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ΩBasic InformationΩ
†Name: Galen Marek​
†Nickname: Starkiller​
†Gender: Male​
†Age: 861​
†Clan: Binkan​
†Looks: Despite his inhuman age, due to his clan's abilities, Galen still looks like a young man in his twenties, tall and thin but strongly built. Galen is generally seen using heavy looking robes and cloaks that hide a very tight warriors outfit, with a blue shirt and blue pants, both having several utility pockets. He has several tattoos, most hidden from plain sight either by his thick, heavy cloaked robes or by his normal clothes. One of those tattoos is the taijitu that shows his acceptance as the ultimate Panda Master. As a Binkan, he has unusual hair color (dark blue) and unusual colored eyes (deep red pupil with dark sclera).​
†Personality: Galen has shown to be currently a very mature and peaceful individual. Having dwelled in both the Dark and the Light sides of the Force during his growth into the Grand Master of the clan, Galen experienced drastic changes in his personality during the first century of his life. Currently, Galen is a very wise and composed ninja, generally very mild in his demeanor, characteristics more in tune with a Jedi. However, the Sith in him manifests into severe frustration and anger in certain situations, showing a darker, less forgiving Galen that takes pleasure in spilling the blood of his enemies.​

ΩVillage InfoΩ
†Land of Birth: Unknown​
†Warring States Clan: None​

ΩRank//Chakra InfoΩ
†Ninja Rank: The Sage of the Illusionary Touch​
†Chakra: 3000​
†Health: 200​
†Primary Specialties: Single Handseal Suiton and Genjutsu Casting​
†Secondary Specialties: Sourcelless Suiton Casting​
†Extra Specialties: In'yōton-Onmyōton​
†Custom Fighting Style: Genkotsu Namakemono (increased Agility, Reflexes and Movement Speed when compared to a normal Strong Fist Master)​

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Iryo Ninjutsu​
Genkotsu Namakemono​
Fuuin Genkotsu​
Panda Keyaku​
Kuru-n Keyaku​
Kaito no Taijutsu​

"The longing you seek is not behind you. It is in front of you..."

