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Icaria is the southernmost area of O’uzu Island, composed of green and forested fields as well as the southern foot of the long, gentle hill range running across the length of the island. It is the home of the Todoroki Shrine, a large religious temple complex built centuries ago. The inhabitants here live in small villages, or in the budding urban sprawl around the shrine.
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Following the directions Isoka layed out, Geets, Uta and Momo and the 3 headed pitviper Vegeta had playfully named "Nappa Jr." all continued north..



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Coming from; https://animebase.me/threads/taro-island-189.756204/#post-21895945
Disembarking from the dingy boat, the Inuzuka would stride out onto the island. Within him, his High Breed stirred. The lush, forested surroundings reminded them of a bygone era, a time where they resided not in the islands to the south, but instead in forests that sprawled out for miles and miles.
Even as the Inuzuka travelled, memories of glades, rich milk, clear spring water and countless shrubs and everlasting canopies filled his mind. So vivid that he could almost smell, taste, and touch it, but surely they were not his own.

"At ease"
He said, and soon the memories that were not his own quietened down, and with it the haze of the past dissipated, allowing him to focus on the present.

As he travelled, the Inuzuka would skirt past countless settlements. Some no greater than small wood cabins or a short collection of mud huts, others formed larger collections of houses and buildings, area that were arguably no less urban than the outskirts of his own village.
Quickly traversing past them, and making sure to not be seen my the locals - for he knew not whether they were hostile and wished to avoid any conflict lest he have to shed blood, the Inuzuka would soon come to a stop at a shrine at the center of the island.
Both the temple and the shrine resembled stonework of an ancient era - it's stone masons were surely long gone, as was the culture that built it. Whatever civilisation it was, it was survived by its architecture. At least, it was, until now.
Without warning, potent red chakra would burst from the Inuzuka's position. The flames would phase into all of the temples lavish stonework and, in a single moment centuries of persistence would be undone. The temple would crumble to ash, as the civilisation that birthed it likely did, and the Inuzuka would look on in disdain. Clearly, the structure was only so resilient; statues and architecture were such a mundane way for a civilisation to attempt legacy. So overdone. So finite.

(Katon: Minami Reiji) | Fire Release: Corona’s Compendium

Type: Offensive

Rank: A

Range: Short

Chakra Cost: 30

Damage Points: 60

Description: Brother technique to Ifrit’s Inventory, Corona’s Compendium also allows for the materialization of constructs through the rapid release and conversion of fire chakra. Corona’s Compendium however is far more specialised than Ifrit’s Inventory. For starters, the released chakra does not form into the normal flames of fire release as it instead opts for a more incorporeal form of pure fire chakra. The constructs, typically orbs but capable of adopting any shape, whether it be that of tools, shapeless blasts, spikes, shields or so on, do not interact with tangible matter on a physical level but instead phase into them on account of their lack of a physical form. However in wake of their phasing the original substance is not left untouched, but is instead turned to ash (or vaporized into gas in the case of water-based liquids). In the case of energy based elements that Corona’s Compendium cannot phase into, it simply interacts normally as a fire-elemental chakra clash. The constructs created by Corona’s Compendium can be utilised for attack or defense, sustained and freely controlled.


- Flames can only be materialized within short range of the user and while sustaining them the user can only mold fire chakra

- When clashing against stronger constructs, Corona’s Compendium will merely deliver internal damage that reduces the structural integrity of the object, rather than turning the entire entity to ash/vapour.

- Constructs can only be created through Corona’s Compenium 3x

- No Fire techniques above A rank for the rest of the turn and next turn.

But his eyes did not deceive. Within the piles of ash wisping ash, the Inuzuka's eyes spied a small stone. Unmarked and unburnt. He would recall the passage that had sent him venturing off to distant lands;

Remnants not lost of a time once gold,
A shrine that has survived the tests of time.
They gather around me, bustling urban life.
What you seek is at its sacred core.

The Inuzuka, fascinated by the stone, would grab it and leave. Surely he had chosen correctly, this must have been what the riddle had hinted at.
As he travelled, he would take precautions this time. Man would distort into beast. Eldest would take over as the host, activate Preying of Odin - Void assault, and thus they would truly disappear as they leave. Untraceable, undetectable.

Vánagandr wa - Odin ni Hoshoku Shimasu | Vánagandr - Preying of Odin
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The Hunted and the Hunter, this technique seeks to encapsulate both concepts and, as two sides of the same coin manifests itself in the form of two distinct abilities.

