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Apr 7, 2009
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In the Ninja World, there exist ninja and samurai, the high powered chakra fueled warriors of the world. There were also the store owners, the traveling salesman. The normal man or woman running their shops with little ninja power, these Merchants are able to benefit their ninja village they reside in by selling them various items, ranging from ramen to artifacts and more.
  • Merchants are able to create and sell items and goods that can be both beneficial and/or detrimental, such as D rank ramen healing 5 health from a chef or S rank custom weapons that release poisonous mist from a blacksmith. The benefits of these items range logically with what it is being used. Depending on rank, the user can submit C to S rank Artifacts and Tools. More information can be found in Custom Submission Rules.
  • There are four Merchant ranks, Dealer, Shop Owner, Market Owner, and Monopolist. Ranking up by completing missions and exchanges, Merchants require the same number of missions as their ninja counterpart to rank up. However, they also require at least 5 different exchanges with different ninja, increasing in number per rank by 5. For each rank the user advances, he becomes able to hold one more shop.
  • Unique to Merchants, they are able to sell versions of their equipment and items to up to any number of people as long as they have the stock for it. They are also capable of greater member interaction in the Ninja World, allowing them to purchase items and things from normal ninja for their own shops, making note of it in their Ryo Transactions.
  • Once a Merchant reaches the highest rank, they are able to purchase rarer artifacts at marketplaces that aren't normally for sale or buy every week and hold multiple marketplace stores. This allows them to continue to gain more Ryo to restock and continue RPing. Should a Merchant run out of stock, he is able to repurchase stock for that item in the artifact thread.
  • All Merchant bios start with 10 Supply slots to create artifacts/goods with. At each rank, this increases by 10 slots and the user is able to drop up to 5 of these submissions.

  • Merchants cannot make use of any of the ninja skills beside none chakra enhanced Taijutsu and Kenjutsu
  • Dealer rank can only sell items to people directly, not having a shop to do so. Shop Owners gain a store and Market Owners and up are able to use their ports as Bounty Outposts and gain a portion of the bounty if collected there.

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