ΩBackground InfoΩ
The story of Galen is intertwined and almost as one with the story of the clan he himself created. Galen was born 861 years ago in a small fishing settlement, near what would, one day in the future, become Amegakure. His parents soon came to understand the true nature of their son before he even reached the age of 2. However, unlike most parents of Binkan children, they did not reject their son. Instead, they hid him and made sure he grew up safe.​
Hiding his true nature and powers, Galen reached 7 as a happy child of a loving couple. However, war raged in the land and due to a twist of fate, his abilities were discovered. Despite his best efforts, his parents were killed while saving him. 7 years old and alone, Galen hid in the world as a war orphan.​
At the age of 9, through the Force, Galen found out he was not alone and met another child, age 6, with the same abilities as him. Young but wise beyond his years, Galen decided, there and then, to create a safe haven for those like him, the Force Sensitives.​
Its said that long ago children were born that had been touched by Kami. These children were often abandoned or even killed slightly after birth, as they were believed to be the bringers of great misfortune and pain to those around them.​
While there were no real records of these children having survived to see their adult years, some rumours scattered throughout the ninja world of sporadic appearances of these children lingered in the folklore of many nations. Soon known as the Sensitives, the Binkan were, as far as most people knew, only another legend. A legend that started with the death of Galen's parents and grew into a whisper of the Ninja world.​
As Galen saved more and more of his kind, his name and the name he called themselves got a bigger dimension but was still dismissed by most as nothing more than tall tales, told by drunken men in taverns. This was something that Galen made sure to fuel, when he could, so he could secure the safety of his clan.​
Half in shadow and half in the light, Galen continued to work on the foundations of his clan. He soon became aware that some of these children did survive even without his help, saved by loving families, friends or even sheer luck. Few, but glimmers of hope nonetheless.​
Here and there the Binkan started to find each other, joining forces and in the dark shadows of the ninja world they formed a small but strongly bound clan, based in an island beyond the boundaries of the ninja world named Tython. The Binkan Clan was then born as nothing more than a group of survivors from the superstition that plagued them, led by the oldest of their kind, Galen.​
With little to no contact with the rest of the Ninja World, the Binkan Clan kept itself outside conflicts, only acting here and there to save one of their own from the fate that would generally be brought upon their clan children.​
The reason for this "hunt" and all the superstition surrounding their clan, was, in part, linked to their own birth. Unlike most clans, the factor that made them more unique and that shrouded their own clan's origins in mystery and unanswered questions, was the fact that they didn't share any kind of direct lineage link to each other, with Binkan children born in virtually all villages, clans or nations, negating any possible blood line relation to their abilities. Off course all Binkan shared many traits and even virtually almost the same special chakra signature, but other than that, they all had non Binkan parents and they didn't come from any specific nation in the Ninja World. This, alone, however, wouldn't be enough to be deemed worthy of a curse...​
The secret behind the hate towards the Binkan clan had its origin in the abilities of the clan members but also their unique traits. Binkan seemed to know things that a normal person wouldn’t and would often predict disasters or other events with precision and were, one way or another, not fully "human". Their uncanny wit and perception and their ability to seemingly know any and everything thing, were the biggest reason for their persecution. People, regardless of anything else, always fear what they don’t understand. And if what they don't understand has the potential to become a weapon, they will do anything to get it.​
The clan itself worked only as a teaching ground for all Binkan’s. Once they were found and brought to the clan, they begun learning the clans abilities and their true power. During that time, each individual laid his own path towards independence. Some stayed within the clan’s ranks and taught others, living in seclusion and peace. Others, set sail to the world and acted according to their own desires and passions.​
As most clans, the more they studied their power and abilities, the more they learned about them. Soon they started to understand their powers and their origins: they were blessed with awareness towards the Force. The force, a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power that connects the fabric of existence. While normal people are unaware of its existance, Force Sensitives were and it was their connection to the force that gave them their abilities and their special powers.​
Eventually they found out that the nature of each binkan often drove them in one of 2 opposing paths: The path of the Selfless Warrior (the Jedi path) and the path of the Passionate Loner (the Sith path). The Jedi embodied selfless compassion. The Sith embodied selfish passion. Both poles opposed eachother but in some ways complemented themselves.​
As they dwelled deeper and deeper into the force and its origins, they soon found that the force itself had, in some circunstances, a dual nature. Not as simplistic as Right or Wrong but actually more like push and pull or black and white: The Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force.​
The dicotomy of the force was contested by the Jedi who believed that the force was not inherently good or evil or had any nature by itself but it was rather the individual that it connected to that used it in a good or evil manner. Although Jedi’s believed that the true nature of the force was determined by its wielder, they prefered to use more defensive abilities. Sith, however, believed that from passion, anger, attachment, love, grew their ability to use the force and believed the force to be driven by passion and that passion was the true nature of the force. From love and passion, fear is born; fear from losing the object of ones love. This fear brings rage and anger directed at anything that affects or intervenes with ones object of love. Because of this passion and fiery attitude, Sith tended to use the force in more aggrssive and offensive ways than Jedi’s. While Galen did whatever he could to prevent it, soon both beliefs divided the clan and triggered an internal conflict.​
The Jedi and Siths were at a cross roads. The division of the clan brought the issue of whom would teach the younger generations and who would determine who was Sith or Jedi. You see, while a force sensitive is born with a certain inclination towards either the Light or the Dark Side of the force, none is labeled immediately as Sith or Jedi; they choose their own path as they grow and their abilities with the force progress, becoming either a Sith or a Jedi true their own understanding of the force. A war raged across the clan and many lost their lives trying to defend their beliefs and their way of thinking. The small clan became even smaller...​
Eventually, after 10 years of conflict, the Jedi Grand Master and the High Sith Lord sat down with Galen and came to an understanding about the future of the clan: the younglings would be taught the ways of the force by the compassionate Jedi’s that resided in the island. If, at some point, their passion and anger drove them to the dark side, they would be guided to the Sith who lived in the mainland. The Sith would take upon themselves to teach the youngling to use the dark side and to learn how to resist losing himself in it. To oversee this whole situation, they decided the stronger and oldest of them, Galen Marek, would be the Clan head from that point forward and would lead them in the centuries to come.​
Since that day, known as The Day of Convergence, the Binkan clan has survived and endured in a relative peace up to the current age. Here and there minor incidents have happened but for the most part, the clan has walked its own path, oblivous of the changes in the world around them.

Galen has been nothing but a peaceful clan leader for most of his life, trying to accomplish his initial childhood goal: to protect those like him. During these last eight centuries, his dwelling in both sides of the Force have since then evolved him and his own understanding of the world.
Then one day, all Binkan seemingly disappeared. Galen included. No trace of Tython could be found and the Sith living in the mainland vanished. For many, it was a relief, as the few that knew the Binkan existed were mostly afraid of their power. But for others it was a worrying occurence.​
10 years after their disappearance, Galen returned...​

"Sometimes, the only thing that remains from you is your own memories...and those you take to the grave..."


