Imperium Snowpoint (178)


Oct 1, 2010
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Imperium Snowpoint

Commonly known as Mt. Imperium, this frozen monument of a structure towers over the surrounding mountains nearly a league above the ground. The mountain is considered almost impossible to climb by locals, who speak of an insurmountably steep ascent characterized by rock smoothened by meltwater descending from the cold and snowy mountain top. Rockslides nearer to the base are a daily occurence, having taken the life of many would-be climbers. Many signs surround the area, warning outsiders to stay away.


Aug 25, 2010
Coming From: Dainashi (175)
Hei reaches the base of Mt. Imperium. It's legend does it just as he looks upward, the mountain reaching into the clouds. It's peak unable to be seen. Hei makes his way to snowpoint, a small settlement known for their ice fishing. With the winter being harsh and supplies in high demand. Hei hopes to strike a deal with the locals and establish a lookout for his clan. Upon entering the Snowpoint base camp the settlement appeared to be deserted. nothing but howling winds and falling snow. Hei walks to the largest building, noticing the only light coming from it's small windows. Upon Entering the building Hei see's several people staring back at him.

Hei: "Hello, my name his Hei from the Rising Cloud. I was looking for the person in charge of this outpost."

Chief Zen: I am Chief Zen, what brings you all the way out here stranger?

Hei looks upon the Chief, a frail old man. Looking around the others don't seem much better. Almost sick, and hungered. Hei would shake the hand of Zen and sit along side him.

Hei: I was hoping to establish a lookout here at Snowpoint. I couldn't help but noticed the outpost doesn't seem to be doing well. Is everything alright?

Chief Zen: Sadly no, We are short on supplies and I'm afraid out settlement won't last the winter. We have been cut off from Dainashi, we fear the worst. According to my Son, Sion. Someone had taken over Dainashi and collapse the crime syndicate their. While it wasn't an Idea arrangement, it was necessary for Snowpoint to maintain survival.

Sion: We've been rashening what little goods we have left. Many of our drills no longer have fuel to dig into the Ice to reach the rich fish beneath.

Hei: I'm deeply sorry for your troubles. I didn't realize this outpost relied on Dainashi. It was my organization that freed Dainashi from the crime syndicates. The city has seen vast improvement since we've arrived. It's economy has been booming. Law and Order has returned and the city has been growing. With your permission, I'd like to aid your settlement with trade.

Chief Zen: I will send my son Sion to Dainashi in order to confirm what you have said. In the mean time, you can prove yourself to use by helping get our Generator working again. Without it. We're forced to huddle together in this building for warmth.

Hei agrees to the terms and makes his way to the generator in the central hub. Using his Raiton, Hei would charge the generator with enough charge to last about 72 hours. Enough time for Sion to return. After doing so, Hei sends word back to Dainshi via raven to send supplies to the outpost. Sion will return to the outpost, along with a new team of builders and supplies. Together they spend the next few weeks repairing the town. The fishing operation begins again and a trade route is established between Dainshi and Snowpoint.

Chief Zen: I thank you Hei. Without your help we might have seen the end of the outpost. Now, it's future is brighter then ever. You and the Rising Cloud will always be welcome in Snowpoint.

Hei: Thank You Zen. I will send word and have a lookout established here at Snowpoint. With this we will also protect you and your people from any crime syndicates in the future.

Hei and Zen will then sign into a contract. establishing Snowpoint as part of the Rising Cloud.


Mission End.​
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