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Welcome! NB's Naruto RP is the forum's unique take on a text-based roleplay system. It is largely derived from both the Naruto and Boruto series with regards to the setting, canon character selections, ability options, and so on but also has its own twists that enable RPers with a great deal of customization. When partaking in this RP, members make use of bios to engage in dialogue, battles, and missions. In addition, there are options for members to create their own abilities and jutsu.​


► How To RP: Biographies

► How To RP: Training

► How To RP: Battling

► How To RP: Ninja World

► How To RP:

► How To RP: Custom Clans & Sages
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► What Are Biographies?
► Bio Types
► Basic Bio Rules
► Bio Template
► Bio Ability & Specialty Options
► Important & Useful Links


RP bios are, in short, character selections to be used by RPers. They are the chief means by which members are able to interact with our multi-facted roleplay system, in addition to one another. It follows then, that bios are the starting point for any prospective RPer and must be approved prior to partaking in the official RP. Naturally, the details of these bios (e.g., abilities, history, personality) can be fully customized and develop over time in a myriad of ways.


► Canon Bios:
These are derived solely from the Naruto and Boruto series, across all media with details pulled from Narutopedia. Often times, canon bios have access to exclusive jutsu and traits that are inaccessible to custom bios; however, the tradeoff is that there is less room to customize them in terms of ability fields and specialties.
Examples: Naruto and Boruto Uzumaki, Sasuke and Madara Uchiha

► Bio Skins
These can be applied to any canon bio in order to make them partially custom. Everything, bar the bio's ability restrictions can be altered to suit one's own personal preferences.
Example: A bio skin for Tsunade Senju would include a custom name, looks, personality, and history. But it wouldn't include AN, modes, or canon contracts (other than slugs) since this particular canon bio does not ordinarily allow for such things. Still, it would retain all abilities intrinsic to the bio.

When using bio skins, which canon bio is serving as the basis must be clearly stated.

► Custom Bios:
These are all essentially derived from any source aside from the Naruto and Boruto series, oft instead being pulled from other series or media or other times, being made entirely from scratch. But no matter the source, the details of any custom bio must be tailored to fit the RP. While this type of bio may not be able to acquire specific things that some canon bios possess, custom bios instead confer RPers with a greater range of possibilities.
Examples: Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach), Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia), Luffy D. Monkey (One Piece)

► Trial Bios:
These are just as the name implies, pre-approved canon bios to be used on a trial basis. This option enables RPers to temporarily explore a range of abilities and traits without having to make a formal commitment. At this time, RPers can select one trial bio at a time to use for a one-month period before having to wait one more month to rent again.
Examples: Minato Namikaze, Ōnoki, Tsunade Senju, Mei Terumī


► All bios must follow the rules detailed in the Special Bio Rules thread that shows allowed ability combinations.
► It is possible to have two (or three if Jounin-rank) bios approved at any one time.
► Once a bio has been approved, it cannot be edited by the member or dropped for one month.
► Canon Characters cannot have AN/HA/KG/AE that it did not use in the series.
► Must follow the basic bio template.


► Bio Abilities:
In the RP, a wide variety of abilities can be paired together but there are limitations.

► Obtaining Abilities / Canon Characters:
While some options are just dependent upon one's rank, other abilities are reliant on either Kumi, Battle Test/Ninja World progression or some combination of the three.

► Bio Specialties:
RPers can select from a list of specialties that will confer their bios with new or improved capabilities. Each bio can have up to 5 of these total across 5 different categories.


In order for a bio to be approved, it must include all the requisite sections as outlined in the bio template.


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► What Is Training?
► Who Is Allowed To Teach?
► How To Start Training? (In 4 easy steps)
► Teaching Custom Abilities?
► Important & Useful Links?


Training is as integral a part of the Naruto System as Battling and the Ninja World; in many cases, training is the most important part of the RP Experience. It is the foundation by which individuals grow into stronger fighters and better tacticians. You can start training, which is always done in the Training Grounds, after you have at least one biography approved.

