it in kenjutsu techniques while applying elemental properties to them in response to what harmony element the wielder have chosen. If the sword is tossed it will instantly transform back into the crystalized form it originally has if it travels beyond short-range from the user. It will also remove the passive strengths towards the users harmony element. The sword also incorporates a special move which requires the user to pummel it into the ground in front of them with the edge down. This will cause a tremor and erect a huge dome barrier that is invisible to the naked eye. This barrier incorporates fuinjutsu attributes in the sense of crippling chakra supplies of everyone inside the dome bar the user although their summons are still affected. The sword acts like the vessel and the move is the trigger. The barrier saps chakra from opponents and drains their jutsus of power to the point that all forbidden techniques are unusable, while also making opposing techniques drop one rank. The wielder of the sword loses the ability to use any other element other than the harmony element and its composite elements. For example, if the user has a CE/AE or KG made out from earth and fire, the user's elements are limited to the CE/AE/KG, and its component elements. Modes, dojutsu or other active techniques that are of forbidden rank are not affected by this if they are activated before the move has been made but techniques that are used are still dropped in rank by one. The barrier can reach mid-range in a 360* degree fashion. The barrier is A-rank in strength, meaning that techniques of sufficient power can destroy the barrier, although the weapon itself will retain the infused harmony element.While the barrier is active the user cannot use fuinjutsu B-rank or higher.

Note: Can only be used by Skorm

The sword would cut the head off like hot butter would fall to a katana. The blood spurted out from the cut out veins that once lead to his now decapitated head. Alucard put on a big smile, the vampire in him was back. He quickly placed his mouth over the stump and sucked up the blood from the still pumping veins. This came to such a shock to the others in the gang that they completely froze out of fear, fear that was endorsed and empowered by Alucards Sakki.
(Sakki) - Killing Intent
Rank: D - S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: N/A
Damage points: N/A
Description: Killing Intent pertains to the ability of the user giving off their pure killing intention and having it affect their opponent and others around them up to the point of paralyzing them. When the Killing Intent is particularly strong, it can even give the victim visions of their own gruesome death, nausea, pain, etc. This can cause the Killing Intent to be confused with a genjutsu, despite not being a genjutsu at all; simply a showcase of intention and power. The target will feel as if facing an overwhelming enemy and, even if not a sensor, will suddenly feel the pressure of the users chakra and its magnitude, making the effect that much more dramatic. To effectively be used, the user needs to focus on his target and concentrate on the killing intent towards it, meaning that one must see the target and be focused on it. The strength of the Killing Intent is dependent on many factors and go through several levels. If a difference in rank smaller than 2 ranks exist, the enemy will feel only the pressure and the ominous presence of their dark intentions. Its enough to lose your grasp on a weapon or stay clinched to it (depending on the situation) or even to hesitate in an attack, stumble or mess up a handseal, all depending on the situation and proximity. The effect is small and normally not that significant but can be effectively used to pressure enemies into making a mistake. If a difference of 2 ranks or more exist, the enemy will be frozen, almost unable to move as the overwhelming killing intent dominates their own conscious and riddles them with nightmarish versions of death. The paralyzation gradually weakens as time passes and can only be maintained while the user is focused on the target. The further away the target, the weaker it is and it can only fully paralyze a target within short range. Similarly, the more targets one focuses on, the weaker the effect is in each one (divinding the effects equally between the number of targets). Lastly, the stronger the user is in relation to the target, the stronger the effect will be. The target can counter Killing Intent directed at it through pain, "mind cleansing" techniques or their own Killing Intent.
Note: Intensity of technique depends on the rank of the user, distance to target and number of targets one is focusing on
Note: Can only be used once
Note: Lasts only while the user is focusing on it and while focusing on it the user can't mold chakra
Using the moment of their momentary frozen state, Alucard went full berserk mode and cut down every single one of them with soft but lethal strikes. He had been trained fairly in the sword arts anyway. He drew out the golden nightmare two for that double sword style for 100% extra lethality. The bad guys fell like grass and after a minute of combat, they had all fallen victim to Alucards primordial self.

This.. this is what i was born to do. I wasn't born to lead nobody, i was born a failure. A machine of endless greed.. I need more blood..

Alucards insomnia was officially cured and he slapped on his EoR and began a manhunt. He gave next to zero fucks if the next person he butchered was a civilian or not. Someone had let a demon out, he was just playing his own game at this point anyway.