Hunted - Marked

In response to drawing blood from an opponent an Inuzuka bonded with a high breed will be influenced by the strong frenzy and excitement elicited from their mental link with their Ninken. This rising frenzy will allow both the Inuzuka and Ninken to produce an exaggerated lock on effect to the enemies scent and blood - to such an extent that an opponent, once locked on to, will be incapable of hiding from the user through any means other than space/time. Even then, a space time user will, to a locked on Inuzuka, leave behind a discernible residue that will seep out from around their warping point like a scar, and through inspection of the scar an Inuzuka will be able to acquire information such as whether an opponent has returned to the current world, how long they've been gone for, and through use of a sixth sense such as the one that allows dogs to anticipate bad weather or even disasters, the user can even anticipate when they will return and immediately re-locate them once they do. Furthermore, upon entering within short range of one of their Hunters, a Hunted target will be subjected to extreme and constant mental intimidation, not unlike killing intent, that will forcefully lower their speed back down to their base speed, and also reduce the power of all of their Ninjutsu by -15, and their primary affinity by a full -20. However this can be treated in the same was as Killing intent, in that the shock of physical pain can remove the adverse mental stimuli - however it is superior to killing intent in that as long as the activation conditions are maintained Intimidation will renew itself next turn without cost - meaning that continuous releases may be necessary.

Hunter - Void Assault

Being Apex Predators the High Breed take much delight in stalking and hunting their prey. This ability, void assault, is an extension of a predators natural ability to hunt, and takes a core ability of many great land predators - stalking, and amplifies it greatly. Through use of chakra a High Breed is capable of entering into an unparalleled stealth, one that masks not only it's visage, but also it's chakra system from an opponent. A stealthed high breed cannot be detected through any means, whether it be through the five senses or through a special clan specific 6th or 7th sense, as their use of chakra serves to deflect all forms of detection - not unlike how chakra is used to deflect light to render the target invisible during 'Hiding in Camouflage' technique; and thus elevates a High Breed into a state of absolute stealth (this is true to all Chakra Sensing, Emotion Sensing, Doujutsu, Enhanced Hearing, etc - basically, all forms of sensing; however it cannot prevent physical means of detection such as weight, contact, etc sensing or methods which don't fall under the "senses" category). They leave behind no scent, no trail, they cannot be heard or smelt, nor can the vibrations of their movements be felt. However, the absolute stealth will completely shatter as a High Breed enters within a meter and a half of an opponent. As with all forms of Stalking, Void Assault is utilised to close distance and, once within pouncing distance the prey will become aware of their predator as it closes in - in this case, a High Breed will be rejected from its state of stealth, to such an extent that even the most foolish and unsuspecting will be alerted to the sudden presence of a being behind them. The exception however is if a High Breed remains dead still - at which point Void Assault can be maintained even within a meter of an opponent, however the moment a High Breed makes a move or attempts to mould chakra the stealth will be broken.

- Marked is the passive portion of this technique, it activates automatically upon drawing an opponents blood or coming into contact with their blood sample (30 meters range for encountering blood). The intimidation aspect however requires a move to activate, and once activated will remain persistent indefinitely (However an Inuzuka or one of his Ninkens is required to be within short range of its targets for the effects to persist, otherwise they will wear off after a turn until the conditions are once again met)
- The initial passive activation of marked saps 20 chakra from all hunting participants.
- Void Assault can be cast by multiple Ninken simultaneously, counting as only one technique if that is the case. It can only be broken by entering into a meter and a half distance of an opponent, otherwise it will remain active until the Ninken chooses to cancel the technique or uses a technique of his own (keeping the stealth ability active requires focus and conscious input, preventing its sustained effect when actively engaging in performing techniques, including Taijutsu).
- Void assault drains -20 chakra per turn from each Ninken. (High Breeds have their own independent chakra supply)
- Void assault can be initiated 4 times through use of this technique.
- Summons marked as Hunted will immediately disperse back to their homeland out of fear.
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Storyboard missions:
  • Purge a landmark of sinister forces [Custom]
  • Claim a landmark [Custom]
Alucard had set sails for the mainlands once again. He had heard his calling for greatness and was about to go out on a broader mission than last time and claim landmarks for his clan while undergoing a purge that would root out all evil that he could find, if there was any. He would start close and that lead him to dock to the southernmost point of the O'uzu island, Icaria. He had been here before but in another lifetime. From what he remembered from his last visit, he knew that there was scattered villages that provided for themselves but also for the suburbs that were all centered around the shrine of Todoroki - an ancient complex that had been there for generations and still worshipped to this date. Upon arriving on the island, Alucard set foot on the sand and took a long breather in. The head of Molag bal was still in his possession and he had taken it with him for he sought out there was some use for it afterall. He used the roads of the land to search out information, he was out there to purge the lands from great evil if there were any. By spending a few nights here and there he would find that most of the people in the villagers had a great suspiciousness over the people in the capital and whatever it was there that they worshipped so dearly. Naturally, this lead Alucard to investigate and with his fellow Akemi. On the road they did however meet up with some strange figures, humanoid, but dressed in dark robes and seemingly suspicious. Their first contact with these acolytes seemed to go nowhere either as these people were not interacting with them whatsoever. This created a quite weird feeling in Alucard as he and Akemi entered upon the capital that surrounded the fabled shrine of Todoroki. Its massive structure touched the sky as the two approached on the lonesome road from the south of the land.