It is important to note that you may only learn techniques through training. No RPer receives official Jutsu by default unless specified by the Heads of Training, Goetia and/or Lord of Kaos. The only exception to this is Method Training, which is done for the Basic 5 Elemental Natures as well as Basic Ninja Skills (Nin, Tai, Gen, and Ken). Training is meant to teach and build ninja; it exists not only to teach each person how to properly conduct battle in the Arena or in the Ninja World but also how to properly make use of the various rules and abilities of the RP. The level of training varies, of course, on the path and decisions of the RPer; even the strongest members are still subject to undergoing training, as the RP itself is a constant learning experience. This guide seeks to better clarify the aim and the basics of the acquisition of training for relatively new members.​


► Senseis:
Senseis, best distinguished by their orange names, are the most prominent people who can train people. They have passed the official Sensei Exam or were chosen to be able to teach any Ninja Skills that they know. The diversity of the senseis’ abilities provides for a avenue through which any prospective RPer may seek out a teacher who is at least knowledgeable in said Role-Player’s particular pursuit. The senseis, as well as Shishou, are all listed under Official Sensei & Shishou Tables. Sensei are capable of training in any official skill in the Roleplay and can be called upon to clear any issues that arise in battle as well as provide official rulings on them.

► Shishou:
There is also a second group that has the privilege to train people, named Shishous. Because of the large number of individual skills that appear in the Narutoverse, often there aren't many Sensei with every ability in the RP, sometimes making it hard for someone to be able to learn those skills if they want to. That's why certain people are given the right to train people in such abilities. The major difference between these people and sensei, is that they can only teach people in that one specific skill, nothing else. For example someone can be a shishou for teaching Aburame bugs or Inuzuka techs. Most of these abilities can be found in the Bio Rules Quick Access thread.​


► Step #1
First, you need to have an approved bio (see the Biographies post of this guide for more info). Also before beginning your training, be sure to consult the Battle Ranks[/color] thread as your rank will dictate what rank of techniques that you are eligible to learn at any given moment.

► Step #2
When your bio gets approved, you can start searching for a sensei. The most efficient way to this is by checking The Official NarutoBase Sensei Table thread. Alternatively Sensei can be easily spotted on the forums due to their orange name.

► Step #3
Message the Sensei or Shishou you wish to start training with and ask if they are available to train.

► Step #4
When you found someone and discussed what you want to learn, you can start training in the Training Grounds section. Once you have created the thread for your training and added the correct prefix (for example, KG for a Kekkei Genkai), usually titled “[Insert Sensei Name Here] Trains [Insert Username Here]” then you may proceed with your training.​


► Custom Jutsu, Summons & Fighting Styles:
Members are allowed to teach their own approved custom jutsu's, custom summons and custom fighting styles to anyone that reaches requirements. The amount of people who can learn these customs may vary based on the type of custom it is (see the Customs post of this guide). All of this is done here.

► Custom Elements:
A custom element may only have max two students, (see the CE post of this guide). The students name must be placed

► Custom Clan Abilities:
The abilities of a custom clan can only be taught by the original founder of the clan and alternatively by people who have been given the right to do so by the current leader (see the CC & Sages post of this guide).​


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► What Is Battling?

► Different Battle Types
► Basic Battle Rules
► How To Battle? (In 4 easy steps)
► Battle Format & Examples
► Important & Useful Links


In a battle based Roleplay, it goes without saying that battling is a big, if not the biggest, core feature. The reasons to battle vary from member to member but one thing they have in common is this is where RPers utilize the skills they learned and gained from training in combat. The standard battle takes place in our Battle Arena forum in a turn based battle. You and your opponents take turns spending chakra and using Jutsu aimed at reducing your opponent's health to win. There are things that can make these vary such as winning by reducing their chakra to 0, but the core of battling remains the same. Other battles might have higher stakes if you battle for your clan, in a tournament or something else.​


► Regular Battles:
Mentioned earlier, the average fight takes place in the Battle Arena. These battles always follow the Basic Battle Rules (aka LoK's Rules), which will be explained below. Outside these rules, people can place themselves additional limitations on their battles. This means that people can decide where and how they fight as the battlefield plays an important role. These battles allow for the most diversity and freedom because you, the fighters, decide the additional rules to apply. All of this has to be explained in the first post of the battle and both parties have to agree to these terms. Most of the remainder of this post speaks about regular battles.

