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Jun 12, 2013
Trait Points
Alright, I will post here all of the techniques you want, as well as contracts and your two bios. I'll list the total price and if you are okay with that and have no questions, all yours.


(Suiton: Taki Chō Shi no Wana) - ☪ Water Release: Waterfall Butterfly Death Trap ☪
Type: Offensive/Attack
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: By weaving six handseals, the user puts both hands forward and creates a construct composed of butterfly wings, a butterfly body and with the head of a Venus Flytrap plant a few feet away from the user's torso. This water beast is summoned with a slow chomping motion already developing as its head is formed, giving off a very intimidating appearance. As the user shoots it forward, the further it goes, the faster it chomps and the more pressure will be placed into its bite although the bite can be fatal at any range depending on how it is used. It is a streamed technique, so once the user sets this in motion, no technique can be used until after this technique is over with. This technique is very fast and very versatile, able to cut corners and take sharp turns very quickly and still meet its mark. Once it comes into contact with the target, the teeth of the Venus Flytrap bites down onto its prey, able to pierce flesh and bone and able to anchor an opponent in their current position by wrapping it's wings and body around the bitten target, making them vulnerable to another attack.

- Can only be used twice per battle
- Can only be taught by Moxxi

(Suiton: Poseidon no Karamitikurappu) - ☪ Water Release: Calamity Clap of Poseidon ☪
Type: Offensive/Attack
Rank: B
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 20
Damage: 40
Description: After weaving ten handseals, the user will channel their chakra into the air around their target, gathering existing moisture in the air and creating moisture out of their released chakra. Once the very visible but small water bubbles of moisture imprison their target, being exactly ten feet away from each side and angle of the opponent, the small bubbles of water turn into spikes, all facing towards the opponent. Once the user claps, controlling and commanding the spikes, they dart towards the opponent at an alarming rate, aiming to pierce all angles around the target, encasing them in a spiked water coffin. If the user has a water affinity, the technique is exceptionally fast.

- Can only be used once per battle
- Cannot use any water techniques in the next turn
- Can only be taught by Moxxi

(Suiton: Towairaito-ba) ☪ Water Release: Twilight Horses ☪
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short | Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: Weaving three handseals, the user will quickly summon the surrounding water vapor in the air. This will result in a water stallion to be summoned by the user's chosen side. This water stallion has the speed of a Kage ranked shinobi, so rather fast and can be ridden. This stallion will not only provide a sustainable water source for the user, but is able to jump in front of the user and expand themselves into a wall of water to defend them. Sort of like a moving shield without having to be carried. Other than this, the stallion is capable of splitting into duplicates of itself up to four and can charge at the opponent to blatantly and brutally bash them head on (short-long range), causing massive trauma. With the massive size that they are and the mass they hold, they can serve the purpose of knocking down and causing damage to rather big structures and summons. Up to four of these stallions can be summoned at a time and their water source capabilities last indefinitely and can only be used by the conjurer of the jutsu being that they derive from the user's chakra.

Note: Can only be used twice times per battle
Note: Must wait two turns before another use
Note: No Water techniques above A rank the next turn
Note: Water source lasts until destroyed
Note: Splitting ability divides the power of this technique
Note: Can only be taught by Moxxi.

(Doton: Chūkū) ☪ Earth Release: Hollow ☪
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15
Damage: 30
Description: The user will slam their hand on the ground or stomp the ground beneath them, releasing their doton chakra into a selected area. After this, they will hollow the underground wherever they please from short to long range. This hollowed ground is a means for storing techniques or elements, more specifically. Such as water, for example. To be later used sneakily at the user's discretion, while being underground and without being seen by the opponent. This can also be used offensively albeit not aggressively, as the user may supremely hollow the ground beneath the opponent and have them fall up to twenty feet deep into the ground. This is a captive side of the technique, and is not meant to cause damage, but is able to cause little damage if the opponent did not prepare to fall and would most likely break their legs. The hollowed spot can range to a max of 15 feet wide, and the length up to thirty feet as well, so fairly big. This technique does not fill the area with water, the user will need to use a separate jutsu to do so.

Note: Can only be taught by Moxxi
Note: Can only be used four times per battle

(Doton: Gurētosaramandā) ☪ Earth Release: Great Salamander ☪
Type: Defense/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Medium
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Weaving four handseals, the user will summon their doton chakra and place both hands onto the ground, making it rise from them up until medium range. This will result in a rock construct shaped like a salamander to be formed and it stands as tall as two stories tall and fifty feet wide. Being that it can be formed rather quickly, its goal is to immediately protect the user and any surrounding entities within its width and length from any over-head attacks. It serves as a totem and cannot realistically be controlled after summoned but also provides an immediate source for earth techniques. This structure is of S rank and solid, condensed earth, so it cannot be broken by any basic attempt. When prompted, the user may make the construct crumble, releasing giant sized boulders that will fall and break the earth underneath it, making craters in the ground. These boulders, if falling on a person or small summon can prove fatal. Being that this is not streamed, once the user activates the crumbling process, they are free to utilize any other technique within their power in unison and can choose in what area (tail, head, belly, etc.) and how much of the salamander breaks apart to rain down the earthen rocks.