So, we finally reached this place huh. Quite grand, but oh man there's something about this place. I can't put my finger on it..
Well no, they would probably fine you

As the two of them approached the temple, Alucards new Yin talents let him sense spiritual beings around him. This trait was what caused him to recoil as they were about to enter the main gate into the building. He felt something massive lurking inside that building. Something dark and ancient. Sweat formed on his back as he entered with Akemi, who through their mental contact was getting quite defensive too. The halls surrounded the black coffin that lied in the middle of the room, surrounded by priests that seemed to have been on a pilgrimage. Then all the sudden, of all places, Molag Bal's head decided to talk.

Oh my god, why the **** have you taken me back to this place of all the places? I want to fucking leave NOW
Oh no, we're not leaving until we find out what exactly is going on around here.

Alucard had a plan but it had to wait til nightfall. He had felt something underneath the shrine, something deep down inside the earth was lurking down there of a spiritual force. It was captured, and Alucard wanted it freed. The "trio" set out to check in to the local tavern right next to the shrine. They stayed in their room until around 3 in the morning. They would then go back into the shrine and see if anyone else was there before they would continue. Seeming as they were alone, Alucard would use his doton chakra and infuse the black coffin-esque object to make it 10 times lighter and thus pushed it aside.

(Doton: Keijūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Light Weight Rock Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A (-20 if used to boost speed of a physical attack)
Description: Contrary to its counterpart (the Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique), instead of making the target heavier, this technique makes it much lighter, though still using the same principle and mechanics. The user will make direct contact with the given target (through his hands), infusing them with earth chakra and lowering their weight drastically. The technique can lower a targets weight up to 10 times less than it originally had. This allows freer manipulation of the affected objects, which would normally carry considerably more weight and as such, require a greater amount of exertion to move. The technique can be used on the user or other shinobi to increase their speed, but as a consequence of using it this way, it results in the decrease of the physical force of their blows. The same principle applies if used on a physical attack wich will be faster but will carry less momentum and as such, less physical damage. It doesn't change the "strength" of binding techniques (like Sand Release), where the user is manipulating a dynamic element but will decrease the impact damage of techniques that rely on it.
Note: The initial effects last for 2 turns or until countered.

The object flung away and revealed a trap door underneath it. How convenient.. Alucard would torch his left index-finger and reveal light as he and Akemi went underground once again.

(Katon no Jutsu) - Fire Release Technique
Type: Offensive
Rank: D
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 10
Damage: 20
Description: The user will release a small but powerful flame of fire at their opponent from either their limbs (through movement) or exhaling it. It can produce fire balls or fire streams or simply aid in taijutsu.

The air down the pit was extremely foggy and covered in spiderwebs. there was nothing but complete silence as they descended closer and closer to the source of the great spirit that Alucard could sense down there. However there was some sort of light down there and they could also start to hear the sound of.. the ocean? It was fair to assume they were close to an underwater spring of some sort. Nevertheless, the stairs finally took an end and revealed a room that was unlike anything any of them had ever seen before. It was covered in heavy duty seals and prototype machinery that was out of this word. It was somewhere here that Alucard could sense the spirit that had led them there in the first place. Nothing could be seen yet but he knew it was there. He would ready himself for an encounter as the room lit up for no explainable reason with red torches litting, all connected through ink dashes alike seals on the walls.