► Tournament Battles:
Every once in a while, RP tournaments are held. These tournaments typically follow the regular RP Battle Rules, but they might have extra restrictions placed upon them, varying from tournament to tournament. When held, battles typically take place in the Tournaments and Events section. Each tournament has it's own set of rules and limitations regarding sign ups, Jutsu usage, and even time limit. Because of this, it's better to refer to each individual tournament for it's rules.

► Ninja World Battles:
In the Ninja World's story driven story, you may be called upon to attack or defend an attack, spawning an official fight with either another RPer or a NPC controlled by a Ninja World Mod. These battles, fought in the Ninja World section, follow the basic Battle Rules, but due to design, they have some differences that warrant this distinction. Because the NW is largely separate and optional from other parts of the RP, it's rules are quite large and has quite a variety in how battles are fought, thus everything related to it will be explained in the Ninja World post of this guide.​


► Jutsu Limit:
You can use three (3) Jutsu each turn, passively activated techniques ( Techniques that do not count towards the Jutsu limit, usually mentioned in the technique ) excluded. Being turn based, you post your moves, then your opponent posts his moves in response. Depending on how your opponent responses, not all three of your jutsu will go through.

► Blocking & Avoiding Jutsu:
Depending on the rank of the technique and user, it may be possible to simply outwalk a technique. Techniques have set speeds and Ninja have speeds that can vary based on your rank and Specialties. If you are a suitable distance and are faster than the technique in question, you are capable of escaping the range of it. You cannot just say "I walk away from the attack" or "I block the technique", you have to describe exactly how you block or dodge it as Jutsu can be used in different ways and being clear in your wording prevents unnecessary issue.

► Time Frame Rule:
There has always been a lot of commotion around this rule, but very simply, it comes down to that the first offensive action the opponent takes each turn must happen before you are able to act against it. This is important as it provides a basis for the chronology of the moves used, creating the time frame of the battle. When it concerns just Jutsu, it's easy to understand, however it becomes a bit more difficult when it comes to Freeform Actions like throwing kunais or smoke bombs. In this case, the grabbing and launching of the kunai is the first offensive action and must take place before the user can counter it. Note that molding chakra triggers the beginning of the fight but DOES NOT mean that you can stop that from happening; It means that you can start "acting" from that point on. Acting, as in, molding your chakra, taking a stance, etc etc if you are able to detect the opponent molding chakra through sensory type jutsu such as Sharingan and Sensory techniques. This doesn't mean that you can finish a technique before your opponent finishes his, just that the time frame itself starts at this point.

► Disagreements:
If you have a problem your opponent's usage of a jutsu, first talk to them to resolve it. If you can't come to an agreement, you are able to reach out to an Official Sensei to rule on the issue. Should your opponent disagree over the ruling, they are allowed one opportunity to contact a second Sensei to make a ruling. If these rulings differ, a Moderator will make a final decision. These rulings can only be done three (3) times a battle before the fights are forced to end, a winner being decided.

► Official Battles:
All battles held in the Battle Arena or Ninja World forums are, by default, official fights. That means these fights can be used for any and all official purposes such as Kumi Collection, Vessels, and more. Only when it was agreed at the start that it was just an unofficial spar, it doesn't count as an official battle.​


► Step #1
If you would like a quick, low stakes fight, you can make a thread in the Battle Arena section. In these fights, you can set additional rules to you want to battle with and whether you seek out an opponent before or after making the thread, you and them must agree upon these rules. Should you want a more story oriented battle with higher consequences and payout, you can step foot into the Ninja World and begin your Roleplay adventure. More information can be below.