Eye of Riven
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: 30(-10/turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: The Eye of Riven is an advanced tech that is in the form of a very modernly designed monocle that is on the user either at all times or whenever they feel like using it. As the tool is small and easy to put on, it doesn't cost the user a moveslot to activate it. It draws from the users chakra immediately as it activates. The Eye of Riven is actually a spectrum of advanced technology that lets the user see different patterns through the monocle if they are behind a wall, behind a raging storm, mist or even underground.
The system works not unlike aircraft radar. But instead of bouncing off planes and returning to the ground, the signal here travels through the wall, bounces off a human (as we’re full of water), and comes back through the wall and into a detector, which is in this case the monocle. By using chakra, the user can interpret the signals coming through the monocle and browse through layers of material they are looking at through the monocle.
Note: Can only be made by Skorm.

The sun has shattered the darkness as †epes was beaming with energy and strolled throughout the woods, seeking out opponents that he could cut down and mutilate to clench his thirst for blood. Akemi was showing signs of worry but she knew that her master always had had this dark side to him and that it was just a matter of time before it would creep back to show again. Ultimately, the squad reached another village. Akemi looked up on Alucard and felt his thoughts through her mind via their mental link. Due to their heavy loss, she too wanted to smash the living shit out of things.

Shall we?

Alucard didnt respond but instead looked towards the civil and peaceful life everyone there had led so far. However he could not control himself at this point but saw the village as a huge meatfest.
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He walked slowly towards it, his chaotic grin cleaved the souls apart in the men and women who saw his inner rage. It was enough they just saw him to install terror. The men grabbed weapons while the women ran off into the woods with their children. The men would shout at him to return to wherever he came from, but he didn't listen and so the men ran towards him with pikes and spears. Alucard channeled his chakra up and created bone tentacles on his back. These tentacles, he used as auxillary as he was being surrounded by the villages men. A squad of around 50 armed people.

( Hone Shokushu )- Bone Tentacles
Type: Offensive
Rank: B
Range: Short - Mid
Chakra: 20
Damage: 40
Description: The user grows bone tendrils from their back to bind or pierce the opponent.

The village elder appeared infront of the crowd and faced Alucard while the men surrounding him lowered their guards ever so slightly.

Are you really sure you want to do this? We've done nothing to you.

Alucard paused for a bit, he could feel Akemis thoughts in his head asking the same question. Was he ready to embrace the dark side again? As he stood there for a bit, Molag Bal would seize its moment and spoke with a quite and convincing voice. It had seen its oppertunity to change the course of its destiny.

Do it.

The sin of greed and pride took over and Alucard went on his berserk. The village elders head was separated from its body and blood splattered on the faces of the men standing next to him. They roared in vengance and attempted to take down the devil that had come to their peaceful meadow. Alucard wasn't the guy you could simply take down though and it was clear that they were no match for him as he pierced the skulls of men in all four directions with his tentacles while going to slice'n dice town with his two claymores. Blood was painting the land and Alucard felt his hunger growing faster and faster. Each body he sliced up and consumed the blood and soul from only made him more hungry. It was a curse. All men of the village had fallen to the brutal nature of Alucards inner demons. His two dragons stood idle by, they had no feels but were merely puppets to his will anyway.


The voice of a child was heard next to the onslaught that had fucked up the entire village. Alucard quickly turned to the origin of the voice and looked on the small boy who had run off from the fleeing women and children to return to his father. Alucard was surely fucked up at this point but he could not kill a child. He quickly set fire to the entire village to burn all the corpses of the dead men. There was nothing left of the place anyway.

(Katon: Zukokku) - Fire Release: Intelligent Hard Work
Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user after performing the required hand seals Rat → Dog → Tiger fires a small fireball that erupts into a giant fire-storm after making contact with a surface, causing widespread destruction to the area. Since the flames travel along the ground, and cover such a wide area this is a difficult technique to evade. When combined with Wind Release: Pressure Damage, this technique is amplified to the point of being able to evaporate a large amount of water in an instant.

He stared down on the kid and looked him in the eyes. His left eye beamed like a red laser while his right eye was covered by the eye of riven. He stood in the inferno that was once this kids home.

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He stood firm and spoke.

Spread the word you pathetic runt. Dracula has returned.

The kid stood frozen in his place and Alucard simply turned around and looked at the fire that was cracking up the bodies of the dead citizens that he had butchered. He then took onto the wilderness and strived to the north crossing of the landmark. From there his conquest to fill his hunger was going to go on. How many bodies he would leave after him, only god knew. And he was not welcome to the party.

Travel itinerary:

(LM: 242, 2:56 PM) -> (LM: 243, 3:41 pm)

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