[Discussion] How do you think Hawkins powers work?


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Jun 4, 2012
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Hawkins has a quite mysterious powers so let's hear some thoughts.

What do you think the conditions are to making one of his dolls? At first since we only saw damage go to his crew mates I thought maybe he had to get their permission before it could work but then he showed it work on Laws men so either he can force you to accept the "contract" or it doesn't have to be accepted by the victim and can be applied to anyone. This means even opponents. Imagine if he got you mid fight, he could win any fight so there has to be some restriction to prevent that but what?

Next is the effect/how? We've only seen dolls transfer damage to those around Hawkins(obviously because we need to see it) so I wonder if the damage goes to the nearest person or if he can control who it goes to? Does he have to have the dolls with him for them to transfer damage? What if he made a doll of someone in Paradise and it was in his room on the ship, can it take damage if he runs out of dolls on him?

Limits? What do you think his max doll amount is, still 10? What do you consider to be reasonable before it's too many free hits? If he has a doll of a really strong person can it take more than one hit? I think it was said it could only take one but not sure.