► Step #2
The person designated to begin first is able to perform up to 3 Jutsu in his turn. This allows him to decide on taking the offense, making a defensive stand or starting to set up for additional turns and waiting for his foe.

► Step #3
Following the previously pointed out Timeframe Rules, the second RPer is able to start his own move after the first offensive action of the opponent, performing up to 3 Jutsu of his own. He is able to attack, defend or use techniques to supplement himself or others.

► Step #4
At this point, steps 2 and 3 will repeat itself until someone wins. The victor is decided when the opponent gives up or is reduced to 0 health (additional rules can change terms of defeat). Even low-ranked Jutsu have the potential to defeat your opponent if used correctly.​


► Battle Format:
Shinobi A challenges Shinobi B to a battle in the Arena and makes a thread with the following restrictions:

➔ LoK's R&R
➔ All out battle, meaning every jutsu or skill you know is allowed
➔ Mid-range
➔ a grassy field with some trees and a lake nearby
➔ Using Asuma bio (Shinobi B also has to state his bio)
➔ Shinobi A starts with:

(Fūton: Daitoppa) - Wind Release: Great Break Through
Rank: C
Chakra Cost:15
Damage Points:30
Description: This is a relatively simple technique that when the user performs the following hand seals Tiger → Ox → Dog → Rabbit → Snake they create a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the user. If used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree. The wind from the squall can blow away all things in the user's line of sight. A variation of the technique involves a smaller blast of wind which gets ignited with flame.
To blast the opponent backwards. After that Shinobi A follows up with:

( Doton: Iwa Rendan ) - Earth Release: Rock Barrage
Rank: D
Type: Offensive
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra cost: 10
Damage points: 20
Description: The user will concentrate their chakra into their arm and then release their chakra creating a ring of rocks that are then flung at the opponent.
To hurt him some more and finally to seal the deal:

(Raiton: Ikazuchi no Utage) - Lightning Release: Lightning Burial ~ Banquet of Lightning
Rank: B
Type: Offense
Range: Mid/Long
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: 40
Description: The user brings their hands together and an electrical energy will begin to crackle around them. They will then slam their hands to the ground to send an electric current racing through the earth. When the current approaches its target, it can split into multiple tendrils to attack separate targets individually.
Killing whatever is left of him.
- - - - - - - End of Shinobi A's 1st turn - - - - - - -

Now Shinobi B can make his move and he first posts this:

(Katon: Ryūen Hōka no Jutsu) - Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: 60
Description: After performing the hand seal Tiger the user compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside their body, before instead expelling it in the form of a number of dragon head-shaped fireballs. The user then skilfully manipulates that great fire, and attacks their opponent. The temperature of the created flames is so great that, even with the briefest of contact, they are capable of easily burning human flesh and the fireballs are dense enough to behave almost as solid, being able to deliver impact damage in adition to the fire damage. However, this also means that they can be deflected as a solid projectiles.
In reply to Shinobi A's wind jutsu. Not only is this fire tech two ranks higher than the wind tech, it also has the elemental advantage. So it would beat the wind tech and go straight for Shinobi A. This is now the moment Shinobi A used the earth tech, however even though the fire jutsu is weakened due to the clash with the wind tech, it's still far superior to the earth tech. It would overpower it and kill Shinobi A, voiding the lightning tech. However to be on the safe side Shinobi B uses:

(Suiton: Hahonryuu) - Water Style: Destruction Torrent
Rank: B
Type: Offense/Defence
Range: Short/Mid
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: 40
Description: After waving the Boar → Dog → Ram hand seals, a water vortex created in the palm of the user’s hand that can then be blasted forward creating a spiraling wall of water which can then be used to attack or defend.
Note: No water source required
To destroy the body of the opponent completely and deciding not to launch a third jutsu.
- - - - - - - End of Shinobi B's 1st turn - - - - - - -

Now it's again Shinobi's A turn. He sees that his wind tech got overpowered severely and instead of using the earth tech, he decides to use:

(Suiton: Kyojin Nami Shougeki) – Water Release: Giant Wave Crash
Rank: A
Type: Offensive , Deffence
Range: Long
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: 60
Description: The user gathers a large amount of water that can then be used to crash into the opponent. It is strong enough to push back Killer bee in Eight tales form.
Note: Requires a water source
Using the nearby lake as a water source to overpower the fire jutsu as water has an elemental advantage over fire + the fire jutsu already got weakened. This is when Shinobi B used his water jutsu. So now two water jutsu's are going to clash. Normally the higher ranked beats the lower ranked, but the A-ranked jutsu already got weakened by the fire jutsu and thus normally the two water jutsu's should neutralize each other. However originally that fire jutsu also got weakened by a wind jutsu, making Shinobi's A water jutsu slightly stronger. Shinobi A decides then to move to short range, trying to stab the opponent with:

(Raiton: Chidori) - Lightning Release: One Thousand Birds
Rank: A
Type: Offense
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: The user must first perform the following sequence of hand seals Ox → Rabbit → Monkey → Dragon → Rat → Bird → Ox → Snake → Dog → Tiger → Monkey and they create a lightning jutsu that is concentrated in the user's palm and thrusted toward the opponent at high speed. The lightning in the user's palm sounds like birds chirping, hence the name.
Note: Someone who mastered lightning release can perform chidori with just the Ox hand seal.
Shinobi A finishes his move with this.
- - - - - - - End of Shinobi A's 2nd turn - - - - - - -

And it's again Shinobi B's turn. As he saw that his fire jutsu got beaten and his water jutsu would be beaten, he can decide to use another jutsu instead of the water. This cycle repeats itself till someone wins.

Current time frame:

➔ Shinobi A uses Wind Release: Great Break Through
➔ Shinobi B uses Fire Release: Dragon Flame Release Song Technique
➔ Shinobi A uses Water Release: Giant Wave Crash
➔ Shinobi B can now react, deciding if he wants to change his earlier move or not.
► Battle Examples:
➔ Regular Battle: Scorps VS Scary Yamato 1
➔ Regular Battle: Scorps VS Scary Yamato 2
➔ Regular Battle: Kerrah VS Gobi Gobletsson
➔ Tournament Battle: -Cobalt- VS Lili-Chwan
➔ Tournament Battle: McRazor VS Typhon
➔ Tournament Battle: Scaze VS Lili-Chwan


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► What is the Ninja World?
► Ninja World Rules
► Important & Useful Links


The Ninja World, or NW for short, is a special part of the RP. The world setting of the RP, the Ninja World has separate rules and restrictions that need to be pointed out. Past iterations of the Ninja World were modeled after the Five Elemental Nations; the world was divided politically into these nations as well as the Akatsuki (an official rogue ninja organization), and other rogue ninja. Today, the NW is created in the image of the Warring States Period, a time similar to when Madara and Hashirama were children. The world, unlike in their time, uses its own unique and dynamic lore and rules The history, while difficult to simplify into a single sentence, begins after the collapse of a vast empire known as the Freehold of Hanguri. Following the collapse, a political power vacuum formed which created the circumstances that allowed a handful of clans to vie for dominance.
In many ways, the Ninja World section offers a story mode sandbox experience within the RP; it allows one to go much more in depth than they would normally. With near complete freedom, you can become a member of a clan, form your own clan, claim territory, ally and compete with other clans, and collect artifacts of a lost golden age.


