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Shady Doctor

Mar 21, 2012
1,600 kumi for:

(Raiton: Dràugion Stàfe) - Lightning style: Dragonfly Staff
Rank: S
Type: Attack
Chakra Cost:40
Damage Points:80
Description: The user begins by gathering up a considerable amount of chakra in his palms followed by clapping them together near his chest.. Once that is done, the user takes his hands apart but as they move away from each other the user forms a staff made of condensed lightning. The staff is approximately the same height as the user and about a foot in diameter.
Close range abilities:
The staff's main use is to be used in close combat, where it is able to be used as a normal staff, though it has the cutting abilities of Chidori(A-rank)
Mid range use:
The staff can also be used at a range, in which it gained.its name "dragonfly staff". The user can simply throw the staff like a spear but as It's in mid flight the user does a single hand seal thus transforming the staff as it moves. The staff quickly sprouts from its sides a pair of wings that resemble that of a dragonflys. This allows the staff to not only pick up speed and killing potential but also also allows the user to control it in mid flight to hit opponents. While be controlled, the staff has to always be moving forward and can't turn around nor make sharp turns..

~ Only teachable by William24
~ Only usable once per match
~ Staff lasts 3 turns unless thrown, then.it ends that same turn..
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