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Oct 1, 2010
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Icaria is the southernmost area of O’uzu Island, composed of green and forested fields as well as the southern foot of the long, gentle hill range running across the length of the island. It is the home of the Todoroki Shrine, a large religious temple complex built centuries ago. The inhabitants here live in small villages, or in the budding urban sprawl around the shrine.
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Apr 14, 2012
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Following the directions Isoka layed out, Geets, Uta and Momo and the 3 headed pitviper Vegeta had playfully named "Nappa Jr." all continued north..



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Apr 15, 2011
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Coming from; https://animebase.me/threads/taro-island-189.756204/#post-21895945
Disembarking from the dingy boat, the Inuzuka would stride out onto the island. Within him, his High Breed stirred. The lush, forested surroundings reminded them of a bygone era, a time where they resided not in the islands to the south, but instead in forests that sprawled out for miles and miles.
Even as the Inuzuka travelled, memories of glades, rich milk, clear spring water and countless shrubs and everlasting canopies filled his mind. So vivid that he could almost smell, taste, and touch it, but surely they were not his own.

"At ease"
He said, and soon the memories that were not his own quietened down, and with it the haze of the past dissipated, allowing him to focus on the present.

As he travelled, the Inuzuka would skirt past countless settlements. Some no greater than small wood cabins or a short collection of mud huts, others formed larger collections of houses and buildings, area that were arguably no less urban than the outskirts of his own village.
Quickly traversing past them, and making sure to not be seen my the locals - for he knew not whether they were hostile and wished to avoid any conflict lest he have to shed blood, the Inuzuka would soon come to a stop at a shrine at the center of the island.
Both the temple and the shrine resembled stonework of an ancient era - it's stone masons were surely long gone, as was the culture that built it. Whatever civilisation it was, it was survived by its architecture. At least, it was, until now.
Without warning, potent red chakra would burst from the Inuzuka's position. The flames would phase into all of the temples lavish stonework and, in a single moment centuries of persistence would be undone. The temple would crumble to ash, as the civilisation that birthed it likely did, and the Inuzuka would look on in disdain. Clearly, the structure was only so resilient; statues and architecture were such a mundane way for a civilisation to attempt legacy. So overdone. So finite.

(Katon: Minami Reiji) | Fire Release: Corona’s Compendium

Type: Offensive

Rank: A

Range: Short

Chakra Cost: 30

Damage Points: 60

Description: Brother technique to Ifrit’s Inventory, Corona’s Compendium also allows for the materialization of constructs through the rapid release and conversion of fire chakra. Corona’s Compendium however is far more specialised than Ifrit’s Inventory. For starters, the released chakra does not form into the normal flames of fire release as it instead opts for a more incorporeal form of pure fire chakra. The constructs, typically orbs but capable of adopting any shape, whether it be that of tools, shapeless blasts, spikes, shields or so on, do not interact with tangible matter on a physical level but instead phase into them on account of their lack of a physical form. However in wake of their phasing the original substance is not left untouched, but is instead turned to ash (or vaporized into gas in the case of water-based liquids). In the case of energy based elements that Corona’s Compendium cannot phase into, it simply interacts normally as a fire-elemental chakra clash. The constructs created by Corona’s Compendium can be utilised for attack or defense, sustained and freely controlled.


- Flames can only be materialized within short range of the user and while sustaining them the user can only mold fire chakra

- When clashing against stronger constructs, Corona’s Compendium will merely deliver internal damage that reduces the structural integrity of the object, rather than turning the entire entity to ash/vapour.

- Constructs can only be created through Corona’s Compenium 3x

- No Fire techniques above A rank for the rest of the turn and next turn.

But his eyes did not deceive. Within the piles of ash wisping ash, the Inuzuka's eyes spied a small stone. Unmarked and unburnt. He would recall the passage that had sent him venturing off to distant lands;

Remnants not lost of a time once gold,
A shrine that has survived the tests of time.
They gather around me, bustling urban life.
What you seek is at its sacred core.

The Inuzuka, fascinated by the stone, would grab it and leave. Surely he had chosen correctly, this must have been what the riddle had hinted at.
As he travelled, he would take precautions this time. Man would distort into beast. Eldest would take over as the host, activate Preying of Odin - Void assault, and thus they would truly disappear as they leave. Untraceable, undetectable.