► Clans and Rogue Ninja:

Clans and Rogue Ninja Represent the first half of the Ninja World population. Those who are not associated with villages fall into this category. Clans consist of numerous small organizations vying for landmarks, Ryo, and artifacts in order to progress to their goal of village status. The enriching setting with ever evolving mechanics, how you get there is entirely up to you and your clan; it is a system that offers significant versatility in progression towards the ultimate goal. One can proceed on a diplomatic path, sovling conflicts and obtaining resources through trade deals and diplomacy, forming tight knight alliances in the face of adversity. Another clan can walk the path of war, defeating other clans in order to strengthen and enlarge their own. How clans operate are entirely up to their constituents; they can be democratic, monarchical, autocratic, etc. In this world, one can form their own clan, join another, or even operate as a rogue. Rogue Ninja, on the other side of this coin, operate outside of the law of villages and clans. They can be members of the Akatsuki, or simply lone wolves that roam the world independently of others.
► Villages:
Villages are much larger civilizations that, as the name Hidden Village suggests, where ninja reside. Hidden Villages are run by a Kage and their council. From their positions of power they train its citizens to be ninja from a young age and use them as manpower in missions that others would be willing to pay for, from weeding a garden for a single payment to a budget from a country it resides in for providing soldiers in case of war. Villagers are able to complete Village Missions, assigned by the Kage and their Council, in order to carrying out these goals and better their village.

► Story Arcs:

Story Arc organization is central to how time flows in the Ninja World. In the NW, events and activities that occur in the world are part of a universalized timeline involving story arcs. This means that events which occur in the world occur simultaneously for all players. Arcs are a strict set of a rules for how biographies enter the world, requiring that only one of an RPer's biographies is allowed to set foot into the NW at a time. This means that during a story arc, one is not able to change their biography before the next arc begins. You can only change your WSE biography, or update them, in between sotry arcs (typically a grace period lasting one week). Dropping your WSE bio also involves fully resetting your NW progress.

► Entering the World:

Once your Warring States Era designated biography has been approved, you will be able to enter the Ninja World! The Ninja World is divided into over 200 landmarks, giving players ample room to control their adventures. When entering the world with a new WSE biography means you can only spawn in unclaimed landmarks. The world maps and navigation guide can be found in their corresponding threads. Once you've decided on a landmark, you can join the world and post in it!

Travelling in the Ninja World is done by posting in each individual landmark, passing in a line through adjacent landmarks. There is a required 45 minute window before one can post in the next landmark, which can be reduced through artifacts (to be explained later in the guide). One can also alter their path with certain Space-Time techniques, like Kamui.

► Ryo, Artifacts, & the Marketplace:

While the RP Currency is Kumi, Tho exists as an in game currency used exclusively in the NW forums. Ryo is used for a number of purposes; it can be used in the marketplace to acquire artifacts, used in trades and treaties, exchanged for services, or even used for bounties and acquiring land in the Ninja World.

Ryo is popularly used to acquire artifacts from the Ninja World Marketplace. These marketplaces are spread throughout the Ninja World and are a hub for acquiring artifacts, items which can range from powerful relics to potent modifiers on landmarks. They are relics of a past technological golden age, shrouded in mystery, and can even be as powerful to shape the planet itself. They are medicines and utility, and everything in between.

► Missions:

Missions are done using storyboard elements to offer RPers the chance to choose story board elements to craft and create their own narrative in order to complete objectives and earn rewards. The rewards traditionally encompass a payout of Ryo and Kumi, as well as a chance to earn an artifact based on the rank of the mission attempted. There is no minimum word count or detail requirement, and the prerequisites for completion rise with the rank and number of elements picked for the mission. It is recommended reading the full missions thread before attempting a mission.


Ninja World Sections

New Era NW

Ninja World Events


Important Links

Ninja World Rules

Ninja World Updates

Ninja World Lore
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► What Are Customs?
► How to submit a custom Jutsu or Weapon? (In 8 easy steps)
► Basic Rules?
► Important & Useful Links


In what can be considered the biggest draw of the RP, Roleplayers are able to create techniques and skills unique to them much like in the Naruto series. These can encompass simple unique elemental custom techniques, custom illusions, Taijutsu moves, custom fighting styles, custom elements, custom clans, etc. The list is very vast and enables each member to be able to create his or her unique style of RP, much like a ninja in the series can create his own unique set of skills. Custom Elements and Custom Clans are fields so unique that they require their own section in this guide. This part of the Guide encompasses Custom Jutsu and Techniques, Custom Mangekyo Sharingan, Custom Weapons, Custom Fighting Styles, Custom Summons, Custom Medjutsu, and Custom Tools. Note some of these limits may increase based on rank or other circumstances.​


These pertain to custom Ninjutsu (elemental or not), Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Kenjutsu or Kekkei Genkai Techniques.

