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Oct 26, 2021
Trait Points

Basic Information

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Name: 진 Jin Runcandel
Nickname: Youngest, Black Dragon
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Clan: -
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The most characteristic feature of Jin is his azure-colored eyes, that are ever so distinguished from pitch black in favorable lighting. In contrast to his peers, he boasts a noticeably larger frame - coming in at around 150cm(s), with well developed muscles. His face is on the leaner side, with big almond eyes that mostly carry a cold expression. His hair is of medium length, that falls just around the lower tip of his eyes halfway through the bridge of his nose. While he tries to take care of his hands, he has obvious callouses below his fingers, and numerous small cuts around his body. Those are, though, well hidden alongside most of his body as he generally wears a black hooded cape while leaving for outdoors with a matching colored training uniform underneath. He also occasionally wears his steel plate armor while training within his family grounds, but mostly forgoes it during missions and instead opts for a darker alloy variant that includes a face mask.

Unlike the speculations of those around him, what you get inside Jin is what he already portrays outside. He is cold, calculated, and adopts an anxious nature to question everything around. His icy exterior is not a façade, but rather the most upfront thing about him. Whether it be his surroundings, people, his opponent or a technique - it is his nature to study and understand it. Perhaps because of the rather harsh surroundings to which he grew up, a lot of his personality still remains undeveloped. He is still a 10 year old boy forced to grow up too quick; which has hindered proper emotional and psychological development. That humane aspect remains yet to develop, though isn't absent already - which can be seen with his affection towards his eldest sister Luna Runcandel and even his nanny Gilly. His warm smile and expression generally is reserved for those two, with exception of animals that he strongly fonds over. It's only on those rare times where Jin appears to be a normal boy.

Village Information

Village of Birth: Lightning Mountains
Warring States Clan: -

Rank & Chakra Information

Ninja Rank: Academy Student
Health: 35 Chakra: 300

Skills & Elements
Lightning Release...............................................Water Release

..Mind: 2...................................................Agility: 2
.....Body: 2...................................................Dexterity: 2
..Spirit: 2...................................................Vitality: 0

Mind’s Keen Eye
Increased Tracking Specialist
Single Handseal Specialist: Lightning Release
Sourceless Materializing Specialist: Water Release
Efficient Chakra Control Specialist: Lightning Release

Yellow Flash
Having the Yellow Flash Nindo means analyzing and strategizing are important to you. There is much to gain in planning your assault instead of rushing in senselessly. Having this Nindo means that after observing your opponent utilize their Core Skills ( HA/AE/KG/CC ) more than 4 times, the user becomes capable of beating these techniques with 10 less damage needed, having observed their weaknesses. Note: This does not count as a debuff.

Background Information

The Swordmaster's Youngest Son
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The thunderous skies growled seemingly louder on the late July night, drowning out the muffled scream of Rosa Runcandel, known as "Black Panther" of the great swordsman family; as she delivered her 13th and final child. The child born under the harshest storm of the recent century, cried as hard as the thunders above - marking his existence in the accursed household. The Patriarch, Chiron Runcadel, a being referred closer to a demigod than a human was absent to fulfil his paternal duties that night, but it was not unexpected. If there was to be an interest in yet another child, it would be unfolded eventually at the first birthday. The trial at the garden of swords. The Runcandels lived in a massive mansion with acres of land in between the outer gate and the training grounds, guard barracks and the residential castle itself. Infront of the main household, on the right part of the garden, lied the garden of swords. As the name suggests, the vast plot of land is planted with the swords of Runcandel warriors from generations, including the Patriarch's sword that every direct-lineage child will have to choose one from, on the day they turn a year old. Among them, the youngest Jin, chose Barisada. A straightsword with a dark black grip, attaching to the golden cross-guard with a sapphire at the center. Its torso patterned with black and golden markings, with incredibly sharp true edge. It was also the patriarch's sword since the beginning of the Runcandel history, causing murmurs and discussions on how the sword of the "head" was chosen. That was probably the first time Chiron looked at his child with thought behind his eyes, the first words he uttered to the mere boy, "Send him to the storm castle".

Storm Castle
Storm castle is as Storm castle seems, a medium-sized mansion around 20 miles away from the main household atop the steepest hills of Lightning Mountains. The weather has always been terrible, with large durations of rainfall and thunderstorms, thus justifying its name. It is also the place where all Runcandel children are kept until the age of 10. Jin was no exception. The place of monitoring children and their growth, most importantly their usefulness. It is true that the motto of the household is, "Those who are weak aren't needed in Runcandel". Among those blessed in body and spirit by the sword, the Runcandels, Jin was an even more spectacular. Like a swordmaster in his second life, his demeanor resembled someone much older than his actual age, with all his time dedicated to honing his body, techniques, and mind. When he wasn't training external arts, he focused remaining on his time on researching chakra usage, jutsus, their history, and influence of the Ninja World. The latter wasn't looked upon fondly in the household, however, as the clan believed straying away from the path of the sword was taboo. But Jin knew better. He was as close to understanding the clan's history as someone who lived in those ancient times, and knew moving forward his strength needed to combine the offerings of the Ninja World. In a family of monsters, the only thing he needed to do was gain strength, as gain it fast. The ruthlessness of the family was too large a reality to think the other siblings would show mercy on the youngest. And so just a day before his return to the main household, the moment the clock stuck 12 to mark his tenth birthday, Jin Runcandel for the time being threw away his family name and wore upon the smallest mercenary uniform he would find to start his journey in the world.


Theme Song & Music

Battle Information
Won: 00
Lost: 00

D R O P P I N G Hunter 猟師
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Trait Points
Few things, Academy Students get 10 AP, not 5. So you can double all the Stat points, minus VIT. For Sixth Sense, you still need the Sensory AN to make use of that, which is 500 kumi ( ignore if you already have it ).
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