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Oct 1, 2010
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The inhabitants of Daoshin make effective use of what precious little arable land and water reservoirs they have access to. Water is strictly conserved and rationed, most of it used in desert greening efforts. The locals use a very incremental version of water ninjutsu to assist in terraforming the barren sand dunes into fertile soil covered in vegetation.
Apr 14, 2012

Geets, Majin and Snizzle quickly move thru the desert terrain. Vegeta checks the Scouter and see's the man he's looking for's power level, then after dropping his weights he sends a text to Uta and Sado letting them know his whereabouts and that he's spotted the man ahead, Geets and Snizzle prepare for battle..

(Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)
The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a drastic boost to his running speed (doubles) and +20 to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nulified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on eachother.
Sukautā - Scouter
Type: Tools
Rank: A-rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30 activation 10 per turn thereafter
Damage: N/A
Description: A Scouter is a scanning piece of Ninja technology, contained in a unit that fits over the users left ear, with a semi-transparent coloured monocle that serves as a display, covering the left eye. The colours can vary depending on the users preference but it has no bearing on the usage of the Scouter. The primary function of the scouter is to Scan the Chakra level of an opponent or groups of opponents, displaying a numerical value as well as an arrow to indicate the direction of the chakra source, if they happened to be outside the display-screens field of view. The Scouter is able to pick up Chakra Signals at a vast range, up to a single landmark away; though if multiple Chakra Sources are in the same landmark, it is only able to show the number of individual signals, instead of each Chakra Level. The Scouter will not detect Chakra if the target is using a chakra suppressing ability.
Upon initial activation, it will only show the current level of targets within Long-range of the user, requiring an additional activation cost to scan into the next landmark. Once a targets Chakra has been scanned, it will not constantly update the chakra level as it depletes, instead requiring another activation cost (30 chakra) to update the reading to the targets new chakra level. So long as the user spends the chakra, they are able to constantly track up to five targets at all times, so long as they remain or enter mid-range, unless they use a chakra suppressing ability. The scouter can only track up to two targets if they are long-range away from the wielder, and any targets within an adjacent landmark, will appear as one reading with their combined chakra level displayed on the screen. The scouter is able to track any source of chakra, from projectiles, to clones, to summons and animal companions; anything with a readable chakra source present. This ability to detect targets does grant a small boost to the users tracking speed, granting an equivalent to a 2T Sharingan.
Scouter's are able to provide a direct line of communication with other Scouter's and communication devices, via implementation of a modified script from a communication scroll, however only when the Scouter is active. This communication extends up to three landmarks in any direction and can easily be heard by the wielder due to the device being ear-mounted.
-Scouter can remain active so long as the user has the chakra reserves to do so.
-Scouter Tracking speeds do not stack with Doujutsu
-Can only be made/taught by Shinta and a max of 3 can be used.
-Full body lightning jutsu of B rank and higher will short-out the Scouter, making it unusable for five turns. S rank lightning will destroy the Scouter.



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Walking out from the forest, Ozymandias was greeted by the openness of the desert once again. It was partially dotted with patches of vegetation, though there was very little water to be seen. Perhaps, the inhabitants were conserving and rationing the water. Moving on, Ozymandias continues on his journey.

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