†Creation of All Things
With his mastery over Yin-Yang, Galen was able to create a being he has come to call a friend. Anapa or Anubis, is his own familiar and a powerfull ally that always accompanies Galen and serves as both his companion and his friend. He can use Decay Release, Dragon Glass Release and Water Release, without the need for handseals or sources. He can use Medical Ninjutsu and is as intelligent and capable as any human ninja. He can sprout 2 wings on his back that can enable him to fly.​

Galen always has with him several pre-prepared scrolls that enable him to perform sealing techniques easier and faster in the midst of battle. Not only that but he eventually marked himself with the (Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique, enabling him to seal of enemies if they were someday able to defeat him. Not only that but Galen was branded with the Seal of the Wild Jungle, making him a practitioner of the old art of the Sealing Fist.
†Medical Arts
The extent of Galen's medical abilities is legendary, having mastery over most known techniques and skills pertaining to Medical Ninjutsu and Poison. His mastery is such that he has complete Medical Fuuinjutsu knowledge and mastery of self empowering.
Galen has, like most other ninjas, several basic weapons in him (shurikens, kunais, paper tags, etc etc) and can summon more through the tattoos he has scattered through out his body. He has several kunais given to him by his former master, Scary Yamato. Having mastered Poison Arts, Galen poisoned all his weapons with his own unique poison, Maldição Negra.