► Custom Jutsu (CJ):
The standard customs and what often is the bulk of one's custom arsenal. Customs under this umbrella include Custom Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Basic Elemental Techniques, Advanced Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkei, Advanced Element, and Universal techniques (unless stated otherwise). RPers are allotted an initial 45 CJ slots, though this can increase through special events and tournaments.

► Custom Weapons:
Unique weapons with various abilities, every Roleplayer is capable of having up to 2 Custom Weapons, though they can only be on one bio at any given time. CW do not count towards the 35 CJ slots and can be dropped freely.

► Custom Summoning Contracts:
The ability to summon an animal that you signed a contract with, contracts are divided between 4 types: Normal, Extinct, Mythical, and Legendary. Each type allows different types of animals with varying limitations. Each bio is able to sign up to three contracts and summon animals to assist them in battle or in other endeavors. Only one contract can be in use per battle/event.
► Submit CJ of any of the above here: Custom Jutsu Submission - IV[/color]

► Custom Medical Jutsu:
For those bios that have learned medical Ninjutsu, the RPer can submit various Medical related techniques to heal or negatively effect opponents. The user can also submit a Poison, requiring select abilities to be able to do so.

► Custom Ninja Tools:
Roleplayers are able to have up to 5 Custom Tools on their bios. This limit increases to 10 for Cyborgs.
► Submit here: Custom Tool Submission

► Custom Doujutsu:
While this can refer to custom created dojutsu, in the context of this post it refers to customs for the various Canon Dojutsu. This is the thread for all techniques related to the Byakugan, Sharingan, Rinnegan, Tenseigan, Ketsuryugan, and Jogan. Each has their own associated limits, if any.
► Submit here: Custom Dojutsu Submission

► Custom Fighting Styles:
These are to be a means of fighting that revolve around a particular close-quarter-combat or weapon-based style. Unlike what can be submitted as basic Taijutsu or Kenjutsu CJ, these ought to be more fundamentally distinct, with the Hyūga Clan's Gentle Fist being a prime canon example. RPers are able to submit up to three CFS, with 10 CFSJ per CFS that do not count towards the 35 CJ limit.


► Rank and Training Restrictions:
You can submit techniques regardless of your ninja rank but you can only obtain according to your rank and the highest allowed rank you can use, detailed above in the Biography post. An example is obtaining S-Jounin rank and submitting B rank customs. You also cannot submit customs for an ability you do not have at the time of submission. An example is submitting Dust Release techniques without having the appropriate biography.

► Custom Jutsu Users:
Once you get your first custom technique approved you are required to make your own custom jutsu thread in the Custom Jutsu Users Sub-forum. Your thread must follow the rules expressed in this thread, which you can find stickied in the Custom Jutsu Users sub-forum.

► Trading Customs:
Members are able to teach their new customs to their friends and share techniques with everyone they meet. To do so they must create a thread in the Custom Grounds where he will teach the other member his custom and how to use it correctly. After the training is complete, the technique can be added to the member's Custom Jutsu Thread. Each custom can only be taught to 6 people each; teachings cannot be revoked on a whim and are otherwise permanent.​


Jutsu Sections

Jutsu List Index
Important Links

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Custom Jutsu Users
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► What Are Custom Elements?
► CE Rules?
► CE Jutsu Rules?
► How To Make A CE? (In 5 easy steps)


Custom Elements, or CE for short, are as the name implies, elements that do not appear in the manga/anime and are made by the RPers themselves. Not only are most CE stronger than normal elements, but they can be used by any bio the RPer uses, regardless of what type of bio it is and which KG/HA/other abilities the bio has.