[Infinity] - Well well well. Look what we have here.

Alucard and Akemi both froze in position as they heard the voice behind them. Alucard would quickly react by gathering up his chakra and created a barrage of extremely fast expansive razor sharp palladium foam to protrude from his back like a porcupine. This expansion would crush whatever was behind them into the wall in an instant.

(Parajiumufōmu: Yōsai | Palladium Foam release: Fortress)
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: D-S(B)
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 10-40(-10 per turn)
Damage: 20-80(on touch)
Description: The jack of all trades release for the parajiumufōmu release. The user can form any structures from the palladium foam they want. The user can create weapons, armour and well anything that they need. D and C ranked usage requires no handseals, B rank requires one, A rank requires two and S rank requires three handseals. D, C and B rank may be used indefinitely as long as the user has a chakra pool, A ranks can be used 4 times per battle and S rank can be used 2 times per battle. A rank variation has a cooldown of one turn per use, S rank has a cooldown of two turns after use. This lets the user channel parajiumufōmu chakra through the earth or anywhere on the field if they have sourceless speciality for the element. The user can also form the foam directly from their body like many other elements. Unless the user fuels chakra into the palladium foam, it will lie dormant on the surface of the earth and have no functionality. Since metal foam is extremely sharp even when compressed it will slice off skin like butter and thus deal damage on direct touch. The user has no immunity towards this and will suffer damage too.

Note: B-ranks require a single handseal, A ranks two handseals and S rank three handseals.
Note: A rank version can be used 4 times per battle, with a cooldown of one turn, S rank 2 with a cooldown of two turns.
Note: No other palladium foam techniques in the same turn S-rank version is used. No Palladium Foam above A-rank next turn either.
Note: The user cannot use this to create a sentient creature, and only be sustained in a matter that allows the foam to maintain a particular shape.

Well well well, not completely helpless are you? But what will you do about this?

The voice came from above this time and it was joined with an echo that was trembling the very air in the room they were in. As if the voice had been amplified several thousand times. To avoid madness and damage to his ears and Akemi, Alucard would use his dark marks to absorb the chakra infused airwaves that caused this tremor in the first place.

[Alucard] - (Meiton: Kyūketsukō) - Dark Release: Inhaling Maw
Rank: B
Type: Offensive, Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user uses their dark release to forcibly extract the physical and spiritual energy (chakra) of another ninja and absorb it through the upper square of the mark on his left hand, which can then be used to perform Dark Release: Judgment.
Note: Can absorb up to A-Rank Wind, Fire and Lightning techniques, S-Rank raw chakra or C-Rank Water, all within reason. Has no effect on Earth techniques.

[Infinity] - (Ototon: Ōkī Hibiki Rendan no Jutsu) - Sound Release: Greater Echo Assault Skill
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: This is a much greater and focused version of the (Ototon: Hibiki Rendan no Jutsu) - Sound Release: Echo Assault Skill technique in which the user gathers his sound chakra into his throat as he inhales afterwards exhaling as he screams, yells or roars. The resulting effect is a massive forward shockwave of low frequency, high amplitude sound that levels anything in its path. Unlike its weaker technique, the massive power it carries makes it slightly slower, equal to an average equally ranked Raiton technique. Unlike the unfocused nature of its weaker version, its focused almost like a beam, affecting an area of 50º in front of the user. If used within a water source it receives +20 damage.

This manouver was effective but it didn't mean he and Akemi was out of trouble by any means. Something was in the room with them, something that could teleport or bend reality to the extent that it could camouflage itself. This was going to be another one of those battles where finesse was vital to stay alive. However, in the midst of the chaos, Alucards spiritual senses signalled that the spiritual force was now moving away from the room and upwards. He was wanting to pursue it but couldn't leave without finish the business down there first. The voice was heard again, this time from the far right and even though Alucard braced himself for another attack it was merely a diversion as he was suddenly hit from behind and fell to the ground. He looked up with blood from his mouth. A man revealed himself, cloaked in a white and black dress with a multitude of seals inscribed onto it and he had a long black hair tied into a knot.

Name's infinity. To what do i owe the pleasure?

Alucard rose from the ground, he hadn't taken any damage due to his steel-hard bones. The guy was smart enough to use genjutsu like this, he thought to himself.

