Fighting in the street[CLOSED]

Punk Hazard

Apr 21, 2011
Trait Points
Oden smiled fiercely at his opponent. He drew his swords from his scabbard and entered a stance signifying that he was ready for battle. Oden gripped Enma in his left hand, holding the blade horizontally ahead of himself with the blade directed toward his right. He held Ame no Habakiri over his head in his right hand, the blade directed backward and to his left. His opponent's chakra was fierce and powerful. A worthy battle was ahead of him.

"You possess such formidable Ryuou. Show me what you can do!"

(Ame no Habakiri) - Snake-Slayer of Heaven
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Ame is a moderately curved katana, a golden trefoil-shaped tsuba. It has a white color scheme matching its "Heaven" motif. Its kashira and kojiri are both gold with its sheathe being lacquered solid white a lot like its tsuka with three cords, both the saya and tsuka have simple light five-petaled flower motifs on both sides. Forged through the use of a Ninjutsu and chakra metal, Ame is a blade most suited for a Ronin capable of utilizing Typhoon Release. Once per turn, the swrod is capable of passively altering the user's Kenjutsu techniques into a Typhoon Release technique. The user's slashes become capable of generating gusts of Typhoon Release, effectively extending the range of the user's slashes by one. These flying slashes follow the same rank as the Kenjutsu technique it accompanies, producing the same amount of damage and consuming chakra from the user corresponding to the rank of the Kenjutsu technique and retain the strengths and weaknesses of Typhoon Release. Ame no Habakiri's effect will manifest so long as the sword remains in contact with the user's person, even while sheathed.
Note: Can only be used with non-elemental Kenjutsu.

(Enma) - Enma
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Enma is a moderately curved Shobu Zukuri-style katana with a lilac and gold color scheme. the tsuba is trefoil-shaped, and each lobe is holed in the middle and thickly ridged. The tsuka is lacquered solid lilac (rather than cloth-wrapped), as is the saya. Both are embellished with simple, golden, five-petaled flower motifs on each side. Enma was forged from chakra metal through the use of a Ninjutsu, and is capable of acting as a substitute for Samurai armor in the usage of Bushido so long as it remains in contact with the user's body(even in its sheath). Once per turn, Enma can grant the user the ability to release any Ninjutsu technique through the use of their blades, so long as it carries a physical form.

Oden charged forward following his declaration, closing the distance between himself and Akuma in a mighty burst of speed. Oden swung Enma toward his left, delivering a horizontal slash aimed to tear Akuma's chest clean open. He then immediately followed up by bringing Ame no Habakiri down in a vertical slash aimed to split down his midline and through his face and neck.
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