These elements can draw inspiration from many places, ranging from real world things such as Diamonds, or Obsidian, and Mushrooms to more mystical properties such as Ichor, or Abyss Release.


► CE Limit Rule:

Maximum of 2 CE as creator
Maximum of 3 CE as co-creator/student

  • At Sannin rank → 2 CE are useable
  • At Kage rank-...→ 4 CE are useable
  • At Sage rank-....→ 5 CE are useable
► CE Co-Creator Rules:
Each CE can have 1 co-creator
  • Must be added prior to CE approval
  • Must be kage rank, in order to use it
  • Irreversible
► CE Student Rules:
Each CE can be taught up to 2 students
  • Able to be added after CE approvable by a mod
  • Irreversible


► CE Jutsu Limit Rule:

Each CE can have 12 CEJ (60 in total)
These do not count towards the 35 CJ limit

► Submitting CE Jutsu Limit Rule:
Up to 4 CEJ can be submitted per cycle
This limit is shared between CEJ, CJ, CFSJ

► CE Links:
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► What Are Custom Clans?
► What Are Sages?
► CC Rules
► CC Jutsu Rules
► How To Make A CC/Become A Sage? (In 5 easy steps)


Custom clans, or CC for short, are as the name implies, clans that do not appear in the manga/anime and are made by the RPers themselves. Of all the aspects that our RP system consists of, the prospect of creating a new Clan is perhaps one of the things that speaks the most to the imagination of any RPer. Custom Clans have the potential to be quite powerful. Unlike CE, CC can have a set of custom abilities (logically related with each other), while CE are limited to 'one' ability. Also, the logic behind being able to use those abilities is relatively seen as less important compared to CE.

Outside 'power', CC also mean 'prestige', just like CE. This is because of the extreme rarity of these clans due to the requirements to make them, the difficulty to get them approved and the limited amount of people that can be in one clan. CE get approved regularly, but CC only on very rare occasions.


Sages are very closely related with CC and one can't be discussed without mentioning the other. The reason being is that only the people who have the right to submit a CC, are official NB Sages. In order to become an official Sage, you must undergo a Sage Mission or Purchase it for 50,000 Kumi. In the case of the former, you only get one mission before having to purchase it. Any additional benefit is that official sages also get 10 extra custom jutsu slots


► Clan Founder:
Must be Sage rank to start a CC

  • This can be purchased with 50,000 kumi
  • Alternatively, one can undertake a mission
► No Doujutsu Rule:
CC cannot submit custom Dōjutsu

► Combo Rule:
CC cannot be paired with or based off canon KG

► CC Members Limit Rule:
CC cannot have more than 25 clan members and one can only be part of 2 CCs at any time.

CC Jutsu Rules

► CC Jutsu Limit Rule:
Each member can have 12 jutsu per CC

  • These do not count towards the 35 CJ limit
  • 8 CCJ posted by the clan founder
  • 4 CCJ posted by the other clan members
► CC Links:


► Step #1
First read the Rules listed above and see that you fit all the requirements to acquire Sage Rank (and eventually make a CC).
► Step #2
When you fit all the requirements, contact Lord of Kaos by sending him a PM with the title 'Sage Mission Request'. He will then proceed by giving you your task. This mission is unique for each person and can be anything. While some people will only need to use their brawn, others will need to use their brains. Some people might need to go on a scavenger hunt, while other people have to perform a simple, but a very exhausting task. You only get one ( 1 ) opportunity for a Sage Mission; failure will require acquisition via Kumi for 50,000 Kumi.
► Step #3
When you have finished your mission, contact Lord of Kaos again, who will review it and decide whether you have succeeded or failed the mission. If you pass, you can choose your own, unique sage title and you will be added to the NarutoBase Official Sages thread. This thread can be found in the Battle Arena section.
► Step #4
When your have been acknowledged as an official sage, you can submit your CC in the Custom Clans Submission thread and just wait for approval. This thread can be found in the Jutsu section. When it's approved a certificate will be added at the bottom of your post.
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