No pleasure intended.

Alucard gathered up his chakra again. He would then transfer dark chakra that he had disposable from when he absorbed the sound technique. By stomping his right leg into the ground, he created a large pulse of bones and dark chakra to create a whole scenery of black bones that would protrude from the ground and pierce through Infinity's body.

(Shikotsumyaku/Meiton: Puran C | Plan C)
Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Offensive
Rank: A/S(A)
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60-80
Description: Plan C is a technique that combines dark release and dead bone pulse. The user absorbs either an A or S rank technique through their marks, whichever rank the absorption is is directly translated to the rank this technique will become. If A rank chakra is absorbed, this technique becomes A rank for example. They will then channel that dark chakra towards their dormant leg. The user will then stomp with the leg and channel a massive amount of bones in a 360 degree circle around them. The bones will escavate into razor sharp claws all lines up without any space in-between them. This stretches up to short range for A-rank usage but mid range for S-rank. As these bones form, the user channels the converted dark chakra through their feet and into the claws, coating them in dark chakra. The claws can get up to 5 meters tall for A-rank and 10 meters for S-rank. The dead bone pulse and dark chakra is divided 50/50 in this technique. B+B rank, A+A rank respectively. A rank can be used 3 times with a single turn cool down, S rank can be used twice with a two turn cooldown.

Note: Can only be taught by Skorm

While this attack seemed to be effective, the body of the man just seemingly disappeared through the ground making Alucard think that the leech technique was being used by him. Not being able to stand for such a pitiful excuse of defense, Alucard would let out his rage and finish this battle once and for all. He would create two dragons to end this guys career. One made out of the dust element and one made out of the palladium foam element.

(Inton: Dai Mugen Ryu) - Yin Release: Great Phantom Dragons
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: 150
Damage: 100 | 120 (for multi-element)
Description: A more powerful version of “Yin Release Hungry Ghost Technique.” Rather than the user arbitrarily adding their Yin Release chakra to a specific technique, the user will create a number of large, elemental dragons using any of the basic elements plus their Yin Release chakra. The user can create up to 5 serpentine dragons which, once created, can act independently according to the user’s will. Due to the user being able to manipulate multiple elements at once, each dragon created can be of a different nature. Each dragon will also have the absorption properties of “Hungry Ghost,” thus becoming even more dangerous. However, due to the massive amount of chakra and control needed to use these dragons, the user can only control two dragons at any given time. While the dragons are present, the user cannot use any Yang Release or elemental techniques that currently exist within the dragons. Yin Release masters can combine two natures together in order to make a multi-elemental dragon or even a dragon consisting of an advanced element or CE that they know. However, in doing so they will only be able to create two dragons.
Note: Can only be used 2 times per battle.

However, in doing so it was clear that the guy had understand the vibe and it resulted in him fleeing the field before the dragons slammed into the ground which created a shockwave strong enough for the cave to start crumble inwards. This was indeed not exactly what Alucard had had in mind when he created his dragons. Nevertheless, these dragons would be useful in the future as they would stay on the field until they were to be destroyed. The team headed out of the lair before it would collapse upon them. Well reaching the surface again, it would seem the whole temple itself was crumbling to the ground which raised dark memories of the past of the crumbling of Draculas castle in the background of a huge conquest in Alucards mind.

Fucking hell. What was even going on down there anyway.

He had lost track of the trapped spirit but believed it had been freed.

So i guess this guy collects souls.. For what purpose?
I've got no idea.. But seeming as this landmark is in no more threat of this guy whoever he was. I will claim it into our order of protection. These villagers deserves it. Its time to continue our quest to find more of these suckers who live to make the already dead their slaves. Can't think of anything lower than that.

Alucard would spread the word across the land that he had taken over the gouverncy over their capital and their land, promising a steady future without anymore dark secrets that would affect everything they held dear. This would be the first time he had claimed a landmark and it would be the first step in his dream of being the uniter the world needed at this point of time. He would put the hellsing banner ontop of the remaining crumbles from the temple that had for such a long time stood there as a beacon of some sort, perverted into the dark forces and now cleansed from it. Not only had Infinity fled the land but so had the previously mentioned weirdos as well. Seeming like they were indeed connected to something.. This close to Alucards own island. He wasn't going to let it spread further and thus chased Infinity into the closest border.

Alucard claims the landmark for his clan; Hellsing Organisation.
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