Note: Can only be used twice per battle
Note: No A rank or above Earth techniques next turn
Note: Can only be taught by Moxxi


Summoning Animal: Barracudas
Scroll Owner: Moxxi
Other Users who have signed contract: None
Summoning Boss if existing: N/A
Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: N/A
Description and Background: The barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance. Its body is long, fairly compressed, and covered with small, smooth scales. The barracuda is a fish of the genus Sphyraena, the only genus in the family Sphyraenidae, and is found in tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide ranging from the Eastern border of the ocean of Kirigakure to the ocean of Amegakure. Although barracudas vary in size, most barracuda summons are as big as some sharks, with common sizes ranging from 10 to 15 feet in length. Barracudas can be summoned accompanied with a body of enough water to fill a small portion of a field up to short range from the summoner, and this water, when summoned, may create terrains such as swamp-like land around the summoner. Barracudas have basic abilities such as great swimming speeds that are faster than that of a normal shinobi's swimming speed, can chomp down on enemies and objects with their strong jaws and many sharp teeth (willful lockjaw). Because of the barracudas' natural upbringing in water, they often have an affinity for Water Release in addition to resisting it. The second most common affinity is Sound Release.

Summoning Animal: Ladybugs
Scroll Owner: Moxxi
Other Users who have signed contract: None
Summoning Boss if existing: N/A
Other Summoning Animals tied to contract: N/A
Description and Background: Ladybugs are a type of insect that are black with red shells and black dots on their shell, round in shape and also capable of flying. Most ladybugs seem to favor wind release, granting them the ability to perform wind jutsu. Depending on the size of the summon, the ladybug can range in size from a pebble to a truck. They are smart, have great endurance and are beautiful creatures. As they have a typical affinity for wind, they are also typically weak to fire. Their shells serve as very enduring armor as well.


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Basic Information

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Name: Lady Maria
Nickname: The Old Blood
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Clan: Uchiha/Jashinist
Alignment: Neutral

Lady maria displays a traditional classic of a tri-point hat with a white feather pen firmly placed within its side comprise to write letters or documents for practical usage. Her hair is semi-long into a medium cut of bright blonde almost white tone, middle parted with a singular loose ponytail tight to the back with a red bow. Her eyes glow red within dark areas almost seemingly creates a evil or murderous intent to her, however that is farther from the truth. Her skin complexion is of pale nature to others with a slightly noticeable scar on her right cheek. Moving down to her attire she gracefully brandishes a emerald jewel that overlaps her white neck scarf. A long black trench coat can be often seen on her person with her brown leather gloves to match. Her appearance can be considered old in fashion, resembling that of the renaissance era while she may carry about a equally old in tone saber to her hip.

She walks with intent and a goal in mind, she is not bothered by petty things and can be considered cold hearted at times, but has a hidden soft side. She is ruthless in battle and often mentions of her past while doing so, leaving behind a trail of blood in her wake that she considered her friend that she may use for later purpose. The likely-hood of her befriending someone is rare for she often doesn't trust those around her to guard her back, because of this she's very strong and she prides herself of being independent from others, although mostly being a lone-wolf she seemingly doesn't mind helping others instead of those helping her.

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Village Information

Village of Birth: Unknown
Village of Alliance: Unknown
WSE Clan: Hellsing

Rank & Chakra Information

Ninja Rank: Academy Student
Health: 35
Chakra: 325

Specialty: Single Handseal Specialist [Fire] | Advanced Speed Resistance | Apex Speed Specialist | Lifeline [Chakra Increase]

Elements: Fire | Earth

Ninjutsu: Kenjutsu | Sharingan 1T | Jashinist Cult

Custom Fighting Styles: N/A

Background Information

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History: Maria has plenty of history within the ninja world, but because she has been hidden away for so long, her history is a mystery to most in this day and age. She is known as Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower. Many say the Clocktower doesn't exist. Others say that it exists and no one should ever go there, lest they meet their fate at the hands of Lady Maria and her blade...



Theme Song and Background Music:

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Basic Information

Name: Sara Uchiha
Nickname: Blindness
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Age: 21
Clan: Uchiha

Looks: Sara has brownish hair that is stylized in a topknot with bangs that frame her face, and is well-endowed. She wears a traditional Japanese kimono; due to her blindness and martial arts discipline, she walks barefoot. She has a walking staff that is actully a Yari. When suited for duty or before battle, she wears the traditional Uchiha red-plated armor of old as she believes in the old ways of tradition and does not really approve of what is happening in the Warring States Era.
Personality: Sara is seen as arrogant and uptight. On first glance, it seems that Sara is a nice, sweet individual who is innocent. But in reality, Sara is a tortured individual.

Village Info
Village of Birth: Land of Lightning

Village of Alliance: N/A

Rank/Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Academy Student

Specialty: Single Handseal Specialist with Fire, Advanced Speed Resistance, Apex Speed Specialist, Lifeline (25% Chakra increase)

Elements: Fire, Lightning, Black Lightning, Ninjutsu

Skills: Sharingan

Background Info

History: N/A​
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Theme Song and Background Music:

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CJs 1,500 x 5 = 7,500

CSCs 5,000 x 2 = 10,000

Bio Templates 1,000 x 2 = 2,000

Total = 19,500

If you understand and agree to everything and don't have any questions, all yours.