Vánagandr wa - Odin ni Hoshoku Shimasu | Vánagandr - Preying of Odin
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The Hunted and the Hunter, this technique seeks to encapsulate both concepts and, as two sides of the same coin manifests itself in the form of two distinct abilities.

Hunted - Marked

In response to drawing blood from an opponent an Inuzuka bonded with a high breed will be influenced by the strong frenzy and excitement elicited from their mental link with their Ninken. This rising frenzy will allow both the Inuzuka and Ninken to produce an exaggerated lock on effect to the enemies scent and blood - to such an extent that an opponent, once locked on to, will be incapable of hiding from the user through any means other than space/time. Even then, a space time user will, to a locked on Inuzuka, leave behind a discernible residue that will seep out from around their warping point like a scar, and through inspection of the scar an Inuzuka will be able to acquire information such as whether an opponent has returned to the current world, how long they've been gone for, and through use of a sixth sense such as the one that allows dogs to anticipate bad weather or even disasters, the user can even anticipate when they will return and immediately re-locate them once they do. Furthermore, upon entering within short range of one of their Hunters, a Hunted target will be subjected to extreme and constant mental intimidation, not unlike killing intent, that will forcefully lower their speed back down to their base speed, and also reduce the power of all of their Ninjutsu by -15, and their primary affinity by a full -20. However this can be treated in the same was as Killing intent, in that the shock of physical pain can remove the adverse mental stimuli - however it is superior to killing intent in that as long as the activation conditions are maintained Intimidation will renew itself next turn without cost - meaning that continuous releases may be necessary.

Hunter - Void Assault

Being Apex Predators the High Breed take much delight in stalking and hunting their prey. This ability, void assault, is an extension of a predators natural ability to hunt, and takes a core ability of many great land predators - stalking, and amplifies it greatly. Through use of chakra a High Breed is capable of entering into an unparalleled stealth, one that masks not only it's visage, but also it's chakra system from an opponent. A stealthed high breed cannot be detected through any means, whether it be through the five senses or through a special clan specific 6th or 7th sense, as their use of chakra serves to deflect all forms of detection - not unlike how chakra is used to deflect light to render the target invisible during 'Hiding in Camouflage' technique; and thus elevates a High Breed into a state of absolute stealth (this is true to all Chakra Sensing, Emotion Sensing, Doujutsu, Enhanced Hearing, etc - basically, all forms of sensing; however it cannot prevent physical means of detection such as weight, contact, etc sensing or methods which don't fall under the "senses" category). They leave behind no scent, no trail, they cannot be heard or smelt, nor can the vibrations of their movements be felt. However, the absolute stealth will completely shatter as a High Breed enters within a meter and a half of an opponent. As with all forms of Stalking, Void Assault is utilised to close distance and, once within pouncing distance the prey will become aware of their predator as it closes in - in this case, a High Breed will be rejected from its state of stealth, to such an extent that even the most foolish and unsuspecting will be alerted to the sudden presence of a being behind them. The exception however is if a High Breed remains dead still - at which point Void Assault can be maintained even within a meter of an opponent, however the moment a High Breed makes a move or attempts to mould chakra the stealth will be broken.

- Marked is the passive portion of this technique, it activates automatically upon drawing an opponents blood or coming into contact with their blood sample (30 meters range for encountering blood). The intimidation aspect however requires a move to activate, and once activated will remain persistent indefinitely (However an Inuzuka or one of his Ninkens is required to be within short range of its targets for the effects to persist, otherwise they will wear off after a turn until the conditions are once again met)
- The initial passive activation of marked saps 20 chakra from all hunting participants.
- Void Assault can be cast by multiple Ninken simultaneously, counting as only one technique if that is the case. It can only be broken by entering into a meter and a half distance of an opponent, otherwise it will remain active until the Ninken chooses to cancel the technique or uses a technique of his own (keeping the stealth ability active requires focus and conscious input, preventing its sustained effect when actively engaging in performing techniques, including Taijutsu).
- Void assault drains -20 chakra per turn from each Ninken. (High Breeds have their own independent chakra supply)
- Void assault can be initiated 4 times through use of this technique.
- Summons marked as Hunted will immediately disperse back to their homeland out of fear.
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