ΩForce Sensitive AbilitiesΩ
Grand Master. As the oldest Force Sensitive and the creator of the clan, Galen has full mastery over all of the clans abilities and is an extraordinary individual in terms of Force Potential. He specializes in Force Alter techniques.​
†The Force and Chakra
Binkan's abilities are all based or derived from their connection to the Force. Known as the Way, Nature, Divine Force or simply the Force, it is a metaphysical, binding, and ubiquitous power that connects the fabric of existence. Its present in everything and everything living is part of it, being intertwined and connected to and through it. While is seamlessly doesn't drive anything, its also the connection between the universe's existence and the binding that sews the fabric of existance. Only Binkan are in tune with the force and they are the only ones that can sense it or be aware of it. The force is, in force sensitives, driven by one's emotions and becomes and extension of them. Unlike natural energy, which is something external to the user that he learns to manipulate, The Force is the link between any and everything, living and inanimate, meaning that one is part of the force and as such, one imbues the force with ones "print". Because they are part of the force, their link to it becomes responsible by many of their unique traits. Connected with the force they are beacons of vitality and their chakras are very powerful and resilient. The uses of The Force come in 3 main areas, regarding how the force is used and for what: Force Sense, Force Alter and Force Control.​
As the Force is stronger in them and brews and resonates inside them, it becomes the source of a great vitality. Their strong chakra enables them high stamina but also increased physical prowess when compared with normal ninjas (this translates in higher than normal dexterity, agility, reactions and overall perfected movement which translates into precision and pin point accuracy in weapon aiming and wielding as well as hand to hand combat). Because of this some have effectively resisted age. While they end up maturing at variable ages, at which point their ageing process is stopped, many have lived well beyond the limits of Men. The Force is where they take nurishment from and its their own will that keeps them living. A saying exists in the clan that says “While one wishes it, the Force will keep him alive”, pertaining to the fact that if they lose their will to live, they do perish and die. While they can potentially live forever, they are not immortal and can succumb to any injury that would affect a normal ninja. Their life force increases their resistance to poisons and radiation or toxins as the force can be used to negate these effects. However, this is not a passive trait and requires great skill, meditation and the use of specific Force Control techniques which not all force sensitives know.​
†Force Sense
The Force Sensitive's main ability and that from which most of their other characteristics come from is their omniscience. It pertains to the ability to know everything that is happening at that moment in time around themselves. Its more than a simple sensory ability as the user doesn't actually sense things; he knows them. The broader spectrum of such abilities is given by what can be known: the position of every single molecule around, the shifting and movements of any energy, the thoughts of someone around the person, the sounds made, the movements made by a person, etc etc. The Force Sensitive is an all knowing person of all that is happening around him at that moment. A passive ability of all clan members, its strength grows as the Binkan grows stronger within their own clan to the point it can be used to even foresee a glimpse of the future. Called Foresight, it is an unique ability only certain grand masters possess, which can only be used a limited number of times (3 times per battle) but enables the user to focus and use the force as pathway to let his mind travel through the path of time. Generally, the Binkan see only glimpses of what will happen in the following minutes but some have seen distance futures. The same ability can be used in a opposite manner, knowing or gaining knowledge of what has been or has passed. This variation, which is quite rare amongst the binkan, is called Psychometry and is an ability used by Binkan to track enemies or acquire knowledge of events long gone throught contact with a given object or person (can be used 3 times per battle). This overall ability is based on their connection to the force and their awareness to it. The force connects every and anything together and by being aware of it, the Force Sensitive becomes aware of everything connected with it. Galen can use Force Psychometry and Force Foresight as well as Force Sense to their fullest.​
†Enhanced Memory and Knowledge
Because of their own abilities Binkan members have extremely good memories. They can remember virtually anything from the moment they became aware of the world around them to the moment they die with great accuracy and detail. Adding this to their omniscience, Binkan clan members acquire great knowledge. They can understand most techniques they are faced with or, by that matter, almost anything they are faced with, in a split second. They can know how a technique is created, it's drawbacks, it's flaws, it's weaknesses and its strengths. They can't copy techniques though but they can know everything about something and use it to devise a feasible and viable counter on the spot. While useful in combat this ability serves them well in other areas. Jedis, for example, have great common sense driven by their wisdom and experience, acting with a levelled mind in any situation and figuring out solutions for any problem. Siths, on the other hand, have an unatural cunning towards breaking down an opponents mind through speech and emotional taunting. Overall, their intellect is such that they cant even be compared to a clan of genius like the Uchiha, as their level of intelligence and knowledge is in a completely different level. However they are still bound by the human condition, reacting in reflexive manners similar to any human and being bound by most of the same basic rules. Because of his age and amazing battle experience, Galen's knowledge of techniques and the world overall is inhuman and immense.​
†Force Alter
This is one of the core basic abilities of Binkan members in combat. Through their connection to the Force, Binkan members can use their will and chakra to control, alter or simply affect the world around them using the Force as a medium. As the Force is inter twined with the fabric of existance, they use their connection and ability to manipulate the Force to will it to affect the world around them. They can grab objects with the force, manipulate the forces of physics or nature around them, etc etc. The applications of using the force are only limited by the mind of the one who wields it, including his knowledge of the force and is inate force potencial. Off course, these abilities have limits. As an extension from their bodies, the user, most of the time, must use body movements (hand gestures, leg movements, etc) to induce and sustain such control and produce the desired effect, as well as concentrate and focus. The user is also bound by some limits, one of them being their skill level within the clan and the other their own chakra reserves.​
†Force Control
This ability of the Force is based upon the usage of the force and through techniques control oneself. From body functions to speed, strength, agility, chakra reserves, etc. The user can use the force and exerts his or her will upon his or her body and execute actions that would otherwise be impossible to execute. Healing, chakra recovery, stamina regneration are all abilities that can be used through Force Control depending on the users own mastery over the force. Its also the use of Force Control that enables the user to use Saber Combat and Acrobatics. Its using this ability that Binkan can affect the minds of others or their bodies through the force. Jedi's tend to use these abilities to confuse others, read their thoughts or simply heal or protect them. Stih use this ability to torture the minds of others, break their will or do damage their body through corruption.​
†Saber Combat and Acrobatics
Because of their enhanced and perfected perception, Force Sensitives are overall, great close combat specialists. Their physical prowess enables them to use the force to do physical feats that would otherwise be unable to be done and their agility and perception enables them to use almost perfect combat forms and stances. Taijutsu was soon considered by the binkan limited in both the offensive and defensive power it can bestow the user, since he or she is bound by the limits of their own flesh. As such, Binkan turned to the use of swords in combat, using thier aforementioned physical abilities to combine it with normal Taijutsu. Their enormous agility and physical prowess enabled them to wield the famous Chakra Sabers and the Way of the Force, a Fighting Style that combines force manipulation, taijutsu and the use of Chakra Sabers.​
†Chakra Saber
Chakra Sabers are simple chakra swords wielded by every Jedi and Sith. A small hilt engraved in countless Kanji inscriptions focuses the users chakra and produces a blade of pure chakra. This mass-less blade doesn’t emanate heat or any other force of energy until it connects with something. At that point, the chakra becomes able to cut through most materials quite easily, as the moment the chakra blade touches matter, heat is produced which cuts through it. The blade itself can also be used to deflect projectiles or interact with energy based attacks. Because the blade lacks weight, it also lacks momentum and impact, relying on the cutting abilities to deliver damage. This also makes the blades quite tasking to wield, requiring enormous concentration and focus. The saber Staff is a variation, where a larger hilt produces two oppossing blades, one at each end. The saber is not always active, off course, with the user needing to exectue a mental command and fuel his chakra into it to activate its blade. The cost of using the saber is 5 chakra points per turn, 10 if dual wielded or if its a saber staff. Galen typical uses 2 normal chakra sabers which produce a very bright light blue blade, but being the oldest Force Sensitive and the creator of the clan, he can wield any chakra saber or staff to its fullest.​
†Pictures: See bio​
†Theme Song and Background Music:

"Know yourself before you try to know others"

†Won: about 30​
†Lost: 5 if memory doesn't betray me​

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Mannn, I ain't even gonna lie, this bio messing with my OCD rn. Paragraphs. Spacing. Please. Can't even blame Saso this time lol.

I'm curious to see you fight the current best rpers doe.

Huehue, this man a real one, he deserve a spot.
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