[KG/KT] Children of Tiamat

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Apr 7, 2009
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The Children of Tiamat
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Tiamat’s incursion into the world from her prison beneath the ocean brought forth a cataclysm that shaped the world on a grand scale; entire swathes of land had been consumed in the Sea of Life, countless lifeforms were transformed on a genetic level and bound to Her will, and a number of shinobi were warped along with them. Those responsible for releasing the Primordial Mother of Life have escaped justice. But perhaps worst of all, Tiamat’s defeat did not relieve the world of her corruption. Its influence still permeates throughout the land, particularly in the Hokubu Ocean and Western Continent. While many humans avoid the remnants of the Sea of Life, fearing its corrupting and connection to the Goddess of Life, a number of shinobi have seen its lingering presence as an opportunity. These brave, or foolish, individuals have integrated limited quantities of the Sea of Life into their own anatomy in an attempt to combine it with their natural powers.

The result of this ‘experiment’ was a success; following the demise of Tiamat a new pseudo-bloodline was born. To the world at large these individuals have become known as the Children of Tiamat (translation: Kodomo no Tiamat). The Children are shinobi that have come to utilize both their natural chakra reserves in conjunction with the powers granted to them by the Sea of Life, allowing them to use it in battle in perfect harmony. Tiamat’s rampage may have ended, but her Children carry on her legacy. With her death her Children are no longer bound to Her will, free to create monsters and beasts at their leisure and bend the will of shinobi as they please.

  • Children of Tiamat possess a unique form of sensory awareness, allowing them to detect living beings within the same landmark they are in by detecting their life force. It is impossible to conceal one’s own life force from a Child of Tiamat regardless of method or skill.
  • Through their connection to the Sea of Life, Children of Tiamat have augmented physical vitalities. Their maximum health reserves have been increased by 100 points and all critical damage done to them is reduced by 30%.
  • The Sea of Life has altered the physical anatomy of Tiamat’s Children; members with these biographies can possess special alternations to normal human anatomy. These changes are limited to horns, tails, hardened grey chitinous-like skin, red eyes, and red glowing lines spread throughout their bodies. Biography RP Moderators have discretion in approving these alterations.
  • Access to the Sea of Life and its unique Jutsu set; because of the anatomy of a Child of Tiamat, Sea of Life techniques consume their chakra at a greater rate than normal Jutsu of equivalent rank. This also enables their techniques to possess inherently higher damage than other Ninjutsu.
  • Children of Tiamat utilize the Sunlit Forge as their landmark; new Children biographies begin their adventure at the Sunlit Forge, or a village/clan landmark should they belong to one.


  • Children of Tiamat are unable to utilize Curse Marks or Sage Mode. They can be healed by others through Yang Release or Medical Ninjutsu, but such techniques will require double the normal chakra input to be effective. Children of Tiamat can heal themselves with these techniques at normal chakra cost.
  • Requires, at minimum, Jounin rank and 25,000 Kumi.
  • Children of Tiamat count as a Kekkei Genkai.
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